She’s Been Trying To Conceive For Years

[BuzzFoto] This A List actress is tired of the pressure put on her from the public, as well as friends and family to have children. She’s actually been trying to conceive for years, dabbled with expensive fertility treatments and even considered adoption. She’s wanted to be a mother for a long time but resents the discourse among the press about the status of her womb, who are unaware of her secret struggle. 587


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88 comments to She’s Been Trying To Conceive For Years

  • boomboompow

    Jennifer Aniston

    • CheshireKitty

      Beat me to it. Definitely her.

    • catgirl

      My first thought too!

    • plum

      my first idea

    • Rafael

      I hope not.. It would make me think badly of Brad. Leaving her, then having nearly 10 kids with Jolei. Sigh.

      • escape2

        Certainly could have contributed to the Brad/Jen split…if he was really keen on kids..

        Wasn’t there rumours when they split that he wanted kids and she didn’t??

      • plum

        rumors! it names rumors

      • Sammi

        If those were rumors, then it was dumb of her to do an interview where she said she feels like she’s ready to start a family when she was like…41.

      • Rock90210

        That’s the only thing that would make you “think badly” about Brad. I mean, seriously….

    • Outlineboy

      I don’t think so…. If “she’s been trying to conceive for years”, then with who? Her myriad of boyfriends? If it’s not J.A. I would think this is a woman who’s married.

      • Outlineboy

        Also, who exactly in the public is pressuring J.A. to have children? Friends and family, I can understand, but the public to a single woman? What business is it of the public? Has the public really been on J.A. to have kids??

      • Jilliterate

        I feel like yes. Anytime an actress hits around 30, it feels (to me, at least) like the press turns their eye on her, and suddenly it’s all, “When is she going to have kids? Why doesn’t she have kids yet? Is there something wrong with her?” Sad, since if she (any actress) doesn’t have children yet, it either means she can’t or she doesn’t want to. Either way, it’s nobody’s business. But then, women’s uteri often seem to be public domain.

      • pushpins

        Maybe she was going through the anonymous donor route. Y’know with donated sperm.

    • akajenb

      That is the first person that came to my mind, how she is an A lister onlt God

    • ChristineNYC

      I was told from someone familiar with their situation that she was too busy getting high and wanted nothing to do with having a family.

      It got so bad that Jen and Brad’s publicists staged an intervention. She declined and continued her white powder ways.

      I know cheating is bad, and I don’t condone or excuse it. But part of me felt for him when I heard this story. All the man wanted was to have children and a family with his wife, and she chose coke over him. Very sad.

      • pushpins

        Yep, and he also repeatedly cheated on her with both men and women during their marriage. I didn’t feel sorry for him at all.

  • Elfie

    I though of her as well… But is she really A list?

  • godimbored

    Just to throw out another idea- Renee Zellweger?

  • funnygirl23

    Jennifer Aniston was the first person I thought of!

  • TanLouB

    Cameron Diaz?

  • dorothea

    Jennifer Aniston. I feel she wanted to have children but couldnt. Then Angelina stepped up to the plate. I mean Angie hadnt had kids with all her other men, but she sure as heck did with Brad. It just amazes me how women can go years not get pregnant but then BAM all of a sudden dropping kids everywhere. Dont get me wrong I like Angelina, but I like Jen too. She deserves to be happy too.

  • wee niknak

    cameron diaz mabey just to be different

    • rayodeplata

      Cameron Diaz has stated she doesn’t want kids because she loves her actual life and doesn’t want to change it. I’m not sure if she’s really committed to a childfree life though.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Nothing personal but I find it amusing that people never actually believe it when a women says “I’m happy without kids”. The woman could mean it wholeheartedly and still others would doubt her.

      • Lozza

        ^^ That’s me. I’m nearly 30. Have no desire to have kids ever. Am not maternal. But my friends are forever saying..’Oh you’ll change your mind…Not even one…’ It drives me mad!!

      • klicious

        I’m 32, no desire to have kids, got my tubes tied and everything,and people still say crap like that to me. Hubby and I Wouldn’t have taken such a huge step if we were not 100% positive.

      • rayodeplata

        I see your point; us women who don’t want children constantly hear crap like “You have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re so young, trust me when you get older and can’t conceive anymore you’ll kill for a baby!” and such. But *technically* Cameron Diaz is what truly childfree people call “fencesitter” because she says she doesn’t want kids… but who knows? although it’s very unlikely she’ll want kids… but who knows?

      • J Hover

        Anybody telling any woman she has to have a child should be executed. The world is overpopulated; and what @#%&*! business is it of their’s? What a bunch of creeps. A woman wants to have a kid— that’s her choice. End of story. AND certainly not a story for the carrion eating “press.”

      • ilovekingofsurvey

        I am 41 and don’t regret not having kids. I lead a very carefree, happy life with my hubby and I can’t see either of us wanting enough to make a change in our lifestyle to settle down and have children. Plus, I have a ton of nieces and nephew who I dote on and that is perfect for me. When others judge me for my position, I just ignore it. Kids aren’t right for me and many other people.

  • Lassie

    Jennifer Anniston, I guess. Her hordes of tabloid reading fans are just panting for her to get knocked up. But is she considered A-list? She doesn’t do anything !

  • Sterling

    Although I kind of think this actress is probably married or in a longterm relationship, I am going to throw Charlize Theron out there. I thought she was trying to have a baby when she was with Stewart.

  • ericad20

    Jennifer Aniston!!!

  • Sanguine

    Jen was the first thought: The media does keep questioning Jen about having children, but Jen evades the question. But I wonder if she really wanted kids if she wouldn’t have looked into adoption or surrogacy more seriously, given her age. Jen has never given the impression that she’s missing motherhood when she’s photographed hanging out with at the beach sipping cocktails with Chelsea Handler. I think it might be someone else.

    • Caz1310

      My first thought was Beyonce. She’s A-list in terms of recognition and profile. Everyone has thought she and Jay-Z would have had kids by now.

    • pushpins

      So what are we supposed to see her? Hands in her face, sobbing over being unable to have kids? She probably does that in the privacy of her own home. Just because she’s sipping cocktails on the beach, doesn’t mean she’s not missing motherhood, she’s probably just enjoying herself.

  • Summer70

    Don’t the pictures BG posts give us clues? This pic does not resemble Aniston. I also think JA is too obvious.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      I agree with your suspicion. JA is so obvious that I can’t imagine this would be released as a blind about her. But if not her- who?

  • Ralphie

    I would say Ashley Judd, but I don’t know that she’s A list. I think her name alone gives her more status but A might be pushing it. She’s been married awhile, and I remember seeing an interview a few years back where she said “stop asking me when I’ll have kids.”

    I’d also have said Sandra Bullock but she did adopt.

    I know Aniston seems like the popular guess but I just don’t think it’s her. I do agree with the poster above who said this sounds like a long married or in a relationship actress. Aniston jumps from costar to costar quick and hadn’t had many long relationships since Brad.

  • thesassmachine

    i was really concerned that someone was going to confuse khloe kardashian with “a lister” and throw her name into the ring.

    i’m both thrilled/relieved that this isn’t the case. whew.

  • lolabomb

    Here’s going out on a limb. Drew Barrymore.

  • floridahoya

    If she really wanted to adopt, she would so I don’t see why that’s a hurdle to her having children

    • GoesInCircles

      Right…Denise Richards just adopted a child so I think they let anyone who has money and a modicum of fame adopt now days.

      • Ralphie

        And apparently being a former call girl and ex wife of a crazy lunatic doesn’t concern some agencies!

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Maybe JA had one of her people leak this little tidbit for sympathy. Especially since I doubt she’s received rave reviews from the public for stealing someone elses man.
      Awwww, boo hoo, poor Jenny!

      • Caz1310

        Agree. People aren’t buying her relationship with Justin so Huvane has concocted another sympathy article. No-one can prove the detail either way.

    • pushpins

      Maybe she really wants to go through the whole process of conceiving and giving birth. Maybe it’s something she feels strongly about.

  • JeansAddiction

    My first thought was Jennifer Aniston. So many actresses are having babies on their own, I don’t think this A-list actress necessarily has to be married. The tabloids are constantly printing stories about how desperate she is to get married and have a baby. And after the divorce they published stories about how Brad left her because he wanted to start a family and she was putting her career first. Remember when she was on SNL and did that skit as a paparazzi? And kept shouting out, “When are you going to have a baby?”

    But just to be different, how about Demi Moore? The tabloids have been making up stories about her being desperate to give Ashton a child. And I will throw out Beyonce and Fergie as thoughts, too (there are always pregnancy about them in the press).

    • GoesInCircles

      I think Jennifer Aniston too. It probably isn’t, but she was the first person to come to mind. It doesn’t sound like this person is married.

      I disagree about Demi Moore because she has children already. It says she “wanted to be a mother for a long time” and Demi has been a mother for a long time. Beyonce and Fergie aren’t really actors, they are singers who have acted. I think this is strictly an actress.

  • SayItAintSo

    I think Jennifer too and I hope she has wonderful things in her future.

  • dee123

    I hope it’s not Aniston. I find the whole ‘woe is me’ thing after Brad left very annoying.

    • Rock90210

      She’s not saying it – the press is.

    • Reader

      Jen was the consummate discrete ex. she refused to talk to the press about the breakdown of her marriage and refused to badmouth Brad or even Angelina after the whole scandal broke. Jen only broke her silence to vanity fair after brad did a really tasteless spread in W magazine with Angelina where they enacted the perfect fifties era family complete with kids. and even then she didn’t pull out all the cr*p that she could have about Angelina calling their private residence asking for Brad and hanging up on her. and the whole tacky episode where Brad teared up when Oprah asked if he wanted kids. the press pulled the whole “woe is me” – poor Jennifer Aniston having her husband stolen by a maneater. I was not a Jennifer Aniston fan by any means until the cheating scandal broke. But her dignity and refusal to pander to the press was what made me respect her. As for angelina – you think she’s articulate. Have you seen some of the press she gave before she built her multi-million dollar press machine. there’s even a video clip (which her lawyers probably had suppressed by now) where she rambles on about how sex on heroin is “like pure and holy.”

  • pushpins

    There was a similar blind a few weeks back about an A list actress tying to fall pregnant via fertility treatments. Many guessed Jennifer Aniston.

  • tracking

    Aniston. Whose womb is scrutinized to remotely the same extent?

  • cocobeannns

    I think it’s Aniston as well.

  • thatswanlady

    It has to be Jennifer Aniston — has to be. Everything fits. And if this is true, and it IS her, then I think it’s horrible of Brad to leave her and immediately start procreating with Angelina Jolie. What a slap in the face — “You can’t conceive? Look, this younger woman can!”

    On a sort of related note, I think it’s terribly unfair that so many unfit parents keep popping out kid after kid, when there are so many people (who would be great parents) struggling with infertility.

    • GoesInCircles

      Maybe she wasn’t trying or didn’t want to have children yet when with Brad. It’s been quite a few years since they split.

      • Rden

        I think i read tho that she miscarried right before they split. Not sure if it’s true. Poor Jen, hopefully she’s got the right guy now. Theroux seems to be a good bloke.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        True. And according to her and/or the press, it’s been oooh approximately five years, six months, 24 days, nine hours and 16 minutes.

  • CrazyInAlabama

    I think it sounds like Jen but that answer seems way too easy and very transparent.

    I remember rumors swirling when Brad left her that she didn’t want kids right away because she wanted to work on her movie career and that he wanted kids right away. I also think it’s a load of crap that people are giving her crap for “stealing” a man when Angelina did it to her in such a big way and no one seems to remember or care. Jolie destroyed a marriage and it wasn’t the first relationship she trashed either. Suffering from infertility I can say that it does kill a marriage. It is one of the hardest struggles and if she went through the hormone therapy then OMG! I can understand her not wanting to talk about it and the crazy mood swings that can ruin relationships. I am sick of all the poor aniston stories. Leave her alone. She may be over Brad or not but she isn’t saying a thing about him, the PRESS is speculating. I have not seen an interview where Aniston says she misses Brad or anything. If you have never been through infertility be thankful, it *! Sorry BG getting off the soap box…

    • Anaishilator

      Umm….no one is giving Anniston nearly the amount of crap for ‘stealing’ Theroux is Angie did and still does get for ‘stealing’ Brad. Second of all, no man can be stolen. If a relationships is bad then it makes one or both vulnerable to falling for someone else and it seems like this was the case in both scenarios. And wait, how did your comment turn from speculation about a BI to a rant about Brad Pitt? Crazy in Alabama indeed 😛

  • GoesInCircles

    Is the photo supposed to be a clue? Because the women in the pic is holding a toddler but looks to be pregnant…

  • NurseRozetta

    Should be Aniston but it would be too obvious!

  • Ralphie

    Am I the only one dreading the inevitable overslaught of media coverage when Aniston does actually get pregnant or adopt?

    • GoesInCircles

      No, you are not.
      Me thinks if it weren’t for her marriage to Brad she wouldn’t be A list and would still be making movies like “Picture Perfect”…although all her movies are kind of like “Picture Perfect” in that they all kind of *. She plays the same character…Rachel Green…in every movie.
      I don’t feel sorry for her because Angelina “stole” her man. A married person can’t be “stolen” unless s/he wants to be imo.

      • Welcome, Angelina! Love, BG

      • GoesInCircles

        Ha! Love you.

      • Ralphie

        Married or not, she kind of did the same thing with her new guy. He had been with his gf for 14 years…in some places that’s common law marriage.

        I’m NOT a fan of Aniston but I also don’t think anyone has the right to speculate what goes on in a marriage. It’s no ones business but JA and BP what ultimately ended their marriage.

  • mu1444

    Aniston. She played Rachel Green on Friends, the bedroom and woman’s dress in the picture is green. Boom.

  • Tru Tru2

    I’m trying to play the devil’s advocate…
    I think that this person sounds “married”..

    if Jen has been going through all of these treatments to conceive, I’ve seen no bloat…but Gulianna hasn’t bloated so I guess that’s not true.

    who are the A listers that do not have kids..I can only think of Jen..

    does Betty White have kids?? j/k.

  • ImThinking

    Sandra Bullock

  • css1014

    Sounds like a JA publicity stunt. I am not surprised that she can’t get pregnant since she obsessively exercises and diets. I do not believe she has had fertility treatments since she is not bloated. She will never ruin her figure because that is her only asset-she’s a mediocre actress and she is not beautiful. At the time of her breakup with Brad she had a half season of Friends and 5 movies lined up and did not want to get pregnant which sent him right into Angie’s arms sincee she had just adopted Maddox.

    • blinx

      I hope she will be a better mommie than AJ if she does have a child!
      All those photo-ops of AJ and the kids sure don’t look like she’s a real mom. She’s too busy making movies and going halfway around the world for her photo-ops, in order to manipulate the public.
      Kids need a mother at home to nurture and raise them. Brad could be a substitute mommy but he’s also busy with his career.

  • lcl22

    I doubt it’s Aniston. In interviews she seems to always bring up kids-she told People magazine she’d be barefoot and pregnant ‘soon’. I just think a woman who had major fertility issues wouldn’t be so blithe to joke about pregnancy.
    Also Brad Pitt obviously would have been OK with adopting because he’s got 3 adopted kids.
    Also aren’t the current tab stories usually about her going back to Brad and/or getting married rather than pregnant since she hasn’t had a steady boyfriend until recently?

  • Stardust

    Probably Aniston. The picture is mostly ‘green’ and her character on Friends was “Rachel Greene”.