TIFF Lady Lip Lock

[NationalEnquirer] Which A-list starlet was spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival making out with a well-known female makeup artist? The actress, who’s been linked to her last two hunky co-stars, didn’t care that her lady lip-lock was seen by at least a dozen Hollywood insiders!

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  1. Cele C says

    Kirsten dunst was also there. Maybe that explains why she bearded for Jake Gyllenhall for so long?

    • sandybull says

      She hasn’t been “linked” to any of her recent co-stars though (Gosling and Skarsgard)

  2. justplainawesome says

    Olivia Wilde? Of course she hasn’t been linked with her last 2 co-starts. She’s been linked with EVERYONE so maybe it’s not her.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says


      I wonder though if the woman in question was intoxicated? Alcohol and/or drugs could easily make her care less about who was watching.

  3. DesertGhost says

    I think Keira Knightley and Michelle Williams were there but the not caring part sounds like Megan Fox.

  4. pandabear says

    OOooh, sounds juicy.Actually maybe for real, for once, and not for PR? Say not? Hark! Hmmm, not sure.
    Sorry, Olivia, A’int A-list. However, she would adore the title, I am madly sure, these days? She used to be my dear friend. Completely sold out. Do not understand. : ( A blonde who changed her name and tried to work for a casting director and use her nepotism and play the cool card, all the while using her hubby’s status. Most photogs wouldn’t shoot her b/c of her whopper thighs and attitude. She slept her way through that, got some lipo, dyed the hair, left the sweet man who was good to her, and changed. Hope that dream pans out..this blind is not dear Olivia, however.

    • i8mytoes says

      “emma stone? (linked with Gosling and Garfield)”

      She’s been linked to a former Mouseketeer and an overweight cartoon cat?

      • raslebol says

        Ryan “sexy alchemy without sock” Gosling and Andrew “proud sensitive nerd” Garfield

      • i8mytoes says

        Well, at least the Garfield you mentioned isn’t James.
        Historically, James is known for… finishing prematurely.

        (W O W … a U.S. presidential history joke. Jesus H Christ, I’m lame.)

      • inopickme says

        I have no idea who this is, nor do I really care, I just enjoy the banter of the above guessers. Thanks GingerNaps and seashore! I LOVE THIS SITE!

      • yinyang says

        Same here! No guesses but do know that there are alot of famous make up artists, ALOT! Many may not know unless in similar industries..
        But Im w inopickme, lately it has been funny the banter between some peeps here! It’s funny to a point but some are getting nasty towards the others.. Relax peeps! It’s only a gossip site, that’s it! One BI from past week, the comments were getting out of control& was like a Pi**ing contest on who is the smartest on this site!

      • GingerNaps says

        Awwww….purrrrrrrrr. And I’m with you: Isn’t this site meant to be f*<€¥%#^~ing FUN?

  5. ethel skinner says

    Could the “well-known female makeup artist” be Simon Cowell’s recent ex-beard, Mezghan Husseiny? I don’t know any other makeup artists… do I?

    • seashore says

      Gucci Westmand and Mary Greenwood are the best known , they are superstars in fash mag circles … but I don’t think either is gay.

      • seashore says

        Sigh. Typo. Westman. Oh and my guess is Emma Stone. Her VF cover interview hinted to me that she’s not straight

    • CosmoMan says

      Good guess. Hard to think of well known makeup artists. She is definitely one because of her spouse.

  6. dee123 says

    Dakota Fanning is 17, about the right age to experiment but this isn’t her. I like the Emma Stone guess.

  7. goldieb says

    I’m going with ethel skinner: Mezghan was the first make-up artist that came to me.

    And that the BI was actually a way to out Simon, not this “starlet.”

  8. Gmonger says

    who is the well known makeup artist? also there was anna faris, sarah silverman ( possbile?)

  9. Bambi says

    Perhaps the make-up artist is known because she has her own line of cosmetics?
    Bobbi Brown?
    Laura Mercier
    Mally Roncal

  10. KWDragon says

    I think the girl on the right in the picture looks like Taylor Swift. Any chance she was at TIFF?

  11. anathema says

    Jessica Biel? She’s been linked to both Colin Farrell and Gerard Butler, and is rumoured to be gay. No idea who the make-up artist could be though.

  12. Workingirl says

    I vote Emma Stone…the freckles on the girl on the right i think give it away :) Costars are Andrew Garfield and the Gos. Also, the chic on the left reminds me of Rachel Zoe…does she do make-up as well as fashion??

  13. Fabio from Fenway says

    A-list starlets who were at TIFF: Olivia Wilde, Evan Rachel Wood, Mia Wasikowska, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley, Leighton Meester, Elizabeth Olsen….

    • Cele C says

      Now let’s narrow them down to A list: Olivia Wilde, Evan Rachel Wood and Keira Knightly. And technically speaking are they award-winning alisters? Or simply popular actresses with a-list name recogmition? At least kmightly is oscar nominated. Megan Fox may have the name recognition but please don’t tell me she’s a-list. Angelina Jolie to me was the only true a-list actress there and although this wouldn’t surprise me about her, she has a public image and publicity machine to uphold. Ugh. Wilde or wood.

      • Fabio from Fenway says

        I think “starlet” implies a young, new-to-the-scene actress. Angelina Jolie and maybe even Keira Knightley and Megan Fox are too old and have been around too long to be considered starlets. There aren’t very many actresses who are both young and A-list… Of the ones at TIFF, Mia Wasikowska, Evan Rachel Wood, Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Wilde… Evan Rachel Wood is openly bisexual so if it’s her I don’t know why this would have to be a blind item.