Dog Versus Bunny

[BuzzFoto] This B list singer who has done some film work keeps several rabbits in her backyard. She loves raising rabbits and takes great care of them. Her next door neighbor, this C list child star owns a dog that came and k*lled three of the rabbits. This has caused really bad feelings between the neighbors, especially since the C lister refuses to take responsibility. 584


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  1. wfreshie says

    found a list of 5 famous owners but none are singers,

    Miley cyrus has at least 1 so that is my guess for now

  2. Seanx40 says

    Dogs kill rodents. That is what they are for. The dog owner should know that, and make sure their dog stays out of the neighbors yard.

  3. FzFzFz says

    That’s sad. A friend of mine has two rabbits, they’re really smart animals and great pets when properly taken care of. She should keep them inside if they keep being killed, otherwise she’s just knowingly putting them at risk.

    • irishmarty says

      You’re absolutely right FzFzFz, if this person truly cared for her rabbits, she wouldn’t keep them outside. Every rabbit caretaker knows that.

  4. Quanah says

    Vanessa Carlton’s new cd is called “Rabbits On The Run”…has she done any film work?