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TMZ – A new lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges that  “An A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally” has knowingly exposed a sex partner to the h*rpes virus.  But here’s the rub — the suit doesn’t name the celeb.

According to the suit, the plaintiff — who also is not named — met the celebrity in Las Vegas April 1.  The suit claims the celeb — a male who is worth in excess of $100 million  — “entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires.”

The suit claims the celeb told the plaintiff he had “no venereal diseases.”  At that point, they watched porn and engaged in “mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse.”  And, it was all videotaped!

According to the lawsuit, filed by attorney Keith Davidson, it didn’t end well, because the plaintiff contracted herpes.  The suit claims the celeb knew all along he had herpes and lied to the plaintiff in order to satisfy his desires.

The plaintiff — not identified as either a man or a woman — is suing for more than $20 million.

You can read the entire document here, courtesy of our friends at TMZ.


TMZ has learned … the person who is suing an internationally famous celebrity for intentionally transmitting herpes has multiple videos of the sex acts that allegedly transmitted the disease — and now there’s a bidding war for the tapes.

… several porn companies have already offered the plaintiff — through the lawyer, Keith Davidson, a fortune. has offered a cool $1 million, sight unseen, while another company is offering even more.

And get this … a prominent  niche website is also willing to ante up beaucoup bucks — specifically to entice “bug chasers” to watch.  For the uninformed, “bug chasing” is the act of knowingly engaging in sex with someone who has an STD.

Finally … as for why these alleged Las Vegas sex acts were videotaped, the lawsuit claims, “as the [celebrity] expressed, so they could relive the magic over — and over — again.”


There is long list of potential defendants in this case. RadarOnline has compiled a list of male celebrities who are known to have been in Las Vegas around April 1, the period of time that this incident took place.

So, just who was in Sin City on  April Fools Day?

Hundreds of celebs! There was a film industry event, Cinema-Con. The Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tourney had plenty A-listers. And the Academy of Country Music Awards lured a who’s who.

At Cinema-Con, headquartered at Caesars Palace: Ryan Reynolds, Russell Brand, Vin Diesel, Tyler Perry, Jack Black,Tim Allen, John Travolta and others.

With Michael Jordan at the golf tournament were actors Larry David, Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx; model Gabriel Aubry; director Spike Lee; talk show host Maury Povich; NFL QB Drew Brees; hockey icons Wayne Gretsky and Mario Lemieux; and retired baseball stars Ken Griffey Jr., Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and Mike Piazza.

Notable names at the ACM Awards included American Idol judge Steven Tyler, TV hunk Chace Crawford and country artists Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Toby Keith.


TMZ has reported that the celebrity just settled the suit for over $5M, so it looks like the name of the celebrity will likely never be made public.

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138 comments to Rich A-List Celeb Gave The Gift

  • Lisiloo

    Charlie Sheen

    • Gumcuddler


    • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

      This is very Charlie like behavior but is he really worth “in excess of $100 million”? I thought before that his advisors were trying to talk him out of buying a house down the street that he was going to make into his porn house because of financial reasons.

      • Scorpio13

        Charlie was the first name that popped up.

      • Scorpio13

        I feel like this is a belated “April Fools Day” joke. I will go with Michael Jordan on this one.

      • amagod121

        I agree with Michael Jordon on this one. I’m seeing sports star written all over this one – they seem to mess around even more than Hollywood people, and it seems that many male actors aren’t even hetero. Also 100 million is a huge amount of money, and I’m not sure that many of those on the list above would qualify for that sort of measure of wealth. Maybe those who’ve been at their craft for a long time, and who make a lot in other endeavors/endorsements …again, a sports star.

      • amagod121

        Forget about my hetero comment, since the suit doesn’t state the gender of the victim. I don’t know why but I assumed it was a female.

        At any rate, I’m glad the victim got compensation, as it’s a horrible thing to knowingly infect someone else while lying about having an STD.

      • luvprue1

        I do not think Charlie is worth that much. Plus he has been living his life in the public eye for the last few months, so if the girl file a law suit against him, it’s likely would be all over the news. Plus, she likely would be on some talk show, or feature on raderonline talking about it.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Um, would YOU believe Charlie if he told you he didn’t have herpes???? I sure wouldn’t!
      I defintely think it’s a guy though.

      • Lozza

        Ha – true. You wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s would you. I think it’s Farrell ‘cept is he worth that much? He’s got form for the recording.

    • stan

      Toby Keith

    • jenb

      Tom cruise, will Smith or John Travolta

    • bustin

      I agree it charie sheen

  • suedechik79

    ben affleck

  • azura

    Justin Timberlake

    • azura

      both Plaintiff & Defendant are MALES

      paragraph #48 “In engaging in sexual relations with Plaintiff without advising him of his infection with herpes, Defendant breached…”

      • Lozza

        Mmm Timberlake has been shooting Lay the Favourite with Catherine Zeta Jones. Vegas cocktail waitress becomes involved with a group of professional gamblers. Directed by Stephen Frears. Starring Rebecca Hall, Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Casting: Vickie Thomas Casting, 9021 Melrose Ave., Ste. 200B, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Shoots in April.

      • KWDragon

        Good eye, Azura!

  • auntmidgee

    I’m calling BS on this person. April 1st sex, they identified an outbreak, had it tested and confirmed for Herpes AND there has been a lawsuit filed? 43 days is a d*mn short time to get this all into play. I bet the celeb pays up just to avoid the publicity but my guess is that the defense (if it did go to trial) would eat this person alive with medical testimony. Absent a recent, all clear medical exam, I’m not sure how they’d ever prove that the virus came from the celeb.

    • PrincessMofo

      They can DNA test the herpes strain and actually prove the celeb gave it to the plantif.. Magic Johnson was sued for giving a woman aids and Dennis rodman was sued for giving a lady herpes, they both won because of proving the strain they had matched the celebrity

  • AmyWinelake

    John Travolta

  • mrsjaymack

    Charlie’s a good guess but I feel like the plaintiff could be a guy, and I don’t see Charlie gettin’ it on with men.

  • Feral

    Because of the timing issue, I’d guess its Ex Gov. Arnold S. Maybe the wife knew this was coming and it was the final straw.

  • UptightCitizensBrigade

    Definitely a down-low situation, since the plaintiff is male!

    I would guess Tommy Boy, Will Smith, or Travolta ordinarily….

    But I see Keith Urban (and other country music stars) were in Vegas on that date, so I’m just going with him for something different!

    He’s technically worth “only” $30 Mil, but wouldn’t his overall worth be combined with Nicole’s?

    • UptightCitizensBrigade

      Never mind, plaintiff is a woman… “J. Roe” So I’m now guessing Charlie Sheen, simply because the same lawyer representing the plaintiff also represented Capri Anderson, the porn star he locked in the closet a while back.

      • ladymarmalade

        I’m not sure where you saw J. Roe? I read through the whole document and there are great lengths taken for the plaintiff to be gender neutral. The defendant is listed as John Doe. I agree that it is Tommy Girl, Will Smith or Travolta and the plaintiff is male.

        BTW, if you all haven’t read the document at TMZ, you must read at least the first few pages! It’s hysterical! It starts off, “As a carnivorous plant lures unsuspecting victims with a veiled deceit, so did the defendant in this case.” I guess in LA everyone’s got a flair for the dramatic.

      • UptightCitizensBrigade

        I confess I didn’t see the “J. Roe” myself; just saw someone else observing that. :)

        But the very last page definitely says “Plaintiff demands a jury trial for *her* claims…”! I guess the lawyer slipped up at the end?

      • UptightCitizensBrigade

        Oh, and “Attorney for J. Roe” is under the lawyers signature. I do wish it was one of my original male guesses, though. :(

      • ladymarmalade

        Hahaha! Of course it would be the one place I didn’t read! IMO, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a woman. I think people are associating it with Jane Roe of Roe versus Wade, but it could just be completely random.

        UCB, I still say it’s one of your original guesses. Maybe it’s stereotypical of me, but it’s that play wrestling! I can’t get past it!

      • gardena

        Yeah but the documents also have the plaintiff as “him” and to be honest if I’d be a male celebrity looking for a hook up with a woman the first thing I’d asked is the contraception question ,not the STD one. And the play-wrestling thing doesn’t really scream heterosexual sex to me

  • suedechik79

    the plaintiff isnt identified – is that why you think hes male?

    • iheartthis

      I also think this is a man….that being said I have no guess but the international sticks out to me I know I am totally wrong but what about Mike Myers he was on SNL where the picture is from

  • dee123


  • plum

    who was in Las Vegas recently?

  • Tru Tru2

    well it def sounds like two men.

    I don’t think its Charlie he gives 35,000 per lay to porn stars–he can get all of the sex-he wants cause he pays and you can live w/him–LOL
    porn stars love him.

    don’t think he’s wrestling w/a man before sex or bi.
    wowww, to them having it on tape, someone is gonna get some $$$$

  • SnugBug

    sounds gay due to how the s*x act is described. Can a lawyer help out here ? How does one not name a defendant? How does the processor know who to serve.

    The lawsuit states TV and movies so I’m not sure it can be Tom and John. Plus Cos is against drug use, no? While Will Smith has been in tv and movies, has he beEn linked to drugs, ever?

    If celebrity status expands to producers, my guess would be Jerry bruckheimer. He definitely has produced many hits for tv and movies.

    But the WTF, isn’t the plaintiff half responsible? He/she wasn’t rape were they?

    • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

      I agree with your last statement 100%. The risk is there, everyone has to protect themselves. You don’t get in a car and not wear a seatbelt because the driver swears they won’t get in a wreck so why not wrap it up to be on the safe side? But in this sue happy country, people have a habit of blaming others.

      • Violet

        It’s more that the defendant lied and outright told the plaintiff that he had no venereal diseases. Had the defendant been honest about his herpes virus, the plaintiff would have been able to make an informed decision about whether to engage in relations with the defendant, and there would be no lawsuit. The lawsuit is about the defendant’s lie, that resulted in the plaintiff catching a disease.

        I completely agree with the case. If you have an STI/STD and lie about it to your partners, you deserve to be sued for millions every time someone catches a disease from you. It’s completely immoral.

      • SnugBug

        Not to be argumentative but I am wondering what your stance is if a woman claimed she was on birth control and the man went ahead and had unprotected sex and she became pregnant as a result. Can he sue her? Nah, but she could sue him for child support and EVERYONE would say, “tough, he should have put on a condom regardless of what she said.”


      • PrincessMofo

        Hers was was unintentional, She took the proper precautions but still got pregnant.. the celeb outright lied.. but.. say the celeb did wear a condom and the plaintiff still got herpes.. then i think I’d agree with you more..

      • Camembert

        Yes, she can be sued for fraud. Likely the suit would go nowhere, probably like this one–when you have unprotected sex, you are willingly putting yourself at some kind of risk–but these are both clear examples of fraud.

  • Ralphie

    That pic makes me think it’s Justin Timberlake.

    But my gut also makes me say Kanye West for no logical reason.

  • No Kidding

    The substantial fame internationally really sticks out to me, so I’m guessing Simon Cowell. Cowell just signed a $100 million deal for X-Factor America, as well. That was highly reported, so the “victim” would at least know he was worth that much.

    Whoever this is, I’d guess they’ll give the victim shut-up money.

  • Jilliterate

    Hmmm…I agree, I bet this settles out of court. I was talking to a sexual health professional about this topic yesterday, and he said that people don’t typically have a case with herpes (At least in Canada), because it’s considered to be a “known risk” when one enters sexual activity, and it’s strictly a discomfort issue, rather than a lethal disease like AIDs. Personally, I thought that was crap because of the mental trauma of having to inform any future sex partners that you have herpes. But apparently you don’t have to inform them, so hey, just go spread it around like our mystery celeb does.

    Yeesh. Charlie Sheen feels like a logical guess, since this blind is skeezey and gross, but is Charlie Sheen A-list internationally?

    • Violet

      I believe that’s only the case if you fail to ask someone if they have herpes – then you enter into the act knowing the risks involved and there is no case. It’s different if the person knowingly lies about having herpes when their partner asks beforehand. I remember there was a case similar to this in Ontario many years ago where a guy continually lied about having herpes and kept passing it on, and the judge ruled in the plaintiffs’s favour.

  • Erin

    Gerard Butler

  • abby

    The picture is like the “dick in a box” skit from SNL that Timberlake originated, so I’m going with JT.

  • mush

    I think it’s Will Smith. Just for the secrecy, the amount of money involved. Not sure if he hangs round Las Vegas though… Still reckon it’s him though.

  • nywizard08

    I do not think the box near the guys crotch is a reference to J.Timberlake and “dick in a box” it just has to do with “gift giving” of stds. J.Timberlake is suspect though because he is alleged to possibly have herpes as he was with Britney Spears who also is alleged to also have it.Jessica Biel also an ex of timberlake is alleged to have gotten it from Derrick Jeter. Herpes has been around hollywood for sometime. Apparently alot of women got it from Derrick Jeter and then gave it to their respective boyfriends and its funneled its way around. I tend to think its a heterosexual encounter in that a) it was videotape and unless someone is out there is no way they are going to risk that and even out people seldom would and b) the sex was unprotected – no one should do that but id think a gay guy hooking up with a celeb would def go for safe sex – but of course this is assumption.

    The 100 million dollar club is not common.Keith Urban is definitely out. I would strike Travolta, Will Smith, Tom Cruise all from possibilities as all are married with kids and none of em are going to risk that or have it videotaped. It is probably someone single or divorced or possibly openly gay.

    Personally, I think there is no way its Charlie Sheen. No one is their right mind would believe he was sexually clean based on just his word, cmon!

  • justgrazing

    It’s probably one of the COS guys but Ryan Seacreast came to mind as well as Jared Leto.

  • kennepopsicle

    So the A-list celebrity gave the videos to the plaintiff? If that’s true, they were just asking for this to get out.

  • aeduko

    If John Mayer was in Vegas April 1, my money’s on him.

  • lcl22

    Out of left field I’ll say Leo Dicaprio according to Page Six he and Bar broke up.

  • Spectatricedeviante

    I just did a google search with April 1st 2011 and Las Vegas and the results say that both Keith Urban and Michael Jordan were there.

  • waybig

    Jude Law

  • Spectatricedeviante

    and I just read this:

    Making it even more delightful is that that weekend of April 1 is when A-list celebs were at both the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (Chris Tucker, Spike Lee, Larry David, Jamie Foxx) and CinemaCon (Ryan Reynolds, Russell Brand, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Sudeikis).

    • Spectatricedeviante

      So from this, I’m thinking it’s either Ryan Reynolds or Jamie Foxx.

    • veronica

      damnit you beat to it!! but good job!

    • veronica

      ryan reynold is worth $35 mil
      jammie foxx -$85 mil
      russel brand – 5mil
      charlie sheen- 35mil
      jay leno- $150 mil
      justin timberlake $70 mil
      tim allan-$80
      got nothing!

      • twistedme

        James Cameron was also there and he’s totally worth in excess of $100 million. I’m not saying that this guy is him, though.

      • Norcalgal

        James Cameron was going to be my guess when I read the celebrity was worth over $100 million. If he was in Vegas at the right time, I’ll stick with him.

      • ivyleaguer

        where the heck did Jammie Fox get 85 million?

      • Markenstein

        I agree. He’s not what you call bankable. All he has is the Oscar. No big blockbusters.

      • buttercup

        Thank you for this. It’s driving me crazy that people are guessing guys who don’t have 100 million or more!

      • Caz1310

        who is worth $100mil? Jay-Z. Imagine the scandal if it’s him! He’d definitely be the type to be paying hush money.

  • Who me

    “…videotaped it so they could relive the magic over and over again.”
    I’m thinking David Copperfield. He seems to fit the criteria.

    • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

      Ah, another great guess.

    • Who me

      Another person whoo fits the criteria somewhat….Drew Carey. Worth in excess of $100 million…works alot in Vegas….the photo reminds me of “The Drew Carey Show” episode where they did a parody of the movie “The Full Monty”.

  • MamaCat

    Oh Leo.

  • mrree

    It’s 2 men-azura mentioned this earlier, but in Sect VII paragraph 48
    the claim uses Him and His describing both parties
    Also TV and Film are what Defendant is known for
    Music and Sports are not named.
    It could be so many guys, but the key is the video.
    This will be settled out of court

  • laili6

    Eeew. Ew. Ew. Don’t want to know. Don’t want to figure it out.

  • mrree

    At end of document:
    “Plaintiff demands a jury trial for Her claims against Defendant”
    So they included both male & female pronouns referring to Plaintiff
    Either way it would be hard to prove

  • Sleuth

    Bug chasing…yikes!..I’m always learning something new from this site.

  • farleece

    I’m wondering if this lawsuit and supposed sex tape has anything to do with the timing of Howard Bragman’s client coming-out with a media blitz next week?

  • Yuolala

    Leo..he just broke up with Bar.

  • rory12

    Roe is used when the plaintiff is anon. Doe is for unnamed defendants. It doesn’t indicate gender. Haven’t you ever heard of a victim referred to as a Jane Doe?

  • Iocaine

    I’m gonna say it’s George Michael. He’s pretty skeezy and does all kinds of stupid sexual things without thinking about repercussions.

  • fozzie

    J. Doe = Jane Doe or John Doe.

    the description of the activities totally sounds like gay sex. I don’t know a lot of women who enjoy “wrestling” as part of sex. Now cuddling, maybe…

    I think its two guys and I don’t think we are ever going to find out who they are. There will be a payoff.

  • twistedme

    Michael Bay?

  • Ralphie

    Oh this is so Travolta now!

  • ladymarmalade

    Either Travolta or Tyler Perry.

  • ILoveDlisted

    Please be Johnny boy, this scandal may finally set him free!!

  • chicagogal

    I think the key is to find the celeb who stayed in the presidential suite on said date.

  • Peace247

    they engaged in wrestling which kind of hints that this might be a Guy/Guy situation.

  • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

    Am I the only female who enjoys play wrestling with a man? I’m not talking mouth guards and helmets but playful stuff? To me this is not just guy on guy action.

  • TheOtherIan

    My guess is Russell Brand. He seems like the type who’d record his dalliances for later delectation, and with him the plaintiff could be either male or female. He’s pretty much admitted he’s bi. Him or a sports figure. It would be a female plaintiff since a gay sports figure would probably be too closeted to make a video of himself with a dude.

  • countesslurkula

    the only celebs worth $100m or more are Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Tyler Perry or John Travolta.

  • Newtsgal

    The pics makes me think of Justin Timberlake = JT but John Travolta = JT was in Vegas that week and he is A-list and he is internationally known cuz of all that flying he does but, is he worth 100 million?

  • Jilliterate

    Yeah, my money’s on John Travolta. Of this list, he’s the best candidate based on the star’s worth, and the A-list world-wide recognition.

  • dorothea

    After looking through the celebs, and thinking who is in a long term relationship, I came up with Johnny Depp. And I so hope to god it isnt him…cause I will absolutely die. He is internationally known, worth over 100 million, is in a long term relationship with Vanessa Pradis.

    Johnny Depp is an American actor whose films have grossed $2.3 billion in America and $4.8 billion worldwide. His personal net worth is $200 million, his annual salary is over $25 million.

    • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

      I curse you for guessing him!! Johnny Depp does NOT have the herp! He is as clean as a newborn angel.

      • dorothea


  • dorothea

    And also he was at Cinema Con in Las Vegas end of March/April ….

  • Bergen

    How about someone like David Copperfield. A list is stretching it- I know, but there’s that line about “reliving the magic all over again”. There are always weird stories about him floating around.

  • apple martini

    I’m going with Travolta. I agree that the, er, activities seem to suggest guy-on-guy action, and I also think — double standard or nor — that if the plaintiff was a woman, the gender would be explicitly given. That the person is referred to ambiguously suggests to me that it’s another man. Travolta’s one of the very very few on that list who has the given net worth ($100 million is still a lot of money, even for well-established actors) and global name recognition.

  • cath999

    The plaintiff IS a woman, it makes referece to that in the very last line of the TMZ document

  • yinyang

    It’s all EvERYONE is talking about!! I’m thinking Tyler Perry now due
    To the update!

  • yinyang

    Many celebs go to Vegas without the knowledge of public! They fly in secretly and discreetly! So it may not be someone who we know was in Vegas ! I was going to give someone the HERP, I wouldn’t advertise it! They have back doors and alot of privacy given to these peeps so googling who was there may not help!
    They could of been on DL ( til now)

  • bostitch

    The suit was filed in Beverly Hills and it states the defendants primary residence is Los Angeles Cal. I think Travolta’s primary residence is Florida. Also don’t think it’s a Country music personality or sports as the doc. states the defendant is known mostly from T.V. and movies.

  • azura

    again … Justin Timberlake

    1 – JT was in Vegas at that time: “The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open is proud to announce that celebrity host Justin Timberlake will be honored at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards this Saturday, April 2.” (vegasnews)

    2 – JT wrote a song titled “Magic”
    “Your touch is so magic to me … my love is sexy magic …”

    3 – his net worth is around $100M (Travolta’s > $200M

    4 – there are lots of pics of JT with cold sores (=herpes) on the web

  • GoesInCircles

    No where in the document does it say the a-list ACTOR is INTERNATIONALLY known.
    plus actor =/= Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Keith Urban, etc.

    Also document uses “him” and “her” to describe the plaintiff so that’s confusing.

  • Tru Tru2

    Russell Brand or Mommy Travolta–internationally known..

    its obvious that gay/bi MEN would play wrestle, everyone kinda knows its 2 men.

    Thanks for the UPDATE BG!!!

    something tells me this man is married too.

    • You’re welcome, Tru! Love, BG

    • Tia C

      Just discovered this fun website recently – first time post.

      ITA with Tru Tru that Russell Brand or John Travolta are both good guesses.

      As several other posters have already pointed out, if you make it to the end of the long, repetitive complaint (conveniently posted by dear old TMZ), they do use the pronoun “she” in reference to the Plaintiff. So it was a hetero encounter, not a gay one. Not sure why so many people are thinking it was a man/man hook up. Just because there was a little play wrestling? Eh. Some people are into that.

  • nywizard08

    If its a woman plaintiff i say JT is a good guess but if its a dude, i dont..JT just doesnt give me that gay vibe, although hes def a possibility for herpes as he was with britney spears, jessica biel and lindsay lohan all of whom are alleged to have it…Id guess Chace Crawford, as isnt he alleged to have contracted Herpes according to a blind by Ted Cascablanca? But hes no where near 100 million in net worth

  • electric33

    TMZ reported it happened months before April 1

    • Tia C

      I missed that. So then it could’ve been ANYONE. Wonder if we’ll ever find out? Pretty heinous thing to do!

  • Sublime

    Other celebs that were in Vegas during this date:


  • bustin

    Charlie sheen

  • claireyface

    I think this is Tom Cruise.

    Remember that blind a while back, where there was something he was trying to hush up and it would ruin his career?

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part… but my fingers are crossed for Tom Cruise. Oh pleeeease be Tom Cruise.

  • dorothea

    Just to toss a new name How about Keanu Reeves? Worth over $300 miliion just over the Matrix saga alone. He is rather odd, although attractive. Rumors about sexual preference.

    • rebellious contrary and nice

      Keanu has said in interviews of late that he is not gay, and that there was nothing wrong with being gay. It’s been said that he is bisexual and a loner.

  • lola jane

    April 1st? happy april fools day, what an awful “trick”. I hope they do come out with the name. If it was done intentionally the dog should face the public.

  • cindyl

    I think we have to remember that this celeb has ‘substantial fame internationally’ so we have to separate those who are only well-known within the US.

    I’m going to say that Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black, Vin Diesel and Tyler Perry wouldn’t be considered have a lot of international fame.

    I really believe this is Travolta or Cruise.