Movie Star Plans Fake Marriage

StarMagazine – Which movie actor, who has previously dated tons of pretty actresses and singers, is not really into women? As whispers that he’s gay grow louder, he’s recently cooked up a plan to have a fake marriage within the next few years.

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63 comments to Movie Star Plans Fake Marriage

  • squeakyclean

    Jake G?

  • so me

    Joe Jonas….

    Too many to choose from in hollyweird

  • Smoke

    Bradley Cooper? Don’t know if he’s dated singers though, and he was married before.

    • Seanx40

      And Jennifer Esposito sued him for divorce on the grounds of “fraud”. They were married like 8 months. And I think it takes 6 months to get divorced!

      • msp96302

        Not exactly true: It was Zellweger who cited fraud with Chesney. Coop/Espo grounds were just plain old irrecon differences.

      • EaterOfWorlds

        Fraud is just the legal term that would allow them to get an annulment. It doesn’t mean one of them defrauded the other.

      • lee123

        True. It ended the Zellweger/Chesney marriage more quickly. They would’ve had to wait a year if they wanted a divorce. In hindsight, they would’ve been better off waiting and avoided all the speculation regarding the term ‘fraud’.

        Don’t think this is about Cooper. I can’t think of any singers being linked with him. I suspect that it’s someone who hasn’t been married before.

    • treyc

      I agree with the Bradley Cooper guess. Him, James Franco or Jake G.

      • luvprue1

        James Franco is a good guess. Rumor started up about him recently.

      • MelodyO

        I can’t imagine the Franco cares what we think either way, as long as people are talking about him. I like Jake G for this.

  • Yuolala

    Man. I always go back and forth with Jake G. Can’t figure him out.

    The gossip columnists/bloggers are pretty divided on whether he’s gay or not
    as well .

    • Smoke

      Lol, I just realized that Jake G and Reese weren’t married, it was Ryan Phillipe that she had her kids with. Squeakyclean might be right, and I agree with you, Yuolala.

  • Scorpio13

    Poor Jakey. I’ll be his beard :)!

  • davew

    Jakey G was my first guess. “pretty actresses and singers” definitely sounds like it’s pointing to the Taylor Swift fauxmance.

  • sinamin

    “cooked” up a plan must be a clue.

  • Jonez

    Jake G. I’ll marry him, I’d make a fantastic beard 😛


    George Cloony

    • luvprue1

      There has always been gay rumors surrounding George, but I doubt that would make him get married. He’s been dealing with it for years. Besides wasn’t there a blind that was suppose to be about him having a 18 year old boyfriend? I doubt he will ever get married to a women.

  • apple martini

    Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • lcl22

    I am going to guess Bradley Cooper…he’s rumored to be dating Jenn Aniston again it would kill two birds with one stone (people would think he’s straight and that she can get a man)

    • Iwonder

      First one to come to mind, Bradley Cooper.
      People just did a story on Aniston and him being back in touch.

  • dee123

    Bradley Cooper played a chef in the 2005 comedy series Kitchen Confidential, sounds “cooked up” to me.

  • HappyNewYear

    Oh Toothy, just come out of the closet already…

  • maybe21

    if this is jake g, can i volunteer to be his fake wife. that would be fun and even if we slept in separate beds i could spend hours looking into his blue eyes.

  • Jen900949

    My first thought was justin timberlake. He dates either singers or actresses and he acts now. Don’t know about gay rumors but I always thought he could be. Plus with the “cook up” comment if I remember right he once owned a restaurant.

    • plum

      i don’t want to think Timberlake is a movie star because he’s an annoying and barely watchable actor in my opinion

  • karaduff

    Poor Toothy. Jake G. is so hot. What a loss to womenkind! But seriously, how can anybody lead a happy life in the closet like this?…Even to go so far as to get married. Is all that money really worth your happiness? I dunno.

  • kellyj

    I’m going with Jake G, too, to follow in the footsteps of Mike Myers, John Travolta, etc. with the fake marriages.

    I could understand why in Rock Hudson’s day this went on, but not so today. Why?

  • I think it’s Gyllenhaal though I kinda agree with previously noted hints ‘not into women’ and the cooking show. still, ‘pretty’ is meant to mean Taylor Swift and I’d say whispers that Gyllenhaal is gay are growing louder, not Bradley. Gyllenhaal also ‘cooked’ in a form of a big joke on some show while promoting Prince of Persia I believe. maybe he also cooked somewhere else recently. any Jake G fans here? anybody knows?

  • CrossingTheLine

    Just to be different….what about Colin Farrell?

    • lolo

      Considering he’s got a few kids, I’m pretty sure he’s straight. (Not that guys in the closet couldn’t have kids, but he comes across as a major playboy, not gay…)

  • urikim00

    If two people are in a relationship and share custody or have children together – why is the marriage fake? Even if Travolta does enjoy both sexes it doesn’t mean his marriage isn’t real.

    Anyway my guess is not Aniston and Cooper she would have done it by now and I don’t think she wants the bad press from another divorce, Taylor Swift has no reason to get married.

    I will go with Jake G and a future to be named b list actress or Jessica Biel

    • spikekuji

      Well, the idea in a marriage is that usually romantic love is given and reciprocated by both parties. It’s not the only thing but it seems to be a buggie, otherwise, they are just roommate who may care for each other.

  • ZigZagZoey

    Don’t know if he ever dated any singers, but Leonardo DiCaprio?

    Although I do think it might be B Cooper. RZ being a beard, and I can so see her as a lesbian (sleeping with his Mom?).

  • Redladyj06

    I just would like to know how I can sign up to be this fake wife?? I have a few student loans to pay off so I am totally ok with the arrangement! Give me a call Toothy, I’ll marry you! I just need a house, car, and an allowance. We can make it work!

  • Caty1225

    Could it be Jeremy Renner? Lots of gossip about him and Tom Cruise..He supposedly flirted with Jessica Simpson and others…

  • NomiMalone

    Jakey G-

    -The many actresses he’s “dated” and the singers being T. Swift and Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley singer who he recently took as his date to the Golden Globes)

    -“recently cooked” on Ellen, which he’s done more than once (earlier this year and back in 07) and if you google him and cooking you’ll see a million stories on how he loves to cook, grow his own vegetables and collects cook books lol

    -“as whispers that he’s gay grow louder”…grow could refer to his beard ( the actual one, on his face lol) and at first glance I thought “whispers” said “whiskers” so whiskers/grow reminded me of a beard, which he’s sporting on the cover of this months cover of Men’s Journal, might be a stretch…

    but I’ll go with Jake

    • NomiMalone

      oh and…the girl in the picture looks like Swift to me…the eyes

      • Camembert

        hey Nomi, let’s go to the Forums shops and buy a dress at Versayse!

      • NomiMalone

        afterwards can we get some…FAJITASSS??…on second thought I better stick with brown rice & vegetables…I have an audition at noon for the position of Crystal Connors understudy

  • TheOtherIan

    My 1st thought was of Jake G., but then I thought na, too easy, too obvious. It could be any actor who has had gay rumors, and there are plenty to pick from. In the end, I do think it’s Jake because “cooked up” might refer to his stated love of cooking. I think he said at one point he’d have been a chef if he wasn’t pursuing an acting career. He has said many times he loves to cook. Geez Jake, come out already. It’s the perceived fakery that’s harming your career, not being gay.

  • spikekuji

    I think it would suck more than we realize to be a faux wife. To be photographed, perhaps even stalked daily. To have to show up at many red carpets and other events and keep up the facade all the time. To never flirt, date or sleep with the pool boy b/c if you do, then it’s your fault the “marriage” crumbled. Yeah, I have put way too much time on this.

    • xxsapphirezz

      Really? Have to stay in million dollar house, have expensive designer clothes and big diamonds, red carpet invitations, have paparazzi her following a lot for mandatory photo ops sounds like great career.
      If she has poor lover by her side, I don’t see big deal why she has no problem with her husband ain’t touching her.

    • xxsapphirezz

      Lucrative deals of being beard and having career boost lead any desperate girls to choose fauxmance with famous IT gays rather than have real romance with struggling straight dude in Hollywood.

      • YoGo

        Agreed sapphire. People would be surprised what women would ‘put up with’. Women can be far more in the driving seat than people assume. Plus, who’s to she she doesn’ get her own ‘secret’ lover behind the scenes too?

  • dorothea

    I think Bradley Cooper. Renee did sing in the Musical Chicago. So she is sort of a singer…lol

  • NorCalDude

    Jake G has intimated one too many times that he is straight, either by telling silly stories to try to explain where some of the rumors come from, or by doing the “shirk/ smile/ laugh” routine at any suggestion of it. Listen Jake, if you read the wonderful BG, you are far too old to be playing games. If you are truly straight, then more power to you….but, if you are indeed Bi or gay, you are REALLY pushing it with the nonsense. You’re part of an accepting age group and you’ve probably already surrounded yourself with gay friendly people anyway (as many closeted gays will do as they get older). Sack up, take a few shots of tequila, and let it fly!

  • ivyleaguer

    I was thinking Clooney as soon as I read this blind. he is a perennial bachelor after all. Maybe he is finally doing the faux marriage thing.

  • onabreak

    First time posting, love the site. I was also thinking Clooney but he hasn’t dated any singers, has he? Usually just minor known wannabes trying to jumpstart or further their careers.

  • JerseyJoe

    Greetz to all… I think it’s Jake G. The clue “has cooked up a plan…” was a dead giveaway for me. Hasn’t there been reports that Jake has a thing for chefs and is/was dating a hot LA chef? There are pics of them together in cyberworld and several reports they have a child together.
    I think it’s Jake.
    But for Jake, I don’t think he will handle the phoney marriage thing for long… He likes the boys and I think in time whenever it may be, will eventually come out cause he won’t handle it well. Fake dating is one thing but marriage is another.