Hooters Girl Is Hiding A Marriage Secret

[NationalEnquirer] Which reality star vixen – currently flirting her way to a possible win on her show – is hiding a marriage secret? The former Hooters waitress is pretending to be single for a competitive edge so she’s not telling ANYONE that she tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony right before cameras started rolling!

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27 comments to Hooters Girl Is Hiding A Marriage Secret

  • Ralphie

    All of them?

    Don’t watch any Bachelor shows-don’t even have a guess!

  • Outlineboy

    I don’t watch any of those shows but this sounds like it should be pretty easy to figure out. And yeah, aren’t they all former Hooters waitresses?

  • Run4Alz

    It’s that icky Vienna.

  • yinyang

    Ashley Dupree(whatever the spelling) Mr Spitzers choice of tricks!

  • ATLMama

    Seems like Vienna and Kasey on Bachelor Pad 2. She was definitely a former Hooters girl and is on a competition reality show. She seems so desperate for attention, and a surprise wedding to him would definitely keep her in the news even if they both lose the show.

  • aammyy

    vikki ikki? she’s one of the ikki twins that was on MTV’s a double shot at love.

  • Ralphie

    Ok it has to be one of the skanks who isn’t already “coupled” up…who is playing up being single so would that eliminate Vienna?

    If Michelle Money or Holly Durst were Hooters girls my bet is one of them. They both look shifty skanky..

  • dee123

    Who’s sad enough to care?

  • pookie

    What? Are you implying that there is deception in REALITY TV? Can’t imagine that the contracts have an ethics clause so anything goes, I guess.

  • Tallie

    Wild guess,Dani Donato BB13 she is a former Hooter’s Girl.

  • Baroness110902

    First time poster.. going to agree with Tallie– Dani on Big Brother!!

  • redstilettos

    Holly Madison was a Hooters Girl back in the day.

  • Tracy511

    There’s really no one for Dani to flirt with though…

    • ZigZagZoey

      She was flirting with Dom.
      I just don’t see any reason for her to hide it though.
      Someone on one of the Bachelor shows would need to hide it!

    • Camembert

      Exactly! Dominic was evicted 3 weeks ago, at least, at this point and there’s no one in the house she can flirt with now! Jeff doesn’t really like her and he has Jordan; Rachel would cut a * if Dani ever threw any sort of flirtatious look Brendan’s way; and Adam? Please. Unless Dani is surreptiously flirting with a male producer–and the Powerful Producer of this show is a female–this can’t be anyone on Big Brother US.

      And the viewers hate Rachel, although they might not dislike Brendan as much, so it can’t be Rachel either.

  • Summer70

    Dani Donato? She said she isn’t dating anyone and that she just has a friends with benefits relationship with someone. She keeps her emotions and her life very close to the vest. Her and Dick also lied on their season about not seeing or speaking to eachother for 2 yrs. Biggest scam in BB history and the audience bought it.
    I don’t know what difference it would make if she was married though.

  • ILoveDlisted

    Agree with Dani

  • yinyang

    I’m changing my guess to Trainwreck Rachel from
    BB! Something is telling me it’s her& that goon Brendan! It may not make sense but just seems like her, Pathetic !

    • Rafael

      This might explain why she keeps wearing that “i love my hubby” shirt… And they hardly ever mention wanting the money for the wedding, they just constantly mention the honeymoon. Also, how Brendon seems to obsessively refer to Rachel as “my fiance”….

    • tiggerlgh

      I don’t think its her. She isn’t saying she is single and they talk about money for the wedding and honeymoon all the time. I think its someone saying they are completely single and have a secoret relationship on the side.

  • kikifoxx

    I don’t think it’s Dani. Dominic has been gone so no one left for her to flirt with. As crazy as Rachel is about Brenden she would not hide that they were married. They are already a couple so would it really matter?

  • CaitiPea

    Tara Reid? I don’t know if she was a Hooters girl but she is in Celebrity Big Brother and it just came out she got married right before it started…