Mean Girl Plays a Nasty Joke

BuzzFoto – This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by everybody in the group, it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over after the group hung out several weeks ago and the jealous actress had a few drinks in her. She got her hands on a used tampon and put it on the driver’s seat of the nice celeb’s car. When the nice star was walked out to her car by the group, everyone saw it, and although she denied it was hers, everyone was still grossed out. 540

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31 comments to Mean Girl Plays a Nasty Joke

  • shabbychic

    I have no guess….but that’s so juevenile. And gross. Maybe from the Gossip Girl crew?

  • Cuddlebutt

    I want this to be Lea Michelle. No real reason, just my own ugliness. Also, I tend to see people in LA as more drivers than NY.

  • Ralphie

    I’ll go with the 90210 cast bc of the high school mean girls picture. I’m not sure if they mean brightest in terms of star-wattage or intelligence, but I’ll go with Jessica Lowndes as the nice girl and Annalynne McCord or Shanae Grimes as the mean girl.

    • cocobeannns

      Hmm. Interesting. There was just a picture of Grimes hanging out with Lindsey Lohan the other day. Lindsey was in Mean Girls. Don’t know if the picture is a clue, but could be!

  • shelaur22

    Dianna Agron is the nice one. The actress who plays Santana is the mean girl. Show = Glee.

    • aeduko

      Is Naya Rivera the person who plays Santana? The photo makes me think of Lea Michele and the two blonde cheerios, but maybe it’s Naya and the two blondes. Plus Naya’s already proven she can do stuff with cars!

      • jujubee

        I like this guess. I think it is Naya and Dianna (or maybe Heather Morris, though some have commented she’s getting a big head). Dianna does seem pretty dim when she’s being interviewed, and Naya does like to do things to her fellow cast mates cars. Plus, all the publicity pics are of the 3 girls (Naya, Dianna, and Heather) who all played cheerleaders.

      • Ralphie

        None of the characters in the movie Mean Girls were cheerleaders. They did a dance routine at the Christmas pageant, but no cheerleading.

      • jujubee

        Gotcha. It’s been years since I’ve seen that movie.

    • ShhDontTell

      I was thinking glee, but more the girl who played Britney Spears. I cant remember her name…

    • OriginalJJ

      Dianna Agron is nice but so is Naya Rivera (even with the whole car drama). If this is anyone from the Glee cast, it would be Lea Michele and Heather Morris.

  • ohnoshedidnt

    cast of Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. Ferrara has been openly hostile and a b* to Lively in interiews. Lively gets along with the rest of the cast. Despite the Ben Affleck rumors Blake Lively is known as nice but not too bright.

    • yinyang

      I agree w sisterhood of traveling pants cast.. Not sure who but it seems to fit! Might be that Amber chic who is on house now, as being the nice girl.. She seems super sweet! That is my guess!

    • Aceticle

      Yeah, but those movies were all years ago. I don’t see them getting together much anymore, especially after the palpable tension between Blake and the rest. I’m with the Glee guesses–Lea as the mean one and Heather Morris as the nice victim.

  • Grandma

    Deborah Ann Woll and Rutina Wesley

  • pepperk

    DiannA Argon as nice girl. princess Lea as thee mean girl.

    • lindseyann

      Lea and Dianna are best friends. Same with Naya and Heather. And when you see pictures of Dianna and Lea together they look nothing but happy. I really don’t think it’s of the girls from Glee.

      I think it’s probably that 90201 or Gossip Girl.

  • wpolochick

    Lea Michele as the mean girl, Heather Morris as the nice girl.

  • Norcalgal

    Abbie Cornish played the lead in Bright Star. My guess it’s someone from the cast of Sucker Punch. But if the nice girl is not the brightest star, is Abbie the victim or the antagonist?

  • NomiMalone

    “cattier” is one of the clues…Hellcats? I don’t watch the show but it has a young cast doesn’t it?

  • J Hover

    I refuse to believe any of the women mentioned here are mean. Which is magnanimous of me, as none of them have ever accepted a dinner date w/moi. . . ;P

  • dee123

    From the way it’s worded i think it’s a film cast or a show not on the air.
    How about Misha Barton playing that horrible trick on Rachel Bilson?

  • Mardy Bum

    Barfffff! What kinda of person would pick up another person’s used tampon? I can barely touch my own.

  • Katie

    Naya & Heather are best friends on & off screen so i HIGHLY doubt she’d do anything mean towards her.

    Plus all the pictures from filming in NY this past week show ALL of them being super cute & close between takes.

    I think it’s too easy to point the finger at GLEE all the time these days. makes me think it’s gotta be someone else. That being said- I’m thinking someone from HELLCATS. “cattier” being the clue.

    Alyson Michalka being the mean girl, Tisdale being the nicer.

  • Momx6

    Ewww! How did she get her hands on a used tampon? Ick!!

  • yinyang

    Amber Tamblyn my guess for nice girl! Btw that is gross leaving a used tampon! Csi should take blood from it and investigate! H would be able to figure it out:)

  • JamesAA

    Pretty Little Liars

  • ohnoshedidnt

    There have been gossip pages noting that Blake lively was seen at concerts and such with amber tamblyn and the Gilmore girl. I actually read all but ugly Betty and Blake still have relationships