Meet and Greet at The Upfronts

BlindGossip – This actor has been in several TV series over the years. Since he will be taking a lead role in a series next season, the network arranged a meet and greet with him at the upfronts (a series of meetings where the networks present their television shows to the advertisers).

The actor started downing beers early, and by the time of the meet and greet, he was drunk.

Now, our actor started out as a happy drunk, hugging and taking photos with fans and signing autographs. But he began losing it after the first hour. At one point, a fan came up to him and told him that they had loved him since [insert name of TV drama]. Instead of politely thanking them, he started yelling “I’ll never get away from that damn show!” He then went on to insult every aspect of the show. Guess he forgot that it was that show that changed his career.

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66 comments to Meet and Greet at The Upfronts

  • ImWearingVersace

    Cheers? Friends?

    • kellyj

      The beer being poured makes me think of Cheers as well. So which cast member has a TV show in the pipeline??

    • jenb

      How about David Caruso? HE left NYPD blue because he wanted to become a star in movies , when that didn’t work out he got a spot on another tv show as horatio, don’t remember the name of

      • jenb

        Didn’t he get black ball in hollywood for that? His ego when he wasn’t even the main star of the show. David Caruso is always mention in conversationS about stars who always believe they were bigger than the show they were on. lol

      • Where have you been? Caruso has been on CSI: Miami for over 5 years.

  • Grandma

    Matthew Perry, he just went into rehab and he’ll never get away from “Friends”.

  • lisi_lis

    ashton kutcher?

    • lisi_lis

      oh no never mind, i didn’t read it correctly,

      • Why wouldn’t this be Ashton Kutcher? He has been on several series – That 70s Show and Punk’d and has the lead in Two and a Half Men next year. The show he was angry about was probably That 70s Show. But what am I missing in the clue that would indicate its not Ashton?

      • Oh, there it is “…tv drama”. Duh. :)

      • luvprue1

        If it a drama than it could be someone from “LOST”….un M Josh Hollway who on the show “Community”,or Jorge Garcia on new show Alcatraz. I do not think Matthew Fox has a new show coming up.

      • Aceticle

        That’s what I thought too, until the part about him being famous for a drama. I don’t think Ashton’s ever been on a drama (or at least isn’t well-known for one).

  • tequilafish

    Kiefer Sutherland.

    And the new TV drama is Fox’s Touch.

  • apple martini

    I wonder if it’s ANY new series or one that’s actually been picked up? I ask because Matthew Perry was supposed to be in a new series this fall, but the network ended up passing on it. I think that’s what I read? So I don’t know if that “counts” or not. If it does, then he’s also my guess. With Friends being the obvious albatross around his neck. He also announced that he’s going back to rehab.

  • meme

    I just looked at a quick summary of the new shows already presented. Nothing jumped out at me. Actually, I thought I had a case for Will Arnett but it said the show he “can’t get away from” is a drama. I love him, so I am glad it can’t be Will.

  • dee123

    It’s not Sutherland. The only show he’s ever been in was 24, it’s more likely to be Rob Lowe.

    • mimiv

      Rob Lowe has been sober for many, many years – and looks it, too. Compare his looks to Charlie Sheen’s, who’s about the same age. Drugs are bad!

  • Ralphie

    I’m wondering if this is related to who takes over the Office. James Spader was a rumored candidate so I’ll say this is him. He was on The Practice and Boston Legal but did a few sitcom guest spots in between.

  • Katie

    I’m gonna guess Mark Paul Gosselaar. He was at the upfronts for his new
    show & SAVED BY THE BELL totally MADE him. He will ALWAYS be Zack Morris.

    Though i’ve had friends that have met him before & said he’s a sweet guy. I can see this happening.

    • meme

      original show not a drama so it can’t be him :)

    • keke

      SBTB isn’t a drama.

      • sneezy47

        Obviously you don’t remember the after school special episode with Jessie and the caffeine pills 😛

        Honestly – no idea, the ‘tv drama’ just throws me for a loop – usually the pics are a clue, could it be the BLUE background?

  • soflagirl

    How bout David Caruso. NYPD Blue made him a star and he left with such animosity for the show.

    • Scorpio13

      Ditto! He was the first person that I thought of.

    • justgrazing

      Love this guess! What show is he going to be on, so I know not to watch it?

    • ferrd69

      oh, i adore this guess. suits him fine.

      he was known to be tough to work with on “nypd blue.”

      and during the first season of “csi miami” one of the tabs had a story about him being “difficult” on set and how producers would consider firing him if it kept up. i read it as being leaked by the producers as a public slap-down–and warning to him.

      that said, i LOVE him on “miami.” he’s, like, the worst actor on tv, so bad he’s genius.

    • jenb

      That’s who i thought of

  • No Kidding

    This could be a few people. My guesses:

    Geoff Stults who begins a new series on Fox, The Finder. He was in 7th Heaven and trust me if I had been in that show I would freak out after being recognized too. What a gawd awful show. I wouldn’t blame him a bit for ranting about it – if he did. lol It probably paid the bills though.

    Eddie Cibrian is the lead for The Playboy Club on NBC. He was in Baywatch Nights. LOL And, also CSI:Miami, Ugly Betty and Third Watch. He has done a lot of TV and I could see him definitely getting drunk and spouting off.

    Jorge Garcia who will be a lead in Alcatraz (NBC) this fall. I can see him not being able to get away from his Lost character. That show had a committed following. He was also in Becker.

    • OriginalJJ

      I think Jorge Garcia can be ruled out. He never has anything but positive things to say about Lost. He always comes across as very thankful for the role. It would be tough though, trying to shake a character from such a huge show. I can see how someone less gracious than Garcia would find it frustrating.

    • O-Kay

      Ah, but don’t forget, Eddie did a bunch of soaps back in the day too. They’re dramas! I was actually thinking John Stamos for this (with General Hospital as the TV drama), but I don’t think he’s got a series coming up this fall.

      • rory12

        I’m pretty sure that nobody thinks of General Hospital when they think of John Stamos, given the option of the other show. I am going with James Van Der Beek or Dylan Walsh.

  • Ralphie

    I change my guess to Dylan Walsh, known for Nip/Tuck. In a new show on CBS and has had personal issues the last few years.

    • Midnight Q

      Damn you beat me to it! As soon as I read this I thought Dylan Walsh. He’s going to be on “Unforgettable” on CBS, but he’ll always be Sean McNamara to me (btw he sucks. Julian McMahon is way better)

  • Scorpio13

    Tom Selleck is my other guess.

  • paulina

    Brian Austin Green has a new show coming up on TBS. I can see him being pissed about 90210 being brought up by fans. You know…since he is all grown up now!! (whatever dude!) ~ BUT then again Harold Perrineau is also in that same show. And by the sounds of it, he did not leave LOST by choice. So I am throwing these two names into the hat…

  • melmac

    James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek

    • cocobeannns

      Good guess. What new show is he going to be on? I remember hearing about it. But, did that show change his career? I don’t remember him doing much after the show ended.

    • Montana

      I would say no to this…he has been in a series of “James Van Der Memes” poking fun at himself. He was also in that Kesha video which was definitely not meant to be taken seriously.

    • Addictedtotext

      He’s going to be on Apartment 23 as himself and they make fun of “Dawson” in the clip so I’m not sure it’s him but it sounds very likely. (the clip is on Hulu right now as are a bunch of the new ABC shows for fall)

  • mymommydrinks

    William Shatner

  • hannele

    This may be wrong, but I want to say Noah Wyle. He will be starring in a series starting this June on TNT.

  • ohnoshedidnt

    I’m going with Jason Priestly. Known to be a drinker and the show was 90210. He’s been in the supporting cast of about three shows that never made it past a year.

  • lala

    James Van Der Beek with the new show being Apartment 23 and the old show being Dawsons Creek.

  • shonz

    It could be Matthew Fox – Party of Five, anyone?

    On that, who was the other guy on that show? Could it be him…?

  • I have a few guesses and one has been already named:

    James Van Der Beeck is in Apt 123 and he was on Dawson’s Creek
    David James Elliott is on Good Christian Belles and I think he was the Jag guy.

    This blind really piqued my interest and I looked at all of the new shows and these were the only two that seemed to fit the bill – unless Hector Elizondo freaked out about St. Elsewhere…..

    This was a good blind BG. Thanks.

  • ohhaiHolli

    I say definitely it’s Ashton Kutcher!
    First time posting!!