A Match Made In Public Relations Heaven

[BlindGossip] Two attractive people. Her show is over, so she needs to boost her profile to keep that income rolling in. He is gay, but is on a high-profile show with one of her arch rivals. Someone should set these kids up, because it’s a match made in public relations heaven!

OK… done! He gets a beard, she’s back in the spotlight,  the paparazzi get lots of photo ops, and the show gets more publicity. Everybody wins! She has experience serving as a girlfriend/beard, so there shouldn’t be any surprises coming in this faux relationship. However, if she does need tips, she can always hotfoot it over to a relative of his, who also happens to be in a high profile bearding relationship of their own. On second thought, the two couples will likely be spending a lot of time together anyway. More photo ops!

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