We Smell a Rat

BuzzFoto – This “Vegetarian” Television actress constantly criticizes her cast mates and lectures them on eating meat. She then goes back to her home and spends thousands on ‘rodent control.’

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49 comments to We Smell a Rat

  • VivaLaVidaWithLove

    Lea Michele

  • Elfie

    Lea Michelle is the only vegetarian tv actress. People like her give vegetarians a bad reputation.

  • Elfie

    The pnly vegetarian tv actress I know about*********

    • jujubee

      She’s not even the only vegetarian actress on the show. Dianna Agron and Jenna Ushkowitz both say they’re vegetarians. There may be others, I don’t know. There are lots of vegetarian actors and actresses on TV. There were a bunch on Peta’s sexiest list…dear God I can’t believe I even just referenced that list.

  • lifestinks

    Guessing Lisa Edelstein. She always talks about getting people to eat less meat.

  • yepimbored

    Dianna Agron. Lea Michele is a vegan. Probably why vegetarian is in quotes.

  • UncleEntity

    Sarah Gilbert?

  • BrightStar

    Emily Deschanel?

  • BrightStar

    How about Kaley Cuoco? She’s a TV actress AND she was just in Hop, which has a cartoon rabbit (hence the cartoon rat?).

  • smd1004p

    sandra oh -s a vegan

  • Violet

    Rodent control and choosing not to eat meat are two entirely different things. If the actress was claiming to be an animal rights activist, I could understand the hypocrisy. However, not all vegetarians are activists, some simply restrict meat intake for health reasons. It sounds like the actress just believes a vegetarian diet is healthier.

    Rodent control is also a necessary precaution. Rats can carry diseases and parasites, and cause major damage to houses and electrical items by chewing through wires and cables. They also breed rapidly, so two rats will quickly expand into 20 and before you know it, your house is infested and unliveable.

    • Lassie

      You’re preaching to the choir here. I daresay eating a hamburger, to a vegan, is a no-no. But having rodents infest your house? That’s a bigger no-no! And spending thousands??? I’d just move!…Now I’m curious, what WOULD a vegan do about rats? Live and let live, or kill the suckers?

      • Lassie

        meant vegetarian, not necessarily vegan.

      • APlusFour

        Lassie, I think your first question was more relevant. vegans won’t consume ANY animal products, and this often extends to not wearing anything animal-derived (even wool or silk), where as many vegetarians drink non-ethical dairy, eat eggs, etc. so a vegetarian killing rats would be less hypocritical than a vegan doing it when they won’t even eat honey.

      • aeduko

        Assuming my house was not overrun with rodents, I would try a humane trap before I did anything else. I’ve seen a large rat in a trap and it’s not pretty to watch.

    • La Llorona

      I’m kind of wondering where she lives that she even needs to spend that much (if any) money on rodent control. If it’s a Hollywood Actress, I would think she can afford to live someplace clean.

      • international orange

        LOL! I was wondering the very same thing, I don’t blame her.
        But this amount of rodents has to be New York, not LA.

      • La Llorona

        Not even! If she lives in an expensive apartment, there’s a chance it receives some kind of maintenance if she’s gone for a while (some of the high price apartment complexes around here provide that kind of service). But who knows…

    • Iwonder

      When I was a student our house turned out to be infested with rodents (mice). They told us you only see 10% of the total mice population. And they were literally everywhere (in matrasses, the kitchen, they chewed off our phone cables, they were in the couches, we saw hundreds of them, I don’t want to know how many were living in our house.
      We had to kill them, it was either them or us. It took us months before our house was livable.

      So I don’t judge this actress, you can be a vegetarian because you don’t agree with the way the meat lands on your plate, but to live and let live and be evicted because of mice is taking it too far.

    • Sammi

      That’s kind of why I agree with BrightStar’s guess. Emily Deschanel said she stopped eating meat after she realized how the the meat comes to us, torture of the animals and all. There are plenty of ways to control rodents, torture doesn’t have to be one of them (I heard there were these traps that can safely remove rodents.).

    • hazel

      Totally agree, these things have nothing to do with each other.

  • Hampton

    How about Alicia Silverstone she has been a vegan since before it was fashionable. But she does not seem to work much these days.

  • Ralphie

    I’m confused by the wording of the BV. If “rodent control” meant killing rats or mice, that would be actual rodent control. If they mean spending lots of money on cheese, vegetarians can eat that. Vegans are the ones who don’t eat dairy, and even if a vegetarian chooses not to eat meat, there are humane ways to get rid of vermin anyway. I just dont see how one has anything to so with the other.

    So we learned an actress is a hypocrite? BFD so is half of Hollywood.

    • international orange

      I heard from a pest control guy that mice hate cheese. You
      should use peanut butter on the traps, they love it.

      • Sammi

        I learned that from playing a Nancy Drew game. :] I’m glad that what you said means what I learned is right. I guess that means that if I have a jeweler’s glass thing, I can tell if a diamond is fake or not.

  • dee123

    I don’t get it either is “Rodent Control” doublespeak for something else?
    if not, getting pest control in has nothing to do with what you choose to eat.

    • La Llorona

      I was wondering that too. Perhaps it’s a suggestion that she eats “cheese” or something.

    • ferrd69

      my sense is that it means she lectures ppl not to eat
      meat cuz it kills animals, then she goes home and
      kills animals.

  • Vidalia Q Intrigue

    Since the words are in scare quotes, I’m wondering if this is a reference to drug use, since occasionally stories appear of dealers cutting street drugs like heroin and ecstasy with rat poison.

  • jcmimitaz2

    Emily Deschanel for sure

  • AmyWinelake

    Christina Applegate?

  • Lizzard1012

    Rhis blind is a bit confusing. If vegetarian is in quotes that would lead someone to believe that the person really isn’t. So, would “rodent control” in quotes mean eating meat? Or is the person actually killing rodents?

    Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they still eat other animal by-products like milk and cheeses, and they still wear leather etc etc… I don’t think a vegetarian would mind killing a rodent that infested their house, I know I wouldn’t.

    I don’t have a guess because I don’t really understand what’s with all the quotes…

    • APlusFour

      “and they still wear leather etc” a LOT of vegetarians do not wear leather and would consider that hugely hypocritical.

  • B0SS

    what’s wrong with that?

  • apple martini

    I’m confused as to what the issue is here. I’m not a vegetarian at all, but I don’t see any problems a vegetarian not letting her home get overrun with mice. Unless it’s referencing something else?

  • Barry

    ridiculous comparison. like saying a bug hit her windshield on the way home.

  • ialwaysgettheseright

    Maggie Q. And she lives lots of places, so maybe it’s her Hong kong address. Look at the top hole in the cheese – it even makes a “Q”

  • jujubee

    There are lots of Vegetarian TV actresses, and vegan ones, too. How baout Olivia Wilde, just for a change.

    As a vegetarian (not a vegan) there are some things I have no problem doing. Trapping the field mice that try and get in my house during winter and figuring out how to get rid of stink bugs are 2 things. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. The big problem is that there aren’t enough natural predators for the field mice (decrease in birds of prey population, for example) so we have to do what we have to do.

    I don’t see a conflict. JMO

  • Mooky

    Obviously, it depends on the rationale one employs when preaching vegetarianism. If one’s core argument is that all lives are equal and thus meat is murder, that doesn’t sync up very well with a side dish of D-Con.

  • QubbuQ

    I’m curious, once you’ve ‘humanely’ trapped the rodents… where are you supposed to put them that they don’t go infest someone ELSE’s house? Is there some repository or establishment for wayward rodents to live out their lives in? :-/

  • jaan_black

    I’m sorry but rodents are nasty, I’m a vegetarian and I certainly don’t substitute Bacon bits in my salad for mice or rat turds…one thing has nothing to do with the other, rodents are filthy and need to be exterminated if they’re in your personal space

    • La Llorona

      I don’t have a problem with pet rodents but I agree with you. Feral rodents are dirty, dangerous, and carry diseases.

    • APlusFour

      jaan, that’s kind of ridiculous. i’m borderline between vegetarian and vegan, and i don’t substitute bacon in my salad for cat turds, but i still love my cats and would obviously not kill them. i mean really, wtf?