Actress Is Wigging Out

[NewYorkPost] Which actress never leaves the house without a wig? The long-locked beauty has been losing hair from emotional stress.

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49 comments to Actress Is Wigging Out

  • amagod121

    Angelina Jolie??

    • Sedulous

      Poor AJ she loses any more hair she will be bald.

      • amagod121

        Bald and bird-thin. I used to think she was so beautiful but she’s just too thin these days.

    • kellyj

      Ordinarily…I would feel badly about anyone suffering like this.

      BUT if it is Miss Angelina Jolie Voight, which I pray it is, I say: Good riddance, hon, KARMA’s a…well you know the rest.

      Emotional stress? St. Angelina – my you know what!

      This woman went around making a career of wrecking other women’s relationships…She didn’t care who she hurt, so long as she got what she wanted. Two situations come to mind: She had an affair with Billy Bob when he was engaged to Laura Dern. She also had an affair with Brad Pitt while he was married to Jennifer Aniston.

      God knows how many other people she’s gone to bed with — no cares at all who got hurt in the crossfire. You’d have thought she might have learned how much something like that hurt watching how her dad cheated on her own mother and the hurt she must have felt over it. But nooo…

      Sure, Angelina (even bald) is an attractive 30 something year old woman. But guess what? Hollywood’s full of 18, 19, 20 year old girls who will hopefully catch Brad’s eye one of these days, and maybe give this homewrecker a dose of her own medicine!

      • KimDealrules

        Calm down, Jennifer.

      • claireyface

        Hahahaha <3 Brilliant. Kim Deal really does rule.

        Personally I've suffered from hair loss… I'm only 23 and it's really awful. If you haven't had it happen, you just can't imagine. I'd never wish it upon anyone or rejoice in the hair loss of anyone. I never thought I'd be so vain as to let it affect my confidence… but trust me, it springs on you! Whoever this blind is about has my sincerest sympathy, no matter what is causing their hair loss. And you're right, karma is a bitch… ever wondered what may happen to you when you delight in the suffering of others? Something to think about. I say that with the greatest of peace by the way, I'm not trying to be nasty.

        And while some may tut at Angelina for what she's done… it does after all take two to tango. Those men are just as guilty, if not more so. She was single. Slutty maybe, but single. Those men on the other hand? They are the true home wreckers. Don't want to excuse anyone for their behaviour or anything, but please – a little objectivity is necessary for human kind to advance.

        Anyway – as for a guess… I'm going with Angelina too after google imaging her. But I bet there are more than a few out there…
        Anyway. As for a guess? I

      • MommyPalooza

        Agree with claireyface.

        I’m 31 and have been dealing with hair issues for years now. Unless you have suffered it, you just really have no idea. It’s another level of cruelty to delight in someone else’s suffering.

        Personally I think Angelina’s problem (if this is about her, I hadn’t heard about her losing hair at all) is that she is simply too thin. I hope whatever is going on with her gets healed.

  • Scorpio13

    This could be anyone. I’ll say Eva Longoria.

  • knowitall

    I’ll go with CZJ given her stress levels…

  • ZigZagZoey

    Megan Fox, I think that’s why she looked like an alien head here….

  • melina

    I’m pretty sure this is Lindsay Lohan, she’s almost bold.

    • melina

      lol I meant bald

      • amagod121

        At this point she SHOULD wear a wig but proudly parades her baldness around. And mind you, I’d normally never knock someone for it but hers is supposedly due to drug abuse.

  • Mmmmyeahyouwantme

    I vote for Christina Aguilera.

  • Smoke

    Katy Perry?

  • catiesd

    I like the Lohan guess…”never leaves the house”, especially appropriate now.

  • tracking

    Jolie is the only one I can think of who obviously wears false hair on the top and front (vs. extensions).

  • Rden

    it’s Jennifer Hudson. I saw a picture where her wig was visible.

  • Quinnie88

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA hands down!! shes been wearing blonde wigs for a while now…. bad ones too,
    Look at every pic of her with that long wavy platinum blonde thing shes sports, you will never see her scalp. Face it shes been bleaching her hair over 10 years WTF did she expect?

  • Aceticle

    I’ve heard Jennifer Lopez is a heavy duty wig user.

  • melissakoz

    Most of these people are SINGERS, where the blind says actress..

    I’m going with Lohan.

  • Alex

    heather locklear?

  • Tracy

    Sorry, I’m a new poster — does the fact that it’s from the NY Post mean it’s NY? Or anywhere??

  • ladymarmalade

    I’m all for a good juicy post, but this one just makes me feel bad for the person. I lost a lot of hair because of a medical condition and it is so heartbreaking. It really shakes your confidence. Mine is still coming back and I hope whoever this person is gets theirs back, too.

    • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

      I’m sorry. Hope you are well Lady!

      • ladymarmalade

        Thanks TMBTNO! I am doing better now and I didn’t go completely bald, but I lost about one third of my hair. It’s the worst feeling when you wash your hair and see all the hair that is falling out.

        The good news for this actress is if it’s just stress related, the loss should slow down and start coming back when her stress levels go back down.

    • ZigZagZoey

      I feel bad for the peson too, and I hope yours comes back and you feel well.

    • yourbrwneyedgirl

      Same here. I lost a ton of hair after having my twins at 21 and now at 23, it’s slowly growing back and about a third of it is gray and it’s hard to ever have a good hair day with little baby hairs sticking out all over the place :( I’m seriously considering taking prenatal vitamins again just for my hair. I wish everyone the best of luck with their hair woes, I know how much it sucks.

  • dee123

    Like the Megan Fox guess.

  • ZixiofIx

    It’s Nicole Kidman.

  • karaduff

    God it could be anybody!

  • rhchapin

    This blind is from the New York Post so I am going to guess Sarah Jessica Parker. She is an actress with long hair who has been in movies and on TV and is proud to be a New Yorker.

  • MommyPalooza

    Christina Aguilera wears wigs on ‘The Voice’. I just thought she liked big hair.

  • shabbychic

    Totally off topic here. But my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. She started taking chemo and began losing her hair. So I shaved my head to support her.

    Believe me, we never realize how vain we are about hair until you don’t have any. All the commercials, the TV shows, the movies, etc. And then just looking at yourself in the mirror with no hair, gets a bit disheartening. But! That moment doesn’t last very long. I’d totally have my sister with me than have a head of gorgeous, flowing hair.

  • thebutlerdidit

    Good luck to your sis, shabby!

    Denise Richards