The Star Athlete And Memaw


[BlindGossip] This star of an NFL team was dining out with a male friend at a steakhouse the other night. After dinner, they were sitting there texting and talking on their cell phones when a young fan came over. He explained that he didn’t want an autograph or a photo, but that his 85-year-old grandmother  was a lifelong fan of the team, and it would mean the world to her if the athlete would simply say hello to her as he was leaving the restaurant. The athlete looked up from his cell phone, glared at the fan for five or six seconds, looked over at the grandmother, and said “No! Now get the f*ck away from my table!” The stunned fan retreated back to his table. A few minutes later, the athlete did manage to acknowledge the fan and his grandmother… by giving them the finger on his way out of the restaurant.


It’s Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Chicago Bears!

This lovely little display of maturity took place last week at a steakhouse north of Chicago.

What’s the problem, Jay? We know you hurt your wittle thumb, but why so hostile to a fan and his elderly grandmother? You’re a rich and famous athlete and you’re re-engaged to a beautiful reality star (Kristin Cavallari). You’ve got a $50 million contract and your thumb will heal. So, why are you so angry?

We hear that this isn’t the first time you’ve treated your fans badly. Shyness and personality quirks are one thing. Chronic nastiness and disrespect is another. You think that you have the arm of a John Elway, but you definitely don’t have the heart of a John Elway. Quit acting like such an entitled, ungrateful dirtbag before the fans of Chicago turn on you like the fans of Denver did.

Jim C: You should have have a little talk with your boy about an attitude adjustment before he makes the whole team look bad. Perhaps you could convince him to work out his problems in therapy? After all, he’s got the time now.

Only a few Blinders got this one right. KWDragon was first!

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157 comments to The Star Athlete And Memaw

  • Mermaid

    Roid rage. What can you do?

    • Tom Paine

      Considering Grandma’s a ‘lifelong fan’, one should assume it’s an older team — like the Packers. However, if a Packer pulled something like that in Wisconsin it’d be headline news. That’s not a rip. I live in Wisco. They’re gods here, so if they f*** up, every one knows.

      (And Brett’s not very welcome anymore.)

  • vandra

    I don’t know much of football. But isn’t Memaw more of a region/locale specific term? Like Texas?

  • malkatz

    Oh, how lovely. The public pays you seven figures to play ball, like a bunch of kids at recess, but you won’t write your name on a piece of paper, or pose for a photo, for the public.

    • amagod121

      No kidding. Classy much? (Not!)

    • jeannie

      She didn’t even want an autograph, or a photo.. just a hello! So despicable. Don’t these people realize that without the fans, they wouldn’t be making millions playing a silly ball game?

  • AdiosContaminos

    Stevie Johnson? Only things I’m going on are that the Bills were the only team last week whose record was 5-6, the player in the photo is black, and wearing red/white/blue. Not a lot to go on!

  • dee123

    Michael Vick? He’s a totally * & remember if the grandmother was a lifelong fan it has to be an early established team.

  • Ralphie

    Lifelong fan just makes me think Cowboys or Jets to me.

    I’ll say Romo or Sanchez.

    • Hawgtied

      might be a Cowboy, but no way is it Sanchez. He is more than kind to fans.

      • Ralphie

        Not so. He just bought a huge house in my area and I have heard from numerous people who have encountered him out and about that he is anything but. He’s gotten a big head lately.

      • Hawgtied

        wow, that’s a surprise to me. Probably 2 months ago a friend of mine who has a friend with a really sick child sent him an email expressing her son’s fondness for him and the Jets and asked for an autographed picture. Mark’s people replied by email quickly and arranged for her son to speak with Mark by telephone. I thought that was especially nice, they didn’t ask for it, and no media put out by Sanchez reps.

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    This is appalling. It’s horrible to read a story like this because the athlete in question is clearly not grateful for his situation in life and turning on those who give his livelihood meaning (sporting fans) is the ultimate in rudeness. His grandmother should shake him down a peg or five.

  • Sea Turtle

    Really? Really? They are so lucky that I wasn’t around, because there would have been a chite show! It doesn’t matter who you are, that sort of behaviour is dispicable! Primetime’s What Would You Do? Look out!

  • alex the great

    Weeeellllll… This picture is of Cam Newton in high school. I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s a Detroit Lions’ player due to the the logo on his helmet.

    Ndamukong Suh, don’t even try to pronounce his name, first comes to mind. He is currently suspended for two games after being EJECTED from the Lions’ game on Thanksgiving. His reputation for stomping on downed players heads, faces, arms and illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous, blocks is getting him into serious trouble. He’s disgusting.

    • Ralphie

      As a player, totally.

      But off the field he does a ton of community service and is incredibly generous with fans. It’s a strange paradox actually.

      And no, I’m not a Lions fan.

      • jacksonian

        I’m sad to say that he was a fellow Cornhusker because he’s turned into a thug! I could totally see him doing this. (SUH). Tim Tebow( TIMBOW), who he was up against for a Heisman would never act this way!

      • ShennanigansOHoolihan

        Tim Tebow may never act this way (nice plug for him BTW) but that doesn’t mean he’s a great guy either…

        As someone who lives in Detroit, Ralphie is completely correct about Suh’s generous community service and support to fans, however with his recent actions it wouldn’t shock me to hear that he had done this (even given his past history).

        Either way, my guess is Sanchez.

    • beartoasty

      that is unfortunately not the detriot lions logo

  • luvprue1

    What a asshole! I certainly would no longer be a fan of his if he acted that way, even if it wasn’t directed towards me. I wish someone would expose that jerk for what he is. I’m sure if the press was around, he would have been all smiles and hugs.

  • hannavas

    not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be a heartwarming story where I would say this should not be blind. Now more than ever I believe this shouldn’t be blind. That being said, I have no idea who this classless person is.

  • GingerNaps

    I wonder if it’s someone who wears #56 (“stared for 5 or 6 seconds”). Terrible!

  • KlatschHund

    Ben Rothleisburger.

    • lindseyann

      He’s hardly “the star” of The Steelers, though.

      • Seanx40

        Of course he is. And it isn’t him. He is on his best behavior. He won’t do anything to get in trouble. He has too much to lose.

      • fortson

        I believe Seanx40 is correct, after Rapeliesburger slipped away from a potential trial a in Georgia over molesting a drunken college student, I don’t see him doing this in public. He’s a ahole, but not a stupid ahole.

      • lindseyann

        As a hardcore Steelers fan, there are much bigger stars on that team.

  • next please

    Joe Zelenca?

  • SheilaK

    No idea, but what an asshat!

  • LolaVee

    My first thought was Tony Romo, just because the Cowboys are “America’s team”, and there are a lot of elderly people who have been fans for decades (my grandmother – who has no ties to Dallas – included). On another note, this is really horrible, and I hope it gets ‘solved’ at some point!!

    • Outlineboy

      Romo would never do that.

      • LolaVee

        Lol, why? Because you’re a fan of his? Sorry, but Romo has always seemed like a smug d-bag to me. .

      • Sweetie Pie

        Outline Boy is right. Romo played basketball at my husband’s gym in Dallas and was a nice, somewhat shy-acting guy. Further, he does not have a reputation as a jerk in Dallas, unlike other athletes.

      • Ralphie

        Lol only bc the rest of the team is such sweeties right?

        I’ve heard Romo was quite the diva once his star rose…blame Jessica Simpson.

        And I don’t trust any man who takes his brother in law along on his honeymoon.

      • Outlineboy

        I know people who know him and they say he’s the nicest guy. Plus from everything else I’ve heard and read about him, I can’t see it being him.

  • salamanca

    I have no idea, who was that, but jeeeez, that was harsh. What a dolt.

  • raslebol

    i hope they took a pic and they will seel the pic to a tabloid!

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      My thoughts exactly, raslebol! The fan and his memaw should go straight to the media with this. Shame on this athlete. He is a real turd.

  • tnm0425

    Tony Romo? Memaw makes me think of The Big Bang Theory because Sheldon Cooper and his Memaw are from Texas; Dallas cowboys could certainly have some lifelong fans; and Romo seems like a big enough jackass to do this

    • Syd Wishes

      A lot of WASPs in the Midwest, (not just TX) use Meemaw. I’d never heard that term till I lived there.

      I agree with KWdragon, steakhouse makes me think of Chicago too.

  • GeeGee

    Since the picture features a player with the Detroit Lions, my guess is Ndamukong Suh.

  • cindyl

    I don’t know who it is but what a d*uche

  • PolarBear99

    No idea, but this is horrendous and the player should be outed ASAP!!!

  • amelia

    please no one say Tebow.
    That being said, Tony Romo or Tom Brady. I do not like those guys…

    • PinkFlamingo

      As a lifelong Georgia Bulldog “Gator Hater”, I’m not exactly a Tim Tebow fan. However, from everything I’ve heard, he’s a pretty good Christian guy, so I just can’t see this being him.

      I think the Detroit Lions helmet in the picture of Cam “Scam” Newton is our clue. I’m on board with the Ndamukong Suh guess. And I agree, whoever this is should be outed and disciplined by his team. These guys are paid obscene amounts of money for playing A GAME…and furthermore, it is my opinion that they are ambassadors for their teams (read: EMPLOYERS) and have a contractual duty to behave in an appropriate and gracious manner in public and with their fans.

      • amelia

        you have to just like the guy. He is just too good for words. I hope that there is never a bad word said about the guy. Almost like believing in Santa Claus, but you got to hope right?!

  • kurtm85

    Tim Tebow

    • Outlineboy

      Mr. Religious? Really?

    • Seanx40

      That would be awesome if it was really that d-bag!

      • redstilettos

        Why is he a d-bag?

      • socal84

        Yeah, really, why? Because he chooses to show his faith and thank God for everything He’s given him? Seems alot better than what this jerk pulled. Why is it that people can act like ungrateful, entitled celebs, and its blown off as “typical celeb behavior,” but someone thanks God and is GRATEFUL for everything and people are mad at that? 5 wins in a row after people complain he thanks God too much? It speaks volumes.

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    I don’t know who this is but he needs his ass kicked.

  • bubbajane

    I have no clue who this could be, but I hope it gets revealed. It’s everyone’s right to be an a-hole on occasion, but this guy clearly is abusing the privilege!

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Definitely one that shouldn’t be blind. What an ass.

  • Blitzed

    I have no idea who this could be, but he should be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF.

  • ST2026

    What a D-BAG! This one should def. be revealed, nothing wrong with calling out some bad manners…

  • MrsPatrickBateman

    I don’t know but what a jerk. You play football, it’s about the fans. Just pathetic, I hope this story does get out.

  • Okayeah

    Charming. I don’t know and I don’t care, but I hope karma bites his a*s real soon…

  • KWDragon

    This sure sounds like Jay Cutler. Lotsa good steakhouses around Chicago and plenty of lifelong Bears fans. Cutler has an ego, a bad attitude and a crap throwing arm. His thumb isn’t the only thing that is broken on that guy. Also, the Bears are in the same division as the Lions, indicated in the helmet above.

  • ThinkerBelle

    Whomever this is he needs to be outted. Then he needs to go outside and find a good switch from a tree. It can’t be a really thin one either. He needs to then give the switch to Memaw and she can proceed to tan his hide. Punk.

  • aammyy

    that looks like a lions helmet…and their quarterback is matthew stafford?

    • PinkFlamingo

      NOOOOOO! Matthew Stafford is an AWESOME guy! A friend of mine played football with him at Georgia and said he’s as good as they come!

  • DesertGhost

    Sadly there are several people that this could be. The jerk this is should look to Kurt Warner to see what a class act he was as a player and even after he retired.

    If this was about someone who retired after this it would Brett Favre.

  • JeanRalphio

    Reggie Bush??

  • danthemanhsv

    I hope I am not correct, but the picture reminds me of Cam Newton. I had always heard he w as great guy in public, but the picture just reminds me of Cam.

    • Dan – We thought it was just a stock photo. The pic may be Cam Newton, but the item is not about Cam Newton. Love, BG

    • LolaVee

      I went to UF with Cam Newton (before he stole and defaced another student’s personal property, got kicked off the team and picked up by Auburn). He’s no gem.

  • pscheck2

    Whoever he is, he is just one example of a person who harbor a self-importance personality! They are paid millions of dollars; have fawning admirers and, in this case, had his buddy with to demonstrate his arrogance. This guy has a personality deficit!

  • fparker

    This is gross and upsetting. It cant be real; it seemed malicious and purposefully spiteful. Long time fan makeshift think Steelers, Cowboys, Dolphins or redskins

  • CrazyInAlabama

    The first person that came to my mind was Dan Marino. His mistreatment of people is legendary. Too bad the blind didn’t say former NFL star. I have no clue who the jerks are currently but this guy needs to be outed!

  • louloulittlefeet

    Could it be Lawrence Taylor #56?

  • lindseyann

    I have a feeling this is a Cowboy or another team from the “good-ol” south..


    I think this is Vince Young. He has a horrible attitude and is known to be a jerk. He’s a righty QB, just like the picture and grew up/played college ball in Texas, I’m sure he had a “Memaw” growing up. And fewer teams have many “lifelong” fans (The Eagles have been around for 79 years, since 1933) either because of expansion, teams moving, etc. It fits for Vince. What a shame.

  • Scorpio13

    What a * bag! Hopefully Karma will get him back.

  • dna42

    This has Peyton Hillis (who happens to be on the cover of Madden this year) of the Cleveland Browns written all over it. He is general lack of class and respect is fairly well noted around town. I know quite a few people around Cleveland that have stories like this about him.

  • Outlineboy

    The word “star” is used twice, specifically in the heading, which leads me to think it’s a Dallas Cowboy…. and that really hurts because that’s my team. I hope not.

    Regardless, I can’t imagine Romo would ever do something like that. There are some others that would be a little less surprising but I still hope it’s another team.

  • ClaudeFunston

    Sounds a lot like d* Jay Cutler to me.

    His overall attitude in life stinks, no matter where he is.

  • gossipismeanbutiluvit

    Suh has only been in the NFL 2 years. Also, he is known for being extremely kind and generous off the field. Every article about his violence during games also aknowleges this.

  • DHK101

    My first guess was Jay Cutler too. He is known to frequent his favorite restaurants and bars in chicago and drink a lot and act like an *. My second guess is Michael vick. There are clips of him being rude to fans and it’s said his good guy thing is an act for the courts. I can’t think of who else would be this nasty.

  • Synapse3

    It is a opicture of Can Newtion, a black quarteback wearing a Lion’s helmet. Matthew Stafford, the Lion’s quarterback is from Dallas. I would guess that this is about the Cowboys–about a young balck player with skills like Newton but also with a somewhat sketchy college past. That leads us to Dez Bryant, who is known throughout Dallas as an immature imbecile. His mother also has an interesting past.No way Romo would behave this way in public. No way. It’s Dez.

    • NYCMEL

      Synapse–My first thought was Vince Young, but Dez could also be a good guess. The only reason I think not Dez is because this is coming from someone who is a jerk, but also is angry–maybe having a bad season. And, after Vince’s 4 INT performance the other night, I’m sure he was furious. Dez is having a great season and, by all accounts, is on the straight and narrow this year as Tony’s #1 WR.

  • apple martini

    I just want to point out that while the Lion might be a clue, that IS NOT a Detroit Lions helmet! That’s Cam Newton in HIGH SCHOOL, and his school’s mascot was a lion and the colors are silver, blue and white. So while it resembles the Lions’ logo, that’s not exactly what it is.

    A better parallel would be, Cam Newton won a Heisman. So it’s possible we’re looking at another Heisman winner who’s in the NFL now.

    • AdiosContaminos

      Thank you for pointing this out to everyone, that is NOT a lions helmet, the logo is just vaguely similar.

  • Up the Coast

    That is seriously effed up!!! This blind needs to be solved and put on the front page of every newspaper! :) Then every team he plays can kick his butt.

  • TheOtherIan

    I thought at 1st this shouldn’t be blind, but since there’s no way to prove it happened…

  • VinylDestination

    As much as I would love all of BG’s blinds to be solved, I want THIS one to be solved. What a *! I don’t care how good you are in a game, movie, song, etc. That just wasn’t classy.

  • anglonoir

    Had they said NBA instead of NFL, I would have said LeBron James because my uncle witnessed his appalling behavior when he was at a function FOR fans! He refused to get off of his cell phone and continued texting when he was supposed to be taking pictures. What a disgusting man.

  • Deeva E

    Unnecessary rudeness. If he didn’t feel like saying hi or signing an autograph a simple “No Thank You” would have been sufficient instead of cursing the guy out and giving the finger to the grandma.

  • Teoke

    I registered just to comment on this one- hello, everyone!

    This has GOT to be Jay Cutler. Dude’s jersey number is 6, he went down towards the end of November with a thumb injury that needed surgery, and he’s known for being a Grade A pr1ck. Add that with the photo of a quarterback, the fact that Memaw’s faves, Da Bears, have been in the league since, like WWI, and Chicago’s proliferation of yummy steakhouses and I think we have a winner. (And while I’d be cranky too if I was engaged to KCav, I still hope this gets revealed. What a d-bag.)

  • Annhog1

    There aren’t enough confirmed clues for me to even begin to make a guess, but I just want to say that there is no way this is Tony Romo. The guy is known as being an all-around nice guy, even if it means going out of his way. And it’s well documented. Just Google Tony Romo and good deed and you’ll see plenty of stories. I’m not a Cowboys fan but I’d believe this was my mom before I’d believe it was Tony Romo.

  • dallasJAC

    What throws me off on this one is “STAR of an NFL team”—makes me think marquee name player. I have to go with Tom Brady. I understand he’s a pretty big d-bag. Heck, he left his pregnant GF for Gisele. Lifelong fans, also, lead me to think it’s from a legacy team in the Northeast. The Patriots fit.
    I could jump on board with Jay Cutler, except Chicagoans would NEVER let this item be a blind. They persecute their own players who they deem are not worthy.

    • PinkFlamingo

      I’m no fan of Tom Brady, but your facts are incorrect. He did NOT “leave his pregnant girlfriend for Gisele.” It is common knowledge that Bridget Moynihan did not learn that she was pregnant until after she and Brady already had broken up. By that time, he had already started up with Gisele.

  • redstilettos

    I could believe this being Favre (if he wasn’t retired), Roethlisberger or Vick. Not buying it being Romo, Brady or Tebow.

  • Capt Obvious

    As a Bears fan, I hate saying this, but I really think this is Jay Cutler. He acts like this ALL.THE.TIME.

    Any fan that has run into him in public will tell you the same thing. Self-entitled POS.

  • Dee Lyter

    I can understand…somewhat anyway… That as someone famous it must be annoying to get interrupted during dinner. It might happen to him often. But to go out of your way to be impolite and offensive is just rude. I heard a story that an elderly man once mistook Mohammad Ali for Joe Lewis. One of Ali’s entorage went to correct the man when Ali stopped him. When his friend asked Ali why he stopped him, Ali responded that it made the man happy to think he met Joe Lewis so let him think he met his hero. That is true class and appreciation of where and how he got to be “the greatest”. More famous people show follow his example.

  • Me Again

    All the clues fit Cutler, but I know for a fact (yes I was there) that he does a lot of charity work with hospitals and kids that gets no publicity. So IF this is true, it’s just weird to me. Like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of thing.

    • Capt Obvious

      He’s only nice when he wants to be. I know he does a lot of charity work under the radar, but when he does it, he knows he has to show up and be nice. He is super obnoxious if he’s approached by fans when he is just out trying to be a normal person.

      • Me Again

        Have you met him? When I spoke with him, he was nice. He wasn’t overly friendly, but I wasn’t either. I just don’t get it. *shrugs*

    • Megan

      I agree, I’m from Chicago and I hear a lot of good things about him. Actually his teammates said that he is finally opening up to the team and that he is a great guy. They said he is really funny and generous. My friend saw him at Gibsons steakhouse, with his girlfriend, and she said that he was really nice and signing autographs. She did say that his girlfriend/fiance was acting like a total jerk…

      • Megan

        There has to be more to this story, I don’t see Jay Cutler flipping off a kid and his/her grandmother.

      • Okayeah

        You kidding me? The stories of his D-baggery are LEGENDARY!

      • Me Again

        I agree. It just seems like everyone piles on him because he “seems” like a d* but no one has actual proof. The people who say he is an a** have never met him!

  • therock

    It’s a QB because of the red shirt, they wear them so as not to be hit during practice etc. It’s definitely NOT Matthew Stafford however steak house and these clues directs me to their division rival and leads me to believe it’s Jay Cutler who NOBODY likes at all.


    It looks like my Vince Young guess is wrong. It’s Jay Cutler…he’s ranked 85th out of 100 in Peter King’s Top 100; there are 5 Bears on the list, Cutler wears #6. He was seen at a steakhouse a week ago and, from what everyone says, he’s a real a-hole so this encounter isn’t too shocking, I suppose.

  • cocochanel

    Thanks BG for solving!!! What a terrible d-bag!!!

  • Ralphie

    Thanks for solving this one BG. Congrats to those who got it right.

    Not surprised in the slightest. Jay Cutler is an all around dbag. Only reason I didn’t guess him is that I though with his injury he would be laying low. We all know what happened the last time he busted his knee and was still able to be photographed shopping with Kristen Cavallari. Looks like he’s even dumber than I gave him credit for!

    Disgusting. Athletes who are fortunate enough to get paid tons of dough for something they love should thank their stars they have fans.

  • Deeva E

    Thanks for the quick solve BG and great commentary!

  • La Llorona

    Damn, BG is calling them out, I love this! This guy sounds like an all around scumbag. It’s one thing if you don’t want to be bothered but this is just straight up callousness. You can put people down politely without the abuse. If he would have said “Oh, today’s not a good day”, but sent her tickets to a game, that would have been a way nicer gesture than cursing them out and giving someone the finger. I mean, really?

  • LolaVee

    Well, I always thought he was pretty heinous on the exterior. Good to know it’s more than skin deep.

  • Mermaid

    I LOVE it when a* get put on blast for their disgusting behaviour. I don’t know if BG is one person or a group of people (I’m thinking the latter) but good for her/him/them!!

    • Holland

      I agree, this kind of behaviour is repulsive. Good thing it’s out BG!

      What a classless loser, I feel for that poor old granny….

  • Finlandia

    Thanks for the solve and calling out a disgusting excuse for a role model. I hope karma bites him in the *.

  • wpolochick

    Jay Cutler is a MEGA *. Whiny, entitled, and overrated. Broncos fans are stoked to be rid of him and to have a stand-up guy like Tebow.

  • bucephalus

    Glad this was solved, there is no excuse for such rotten behavior. I don’t think Mr. cutler understands, he is one injury away from oblivion. Ask Peyton Manning, whose cleats you are not fit to kiss.

  • brat365

    Thats why i cant stand nfl. lame * d bags

  • brat365

    nfl is fruity. hard to find real men in it. lol

  • Lindsay Bluth


  • tawse57

    The 85 year old grand-mother would have grown up in the Great Depression and lived through World War Two – something to think about on, today, the 70th aniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

    This ‘man’ is clearly not fit to lick the shoes of such a lady.

    If he thinks he is so tough give him a gun, a parachute and drop him out of a plane over Afghanistan.

  • BitterBlondin

    What a jerk. So – is the other blind also about him? The one about him not being happy about his gf being pregnant.

  • ThinkerBelle

    Totally makes sense! Completely wrote him off because of another “injury.” Maybe he’s mad because he’s an a$$hole? Love my Bears but never a fan of Cutler. Loved Urlacher’s response to the media when they asked how they’ll be able to go on after Cutler’s absence. Urlacher didn’t hesitate and said, “We’re not one man. We’ll get by. He’s just one of the team.” Dam^ straight. Lovie, stop buying crappy quarterbacks.

    • ladymarmalade

      I agree totally, ThinkerBelle. I live in the Chicago area, too, and I don’t think anyone really has any love for Cutler generally. People love Urlacher and Hester. People tolerate Cutler when he’s doing well, but I don’t think he’s anyone’s favorite player by a long shot.

  • Slammi

    I’m not a Chicago fan, but if I ever see him around here, he’s getting the Big Bird from me.

  • amagod121

    According to another recent blind, Kristin is preggo and he’s not happy about it so maybe his d*rie is based upon that.

  • Doogy Howzer

    Thank you BG for revealing this!

  • melissakoz

    what a shame. i work at a spa in nj where a lot of giants players come in regularly for treatments and they’re all such nice guys. i can’t imagine is someone spoke to me that way..

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Since I know almost nothing of football EXCEPT for a few great players, this comes as a shock. My bf is in awe of Cutlers talent and I heard about it every week until his injury. What a disappointment. It makes no sense that someone would be so disrespectful *especially* when one is as gifted and fortunate as he.

  • danneka

    what a big DOOSH! and who cares about football anyway – i wouldn’t know him if i stepped on his flippin toes! what a jerk!

  • karaduff

    What a disgusting piece of sh%* he is.

  • Peace247

    What an *. And an unatractive *, too! Get over yourself!

  • Bromance1979

    What a TOOL! No wonder he’s engaged to that fame w* reality “star”. She seems like a complete b****, so they’re perfect for each other.

  • cowbulls

    Fair warning Mr. Big Shot QB. If I had been in that restaurant and seen that behavior, my instincts to teach a snot nosed punk some manors would have kicked in. I promise you that you would have been nice to that poor grandmother later.