TV Star Makes His Wife Sign Quitclaim Deeds

[NationalEnquirer] Which major TV star tells anyone who will listen how madly in love he is with his wife – but recently made his spouse sign “quit claim” deeds [sic] on their TWO mansions over to him so she can’t claim the properties if they split up?

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22 comments to TV Star Makes His Wife Sign Quitclaim Deeds

  • waxDiva

    That is ridiculous! Hope the wife got the financial equivalent of the homes that she’s turning over in the event they split. Why would anyone sign a legal doc without their own atty looking it over first?

    • Outlineboy

      When I hear stories like this I often wonder if it’s really the “star” doing this or his business manager/lawyer/agent/accountant. I know the person in question has the ultimate NO on the procedure but usually there’s someone in a suit instigating this stuff.

  • lahteb

    Kelsey Grammer

    • ImThinking

      Kelsey Grammer is so obvious and the first name I thought. Who else could it be ???

      • gippercat

        Yeah, didn’t he just marry without a prenup? This could be his wealth-protection strategy.

  • ZigZagZoey

    Eric Dane?

  • sleepless

    Didn’t Larry King quit claim 2 homes over to his wife before their latest split? Maybe he wants them back, besides they were probably his before he even married her.

    • gippercat

      Ooh this is a good guess!

      • Nomad

        You can’t take back a quit claim. You have forever relinquished your claim unless you can prove you were under duress, i.e., chained it a closet or something. I doubt that Larry was…

      • gippercat

        Dunno about that – his suspenders look like they could be a bit tight sometimes… just kidding. It’s always helpful to have someone with legal knowledge weigh in on these kinds of blinds, so thanks!

      • sleepless

        The blind doesn’t say he took the quit claim back. It says “made his spouse sign “quit claim” deeds [sic] on their TWO mansions over to him so she can’t claim the properties if they split up?”

        She could have signed a quit claim deed back to him or to trust.

    • amagod121

      This guess makes the most sense. Why would anyone else’s wife sign something so detrimental to her finances? And didn’t Larry and his wife get back together, so maybe she feels it’s only fair to give back his property – until the next divorce petition, at least.

  • 4six2

    Could this be connected to the “major star” whose wife just attempted suicide and signed into a mental hospital? Perhaps she signed the houses over, found out about an affair, and felt rather distraught…

  • KWDragon

    Patrick Dempsey?

  • Jonez

    What a charmer. I’m so sad I missed this stud.
    I say Peter Facinelli … just because I can 😉

  • boomboom

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

  • dee123

    Kelsey Grammer.

  • Rocks

    Sadly I second the Eric Dane guess. Maybe other motives and not so much *.

  • Furfle

    Regis just put one of his two mansions in Greenwich on the market.