The Replacement Wife

[BlindGossip] This actor and actress couple is about to hit another bump. The producers of an upcoming film in which the couple stars have had a change of heart. They want to replace the wife with another actress (who we agree would be much better in the role). The replacement has been personally and professionally involved with the couple in the past, and is one of the few people who knows all the dirty details about the couple’s marriage… as well as their upcoming divorce. There are an awful lot of secrets that all three of these people could use against each other, so if somebody’s toes get stepped on, it will be interesting to see who starts talking first.



Replacement Actress:


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59 comments to The Replacement Wife

  • pumpkin

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement: I’m going with Kirstie Alley
    Film: Gotti

    • pumpkin

      And, what is it about Scientologist/Actors? They seem to love thrusting their offspring upon the film world. Apparently Travolta’s daughter is in Gotti and I saw that Will Smith is doing another film with his son.

    • amagod121

      Great guess!!! But my only question is whether Kirstey would ever blab on the Travoltas because she’s a loyal Scientologist and so much of their story is tied up with Scientology.

    • LolaVee

      I think that Kelly & John is definitely the answer, but I don’t think Kirstie Alley is the replacement. She has been close friends with them forever, and she doesn’t really fit the Victoria Gotti image.

      Victoria is a skinny, over-tanned, platinum-blonde, Donatella-looking mafia wife. I’m thinking it’s either Rene Russo or Marisa Tomei (with hair dyed blonde). They have both acted alongside one or both John or Kelly before.

    • wykkyd

      I’m on board with this guess, but I wonder if Nicole Kidman isn’t the “replacement wife” b/c of the Stepford clue. Aside from Scientology and suspected gay husbands, Nicole & Kelly both have faked pregnancy rumors in common. Maybe each used the same FX pro.

      • pumpkin

        Nicole Kidman is an interesting guess. Has she worked professionally with them?

        I guess I can see Kirstie playing a bombastic mob wife and she’s a hot ticket right n

      • pumpkin

        … right now (hit submit too soon). Kelly Preston seems too vanilla for the role so I kind of figured they would want a more dynamic actress. Nicole Kidman can be dynamic, but she seems too big for the role, but who knows.

        The stepping on toes is what put me over the edge for Kirstie. I happen to like her as an actress and would enjoy seeing her get more roles (and step away from Scientology).

      • LolaVee

        I don’t think any amount of hair, makeup or tanning bed could make Nicole Kidman a believable Victoria Gotti. There’s just no way.

  • GingerNaps

    I wanted to say Depp and Paradis in My American Dream, except that they’re not married.

  • BitterBlondin

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement actress: ?
    Film: Gotti In the Shadow of My Father

    • anotherlibby

      Agree! The last line of the blind reminds me of “Look Who’s Talking”!!!!!!

      John & Kirstie have a LOOOOOOOONG professional history! FTW!!!

  • GingerNaps

    Apparently Russell Brand and Katy Perry are set to play a married couple in a movie.

  • BitterBlondin


    Husband: Liev Schreiber
    Wife: Naomi Watts
    Replacement actress: ?
    Film: The Bleeder

  • beckslouise

    Matthew Broderick; Sarah Jessica Parker – I say this as the pic above looks like The Stepford Wives (Broderick’s movie) and they are well rumoured to have marriage problems. There are several potential movie roles listed on IMDB (The Late Bloomer’s Revolution; Love Walked In; Married and Cheating; The Ivy Chronicles; A Fair Marriage) I can’t find out any more info about them to guess which one.
    As for the actress… my first thought would be someone who knew one or both VERY well – how about Kristin Davis (co-star in SATC for SJP and was MB’s wife in Deck the Halls)?

  • kookila

    Tom. Katie. Nicole. Not sure about the film…

  • nortikiwi

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement Actress: No idea…
    Film: Gotti: In the Shadow of my Father

  • boomboompow

    Husband: JOHN TRAVOLTA
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement: Kirstie Alley (and yes, she’d be much better in the role)
    Film: The Gotti movie

    “Starts talking first” = Look Who’s Talking, the films in which Kirstie and John starred together
    “toes stepped on” = dancing =Dancing with the Stars
    “another bump” = baby bump (they just had a baby) and another obstacle (loss of son) plus, his being g*y and all
    change of heart =

  • jackhammer

    Husband: Will Smith

    Wife: Jada Pinkett-smith

    replacement actress: Queen Latifah :)

  • QueenCeleste

    I was going to say Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I dont think they’re doing anything together.

  • goldieb

    Will and Jada.

  • dee123

    The only couple rumored to be in trouble which look to be staring in something together in the future i can find is Naomi & Liev in a boxing movie called The Bleeder, but they weren’t married were they???

    • KatarinaJ

      and I don’t think in a million years that a producer would want to replace Naomi, do you guys? SHE is a higher caliber actor than Liev for sure.

  • jackballjonez

    Its Kelly Preston and John Travolta in the Gotti movie but i dont know the replacement

  • redheadwriter

    John Travolta
    Kelly Preston
    Kirstie Alley
    Gotti: In the shadow of my father

  • LolaVee

    Husband: Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement Actress:…? (somebody scientology related)
    Film: New Gotti movie

  • acerbicnymph

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement: Michelle Phieffer
    Film: Gotti:Blahblah Father

  • redstilettos

    Could the husband and wife be Will and Jada? Are they about to film something together? I’m going through my mental list of married actors… John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Ben Stiller and Christine (she’s in a lot of his movies), Ben and Jennifer?

  • boriqualoka

    Husband John travolta
    Wife Kelly Preston
    Movie that Gotti movie

  • oneboredmom

    How about this?
    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement Actress: ???
    Both are slated to be in “Gotti:In the Shadow of my Father” w/ Travolta playing John Gotti Sr and Preston playing Victoria.

  • GingerNaps

    How about…
    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly P
    Replacement actress: Kirstie Alley
    Film: Gotti
    with a clue being “who starts talking first” (Travolta and Kirstie A were in the movie ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’).

  • Ralphie

    John Travolta and Kelly Preston are supposedly filming Gotti together…

    I dont know about the actress though…Kirstie Alley? Lol

  • css1014

    Husband: Antonio Banderas
    Wife: Melanie Griffith
    Replacement: Cameron Diaz

    Antonio and Melanie have movie for Lifetime scheduled on IMDB

    • Outlineboy

      thank you for guessing something different!!

      But I don’t see how M & A could have all that many juicy secrets. They’re not a very interesting couple and we know most of her dirt already.

  • css1014

    It’s called American Housewife which fits the photo

  • bridgjones

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacement: Kirstie Alley
    Film: The Gotti Movie

    Who talks first? Look Who’s Talking with Kirstie and and John

  • PixieNose

    I was thinking Will & Jada while reading this and then Tom and Katie with Nicole being the replacement actress (she was in Stepford wives & Katie was Tom’s “replacement wife” mentioned in title). Also, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are both in “Gotti” could it be them?

    • LolaVee

      Haha, isn’t it funny that everybody automatically guessed Scientologists (myself included)? That says something, doesn’t it?

      John & Kelly are the only ones that make sense. Aside from the fact that they are currently cast in the new Gotti movie, the title of the blind also implies that they are cast as husband and wife – which they are.

      • GingerNaps

        And the Stepford Wives picture fits with a Scientology, ‘programmed’ wife.

      • PixieNose

        It is funny. I remember while typing thinking hmmmm all have Scientology in common. The replacement actress is probably a Scientologist too.

  • The Neurotic One

    But are John Travolta and his wife getting divorced? They’ve just had a baby together. Surely they’re not getting divorced.

    • GingerNaps

      Some sites speculate that he wasn’t keen on having an IVF baby with Kelly -~ and that he’s fed up and ready to come out [Insert here: “What? Travolta isn’t gay! The photos of him kissing men were photoshopped….I mean, that’s just a custom going way back to the Welcome Back Kotter set$&”+=%#^*^!].

      • GingerNaps

        By the way, my attempt at a joke isn’t directed at anyone in particular….it’s just that, whenever ‘gay’ is mentioned, one can anticipate a slew of ‘How do YOU know?’ comments (and fair enough)…..

      • ferocity101

        Well, how DO you know? 😛

      • GingerNaps

        A great point… I think we don’t ever know for sure (either way).

  • Sweetie Pie

    Agree with the John Travolta/Kelly Preston guesses. What about Uma Thurman as the replacement, rather than Kirstie? They have done at least a couple movies together (Be Cool, Pulp Fiction). Just throwing it out there . . .

  • Katmandu

    Re: Travolta and Preston: I’m sure the third party knows plenty of dirty details about the marriage, but there will be no “upcoming divorce”. There won’t. Divorces are always predicted by the gossip press and very, very seldom come about.

  • Bigmama

    Uma Thermon

  • DesertGhost

    Husband: John Travolta
    Wife: Kelly Preston
    Replacemnt: Leah Remini
    Movie: Gotti

  • EaterOfWorlds

    You know, John Gotti’s wife was named Victoria. The over-bleached, over-tanned woman you see on TV these days? That’s their daughter, also named Victoria. Kirstie Alley would be just fine in the role of wife-Victoria.

  • up2trouble

    Could “stepping on toes” be a nod towards Kristie being on Dancing with the Stars?