Fiance Should Work So She Can Be A Mom

Which big star is ready to put her red-hot career on the back burner so she can concentrate on motherhood? The new mom is using her Hollywood clout in the hopes that her not-so-busy fiance lands some lucrative movie deals.

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  1. Ralphie says

    I’d say Alicia Silverstone for something different but she hasn’t really been “red hot” lately.

    How about Amy Adams? Red hair and a fiancĂ© who is an “actor and artist.”

  2. lahteb says

    Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone are married.

    I like the Natalie Portman guess, though I was under the impression that baby daddy’s names were numbered. Maybe she’s trying to set him up so she doesn’t have to pay as much to be rid of him.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      I hate it but I’m with everyone that says NP. She can stay home with the baby while he’s out of her hair. He seems like a workaholic too, so it fits them both.

    • Ralphie says

      I don’t consider her career red-hot anymore and Muse is a pretty popular indie band if that’s not an oxymoron.

      • FzFzFz says

        Muse definitely doesn’t need any help, but they’re not really an indie band. They’re one of the biggest rock bands in the UK, I think his career is the one in better shape.

    • Mumumumu says

      Kate Hudson hasn’t been in a hit movie in over a decade. Have you seen the duds she’s been since Almost Famous? Amazing she still gets to “act.”

      Muse is H.U.G.E. Check out youtube, their videos get 35 million+ hits. Was in Europe last year, and Muse had sold out concerts everywhere.

  3. Tia C says

    I totally get why folks think it’s Natalie Portman. What other “big star” has had a baby recently? But I don’t really think it’s her. For what it’s worth, Wikipedia states about her husband: “Benjamin Millepied is a principal dancer at New York City Ballet and a ballet choreographer of international reputation.” If that’s true, it doesn’t sound like he’s in need of help with his career. But I can’t think of who else this could be! Jessica Alba? It wouldn’t break my heart if she quit “acting” for awhile, but does her hubby even act? I’m stumped!

    • Angua says

      It’s pretty obviously Natalie. Her fiance has had a good career as a dancer, but according to this blind she’s trying to get him work as an actor (or at least in movies).