Athlete’s Gorgeous Daughter Is In Trouble

[NationalEnquirer] Which legendary athlete and his D-list actress wife are worried sick about their daughter’s risky behavior as she navigates the Hollywood party scene? The gorgeous 20-something, who’s also a budding actress, is boozing and sleeping her way around town.

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34 comments to Athlete’s Gorgeous Daughter Is In Trouble

  • Sea Turtle

    Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones & their daughter Paulina!

    • hobbes

      Great guess sea turtle – everything fits. And escape2 – Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player EVER!

      • Seanx40

        Second greatest…Gordie Howe was better.

      • jinx

        I’d pick Bobby Orr as the greatest. He didn’t get a chance to have a full career like the two mentioned above.

        Wayne looks just as goofy now as he ever did so I doubt he got implants. lol

      • Outlineboy

        I would say Gordie Howe well over Orr but there’s no debate at all that Gretzky was the greatest ever. Simply no contest.

        And yeah, I’ve never seen one picture of his daughter before but she totally looks like a Paris Hilton-type wannabe party girl.

        This blind HAS to be him. JJ is definitely D-list on a good day.

      • YourMother

        Anyone who doesn’t think that Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time doesn’t know hockey very well. Check your stats: he holds or shares SIXTY-ONE RECORDS in the NHL. No one else even comes close.
        Most goals: 894 (Howe’s in second with 801), most points, most assists, the list goes on.
        Seriously. Look it up.
        Gretzky is the greatest of all time.

      • jinx

        You have your opinion, I have mine. Orr didn’t get the protection that Gretzky did from McSorley and got so pounded he had to undergo over a dozen knee surgeries.

        As of 2010, the only players in league history to have averaged more points per game than Orr are Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Mike Bossy, all of them forwards. Orr pioneered an offensive style for a defenceman, and he has influenced countless defencemen who followed him.

        There I looked it up

    • msp96302

      I think you are right. Wow…she is strange looking. Incidentally, Wayne has the most hideous cheek implants Ive ever seen.

      • boomboompow

        Agree with this guess and after googling images of Wayne, totally agree with msp’s comments. Why does anyone, especially atheletes, do that? He looks ridiculous.

      • prrlikekitty

        because he’s had a broken cheekbone..

  • Ralphie

    Not too many athletes can be considered legendary…this is definitely Gretzky.

    Janet Jones wasn’t an angel when or since she married him. Sounds like daughter is following in mommys footsteps.

    • ladymarmalade

      Exactly and even less are married to D list movie stars. I’ve always heard Janet Jones was kind of a jerk.

      Sort of off topic- I searched to see what Paulina Gretzky looked like, I came across a picture of Tom Selleck’s daughter. She’s…um….I’m sure she has a nice personality.

  • jokerjim65

    Makes sense that is it Gretzky, but disagree with the cheekbone implants. I have met him numerous times through hockey events, etc… going back 17 years, he does not look much different, except for age, as he did then.

    • GoesInCircles

      I don’t think he has them either. He’s has the same kind of face and has aged like my dad…lost a lot of facial fat and makes his cheekbones look more pronounced. imo

  • Lindsay Bluth

    No doubt it’s Gretzky. It’s a shame but like Ralphie said, you reap what you sow.

  • Steel

    Agreed. She was on Pretty Wild last year, hanging out with her classy gal-pals the Neiers sisters.

  • Tracy511

    Elizabeth Montana?

  • digitallyspeaking

    As unfortunate as it is, I agree that this is probably Paulina. She celebrated her 21st b’day in Vegas, and the whole family did the same for her brother Ty’s 21st this month. Mom and Dad need to parent-up.

  • cindyl

    Yep, Paulina for sure.

    [links without explanation not allowed]

  • SallyBride

    Yes, Wayne has the best offensive numbers in the game, and could be magic to watch.
    But he’s never been considered the best all around player. Was Bobby Orr, The Rocket, Gordie Howe etc. in such constant need of goon protection?

  • lolaV

    Considering that one of her credits on IMDB is as a friend of the Neiers sisters on ‘Pretty Wild’, I think Paulina Gretzky is a pretty good guess!

  • shopgirlnola

    What about Vanessa William’s daughter? She’s in her 20s and her dad is Rick Fox.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Britny Gastinaeu as the daughter. Was her mom a D-List actress? Her dad is a well-known athlete… They’re not married but they both could be concerned…?

    And you hear Britny linked to a slew of people these days too…

  • MizNico

    Vanessa’s daughter with Rick Fox is 11. I certainly hope it’s not her!