A Match Made In Public Relations Heaven

[BlindGossip] Two attractive people. Her show is over, so she needs to boost her profile to keep that income rolling in. He is gay, but is on a high-profile show with one of her arch rivals. Someone should set these kids up, because it’s a match made in public relations heaven!

OK… done! He gets a beard, she’s back in the spotlight,  the paparazzi get lots of photo ops, and the show gets more publicity. Everybody wins! She has experience serving as a girlfriend/beard, so there shouldn’t be any surprises coming in this faux relationship. However, if she does need tips, she can always hotfoot it over to a relative of his, who also happens to be in a high profile bearding relationship of their own. On second thought, the two couples will likely be spending a lot of time together anyway. More photo ops!

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157 comments to A Match Made In Public Relations Heaven

  • apartment8

    Lauren Conrad and Derek hough! God I have no life..

    • stolidog

      yes, and derek’s sister is bearding for gaycrest.

    • cocobeannns


    • My2Brows

      Completely agree! I don’t think this blind could be anymore obvious!

    • amagod121

      You got it!

      • amagod121

        And it’s deliciously ironic that Lauren seems to have outlasted/ outsmarted Speidi in the PR game! 😀

      • Simmer

        Okay, I know this is really stupid because anyone who leaves comments like this always gets called out to high heaven for being the celebrity guess or the celebrities friends… but I LOVE BLIND GOSSIP and believe most of the stuff I read here. I went out to a club at the Roosevelt on Saturday and there was Mark Ballas and Derek and LC and LC and Derek made out most of the night… they were pretty cute. And me, thinking she was beard, was left pretty stumped. It looks pretty real… just sayin’

      • somethingoriginal

        Hi Laur- just kidding.

        You certainly can’t believe everything you read/hear but I think it’s fair to say you also can’t believe everything you see in celebrity world. There’s a lot at stake. Who knows?

    • auntiekeke

      Nailed it.

    • Emmelina

      Who is the arch rival?

    • Sweetie Pie

      Exactly! “Hotfoot” = DWTS and Footloose.

    • Caz1310

      To all of you already guessing LC & Derek and getting the Julianne & Seacrest…. you guys are good. I had no clue :)

  • timesink

    Lauren Conrad Derek Hough?

  • fozzie

    The picture makes me think of Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner but none of the other clues fit. So….I am looking forward to others coming up with the right answer.

  • tracy with a y

    Obvi Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. But does Dancing with the Stars need to rely on a faux romance with the former star of a couple reality shows on MTV? Doubt it.

  • Kayley

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough!

  • sleepingonbuses

    Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad and Derek Hough? Her show was over a couple of years ago and MTV decided not not to pick up her a new show she pitched. She has a clothing line, but she could need to boast her income. Derek is on dancing with the stars and I’m pretty sure Audrina Patridge was on that show too. Plus, no body could argue they aren’t beautiful.

    According to Cleo (that’s an Australian Magazine), they are dating. Here is a link:


  • Alllie

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough

  • spitfire

    Derek Hough is on a high-profile show Dancing with the stars, and he is rumored to be dating Lauren Conrad. Her rival would be Kristin Cavaleri, currently on DWTS. Derek’s sister is rumored to be bearding for Ryan Seacrest, and would have plenty of advise for Lauren.

  • Alllie

    oh and Lauren can hotfoot it over to his sis’s house to get beardin’ tips when Ryan goes to work.

  • lovebuzz

    Its Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad (link http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2011/10/01/derek-hough-and-lauren-conrad-dating/) with the relative being his sister Julianne whos bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • NiceVixen

    Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad. Lauren’s nemesis being Kristin Cavallari who’s on DWTS this season.
    They will of course double date w/ Ryan & Julianne

  • busyizzah

    Beard: Lauren Conrad
    Guy on high profile show: Derek Hough
    Arch Rival: Kristen Cavallari

  • malkatz

    Looks like Heidi and Spencer, but it’s not them.

  • lalagood

    it’s so obvious:
    derek hough is apparently hooking up with lauren conrad, his sister is julianne hough, and we all know that she dates ryan seacrest…
    her arch rival on the current season on dwts is kristin cavallari!!
    so there we go :)

  • malkatz

    Woman was on a show, but the show no longer exists.
    Man is on high-profile show.
    Man’s show involves one of woman’s rivals.
    Both are attractive. Man is gay.
    They hook up, she is his beard. She gets more publicity.
    She has been a beard before.
    He has a relative who is a beard (no gender given.)

  • MzHall414

    Patricia Arquette is definetly the female in this relationship…

    She was married to Thomas Jane (who admitted to once being a male prostitue) and Nicholas Cage (who is rumored to be gay/bi-sexual). And her show “Medium” was cancelled this year. Other than that… I’ve got nothing…..

  • yepimbored

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough

    She was a beard for Colton Haynes

    Julianne Hough is the relative

  • malkatz

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. Both blonde, and “hotfooting” is probably a clue about his dancing. Note that neither are listed as actors.

    Audrina WAS on the show, Kristin C. IS on the show- rivals.

    Julianne Hough is dating Ryan Seacrest- bearding.

    …I think I figured this out? Yay!

  • angelcake

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad, easy.

  • Crdgz720

    Yay! First time poster and I figured it out!!

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough!!!! They were recently photographed together and the buzz spread fast.
    She has no show anymore and he is on Dancing with the Stars with Kristin Cavallari (her arch rival)…..
    and his sister Julianne Hough is bearding Ryan Seacrest.
    Yay! I’m so excited I figured it out.

  • pebbles88

    This is so Lauren Conrad and the guy from dancing with the stars. The Hills has ended, and DWTS is so big right now. Her arch rival on the show is obviously Kristin Cavalari , and the sibling they could hang out with is his sister who is supposedly bearding for Ryan Seacrest. The two men are meant to be dating! Also, doesn’t that picture look just like them??? That guy above even has the same wonky eyes as the dancer. Xoxo

  • FenPhen

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad.

    _Her show is over (The Hills).
    _He is gay but on a high-profile show with one of her arch-rivals (Dancing with the Stars, Kristin Cavvallavvallavvalleri is the arch-rival from Laguna Beach and The Hills).
    _She has experience serving as a girlfriend/beard (she faked relationships for The Hills).
    _She can hotfoot (dancing reference) to a relative of his (sister Julianne Hough) who has her own high-profile bearding relationship (dating the widely-suspected-to-be-gay Ryan Seacrest).
    _Couple will be spending a lot of time together anyway (Derek and Seacrest are supposed to be dating, with Julianne as their cover, though apparently Seacrest and Julianne really do adore each other).

    • FenPhen

      In addition, I have a complaint. Like always.

      Derek Hough’s face really bothers me.
      I know he can’t help the face he was born with.
      But it creeps me out – with that feral rodent snout, the evil eyebrows, the too-pointy chin, the constant side-eye and smirk, the whisper of a mustache that is probably supposed to make him look older but just makes him look weaselly.
      The slick, cocky, zippy attitude and the over-exaggerated, just-barely-femme movements don’t help.

      If I met him at a bar I would assume he was gay, but keep an eye on my drink as to not get roofie-tini’d.

      • Camembert

        This! Totally made me smile.

        I have to agree with you, except for the creepy part. I’ve never watched DWTS, but any picture of Derek Hough makes my gaydar goess off; if the picture also contains Seacrest, then my ‘dar just explodes.

      • smoothcriminal

        ya. kid has a face like a smashed crab.

      • karaduff

        HAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! ROTFL!!! I don’t find him quite as repulsive as you do but that was the funniest thing I have ever read on here!!!!

  • sshins

    lauren conrad & derek hough

  • ecksor

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. Hardly a blind.

  • GingerNaps

    Derek Hough, Lauren Conrad, Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest. But who was Lauren bearding for in the past?

  • skwish

    How about Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad?

    LC was linked with the guy who plays a werewolf (Teen Wolf, not the Twilight one). And Julianne Hough is with Seacrest right?

  • pebbles88

    Derek Hough**

  • Anhelo

    I’m thinking Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough and the other couple:Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest

  • bellaboo

    First time poster. I am so sure of this one.

    Lauren Conrad (her show The hills is over). She still needs publicity to sell her clothes and books.

    Derek hough is the gay guy. On dancing with the stars with her rival (Kristin cavallari)

    His sister is Juliana Hough who is currently bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • dee123

    In the picture they both have blonde hair and blue eyes, kind of like a stereotypical Swedish couple. I’m thinking this totally has something to do with the Skarsgärd family.

  • lunagirl

    I got it!

    Girl 1: Lauren Conrad
    Guy on show: Derek Hough (DWTS for the show)
    Family member of guy: Julianne Hough (with Seacrest)
    Girl 1 rival: Kristin Cavallari

    Probably missed spelled, but yeah. Derek and Lauren are rumored to be dating now…

  • SteelersFan58

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad are supposedly a new item – her arch rival being Kristin Cavalleri from The Hills who’s on Dancing with the Stars with Derek. His relative is Julianne Hough, who’s currently dating Ryan Seacrest.

  • malkatz

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. Both blonde, like the picture, and “hotfooting” is probably a clue about his dancing. Note that neither are listed as actors.

    Audrina WAS on the show, Kristin C. IS on the show- rivals.

    Julianne Hough is dating Ryan Seacrest- sibling bearding.

    …I think I figured this out? Yay!

  • sunnyinsd

    Good day all! Long time lurker and first time poster here :) I’m going for new couple: Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough. Lauren’s rival on the Hills was Kristen Cavallari who is now on Dancing with the Stars. Derek has been rumored to be with Ryan Seacrest while his sister Julianna Hough is his beard.

  • soapboxbetty

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad.

  • DrHsGirl

    Lauren Conrad/ Derek Hough with the relative of his being Julianne Hough/ Ryan Seacrest.

  • kalana19

    Too easy! It’s Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. His relative is Julianne Hough, bearding for Seacrest, and her arch rival is Kristen Cavallari on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Fairbanks

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough of DWTS…brother of Julianne Hough who is dating/bearding Ryan Seacrest?

    Lauren’s “rival” being Kristen Cavileri(sp?) who’s on this current season of DWTS.

    And pap pics of Lauren and Derek out together just started showing up on the gossip blogs with the cutesy “new couple alert” tags.

    Not sure who she did girlfriend/beard duty for before though.

    Only thing is I’m not sure why Derek needs a beard though. Would anyone really be shocked to find out that a professional dancer is gay? Unless he’s trying to break into acting like his sister has done with the Footloose re-make and some new rom com she landed with Russell Brand?

  • Fairbanks

    Lauren Conrad of the Hills and Derek Hough of DWTS as the new couple.

    Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough, Derek’s sister, as the relative in the high profile relationship.

    Arch rival on same show is Kristen Cavileri who’s part of the new season of DWTS.

  • pytmjfan

    Not sure who the female is but perhaps Derek Hough from DWTS? His sister Julianne is supposedly bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • shouldbeathegym

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad!


    Her show is over – check
    He’s gay and in a show with her arch-rival – Kristen Cavalari – check
    “hotfoot” – reference to footloose – sister Julianne bearding for Ryan Seacrest

  • LizzyTizzy

    Could the guy be Derek Hough? His sister Julianne breeding for Seacrest?

    • LizzyTizzy

      Could Kristen Cavalari be the rival, and any of the Hills folk have a canceled show?

      Possible clue: “hotfoot” makes me think of dancing.

    • LizzyTizzy

      And doh! Bearding, not breeding. Because obviously. Smart phone autocorrect.

  • soflagirl

    Derek Hough and Laura Conrad!

  • LizzyTizzy

    Wait, solved?


    Headline: Derek Hough dating Lauren Conrad.

    So who has Lauren bearded for in the past?

  • iammeme

    What TV actresses are arch rivals? The only thing I can think of is Terri Hatcher and her whole cast, but that doesn’t work. Once we figure out some ideas on that front the answer should stick out.

    • iammeme

      Ah… never says actress… Does this fit for someone in Reality TV??

      • iammeme

        now I feel stupid because
        a- everyone is in moderation and probably has the right answer b- this string is like watching my brain work on blinds (sad)
        c- DUH!!! Derek Hough and LC- sister Julianne and Ryan Seacrest. I don’t know LC’s rival beacuse I do not know a thing about her, but I know she has plenty!!!

  • CoCoJo

    Am I reading this wrong? It sounds like two people who are not dating, but BlindGossip thinks they should. Have they even met or is this gossip fantasy actually “done” as in has come to fruition?

  • msp96302

    I think the woman is Teri Hatcher.

  • shlieb

    Lauren Conrad/Derek Hough with the other couple being his sister and Seacrest.

  • DinkinFlicka

    Lauren Cinrad and Derek Hough.

    Archrival is Kristin C, realtive is Julieanne with Ryan, “hoofing it”=DWTS, it all fits.

  • shpigolita

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. He is on DWTS (hotfoot clue) with Kristin Cavalleri (the rival) and his sister is “dating” Seacrest. I think the picture is a clue because it resembles Speidi, who are also from The Hills.

  • jdwright590

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad…with his sister and Seacrest being the other bearding relationships, Kristin Cavallari is on DWTS this season too.

  • Furfle

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough

  • guesswhat

    I’m thinking the siblings are Derek and Julianne Hough…hotfoot clue…she’s with Ryan Seacrest. Let’s see who Derek is dating.

  • shelaur22

    Lauren Conrad (the Hills is over)
    Derek Hough (needs a beard) is on Dancing with the Stars with Kristin Cavalleri

  • mankothegreat

    ooohhh I know this one!! Lauren Conrad is dating that dancing with the stars guy whose sister is dating Seacrest! Derek Hough!!

  • ShowBiz Junkie

    Laura Conrad & Derek Hough ? Her show the Hills has been over and she’s still trying to push her clothing line and books.

  • obxmoxie

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough – Kristen Cavalleri being the arch rival. Derek’s sister being the other beard for Ryan Seacrest.

  • Northstar

    New couple = Lauren Conrad + Derek Hough
    His relative = Julianne Hough + Ryan Seacrest
    Show = Dancing with the Stars and her arch rival = Kristin Cavallari

  • zusa313

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough.

    Show – DWTS

    Arch Rival -Kristen Cavallari

    Derek’s sister, Julianne Hough, is ‘dating’ Ryan Seacreast.

  • obladioblada

    Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad. His sister is Julianne Hough who is bearding for Ryan Seacrest. The rival on the show (DWTS) is Kristin Cavallari.

  • cosmicgirl

    Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough!

  • Sophie16

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough.

  • armoredkitty

    Hough/Conrad with the other high profile beard, the sister Julianne.

  • MaliyahAngel

    Jennifer Love Hewitt? I saw on imdb that she’s going to be in a new tv-series (The Client List) maybe she needs to boost her profile for that. The guy I have no idea.

  • pebbles88

    Oh, and this is a complete guess but I bet you anything the other boy Lauren has experience bearding for is Doug Reindhart… Paris Hilton broke up with him claiming he was only using her to further his career, and he and Lauren didn’t date that long?

  • Mardy Bum

    Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough

  • mysticpizza

    I don’t know who the female celebrity is, but could the gay man be Derek Hough? I’m pretty sure I’ve read rumors about him having a beard before. The relative would of course be his sister Julianne Hough who is currently dating Ryan Seacrest.

  • Audrey

    Definitely Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad. Kristin Cavallari is on DWTS & Julianne is “dating” Ryan Seacrest. Too easy…

  • gypsygirl77

    Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough. First time poster! Love the site!

  • nolarola

    Derek Hough & Lauren Conrad. His sister is dating Ryan Seacrest. Rival is Kristin Cavallari.

  • anglonoir

    Derek Hough (DWTS) and Lauren Conrad. His sister is Julianne Hough, currently dating Ryan Seacrest.

  • thinkigotit

    First time poster, but I think I have this one so I had to! Could this be Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough? Kristin Cavallari is on Dancing with the Stars with Derek Hough (the rival) and Julianne Hough is in a relationship with Ryan Seacrest that’s also rumored to be a bearded relationship (the relative).

  • dee44

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough

  • msmiscreant

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough.

    Bearded for the guy from Teen Wolf.

    His sister is with Ryan Seacrest.

    Hotfoot – reference to DWTS.

    Kristin Cavallari on DWTS.

  • Catharsis

    Derrick Hough and Lauren Conrad. He is on Dancing with the Stars, as is her arch rival, Kristin Cavallari. Derrick’s sister is Julianne, who is bearding for Ryan Seacrest. Those names are probably spelled incorrectly, but you get the point.

  • leerey

    Derrick Hough is now dating Lauren Conrad whose rival on the hills was Kristin Cavaleri. Derricks sister is “dating” Ryan Seacrest.

  • dorothy

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough with his sister and Ryan Seacrest as the relative and Kristen Cavelleri as the rivalry on Dancing With the Stars as the show

  • bbgirl

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough.

  • meredylou

    Easy! Derek Hough dating Lauren Conrad. Sibling is Julianne Hough dating Ryan Secrest

  • redstilettos

    So what blonde guy (who obviously has a famous celeb relative) on a hit TV show is in a new relationship with a blonde actress?

  • DGBigD7

    This is Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough – the rival being Kristen Cavallari, and the sibling being Julianna Hough (bearding with Ryan Seacrest).

  • themapleleaf

    I think it is Derek Hough for the guy as he is on a hit show and his sister Julieanne is a beard for Ryan Seacrest supposedly. I do not know who the girl would be to beard for Derek. He was linked with Cheryl Cole in the past.

  • brainy

    Ryan Seacrest, Derek Hough and his sister and some other woman…..

  • moonshy

    It has to be Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough. Kristin Cavalleri (sp?) is her rival appearing on Dancing With the Stars and his sister is bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • Heather

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough
    Lauren Conrad ended the Hills and her new show wasn’t picked up by MTV. Derek Hough is on Dancing With the Stars with Lauren’s arch rival Kristin Cavallari. Derek Hough’s sister Julianne is bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • LikeIceCream

    I totally have this one:

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad. He is on Dancing w/Stars with the other Hills girl. His sister is dating Ryan Seacrest.

  • ZigZagZoey

    Clues don’t all fit, but first ones I thought of were Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough.

  • Iocaine

    Got it. Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough (Kristin Cavalleri is on DWTS right now). His sister, Julianne, is bearding for Ryan Seacrest.

  • atnelet

    Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough as first couple, and Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest as second. And DWTS as the high-profile show with Kristin Cavalari as Laurens arch rival.

    *first tim poster :-)

  • NorCalDude

    DH and LC…too easy. But hey, what happened to those blinds from a few days ago?! The werewolf and Lloyd in particular….hmmm…

  • lindsss1

    +Hi BG, longtime lurker, first time poster. Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough!!

  • virgo18

    first time poster! love BG!! lauren conrad and derek hough! on laguna beach Kristin & LC hated eachother!! =)

  • Sensibleguess

    Helloooo, BG! First time post! Here is what I think based on the “hotfooting” clue:

    Lauren Conrad’s former hit show was “The Hills”, and she is bearding for Derek Hough from DWTS; Julianne Hough, Derek’s relative/sister, is bearding for Ryan Seacrest. Lauren Conrad’s “arch rival” being Kristen Cavallari who was on “The Hills”, and who is currently on DWTS. :)

  • jessface

    Im going to say Lauren Conrad and Derek. I’ve read recently that they were dating or something. His sister (relative), Julianne is bearding for Ryan Seacrest. But I dont know who Laurens arch rival is on Dancing with the Stars. Audrina Partridge was on the show. But that was a few seasons back.

  • 1hottamale

    First time poster!!
    This HAS to be Lauren Conrad bearding for Derek Hough
    Kristin Cavallari is the arch rival… from way back in the day on Laguna Beach

  • firebugdvm

    Lauren Conrad & Derek Hough

    Sibling: Julianne Hough who beards for Ryan Seacrest

  • me me me

    Too easy! Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough.

  • vic342

    Lauren Conrad who is supposedly now dating Derek Hough. The rival would be Kristen Cavalarri, and his relative in a bearding couple would be Julianne Hough, who is dating Ryan Seacrest.

  • kassie21

    Derek Hough and Lauren Conrad? His sister is dating Ryan Seacrest, he’s on a hit show and there are rumors he’s starting to date Lauren Conrad