In The Role Of Furniture Mover

[BlindGossip] This actress takes great pride in occasionally selecting and purchasing pieces for her home without the help of a decorator. Well, she found something she wanted while perusing Craigslist one day, and responded to the ad using just her first name. Imagine the shock these homeowners felt when this big time movie star showed up at their door to claim her find!

According to the couple, she

wore no makeup, was as nice and normal as could be, pet the family dog, paid the full asking price for the item, and even loaded it by herself into the back of her SUV. It’s nice to hear that she is capable of acting like a nice, normal person. Maybe she should do that more often.

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  1. Danielle says

    The picture reminds me of helena bonham carter which would fit with the whole acting normal more often. I’m not sure if the rest fits though

  2. GingerNaps says

    While I saw a photo somewhere recently of Naomi Watts and a friend carrying a piece of furniture, presumably Naomi is generally nice and normal so it wouldn’t be her. I just love the thought of, say, Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock ringing my doorbell to grab the worn footstool ~ charming!

  3. raslebol says

    Courtney Cox? she loves to decor
    Julia Roberts?
    demi Moore?

    and many celebrities act normally

    • LolaVee says

      I think the last part is implying that the celeb in this blind isn’t usually known to be “nice and normal”.

    • lodimc says

      for some reason she was the first person I thought of too. Maybe because she is an animal lover and they mentioned the dog? I don’t know much about her other than that!

  4. Gmonger says

    sounds like Kristen Stewart? dark hair, jeans in the pic…. nice and normal like she appears not to be

  5. malkatz says

    So we have a female, major movie star who has exhibited some diva antics.
    Heigl isn’t really major, is she?
    Who else is known for a not-so-stellar attitude?

  6. luckysiu says

    Hmmm…..a common first name and emphasis on someone acting abnormally normal screams Katie Holmes to me but “big time movie star” just doesn’t fit.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Katie’s never left to do anything on her own unless it’s for publicity. And has she been trained to be a scientologist thereby act strange by default? Yes. But a diva? Nah.

      • Sugar Cookie says

        I agree it’s Mizzzz Goopy. Because it’s so hard to imagine little miss perfect doing this. Also, it’s says GREAT PRIDE. She was in Great Expectations and Emma (which is by the same author as Pride and Prejudice.

      • yinyang says

        Why does everyone hate on GP? I don’t get why everyone has this perception of her that is so wrong! She is one of the most down to earth peeps& is nothing like what people say about her! Believe me when I say she is so normal& nothing like what people say! I don’t understand the haters w her? She enjoys her privacy& her marriage is sacred but yet everyone says differently?!? Alot of respect for her& way she handles her life!

      • rayodeplata says

        I think most of the hate comes from the fact that GOOP is filled with “advice” that we commoners can’t follow. Like the time she said she couldn’t live without hand-painted wallpaper, or when her “steal” outfits include US$100 T-shirts. I know Gwyneth has money to burn, but I can’t rely on hand-painted wallpaper to make my life better (I think I have never even seen such a thing.)

      • LaPerla says

        I crossed paths with her back in the Pitt days – for a funeral movie promo shoot with the guy from friends. She was nice and super chit-chatty. At one point we were just shooting the breeze. I remember her being funny and bubbly. She also took a call from Pitt at one point..So, I think that could make any one bubbly…

        She may not realize how arrogant she sounds at times. But, does she write GOOP for the general public…or her friends…people on her income level who may think $100 tshirt is just a drop in the bucket…

        Who knows…to each his own…

      • ThinkerBelle says

        I’ve always found her cold and distant. Maybe she is, maybe not. But what made me hate her was a comment she made to EW while promoting Shallow Hal. When asked how being in the fat suit effected her self esteem, she said she thought every pretty girl should have to try it. Like there was no way someone weighing more than she could br remotely

      • ThinkerBelle says

        I’ve always found her cold and distant. Maybe she is, maybe not. But what made me hate her was a comment she made to EW while promoting Shallow Hal. When asked how being in the fat suit effected her self esteem, she said she thought every pretty girl should have to try it. Like there was no way someone weighing more than she could be remotely pretty. She said a lot about herself with that comment.

      • FenPhen says

        She insists on calling Lenny Kravitz “Leonard,” asked Ross Matthews why he had gotten so fat, fakes a British accent, her success is more a product of nepotism than hard work or skill, and she is an unapologetic condescending elitist c-you-n-t.

        Her own grandmother hated her, by her own admission.

    • LiamForeman says

      LOL. The blind stated she used her first name. Can you imagine a Gwyneth answering your ad? And then showing up to pick up some used piece of furniture? Absolutely not Gwyneth. I can see it being a Courtney (Cox) though.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Can’t see it either which would fit the blind perfectly. People close to her though report she’s great, very down-to-Earth irl.
        The only thing that doesn’t fit for me is that the actress owns an SUV. Sure, she has kids but Gwenny with an SUV? Oh puleeease!

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Thanks for correcting – I was hoping someone would if I was wrong. :) At first, as stated above, I couldn’t believe it but pimped out mercedes? One that’s custom made and worth tens of thousands of dollars? You’re probs right.

    • iheartthisstuff says

      I like the Gwyneth guess too, but I think her name is too unusual for someone to be shocked when she showed up.

    • dalstongirl says

      Sorry Smithers

      Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens and the author of Emma is Jane Austen.

      • Munchkin says

        It was Sugar Cookie that mentioned those books and they didn’t say Great Expectations was written by Austen just that Emma was.

    • Mermaid says

      Interesting guess. But, as others have said, her first name is too unusual for people to be surprised when she shows up. Additionally, Gwynneth seems germaphobic to me. I can’t see her wanting to purchase other peoples’ used furniture (I can, however, see Heigl and/or Julia Roberts doing that), but Gwynnie? She’d think other peoples’ furniture with all their potential sweat all over it is gross.

      Also, Gwynnie does seem nice but she also seems like a bit of an arrogant elitist to me. If you listen/read her interviews: she goes on and on about how she is married to a “genius”, she attended prep schools her whole life. Steven Speilberg is her godfather. She purchases expensive stuff. A woman like this wouldn’t be caught dead rummaging through Craigslist, let alone (gasp!) actually finding something she wanted. No, it would be okay for “others” but it would be beneath her. Gwynnie’s “used” furniture would only be true “vintage” from prior courtiers or royalty.

      And finally, Gwynnie, DOES seem nice and she’s always polite and says and does and chooses the right thing. All the time. Constantly. And she lets everyone know it too. I think this blind is about a person who is not in-your-face nice like Gwynnie is, but is rude.

      Julia Roberts is a great guess because she married that camera guy. He’s not beneath Julia in her opinion (but can you imagine Gwynnie ever marrying a camera guy? LOL)

      Heigl is also a great guess because she’s rough around the edges but kinda debatable if she is considered a “big time movie star”. I think “big time movie star” is more Julia in this case.

    • jlynhope says

      Agreed, and add me to the list of people who think she’s nice. I get she’s a bit fancy but I like her newsletter and I like her cookbook. She seems down to earth to me.

  7. BitterBlondin says

    If “great pride” is a clue, Jennifer Lopez sampled one of Great Pride’s songs once. But as hard as I try I cannot see her loading something into a SUV by herself.

  8. somethingoriginal says

    i’m suspicious of the sudden influx of stories about her being nicer than we think.

  9. dee123 says

    Obviously someone with a reputation of being a ice queen.
    So many choices: Zellweger, Roberts, Kidman.

  10. sleepingonbuses says

    Katherine Heigl? Her hair is very similar to the girl in the picture (length, slight wave). Plus, the sentence “It’s nice to hear that she is capable of acting like a nice, normal person. Maybe she should do that more often” makes me think of her as many people says she’s a b*.

    • sleepingonbuses says

      Tossing another name in the hat, when I scroll past the picture quickly, it kind of looks like ScarJo or Jessican Alba. I think I read an article about Alba saying she likes to decorate her home herself.

      • bigtexashair says

        Yes yes yes. Her and Alicia silverstone have Both been mentioned to do the craigs list thing, because of the environment. They always buy second hand.

    • DesertGhost says

      Katherine Heigl drives an Audi car. The suv doesn’t fit her but the not being nice most of the time does.

  11. Nikita582 says

    I think it’s Lady Gaga. I like her and think that Stephanie is probably very normal and just uses Lady Gaga as her work persona. I am sometimes surprised by how seriously people take her crazy outfits and antics. Anyway I hope it’s her.

  12. ladymarmalade says

    This one is a little short on clues and I have no idea. The girl in the picture sort of looks like Leighton Meister, but she’s not really known for being a heavily made up diva. Goopy? I have no idea.

    • GingerNaps says

      The catch with the Gwyneth guess is that leaving her first name would itself be a tip-off.

      • ladymarmalade says

        Gwyneth is not that unusual a name. There are thousands of non-famous Gwyneth’s in the world. If I was selling furniture and someone named Kylie responded to my ad, I wouldn’t assume Kylie Minogue was going to show up at my door.

        That said, I really don’t have any idea. Julia Roberts wouldn’t surprise me either, because I’ve heard she’s generally unpleasant.

      • GingerNaps says

        That’s funny, Lady~ I’m just picturing:
        ‘Hi, my name is Jennifer.’
        ‘Oh my Gad, it’s Jennifer Aniston calling me on the phone&$^+*!!’

  13. tinkles says

    First person I thought upon seeing the picture was Sandra Bullock but the last line is making me doubt it because I don’t think Sandra is being portrayed as mean/bitchy in the media?

  14. GingerNaps says

    How about Anne Hathaway? She has something of a diva reputation, she played Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), she was in a movie called One Day, and there’s a space (intentional, I believe!) before the word ‘wore': The Devil Wears Prada.

  15. Sugar Cookie says

    As stated above, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. “Great Pride”. Goopy started in Great Expectations & Emma (same author as Pride and Prejudice)

  16. LolaVee says

    My first thought was Jessica Alba, just b/c she’s talked about decorating her own home and her love of Craigslist, but this sounds like somebody with reputation issues.

    I suppose Katherine Heigl would be my guess.

    • chris627 says

      first time posting. My first thought was Alba too. She’s spoken about Craigslist furniture before and the blogs are always talking about her frowning and looking miserable.

    • Mermaid says

      Now, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know Alba talked about decorating her own home and her love of Craigslist. If so this is an EXCELLENT guess because Alba most certainly has reputation issues. She’s known as someone who rarely smiles, constantly scowls and is unfriendly. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Great guess.

  17. ZigZagZoey says

    Well, we SURE know it isn’t Beyonce, since she can’t carry an umbrella, or a baby….

  18. JaymeeSays says

    I don’t know if this is right or not, but my guess is Jessica Alba – only because of a quote I read on IMDB that said:

    “I’ve bought 70 percent of my house off Craigslist! I’ve found so many things: couches, tables, lamps. I love the idea of recycling furniture and there being a history there.”

    So my guess is her, seeing as she has a love/hate relationship with the media over things she’s said and often comes across as a BIT.. Also she has a toddler and a new baby, so a SUV would make sense.

  19. Katmandu says

    I’d like to think ‘celebrities’ don’t sit around their mansions all day doing drugs and sending their assistants out for every little errand. I like to think some of them indulge in ‘normal’ behavior like the rest of us and enjoy the hunt for home furnishings and such…I will say Jessica Alba, she’s not THAT famous or too good to mingle with the public.

  20. Sanguine says

    I read an article a while back in Self Magazine where Jessica Alba said she liked to buy furniture and whatnot off of Craigslist… I couldn’t find the original article on google, but I did find some excerpts from it here:

    But I don’t know if she qualifies as a “big time movie star”, although she is very recognizable.

    • amagod121 says

      I think you folks may be right. The link you provided states that Jessica said she gets 70 percent of her furniture off of Craig’s List. So there’s a good chance that she’d be seen and recognized, whereas someone who did it only once might not be. And Jessica is a name that would never clue you in to her being a movie star. Gwyneth, on the other hand…I can’t think of a single other Gwyneth. Even Nicole isn’t all that common of a name. Reese – that one always stands out in my mind, although I have heard it once or twice with commonfolk. The point being, if a Reece or Gwyneth called, I’d be a bit clued in.

      And Heigl – not much of a movie actress, is she, in terms of output or longlasting fame…

  21. JaymeeSays says

    As for the Big Time Movie Star thing, it depends who you ask, in regards to Alba. My husband, who thinks she is annoying, but hot – would consider her a big time movie star. She is VERY recognizable, but she needs to smile more, get a new attitude and be more choosy with the roles she accepts.

  22. Nikita582 says

    I totally missed the movie star part, it can’t be Gaga. I will have to think about it some more.

  23. amagod121 says

    And just a thought – maybe this person really is a nice and normal person when not in the cut-throat Hollywood environment. Just a thought (ahem, anyone who likes dogs is okay in my book, ahem.)

    • Tom Paine says

      @ama — you know I always love your responses, but I think you’re being just far too reasonable today. :) (and I’m with you on the dogs thing!)

  24. danneka says

    funny…. i’ve posted a few craig’s list ads for furniture to be sold in the l.a. area and i’ve gotten really good responses and most people paid full price but none of them were a-list actresses….hahaha. not yet anyway.

  25. yourbrwneyedgirl says

    So my guess, although I hesitate because I guess she is considered more of a “rising star” than big-name movie star, and she has tv cred, is Olivia Wilde. I say this because I remember reading some magazine interview back when she was still married about how her taste in furniture was random. And because since her split all I ever read about is her latest rumored hook-ups. So this would make her seem more down-to-earth. Just a thought..

  26. DesertGhost says

    I think this is Jessica Alba but Julia Roberts has a movie coming out and this could be a plant to build some good p.r. for her.