Rob Kardashian Exposes Infidelity On Dancing Set

[BlindGossip] Dancing with the Stars contestant Rob Kardashian is making a bombshell claim that a married celebrity on the show is having an affair with their married dance partner.

The reality star made the shocking comment Thursday morning on Mojo in The Morning.

Rob said, “I know some of the couples on the show — some of the celebrities that are married … and some professionals that are married, that are having an affair with their partner.”

Rob wouldn’t name names, but made it clear that he is not hooking up with his partner Cheryl Burke saying, “I’m not bringing that weirdness into our little circle.

Rob later took to his Twitter account to try to mitigate some of the damage:

“As you guys can tell by my tweets, I tend to joke around a lot, and some of the things I said during an interview were taken out of context. I have nothing but respect for everyone who’s on DWTS. They know it and I know it and we all have a lot of fun together. :)

It doesn’t sound like he was joking to us. Which Dancing With The Stars couple/s do you think are getting a little too close?


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32 comments to Rob Kardashian Exposes Infidelity On Dancing Set

  • musicthatswhatsup

    Chynna Phillips

  • Arcadia

    Chynna Phillips, Married
    Tony Dovolani, Coach, Married

  • letskeepitlight

    Welcome to Dancing the Horizontal Mambo with your Married Star

    Chynna Phillips & Tony Dovolani

    Seems like they are the only real contender. But listening to his wording it doesn’t necessarily mean that both people are married.

    I don’t know many of the pros this year that are married.

    • maybe21

      Yup. Today on People’s website there’s an article about how they are going to make love on the dance floor.

    • LolaVee

      Aside from Tony, Anna Trebunskaya is also married, but I don’t think that her husband has to worry too much about Carson Kressly :-)

  • Outlineboy

    I wouldn’t surprise me at all if multitudes of the couples are/were hooking up. When you spend THAT MUCH one-on-one time with someone, a lot of it very intimate, these things are going to happen. Not condoning it if someone is being cheated on, but I understand it.

    There have been couples in the past that had so much chemistry you just knew they had to be hooking up. I remember saying that if Cheryl Burke and Gilles Marini weren’t having sex it was an awful waste of material.

  • goldieb

    Sounds like Rob is referring to more than one pairing.

  • Tru Tru2

    Rob is gonna get it for opening his mouth.

    Betty White may write a tell all in a couple of yrs. LOL
    would it be shocking if it were one big dancing orgy? smh

    • stanton

      Well the Kardashians are ano talent bunch. We know Kim got famous fro her sex tape. He is famous for being famous. The dead father was famous for being a lawyer for OJ. The family tree was must of been planted in a sewer

  • Ralphie

    I hate everything about the Kartrashian clan and I wish they’d all go away. Rob is a d-bag for opening his mouth when he’s not directly involved. I hope Billy Baldwin beats the crap out of him. Or Nancy Grace rips him a new one.

    • pookie

      I keep waiting for this family to self-destruct.

    • yinyang

      Totally agree w you! Wish this family would move to another country& leave us alone! It’s bad enough we have jersey shore! Rob is a D-bag& looks like anyone could kick his a**! Such the goon to even say anything! Jealous that his sisters work! Can’t stand him or the rest of them! Who watches KUWK?

  • Scarlett

    Nancy Grace and Tristan!

  • LolaVee

    Well, considering Chynna and Tony are the only pair that are both married, I’d say this is solved. What was Rob thinking? Even if it’s true, it’s pretty low to blab about it on the radio. They both have children.

  • sallyb

    Why is everyone bashing Rob for what he said?? The cheating people are the ones people should be upset with. How can you say, these people have kids he shouldn’t have said anything??? THEY shouldnt be cheating,they are famous it’s going to come out one way or another so if they didn’t want it to come out they shouldn’t be having affairs!!

    • Evil Gracie Taylor

      because it’s not his place to out anybody for doing something wrong. Considering all the crazy and stupid crap his family does, I doubt he’d want half of it out in the open. And this is the same family that cried foul when Kim’s sex tape was released, even thought they themselves profited off it. It’s tacky, it’s trashy and it’s exactly what a Kardashian would do.

  • Calamity Jane

    Whatever, Robbo. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who can keep a secret. Their people probably made him make a statement to ‘backtrack’.