The Divorce Baby

[BlindGossip] This married actor had a one-night stand with one of his exes, who is an actress in an acclaimed television show. She wound up pregnant. The actor’s wife found out about the baby, and, to no one’s surprise, went completely ballistic.

Both the actor and his wife tried every tactic (money, lawyers, threats to ruin her career) to convince the ex to terminate the pregnancy. Despite enormous pressure from all sides, the ex decided to keep the baby. The actor’s marriage is now on the rocks. We’re not sure how long everyone can remain tight-lipped about this one. It will be difficult to keep such a bombshell out of divorce proceedings, which will likely occur before the New Year.

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    • lindseyann says

      I have a question: Did they actually date sometime in the past? Or is he a popular guess just because? I can’t find anything that says they were ever involved in each other. I feel like I’m totally missing something..

      • BitterBlondin says

        No, the rumor started circulating after she revealed the father was somebody she worked with (I think). And he directed X-Men, which she’s in. Shortly after that he left the country with his family.

      • FzFzFz says

        I don’t think she ever said she worked with the guy because there was also speculation she wanted a kid so she went to a sperm bank and that her ex Jason Sudeikis was the father but he didn’t want kids.

        The Matthew Vaughn stuff was from rumors that the guy was married and rumors that he and January were close on set or something.

      • FenPhen says

        Also around the same time – Vaughn’s wife Claudia Schiffer started showing up looking skeletal. 2 + 2 = cheating husband.

        How much did January Jones suck in X-Men First Class?

    • MPaige says

      The only thing is that I thought that Xander Berkeley who she starred with in Seeking Justice was rumored to be the father… the names do match. He is married…

      • cocobeannns says

        If she’s keeping the father of her child secret, I highly doubt she’d name him after the guy. Just sayin’.

    • 4sixx2 says

      Definately January (biggest clue being the New Year reference) and “I’ll sue you if you print the truth about me” Kutcher. Funny, he’s a lot more like Sheen than I first realized.

      Slight digression- does anyone else think Ashton really jsut seems like he is Kelso in a different neighborhood? God, I can’t stand watching him. I never realized what a horrible actor he was…

    • luvprue1 says

      YES! YES! YES! It’s January Jones. She would not tell who her baby was by. Ashton Kutcher once use to date her. I believe she might be the last straw,and the reason Demi wants out.

      P.S I do not blame her for not wanting to terminate the pregnancy . I mean she is not getting any younger.

    • RedScience says

      I thought that January pretty much publicly lambasted Ashton as being an unsupportive ex who said that she would never succeed as an actress. What would she be sleeping with him for. More likely she would be singing ‘neva gonna get it.’

  1. HitGirl says

    I agree with the Kutcher/Jones guess. The baby has a blue blanket and January had a boy…although I thought there was alot of animosity between J & A, so it’s hard to imagine them hooking up…oh well, anything is possible.

    • Ralphie says

      Yeah she totally hates him. Always bringing up in interviews how he told her she couldn’t act (truth, but pot calling kettle black) and it ended badly.

      BUT all her friends keep saying how much she wanted a baby, and Ashton seems like such a closeted man-* that she knew he’d jump her if given a second chance.

    • msp96302 says

      What better revenge than putting him on the hook for child support for 18 years? And destroying his marriage in the process? I am not saying she is wrong for doing this – seems he probaby deserves everything that is happening right now. Even if she lured him with this type of plan, he still took the bait. Go JJ!

  2. Seanx40 says

    So Kutcher really is the father? Who would breed with Aston Kutcher? That might end up being the most stupid child ever.

  3. KatarinaJ says

    Hate to guess Ashton and Demi yet again for a blind but it DOES fit. Explains the breakup which would be a lot more than about infidelity alone.

    • Capt Obvious says

      James Marsden already filed for divorce though–this blind says the marriage is “on the rocks.”

      I agree about January Jones, but I don’t know who the actor is.

    • raslebol says

      Marsden enough isn’t powerful but do you remember January Jones is an Ashton Kutcher ‘s ex ?

  4. cookiepie1 says

    Whaaaaat? Sounds like January Jones and Ashton. If we count back nine months, wouldn’t that be January? Where they ever at an even together around that time? She’s got a pretty big list of ex boyfriends so it can’t be too hard if this is her.

  5. CinderellaKid says

    January Jones and Ashton Kutcher … but the real question is: who’s the bigger d**che in all of this, him or her?

    • QubbuQ says

      Let’s see- she made a mistake and took responsibility for it and is protecting her child.
      He made a mistake then threatened to ruin her, the mother of his child, and basically saying he wants his child dead thereby negatively affecting the child’s psyche and life forever more after being born.
      I’d say He is. Wouldn’t you?

  6. Cyanna George says

    Just throwing this out there: January Jones and Ashton Kutcher. He didn’t support her career as an actress which is why January wouldn’t cave in to the pressure. However I am not truly convinced this is about January.

  7. nicole12 says

    January Jones and Ashton Kutcher. The “new year” seems like a hint and he’s in the movie New Year’s Eve.

  8. sandysh says

    January Jones and Ashton Kutcher. New Year= he’s going to be in the New Year’s Eve movie.

  9. Spriggle says

    Ex: January Jones
    Actor: Ashton Kutcher
    Wife: Demi Moore
    Clue: “New Year” …. New Garry Marshall flick (starring Ashton) coming out soon!!

    Longtime BG addict … First time poster!! <3

  10. bedeilas says

    JJ and Aston, sad because he really said nasty things about her. Maybe she was trying to destroy his life….

  11. julexia says

    The only marriage on the rocks that has a link to JJ is Demi’s and Ashton’s…ex girlfriend…not like he’s been faithful!

  12. vrijkaart says

    January Jones and Ashton Kutcher!! Makes sense not? With the divorce coming, with the power they have, otherwise who else have the ‘power’ to ruin careers and they are always using their lawyers for everything!

  13. 20twenty says

    (Long time reader, first time poster!)
    Agree with everyone else on January Jones, but I think the secret daddy is Ashton Kutcher. They used to date back in the day.

  14. Matryoshka says

    Just throwing it out there, January Jones and Ashton Kutcher?
    With the New Year referencing Ashton Kutcher’s upcoming movie “New Year’s Eve”

  15. JaymeeSays says

    There are a few pictures of little Xander floating around and one could say…he has a little bit of Ashton’s features. I know that this is possible because I had a baby this year (January 2011) and she looks just like her daddy.

  16. NM9005 says

    Hmm, everybody seems to jump on the same wagon: JJ and Kutcher.
    It really points in that direction but I don’t think it is. Kutcher really dissed Jones during their relationship saying she couldn’t act and would never make it. Why would she sleep with a lowlife * again? For revenge? I think her revenge comes already from the fact she’s in a better TV series he ever was (critically acclaimed with top actors vs That 70’s show) and that she can date higher. Why would she sleep with a * like that and keep his baby? JJ is a * and she can do better and she knows that. Second, Moore has taken a lot of * from Kutcher and I doubt this is the thing that tipped her over the edge. I’d rather see my man cheat with a B-lister like JJ instead of a noboby like Sarah Leal. If Kutcher is really the father, they could keep this a secret if they wanted too. JJ isn’t talking so why would Moore and Kutcher tarnish their reputations even more!? If it really was Kutcher, JJ could’ve owned them a long time ago…
    Besides, wasn’t it stated that she got pregnant from somebody on the X-Men cast? She even named the baby Xander! I still thinks it’s Matthew Vaugh since the father isn’t American. Why would that change all of a sudden? It has to be somebody respectable otherwise, she would talk.
    And his marriage with Moore was always on the rocks due to his cheating ways and her seeing that this relationship does nothing for her (publicity and career wise). If anything she gets more attention from the split, now more than ever!

    • Delphinium says

      Agree. everyone was fairly well sold on the fact that the baby daddy was someone from xmen. Anyone from xmen her ex? May google later

    • missepgeezy says

      Thank you! Came to say the same thing – Ashton told her that she was a bad actress and would never make it in Hollywood (yet is on an amazing show… and what a**h*** would tell his gf that she sucked and couldn’t live her dream… wow) don’t think she’d be running back to him…

      • Mermaid says

        I know, I don’t believe January would do that either. And as for Ashton telling January she’s a bad actress…unbelievable. It’s not like he’s a paragon of acting talent there himself. Seems like it’s always the people in glass houses who throw stones.

        But, if this blind is about January, who else would she have dated? And I agree that New Year’s Eve is a clue that seems to be pointing directly at Ashton.

        Unless, and I *hate* to speculate about this, but Hollywood is so cut-throat. For example, I agree with the person who mentioned that Ashton & Demi got married to make each other relevant. I’m sure that was a huge factor in their marriage. (Ally Sheedy gave an interview once saying that Bruce & Demi’s marriage wasn’t a typical love marriage but that Hollywood ambition had a lot to do with it & so she was not surprised at the subsequent divorce)

        What if January specifically wanted Ashton’s baby to guarantee her relevance even after Mad Men ended? What if January wanted a baby…and figured Ashton would make a good daddy for both financial and career purposes? Basically a Hollywood power play. (It’s allegedly happened with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, the Smiths, Jen Garner etc…so it wouldn’t be the first time…having a child strategically, that is.

        It’s been said that Ashton can’t control his urges so I’m sure he would not have rejected her. Ted C. has said a few times that he believes January specifically failed to disclose the father of her baby to keep people guessing – to generate buzz. Imagine how they would talk if Ashton turned out to be the father. Lainey reported that Beyonce is loving the talk about the is she or isn’t she pregnancy thing. Apparently, they aren’t upset about it..they actually like the gossip!

    • GingieSnap says

      [links need to be fully explained]

      “Kutcher really dissed Jones during their relationship saying she couldn’t act and would never make it. Why would she sleep with a lowlife again?” Maybe she just wanted a baby and not necessarily a baby daddy?

    • dumpsterbaby says

      I don’t think it’s them either. There was a blind here a few days ago about a rocky marriage where the wife was convinced the husband was the father of JJ’s baby, but she found evidence of his affairs instead of evidence of paternity. The most popular guess for that was Demi and Ashton, and that one makes more sense. JJ has made it clear how much she hates Kutcher, and if she’s kept the paternity of her baby a mystery for all these months, Demi and Ashton wouldn’t be begging and threatening for her to get an abortion.

    • Serendipity7 says

      I agree! Why would she go back to a guy who treated her badly? Sorry to go a bit off topic, but Ashon was always a a**h*le to his exes… I.e. Brittany Murphy. There was a blind item that was solved after she passed away about how her ex boyfriend (Kutcher) used to call her fat and how she needed to lose weight, which caused her eating disorder.

      So I hope that January doesn’t listen to Ashton because she doing a lot better than he is right now. The truth will come out eventually.

  17. Iwonder says

    Well if this blind turns out to be JJ and Ashton and it does come out, at least the baby will know who his father is and be able to bond with him.

  18. justguessing2 says

    Can I just say good for her for having the baby?? Although she made a poor choice sleeping with a married man, at least she didn’t make another.

    • QubbuQ says

      Agreed! She took responsibility for her actions. The Actor sounds like scum threatening her like that. If he didn’t want such things to happen, he shouldn’t screw around- and if he’s going to screw around, at least get a vasectomy so no children have to bear the burden of such scandal and a d!ck for a father.

    • amagod121 says

      I agree! I think it’s awful that the cheater and his wife tried to manipulate her into having an abortion. Sheesh, enough already!

      • luvprue1 says

        I agree. The wife and husband was being selfish. Trying to bully her into abortion, what a class of world class jerks. I glad that she didn’t back down.

    • NM9005 says

      JJ has a very bad rep. When everybody said Vaugh was the father, she didn’t confirm or deny. So if he isn’t the father, she brought in a scandal that could affect his career. She is a b* for that. If he is the father (or some other married dude), she is still a b* because she should’ve known better. Either way, she comes out bad. The cheating man is to blame too,of course. As for keeping the baby, I have no opinion on that. But all in all, I think it’s somebody else behind this blind and I’m still trying to figure it out.

    • redstilettos says

      Ditto. JJ seems like a * in her own right, but at least she womaned-up and took responsibility. Also, that baby in the picture is adorable.

  19. LolaVee says

    There was a blind the other day about January Jones’ baby breaking up a marriage, and people seemed to think it was James Marsden, but this blind definitely makes it sound like Ashton. Particularly because of her past relationship with him…

      • cocobeannns says

        Exactly. The fact that they supposedly “hate” each other means nothing. Ex’s have been known to hook up without wanting a relationship out of it.

  20. pumpkin says

    In support for the Ashton guess, the blind doesn’t say the pregnancy was the tipping point for the marriage, just that the marriage is now on the rocks.

    I think the thing that pushed Demi over the edge was being made to look like a fool. She didn’t care what he did until it became front page news.

  21. BitterBlondin says

    The Ashton guess wouldn’t fit with the blind posted in May though, about January’s baby daddy being foreign, married with children and best friends with someone who used to be married to the biggest star on the planet.

  22. anotherlibby says

    I seem to remember Demi DESPERATELY tried to give Ashton a baby—lots of failed fertility treatments b/c she really was just too old.
    So I can see this baby being a sticking point, a constant issue between D & A. The baby was even a boy, and Demi had 3 girls. The fact that JJ gave him a son probably makes it worse for Demi. Not to mention the fact JJ is 20 years younger, blonde, hot career. Demi also strikes me as the type who would NEVER SHUT UP when she’s jealous.

  23. Fernie says

    Sounds like they want us to think it’s January & Ashton but…why would their marriage be “on the rocks” NOW? January’s had her baby already, so that’s an entire pregnancy and birth that’s happened and only now is Demi so upset over it she’s divorcing Ashton? If this were the catalyst she’d had filed for divorce way earlier. Anyway, I think it’s just conjecture, because everyone wants to know who the father is and this seems like good gossip.

    • GingieSnap says

      Maybe the latest fling (Sara Leal) was the last straw? This one wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • Mermaid says

      Agree with you Fernie. As someone else stated above – January loathes Ashton. She’s very strong-willed about her opinions so I would be very surprised if she was so attracted to him that she threw caution to the wind and had a one-nighter with him. Doubtful.

      Additionally, it’s not that easy to get pregnant from a one-nighter – especially for a woman past her “prime” child-bearing years (and January, being in her early 30s, is past her “prime” child-bearing years).

      More likely scenario is that whoever this baby belongs to had a relationship with January – and not just a one-nighter – such that January didn’t feel the need to (or didn’t want to) use birth control & got pregnant. And I doubt that would be Ashton.

    • iammeme says

      I do not have much respect for JJ but what kind of sick person goes out and sleeps with an ex who was so rude on so many levels and then has a baby with him?

      Not that I am saying she should have gotten rid of it… just saying that of all the ways to get a baby this has to be the most mentally * up way.

  24. sunstamp says

    Ashton and January did date.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe January is pushing for Ashton to come out as the father and that is why Demi is done with it.

  25. Antaeus says

    I don’t blame January Jones for keeping the baby FOR ANY REASON. Who pressured her to abort? Isn’t that disgusting? One day the love child will research these archives and know that his life depended on his mother’s resistance to career threats. God bless you, January!

    • Mermaid says

      Agreed. Isn’t it horrible when people try to bully others to step in line with their wishes? Especially when the life of an innocent child is at stake. Thank goodness January (or whoever it is if it’s not January) has enough thick skin and backbone to withstand the bullying and threat to her career. That little child is lucky to have a strong and loving mother like January.

  26. Calamity Jane says

    January Jones and Kutch — but have to comment on how funny the pictures are for the last 3 blinds posted. Here we have doctors, then the crotch shot, then a baby. I’m so incredibly mature. lol

  27. fijifly says

    Hi BG, First time poster…

    I’m with everyone on the AK/DM guess but my question is, how are blinds discovered? I guess this is for you BG… do you get them from other sites, have your own sources?
    Thanks! I am enjoying reading your site:)

  28. apple martini says

    It sounds like Jones and Kutcher, but that doesn’t explain the earlier blind that pinpointed Matthew Vaughn as the father. So either one of these blinds ISN’T about Jones’ baby, or someone got something wrong.

  29. GingerNaps says

    You can’t do a paternity test till the kid is born. If this is JJ and Ash, even if she told him that he was the only possible father, she couldn’t prove it till about a month ago….so the timing would fit in terms of his imploding marriage. And as others have pointed out, perhaps it’s the case that, if true, revenge is best served cold…like, say, in January.