Her Real Background Will Get Her The Boot


[BlindGossip] Which competitor on a reality competition series is going to get eliminated before her real background comes to light? There’s plenty of dirt there, but the most interesting are the three past marriages she tries to hide, and a questionable performance for a very controversial figure. It’s the latter that will get her booted before she makes the producers look really bad and tarnishes the show. And she won’t be able to play victim here, because her exes are ready to step forward and there is video tape of the questionable performance. Naturally, she’ll wail and sob when it happens, but even her crocodile tears won’t be enough to save her.


Reality Show:


It’s Stacy Francis from X Factor!

Stacy parlayed her persona as poor, abused woman who never got a chance to turn her passion for singing into a successful X Factor contestant.

The truth is that she’s been married multiple times, has plenty of professional experience, and is just a weepy mess. But once the producers found out that she had cozied up to Louis Farrakhan and is a practicing Scientologist who performs at Scientology events (including Tom Cruise’s birthday party), there was no way they were going to declare her the winner.

So, Stacy Francis was never going to make it to the finals of XFactor, but the judges had to wait until she stumbled just a bit so they could give her the boot. Her off-key performance was the perfect excuse.

By the way, Astro won’t win, either. He may be a talented rapper, but he’s not a talented vocalist, and the judges will certainly pick a commercially salable vocalist as the winner of the first American X Factor.

From TheVillageVoice:

Sandlofer tells the Voice that not only has Francis lied about domestic violence in her relationship with him, but he says that Perez Hilton is correct in his complaints that Francis has been untruthful about her extensive professional singing career before she came to X Factor. We had a conversation yesterday with Sandlofer, a music producer, who told the Voice about his marriage to Francis, why it was annulled, and why she then turned to Scientology, an organization she has been heavily involved with ever since.

…In fact, she was a regular Broadway performer, had put out a solo album, and has sung backup for Madonna, Chaka Khan, and even shared billing with Adam Lambert.


Read the whole article here.


From TheHollywoodReporter:

From Day 1, Stacy Francis was a frontrunner for the inaugural X Factor title. When the single mother of two children appeared on the series premiere, she was filled with insecurity. But, she won the audience over with her story of self-doubt, telling executive producer and judge Simon Cowell, “I don’t want to die with this music in me,” and then releasing a rendition of “Natural Woman” that brought the audience to its feet.

Over the course of the competition, she never really took her eye off the prize. She did, however, seem to have a conflict of identity. It didn’t help that she found herself in a storm or criticism that tried to make her out to be a fraud.“It comes with it,” Francis says of the controversy after Thursday’s show. “You know, you have to build a thick skin. And this show has taught me how to be more of a fighter. You got to fight back. You can’t be a punk. You have to get yourself through it and you have to fight back. I didn’t always do that before.”

On Thursday night, Francis found herself fighting one more time to stay in the competition with fellow contestant, Astro. And despite the M.C.’s lack of sportsmanship, the judges voted 3-1 in favor of eliminating her.

astro-steve-jones-stacy-francis-x-factor-fox Did you watch this week’s performance later? If so, what were your thoughts?Francis: Yes, I did. I was off-key, because I couldn’t hear the music. What happens is when you’re in there, the audience is going really crazy. And if you don’t have an in-ear monitor, which is something you put in your ear to hear the music, you can’t hear the music. And I couldn’t hear it. The audience is going crazy, screaming, and I couldn’t hear the music at all. And I didn’t have an in-ear monitor either. So, the song was off-key in the beginning. And I don’t think I found my grounding until about the middle of it and it was too late at that point.

Lots of you got this one right. SayItAintSo was first. Congratulations, Say!

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83 comments to Her Real Background Will Get Her The Boot

  • SayItAintSo

    Someone on the x factor I would say since the picture is ai and simon and paula are on the new x factor

    That being said I will go with
    Competitor: Stacy Francis * she sobs and sobs every show* lol

    Reality Show: X Factor

  • hermestro

    Stacy Francis on X Factor?

  • Marina

    Stacy Francis on the X Factor

  • smd1004p

    kristina c from dancing with the stars

  • Mia444

    Stacy Francis of the X Factor. She has mentioned at least one ex who always put her down (play the victim), and she is always crying (crocodile tears).

  • greeneyesaremine

    the picture above leads me to think it’s not Idol, but X Factor… Stacy Francis? (she’s done a bit of wailing and sobbing so far)

  • wfreshie

    stacy francis from x factor usa, she performed for tom cruise at a scientology to do

  • michaelboston80

    Is the photo too obvious a clue for JLo?

    She did fake cry this week at Mohegan Sun during her concert…

  • CheshireKitty

    For kicks, Nancy Grace, Dancing With The Stars

  • Sleuth

    Stacey Francis
    X Factor

  • jacqueline

    X Factor and Stacy Francis? She is very much a ‘sob story’ contestant (every episode!). She was apparently married as recently as the auditions stage (despite playing the struggling single mom card). She also said she would ‘die with her music in her’ but it now appears she has starred in West End productions in London, has been in a band and had a record deal and even performed at a church of Scientology function ( is this the controversial performance?). It also explains why Simon Cowell brought forward an extra contestant in the last episode – was he made aware of this and got the replacement in immediately?

  • greeneyesaremine

    the picture above leads me to think it’s not Idol, but X Factor… Stacy Francis? (she’s done a bit of wailing and sobbing so far)

  • gossipmom

    I bet it’s JLo..maybe she was trying to garner sympathy with her concert crying before this came out. Also…maybe stuff from her ex’s book is “leaking” out.

  • PoniTayl

    This reads as if it will take place soon on an upcoming pre-taped show…reads to be one of many reality competition shows…dancing or singing seem to stick out. Appears to read to be between a “PERFORMANCE” between a ??judge?? and her. I don’t watch them, so my stab in the dark would include Simon Cowell, I did see somewhere he was “humbled”, what about? I don’t know, but it fits if he were caught in a compromising position….My speculation is just that, a speculation, no proof, just a guess here.

  • cincinnatikate

    the Anya designer from Fashion Runway…her sex tape leaked this weekend…

  • CinderellaKid

    J-Lo. If there was ever anyone trying to keep her exes quiet, it’s her. And her first husband has been shopping a sex tape since forever.

  • Im24gone

    Oh please let this be Stacy Francis from the X Factor. It probably won’t be, but I don’t think I can take another week of her crying mascara-streaked face.

  • sitnext2me

    Stacy Francis of X Factor is allegedly a Scientologist and performed at Tom Cruise’s birthday party also attended by COS head David Miscavige. Would that be controversial enough? First time commenting though long time lurker… luv BG!

  • amagod121

    Am I nuts to think that “a questionable performance for a very controversial figure” means that this person did a questionable performance to a second, controversial person? If that’s the proper way to read it, then I think the controversial figure is Chaz. Who else? Maybe the person to be booted did something very sexually harassing or inappropriate to Chaz, hence the need for a “tape of the questionable performance.”

    That being said, my guess is Hope Solo, whose mouth has gotten her into trouble before.

    However, if the controversial figure is one and the same as the person about to be booted, then I’ve no clue.

    • CheshireKitty

      I read it as “the contestant did something very naughty with someone with a bad/questionable rep”. For example, a staunch Conservative who rails against the gays making a sex tape with the same sex. But I could be wrong.

    • ZigZagZoey

      I’m kinda thinking that maybe a bad guy (some foreign leader of some country we don’t get along with?) paid a lot of money for her to perform. JLo.

  • amagod121

    The “Anya designer” guess is also a great one. Probably fits better than mine. Though how a sex tape is seen as controversial in today’s world puzzles me.

  • Quanah

    Anya’s tape wouldn’t make sense since the show has aired all except for the finale (which was taped months ago). I’m thinking someone from Dancing With The Stars. Can’t think of who though.

  • caliann

    This is Stacy Francis on the X Factor. She preformed for Tom Cruise at his birthday party and is linked to Scientology. Video of her performing of Tom Cruise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq6VyXiZMm4&feature=related

    She says on the show she is a single mother of two small children struggling to get by, and was discouraged from singing for so long by abusive partners. She also always is crying, mascara streaming down her cheeks (hence the crocodile tears), afraid “that she will die with this music inside” her…but she was already signed in the 90’s to Reprise records as a member of the group “Ex-Girlfriend” and had a hit on the Billboard Hot 100. She always has been on Broadway.

    Also, her lastest ex-husband(it appears they divorced sometime after 2010) is a dentist, and has videos up on youtube of him and his kids with Stacy, and he shows that he is very hands on and supportive of his kids. So she hardly is the struggling single mother she sell herself as. She also has a grown child from a previous relationship she fails to mention.

    This week, the judges are supposed to cut 5 more contestants before America votes, perfect timing to cut Stacy.

    • amagod121

      The information you give is very interesting but not really shocking, I wouldn’t think? Not sure…

      • caliann

        Lots of people are up in arms about her getting through because of her past and how she is misrepresenting herself as a last chance sob story. My grandma looooooved Stacy and when I found this out and told her, she’s decided to change her vote once the live shows start because of the Scientology ties and misrepresentation. I’m not really shocked because I’ve been jaded by reality TV and producer intervention, and it might not be shocking to most of us gossip hounds here. But she is completely selling a different back story than the truth, and with ties to Scientology and perhaps false claims of abuse, that’s a pretty big deal to the voting public. She’s also a fairly high ranking Scientologist, as Tom Cruise’s birthday which she sang at was aboard a cruise for high ranking Scientologists, and that could lead to questions about Scientologists “paying off” or “pulling strings” to fix the competition, which could tarnish the show’s reputation. Not to mention, it’s already been tarnished by misrepresenting her past in the first place.

        Not that Simon’s inability to follow his own rules, letting through both Tiah and Simone, or Dexter getting through, is really helping the legitimacy. Or Nicole Swhatever’s personality vacuum in replace of Cheryl Cole. Or the stretching or a 30 minute show into two hours of Simon ego stroking…the show is already a train wreck without this Scientology stuff IMO.

      • caliann

        I’m just going to correct…I’m not sure if she’s a high ranking Scientologist, but evidence appears to point that way. At the very least, she is connected to and supported by high ranking Scientologists, and she has done other events and competitions within Scientology in the past.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Sounds to me like a lot of her issues have already come to light.
        #1. She’s a scientologist. (I refuse to capitalize the word.)
        # 2. She’s lied/covered up her previous successes.
        # 3. She’s lied about her personal history.
        # 4. The video that Caliann provided the link to, is the video evidence that she performed for David Miscavage (sitting a couple seats away from Cruise) who is a very controversial figure. Indeed, he IS scientology and scientology is the biggest cult in the world.

    • ladymarmalade

      Ooooh….very juicy! I didn’t know the scientology stuff. I still can’t get over Simon replacing Cheryl Cole with Nicole. Cheryl seemed charming and sweet and Nicole seems like every high school mean girl the world over.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      I can almost guarantee, Calainn, that Stacy has absolutely no authority or position in scientology but she IS a performer and there’s value in that when such services are needed by those in the organization who do have influence, hence the performance for TC.
      That said, she is *connected*.
      People at X Factor were well aware of her bio, her ties and the possible controversy it could create but the influence of her connections were strong enough so they kept her and chose to present her to the world in a much different light. This being her big chance that could be worth great fame and five million, she went along with it. Note that if she did win, she’d hand a great deal of that money over to scientology.

      Hollywood and scientology have a very cosy relationship. It’s not insidious, but they have a definite underground presence. Stacy isn’t connected to high ranking officials in the organization but to those in the industry. They don’t have the clout to fix the competition but they got her in knowing that her success would be theirs.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        *Stacy isn’t connected to high ranking officials in the organization but to *scientologists* in the industry…scientologists that are closely controlled by high ranking officials in the organization.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Also Calainn, thank you for the stimulating discussion! I appreciate thinking about how Hollyweird and the media operate and manipulate and if not for your comments, I wouldn’t have spent more than a couple minutes musing over this blind. :)

  • funnygirl23

    Maybe someone on the X Factor U.S.A.? One of the controversial figures being Simon Cowell. Although, the only really controversial contestant I can think of is too young (I think) to have been married 3 times. So I don’t know.

  • RedPeggy

    It sounds to me as if someone competing on a reality show (singing?) might have been paid to perform for a political figure – someone controversial. Someone known to be a bad egg.

    But I am English and don’t know your reality programmes over there so I can’t add anything else I’m afraid!

    Except that ‘wailing’ and ‘crocodile’ seem to stand out as clues.

    • amagod121

      I think you make a good point – performing for someone political who is perhaps an enemy or a vicious thug could be very damaging to one’s career, far more than something like a sex tape.

  • Liberally

    Stacy Francis from X Factor? I hope not because she really has talent but she was the first person I thought of. And she strikes me as someone who could have a hidden past. Read somewhere she already has a diva-tude too.

  • arizonacat

    I think it might be Stacy Francis on the X Factor. She sang for Tom Cruise’s birthday on the Scientology cruise (hee hee) ship, Freewinds.

  • pricey524

    I love watching Project Runway…and I might be way off with the wording of the blind, but Anya is a controversial figure on the actual show. She cannot sew, never includes zippers so her models have to always be cut out of the dresses after the runway shows, and she only has one “shape” for her clothes. None of the other contestants (and some of the show’s audience) can understand how she has gotten so far in the competition. Like, I said I am prob way off, but I agree with you when you said its puzzling how a sex tape is controversial. It was the exact opposite for Kim K. lol

  • Arcadia

    Jennifer Lopez FTW

  • Very Unseemly

    “Purple Rain” lady from X-Factor – not sure what her name is. Sang for Nicole…

  • justjinx

    I am guessing Stacy Francis on the US X-Factor.

    She performed for Tom Cruise. Not sure how questionable that is but that’s what I am going with. lol

  • ladymarmalade

    Stacy Francis from X Factor? She is 42 (old enough to have been married three times) and claimed her ex was mentally and physically abusive. “Naturally, she’ll wail and sob when it happens….” she sang “Natural woman” and sobbed at the end (and has sobbed a ton of times on the show). Plus yesterday they announced there will be 5 going home this week instead of 4.

    • amagod121

      Actually, since this story comes directly from BG, I think you may be right, looking at the clues this way.

      And it just occurred to me that the best part of the story – WHO she performed for – may never be known! I think that should also be part of the blind, the id of the controversial figure.

  • Sugarplum71

    Stacy Francis from X Factor. She’s old enough to have been married 3 times, and she cries/sobs alot.

    Love you BG :)

  • cocobeannns

    Since when is J-Lo a competitor? Isn’t she a judge?

  • Hawgtied

    Competitor : Stacy Francis
    Reality Show : X Factor

  • Bishplz

    I would imagine it means that this “competitor” performed for a lot of money for someone like a Gadhaffi or Sadaam Hussein which would be controversial after Hilary Swank incident a couple of weeks back.

    So the only type of person like that would be someone who will be on the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice which is pre-taped (and in the middle of taping now). Debbie Gibson is one of those that this would be a “scandal” but I doubt it. Not sure who though because the rest of the women cast aren’t exactly interesting, famous or nice enough that I would care about.

  • SweetToulouse

    X Factor that Stacy chick. The one who cries all the time and her mascara runs down her face.

  • Summer70

    The 42 year old, African American lady on X Factor U.S. Her whole back story is how she never pursued her dream because of an emotionally abusive husband. That and she cries/sobs every show milking it.

  • heathrow

    Hi BG. First time poster here!

    I think this blind is about Stacey Francis from X-Factor USA. Rumor has it that she performed in the past for high ranking members of the Scientology Church. She also cries a lot on the X-Factor.

  • beachybabey

    Easy-peasy. Stacy Francis on X-Factor.

  • stolidog

    This seems like a planted story to try and get people to watch X Factor.

  • dolceracer

    JLO. She was approached to perform for a Gahdafi.

  • boogiesmom

    I feel soooo deceived! First I find out that the Top Chef Desserts guy is a sicko and now Stacy Francis is a fraud! I just Caliann’s info and it’s TRUE!!! I’m beginning to think that reality tv isn’t actual reality! Who knew????

  • dalstongirl

    I think this is Stacie Francis from X Factor USA. Her live story has got a lot of air time on the show and she does cry and wail a lot. I don’t think that she is being honest with the public or the producers cos they have been rumours that she was in a successful group back in the day. I also heard that when people mention the group she was in on her facebook page the posting get’s taken down. She is not all that she seems. Anyway time will tell.

  • PoniTayl

    X-Factor, Stacy Francis, liar lair pants on fire

  • highfive

    Its defiantly Stacy Francis
    she is a professional singer with 2 decades of experience
    she was a member of the all girl group in the early 90’s “Ex Girlfriend they made 2 albums with Reprise Records,
    Stacy moved on to a successful Broadway career in several successful shows with thousands of performances
    Footloose,Hair,and a dozen others

    She has performed on the Rosie O’Donnell TV show
    and a contestant on a BET gospel show 2010
    Stacy also had alot of TV acting credits check (IMBD)
    The Parkers (and others)

    a recent appearance VH1 Beverly hills fabulous 2010 9reality show)
    (where a very pregnant Stacy admits having an adulterous affair)
    and the baby girl “Anastassia” was NOT her husbands child.
    this was the reason for her recent divorce (from Her well known Hollywood Dentist) Its episode 9 Beverly Hills Fabulous “face the music” available on VH1 com

    Stacy was a backup singer with Madonna
    Stacy has performed with Chaka Kahn (hundreds of shows)
    was Featured singer with Prince on the album “Emporium” song “sweet thing”
    Stacy has also performed at “Hundreds: of Scientology events including a private Birthday performance for Tom Cruise

    theres alot more her resume Is long..

    the very controversial figure Is Louis Farrakhan leader of the Nation of Islam

    Stacy Sang Mariah Carey’s song Hero for Her mentor Chaka Khan and Minister Louis Farrakhan at a Scientology Event honoring Louis Farrakhan

  • highfive

    also Stacy deleted hundreds of Her “You Tube” videos of her many performances a Month before the first X Factor episode aired
    Including Her Gushing Performance for Louis Farrakhan

  • obladioblada

    Solved. This is Stacy Francis.

    [links without a full explanation are not allowed]

  • amagod121

    Well, this was a doozie! Thanks, BG, for the story and the follow up, especially about her links with Farrakhan and Scientology.

    As for Astro, I know he was a poor sport but I feel kind of sorry for him too. He’s obviously just a child still, and that’s a lot for a child to take in/on.

  • SayItAintSo

    Thanks BG, Congratulation’s to you also. Someone mentioned your site in the star this week. :) <3 BG

  • redtape09

    Wouldn’t she have been eliminated sooner? I wonder why they waited so long.

    • La Llorona

      Must have been the whole “death in the family” thing she pulled out the week before. I’m sure she knew her time was almost up and was waiting for them to want to boot her so she gave them one more excuse before she was ousted.

  • La Llorona

    Damn, this is crazy O_o I remember watching her on X-Factor. I never really paid attention to the show after that, but for some reason, she stood out in my mind. It must have been the gobs of mascara running down her face. Made her look like Mommy Dearest.

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