The Star Athlete And Memaw


[BlindGossip] This star of an NFL team was dining out with a male friend at a steakhouse the other night. After dinner, they were sitting there texting and talking on their cell phones when a young fan came over. He explained that he didn’t want an autograph or a photo, but that his 85-year-old grandmother  was a lifelong fan of the team, and it would mean the world to her if the athlete would simply say hello to her as he was leaving the restaurant. The athlete looked up from his cell phone, glared at the fan for five or six seconds, looked over at the grandmother, and said “No! Now get the f*ck away from my table!” The stunned fan retreated back to his table. A few minutes later, the athlete did manage to acknowledge the fan and his grandmother… by giving them the finger on his way out of the restaurant.


It’s Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Chicago Bears!

This lovely little display of maturity took place last week at a steakhouse north of Chicago.

What’s the problem, Jay? We know you hurt your wittle thumb, but why so hostile to a fan and his elderly grandmother? You’re a rich and famous athlete and you’re re-engaged to a beautiful reality star (Kristin Cavallari). You’ve got a $50 million contract and your thumb will heal. So, why are you so angry?

We hear that this isn’t the first time you’ve treated your fans badly. Shyness and personality quirks are one thing. Chronic nastiness and disrespect is another. You think that you have the arm of a John Elway, but you definitely don’t have the heart of a John Elway. Quit acting like such an entitled, ungrateful dirtbag before the fans of Chicago turn on you like the fans of Denver did.

Jim C: You should have have a little talk with your boy about an attitude adjustment before he makes the whole team look bad. Perhaps you could convince him to work out his problems in therapy? After all, he’s got the time now.

Only a few Blinders got this one right. KWDragon was first!

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  1. cowbulls says

    Fair warning Mr. Big Shot QB. If I had been in that restaurant and seen that behavior, my instincts to teach a snot nosed punk some manors would have kicked in. I promise you that you would have been nice to that poor grandmother later.