Gay Actor Is Pressuring His Closeted Boyfriend

[BlindGossip] These two young gay actors have been boyfriend and boyfriend for a several years now. One is on a young adult drama, the other on an older housewifey series. For now, the two just pretend to be best friends, with no public PDA.

While Drama Guy is still closeted, Housewifey Guy is all but out. Ever since Drama Guy and his blonde beard “broke up”, Housewifey Guy has been putting the pressure on to come out publicly. He doesn’t even bother with beards, and wants Drama Guy to quit pretending he’s straight, too. Drama Guy is toying with the idea and has been polling his friends and a few select colleagues to see if they think that now is a good time to come out. His biggest opponent so far? His blonde ex, who worries that her popularity may suffer if she is exposed as a beard.

Drama Guy:

Housewifey Guy:

Blonde Beard:

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83 comments to Gay Actor Is Pressuring His Closeted Boyfriend

  • BrightStar

    Penn Badgley and…

  • lahteb

    Drama: Penn Badgley

    Blonde: Blake Lively

    Housewifey Guy: ???

  • DutchOven

    Penn Badgely for Drama Guy? With Blake Lively being the beard?

    I don’t know who the other guy would be though…

  • whatthewhat

    Drama Guy: Chord Overstreet
    Housewifey Guy: Jesse Metcalf??
    Blonde Beard: Taylor Swift

  • EvaDiva

    This is a juicy one. Is it lazy of me to guess “housewifey series” as ‘Desperate Housewives’? That’s TOO obvious..

  • Rden101

    Bradley, Zellweger and…?

    • luvprue1

      Yeah, I would think Bradley too, however he is not on a tv show.
      I think Drama could be someone on True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård maybe? and housewify guy could be Bob Hunter who plays Lee on DH.

  • Ralphie

    Drama guy: Penn Badgley (GG)
    Housewife guy: Shawn Pyfrom (DH)
    Blonde beard: Blake Lively

  • kapper

    Drama guy: Penn Badgley

    Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom

    (they traveled to Iceland together in 2010: )

    • amagod121

      The article states that the two visited a local bar and the girls inside were so aggressive that the two had to escape, which makes more sense if they aren’t into girls. What hetro guy would mind being hit on? Further, Iceland is a strange place for two guys to go to together, unless they went as a pair.

      • luvprue1

        True, so very true. I do not know many single straight men who will run from women.

      • NiceVixen

        Iceland is VERY “gay friendly.” They go after the gay market in their tourism advertising. Makes perfect since 2 gay guys would go there.

  • bonou2

    Penn Badgley from gossip girl Shawn Pyform from Desperate Housewifes and Blake Lively as the beard

  • pumpkin

    My guess is Penn Badgely and Dan Byrd (from Cougartown).

    They were in Easy A together.

    Blake Lively is trying to gain respect right now as some kind of “it” girl. It wouldn’t look very good for her if it’s exposed she was in an arranged relationship so obviously created for publicity.

  • CatGrant

    Shawn Pryfrom (Bree’s son from Desperate Housewives) and Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl – (with Blake as the beard).

  • nxpierdo

    Penn Badgley

    Shawn Pyform

    Blake Lively

  • dawggy

    Jesse metcalfe
    Chase Crawford
    Carrie underwood

    • ivyleaguer

      did Jesse and Carrie date?

      • ivyleaguer

        okay found a couple of pics of them online but I am going with Penn and Shawn, many pics of them together online and they look like a gay couple. body language says a lot. however, I must say that Jesse and Chase make a better looking couple.

  • Okayeah

    I have no clue, but JUST COME OUT already!

    • luvprue1

      Well it all depends on what role Drama guy get/plays. If drama guy plays a leading man romantic role, he can very well find his self out a job. If he was to come out it would be great for him. However he would in a way be given up his romantic leading man statue . Just like Chad Allen,Rupert Everett and T. R. Knight. Who all found themselves out of acting jobs once they came out. So he really have to think about it,and decided if he love the guy enough to give it up. Plus what happens if the relationship doesn’t work out?

      • Reader

        ah but there is always the great dapper exception – Neil Patrick Harris (Doogey!) who very convincingly plays the hot womanizer, albeit on a sitcom. I agree with your comments about Chad Allen and TR Knight, but Rupert Everett was out from the get-go. He never hid his sexuality or his past as a hustler (male prostitute)… frankly I think it’s all the cosmetic surgery he had done that did him in as an actor- he’s barely recognizable now and does not look attractive enough to be a romantic lead.

        fyi guys – don’t pull a rupert. just look at clooney. * he unattractive in his 20s and 30s… but with wrinkles and white hair, * if he aint hot. i’d do him in a sec anyway he wanted it. but i would not have touched the clooney of the eighties even in the noggin

  • furbekah

    drama guy: penn badgley

    housewifey guy: dunno. should be easy enough to figure out but i am too lazy to try.

    blonde beard: blake lively

  • boomboompow

    Jesse Metcalf, Ed not Penn from GG, Blake

  • LeahMichelle

    Could Drama Guy by Penn Badgeley. He’s on Gossip Girl and Blake Lively is blonde.

    No idea who Drama Guy is.

  • GyThanksGd

    Drama Guy: Penn Badgley

    Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom

  • Spanx101

    Penn Badgely and Shawn Pyfrom. Blake Lively the beard..

  • smd1004p

    a skarsguard and kate bosworth just broke up- he is rumored to be gay…not sure who the housewife guy is though

  • devoncarruthers

    Penn Badgley & Shawn Pyfrom?

    • devoncarruthers

      Penn is “drama guy” (obvs Gossip Girl) and Shawn is on Desperate Housewives. Blonde beard would be Blake Lively.

    • devoncarruthers

      Or it could be Penn and Dan Byrd from Cougar Town. All 3 were hanging out together at Coachella in April.

  • dumpsterbaby

    Drama Guy: Penn Badgley

    Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom

    Blonde Beard: Blake Lively

  • ng

    1st post!
    1: Chase Crawford.
    2. Jesse Metcalfe
    3. Carrie Underwood.

  • UptightCitizensBrigade

    Is “True Blood” a young adult drama? If so, Alexander Skarsgard just broke up with a blond Kate Bosworth.

  • CosmoMan

    Penn, Shawn and Blake. Although she might not like being exposed as a beard I’m sure that her current “relationship” doesn’t want her exposed as a beard either.

  • waybig

    I’m going to guess Penn, Shawn and Blake. As someone posted above P&S went to Iceland last year, and here they are at Coachella:

  • lahteb

    I though Shawn Pyfrom was really self-conscious about being cast as a gay kid. Didn’t he make all sorts of comments about not being gay?

    That’s hardly out and about.

  • Yuolala

    Hmmm No wonder there were so many stories/rumors of Blake Lively with other actors even though he was still dating Penn..

  • mrsjaymack

    Isn’t Penn supposedly dating Zoe Kravitz now? It doesn’t mention Drama Guy has a new beard, just an old one.

  • Mia

    For the Housewifey Guy, what about Dan Byrd from Cougar Town? I think Cougar Town could be considered “housewifey.”

    There’s pics of Penn Badgley with both Shawn Pyfrom and Dan Byrd.

    Also, Penn & Dan were in Easy A together.

  • Ralphie

    There are two problems with this blind: 1) Blake thinks anyone doesn’t know she’s a go-to beard due to her self-promotion. (she’s a multiple-tasker…vacillates between beard and homewrecker) 2) Blake thinks people actually like her.

  • compwhiz

    Why does everyone keep on guessing Penn? What about Chance Crawford? Wasn’t he rumored to be gay since the beginning of time? I can’t recall any blondes he’s dated except Carrie Underwood but why would that matter. She can just say she didn’t know…

    • Furfle

      Because that might just close the loop on her bearding for Chase & Tony Romo! Although Penn and Shaun sound like a good guess to me

  • thatswanlady

    Wow, this is absolutely Penn Badgley and Shawn Pyfrom — if you Google their names together, there are TONS of images of the two of them at different places. Many of them do give me a “couple-y” vibe, too.

    Blake Lively, butt out.

  • Calamity Jane

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t come out. I don’t think anyone would care. He should spare himself the stress of living lies and living in shadows. Does he want to be liked for who he is or because of what he appears to be? I can tell you one thing, the latter does not bring happiness.

  • apple martini

    I definitely agree with Penn as Drama Guy and Blake as the Beard, but would the blind be so obvious as to refer to Desperate Housewives as a “housewifey” show? I just took that to mean that it was probably a popular show with middle-aged women, not that it was necessarily Desperate Housewives.

  • hotpinkmomma

    They are out. They just aren’t publically out. Give the guy a break, he’s an actor, his livelyhood depends on him being a hot guy. It’s no one’s business and he’ll lose his sexiness in the hetero world. Who care’s anyway? I don’t like anyone knowing my “sex business” so why would he. Now Blake is the one that’s a phoney, plus a bad actor. Bleh!

  • karaduff

    Is there ANYTHING real or moral about Blake Lively? She makes me want to barf!

  • danneka

    so does this mean Blake is bearding for leo? it looks like that is what she does…for her career.

    • Tom Paine

      Bearding is one way she advances her career. F***ing other people’s husbands is another.

    • Sanguine

      It wouldn’t make sense for Leo to break up with his model girlfriend if she was simply his beard, he might as well have stayed with her. Blake probably bearded when her career was taking off for publicity. Hooking up with her GG co-star was great PR for her and the show. Her career is at the point where she doesn’t need to beard, however. Leo is notoriously very private and his relationship with Blake has attracted a lot of tabloid and paparazzi attention. I doubt he’d put up with that if there wasn’t something real going on there.

  • T. Day

    Mmmmm …. doubt it’s Penn Badgely….
    The “housewifey” show is Housewives of Beverly Hills. Take it from there ….

  • T. Day

    (p.s. the REAL Housewives, that is)

  • T. Day

    Beard: Taylor Armstrong?

  • Evil Gracie Taylor

    They are adorable standing next to each other. I’m hoping it’s them and they come out and can be happy.

    Blake Lively is 1 step away from releasing nude photos of herself…. oh wait…. Honestly, she should maybe focus on learning to act instead of all this other shizz. What a terrible way to make it.

    • Ralphie


      Lively has family in the business…several of her siblings act (or used to in the 80s), so she used her connections to get her start. Certainly wasn’t on talent or acting ability.

    • Blair Waldorf

      “focus on learning to act” hahahahahaha
      i laughed so loud, my whole office could hear.

  • digitallyspeaking

    I don’t think Blake is any worse (or better) than the guy she’s bearding for as they’re both in it for the so-called positive publicity, nor the husband she f*cks. He is, after all, the one who’s married and there’s no gun to his head.
    I can name at least 20 gay/bi/bearding couples off the top of my head.

  • kmm

    I say Hunter Parrish from Weeds, Chase Crawford, Carrie Underwood

  • JerseyJoe

    Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom

    Drama Guy: Penn Badgley

    Beard: Blake Lively
    (it won’t hurt her at all if Penn comes out)

    I am on the fence when it comes to the possibility of “celebs” coming out. Usually they set one foot out the closet door, and something occurs and they are forced back in. I don’t think either one of them will be coming out soon. They have PR and management that will push them back in. The possiblity of both of them losing jobs is highly probable. Hollywood is still very homophobic as is the public.

  • blw31315

    Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom

    Drama Guy: Chace Crawford

    Beard: Carrie Underwood