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[BlindGossip] Up until now, this celebrity in a troubled relationship has been using something other than herĀ  firstnamelastname as her identification on a social media site. It was a name of which she was proud. Well, that’s in the past now. She just put in a formal request to the site to obtain her professional name as her handle and to copy all the data from her old account to her new account. Sounds like she’s ready to move on.



It’s Demi Moore! Source: BlindGossip

No more @mrskutcher for Demi Moore! Back in September, her people contacted Twitter to secure the Twitter handle @DemiMoore. Understandably, though, they didn’t want to announce the Twitter name change until she announced the divorce.

Demi Moore is not dumb. She knows that in order to maintain her high profile status in the online world, she is going to have to work hard to hold on to her Twitter followers and keep them engaged and caring about her life and buying tickets for her movies (e.g. Margin Call and LOL).

The Twitter handle @DemiMoore is currently marked as “That page doesn’t exist”, but you’ll just have to trust us that it does indeed belong to Demi Moore.

Everybody got this one right. Singstress was first. Well done!


Just wanted to let you know that the folks at Twitter are hard at work transferring @mrskutcher ‘s tweets to @Demimoore.

We told you six or seven months ago that Demi Moore had already secured the name @DemiMoore. And we meant it.

She will announce the switch very soon. The first couple of tweets have already been composed. The first one reads “A fresh Twitter name for a fresh start!” The second one is “So how do you like my new Twitter name?” Then again, maybe that we’ve now announced it, she might change it to something else…

All this silliness about Demi soliciting her Twitter followers for a new Twitter name is simply to get them to reengage with her now that she is out of rehab. She doesn’t really care what you think. She just wants you to care about her. Demi’s feeling a little vulnerable right now, and she needs your assurance that she is still famous and that you still think she’s beautiful.

Now let’s all do a giant eye roll together. There you go.


Okay, this is just bizarre. Demi Moore’s current legal name is Demi Guynes Kutcher, and her professional name is Demi Moore. Although she went through the process of securing the Twitter handle @DemiMoore, she has decided to go with the Twitter handle of @JustDemi instead. Twitter just moved all of her Followers and Tweets to @JustDemi.

Why @JustDemi instead of @DemiMoore? Well according to our sources, she wants to eventually be known as the mononym Demi . Like Cher. Or Madonna.

After her divorce, her legal name will probably become Demi Guynes, but professionally, she is hoping that if she tells everyone her name is “Just Demi”, that everyone will simply call her Demi instead of Demi Moore or Demi Guynes or Demi Kutcher. Can you think of another performer who uses the name Cher or Madonna? No. Well, Demi wants that to happen to her, too.

Demi Moore doesn’t like the fact that her identity was so closely tied to her husband’s last name. She doesn’t particularly like her real last name (Guynes), or want to be known by any of her married names (Moore or Willis or Kutcher). So that leaves her with just “Demi”.

So, everyone play along and start calling her Demi. She is that special.

We’re rolling our eyes again.

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