Celebrity Couple Is Pregnant But Not Happy



[BlindGossip] This celebrity couple is pregnant, but both parties aren’t happy about it.

She is all about the family. She loves children and would happily have whole gaggle of kids. But he is just not that into being a husband and father, and was looking for a way out of the marriage. In fact, he already had one foot out the door. Why? Because an ex of his is going to be back on the market soon, and he was excited about giving that relationship another shot. But with another bun now in the oven, he knows he would look like a total jerk if he left his wife within the next year.

Expect the baby announcement to be made within the next three weeks. And expect him to pretend he’s happy about it. After all, his many talents do include acting.



Husband’s Ex:


It’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner! Source: BG

Wow, those three weeks just flew by, didn’t they?

The couple, married since 2005, have just announced that they are expecting their third child.  And they’re not just happy. They are “thrilled”!

Ben and Jen already have two daughters, five-year-old Violet and two-year-old Seraphina Affleck.

Everybody got this one right, the first being MPaige! Congrats!

We’ll leave the identity of Ben’s ex a mystery for now, as we are quite sure that Ben is going to stay put for another year (and maybe longer if it’s a boy).

Here’s the announcement, courtesy of Access Hollywood:


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child.

Reps for the 39-year-old actors confirmed the news to the Associated Press on Monday.

According to the AP, the couple is “thrilled” over the news.

Ben and Jen who married in 2005, have two children – Violet, now 5, and Seraphina, 2.

Jennifer has spoken before about her joy over being a mom, telling Parents magazine in 2009 that it opened her heart.

“The best part of being a mom is the kid herself — that you get to have this little person be your friend and hang out with you (and drive you crazy!),” she told the mag at the time. “Obviously your life changes and your heart expands, and it’s something you can’t even put into words without sounding incredibly sentimental and cliched — both of which I am! But what it really is, is this new being is there, which is just the most fun ever.”

While pregnant with Seraphina, Jennifer said she used it as an excuse to enjoy more sweets.

“I always have cravings,” she also told Parents magazine. “It doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant or not! I use pregnancy as an excuse to say I’m craving ice cream and chocolate, but really, that’s just me.”

Jennifer spent this past weekend promoting her new film — “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” co-starring “Warrior’s” Joel Edgerton — at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif.


It’s a boy! Jennifer Garner gave birth to a boy on February 28, 2012. Here’s the announcement from People Magazine:

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Welcome Third Child

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are proud parents for the third time.

The couple has welcomed a son in Santa Monica, a source confirms to PEOPLE. The new addition joins big sisters Seraphina, 3, and Violet, 6.

The couple announced they were expecting in August, with Garner telling Jay Leno in January that they knew the sex of the baby, but weren’t sharing.

“It would be so weird to have a boy,” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres, but also said the experience would be “cool and different.”

Affleck, in turn, said in 2010 that the three-against-one female-to-male ratio in his house leaves him significantly outnumbered.

In January, Garner and Affleck, both 39, were photographed walking arm-in-arm, with Garner sporting a sizable baby bump.

“He knows when to swoop in with the gesture. He’s sweet that way,” the actress says of her husband. “Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it’s not taken for granted.”

It’s really nice that they’ve added a boy to their brood. But do you know what it really means? It means that Ben is going to stay put for a while now that he has the son he always wanted. Slap a Red Sox hat on that kid and call it a day!

Too bad, Mystery Woman! Looks like you’ll have to set your sights on someone else now!

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  1. akajenb says

    Here is what I don’t get about people in the real world/hollywood in this case Ben Afflect:

    1.I know in hollywood it’s better to be married and create an image than to be single.

    2. Why enter into an unhappy marriage?

    3.Why bring kids into that unhappy situation?

    4.This all applies to Ben Afflect in this case and other celebrities.

    5. Just because he is gonna have a boy now, he is willing to stay for a while in an unhealthy relationship.smdh

    6. Why Jen keep having kids with a guy who wants out of a relationship? I mean bringing kids in that kind of situation make life that much difficult.

    7. Does Jen actually having all those kids will change Ben’s heart.smh

    I can’t get why people do this.

  2. WindyLAX says

    I don’t care what all the gossip says, I will continue to believe they are truly happy and in love until the day I die (or they announce their split)!

  3. Stars In My Eyes says

    Dear Lord: Please oh pretty please with a cherry on top keep Jennifer Garner married to Ben Affleck till his death do them part. I ask that in your mercy you never allow the ugly disaster of Bennifer, the real life Godzilla, to reemerge. Amen.

  4. antiaphrodite says

    No sympathy for Ben. If he doesn’t want more babies or to be married to her anymore, why have unprotected sex? Hell, why have sex with her in general? It’s so easy to not have a baby.

  5. seattlegirl says

    Dear Ace: did Ben’s ex, referred to in this solved blind, just publicly announce her divorce? (Or-ahem- ‘uncoupling’)

  6. LooLoo says

    That was what I wondered- he wanted out so badly and then repeatedly had unprotected s*x with the woman he wanted away from? It sounds like he’s either dumb or incredibly selfish. I suspect it’s both, though.