Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Report

BlindGossip – Normally, a blind item gives you all the details and your job is to guess the identity of the celebrity.

This blind item is reversed. What are the “shocking” and “devastating” secrets contained within Lindsay Lohan’s probation report?

From TMZ:

Multiple sources familiar with the probation report tell TMZ … the report — drafted after Lindsay allegedly took the necklace in January — contains something “shocking” and “devastating” against Lindsay.  The info has never been made public and our sources would not divulge specifics — only to say any judge who uses it to determine sentencing would probably throw the book at Lindsay.

The stakes are high if Lindsay doesn’t accept Judge Keith Schwartz’ proposed sentence — which we’re told is 3 months in jail.  If Lindsay decides to fight the charge, Judge Stephanie Sautner would use the report to determine sentencing if she decides Lindsay violated her probation.   Lindsay faces more than a year in jail for the probation violation.

And even worse for Lindsay … if Lindsay is convicted of felony grand theft, the judge in that case would also consider the scathing probation report.  The maximum sentence Lindsay would get for felony grand theft is 1 year in state prison.

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80 comments to Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Report

  • Jason L

    Most likely drug/booze test failures and not attending required meetings.

    Which, really, is NOT shocking.

  • royal eduardo

    I think she may have killed someone or got caught in some sort of prostitution ring or something. I know I’m wrong but this would be shocking and devastating to her reputation

  • CrossingTheLine

    I bet she was caught in a “high end” escort situation. If not a down & dirty prostitution “allegation”

    • melina

      I agree.
      If I remember correctly there was a BI some time ago in which the BI star was working as an escort and the main guess was Lindsay.

      • ivyleaguer

        This is what I thought of too. But I remember the main guess for that blind being Tara Reid.

    • boomboompow

      She’s p*mping out her sister, and their mother is in on it.

  • hush

    Offer of sex in exchange for hush hush on failed drug test?

  • boomboom

    Offer of sex is good, but One year prison sentence has me leaning towards Physical Violence towards someone in the probation department.

  • 4six2

    The report would be an probation investigation into any alleged wrongdoing in relation to the necklace incident. So I’ll guess that the necklace is the tip of the iceburg to a long pattern of behavior by Lindsay for lots of stolen (er, “forgotten to return or reimburse) items including jewelry, clothes, food, utilities.

    I imagine that she has done this continuously in the past and victims have either chosen to keep quiet or were hushed at the time. Now that Pandora’s box has been opened, there are PLENTY of victims who are ready to testify against her to show her pattern of behavior (even tho their own cases don’t exist) which would DESTROY her “misunderstanding” Defense.

  • plum

    she’s a Hollywood drug dealer?
    she drugs with her younger sister & her mum ?
    she sexs with some dogs/horses/gorillas in some porn movies ?
    sell her body against drugs?

    • inga

      I’ll add:
      she keeps an evil twin chained in her basement
      she uses proceeds of all stolen merchandise to fund Mexican drug cartels
      after all is said and done…her father is really the good guy

  • candycane

    My guess would be, maybe she’s done this often before, as in taken things from stores, friends, etc., along the lines of Wynonna Ryder. Maybe there have been some major thefts that have not been reported in the press, but kept hush hush.

  • dee123

    All of the above.

  • hush

    Violence is quite possible, she has a history of assault. Maybe even a death threat? Wouldn’t put anything past her, she is quite arrogant. Saw she just blew town and is heading for NY…..

  • shabbychic

    that her lips are indeed real?

  • treyc

    I think at this point, her stealing other things would not be shocking.
    I think she was a paid prostitute.

  • Seanx40

    Ok, at this point, what WOULD shock anyone?

    Really, we already know about the drugs, ongoing pattern of theft,stalking and violence.

    Prostitution would not surprise anyone. She has to be making money somehow. She could play that to her advantage, playing the victim. She is good at that.

    Perhaps she is pimping her little sister. Not sure who would pay for that, but it takes all kinds.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Pimping her underage sister to an older man or men is the first thing that came to mind. And possibly having her do so while under the influence of drugs Lindsay shared with her.

      Then again, it states that any judge who uses it to determine sentencing would *probably* throw the book at her. But if the above charges are accurate she would *definitely*get the book thrown at her as well as have another case opened with multiple charges asserted.

      Interesting that this extreme is one of the only real things that would shock me. Lol :/

      So let’s be a little less dramatic and say that through some form of manipulation, she coerced a family or friend to steal for her or that there’s solid evidence that she prostituted herself to cover this and/or other crimes or she committed.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Blackmail in some form could also be a possibility.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        -as in absolute proof that she hired a private detective, digging up dish on those individuals or businesses she’s duped and holding said negative information against them.
        Or absolute proof that she’s threatened to nationally expose those that have caught her by making shocking and devastating false claims. I.e., taking it a couple levels further than she normally does.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Interestingly enough, the title of this blind from a year ago is “She’s dragging kid sibling into risky behavior”. It was solved, answer being Lindsay and Ali.

        Prostitution is just one step away from this. A then 16 year old Ali could have (and may continue to) have sex for money with older men. This constitutes exploitation and for the men involved, rape.
        That Lindsay is teaching her the ropes in the world of sex and that sexual addiction okay, it’s hardly a stretch to believe she’s probably teaching the same “lessons” regarding drugs.

        This would explain why she can’t stop going to clubs even though she’s sworn them off in the past. She needs the money! And the drugs and alcohol are so readily available she can’t say no plus she has to have *something* to ease the pain of her actions and the knowledge that she was once prized in Hollywood and fast becoming a star amongst stars but is now worth nothing in the eyes of those that once believed in her and her career.

        Apply said behaviors to the above case in one form or another and “shocking” and “devastating” would certainly apply!

      • catcab

        [link without explanation deleted]

      • amagod121

        Thanks for including this old link (I remembered the context of the thread but not in its entirety.) I hadn’t realized that this had been solved. It’s beyond most of this site’s gossip in its sordidness, so I’m surprised that the site gave us an answer without fear of legal repercussions (we know how mean Dina can be.)

        I find it very sad and beyond shocking that Lindsey is pulling Ali into dangerous sexual situations. And where is Dina? This entire family is frightening.

        Heaven only knows what’s on Lindsey’s probation report if Lindsey is willing to drag her sister into such horrible situations. I can’t imagine dragging your little sis into such dangerous waters when she clearly is a minor and looks up to you.

  • sweetcheeks

    I believe that it either states how she bribed the woman at Betty Ford to drop her case against Lindsay, and also tried to bribe the necklace store into dropping their case,
    Lindsay may be in cahoots with the necklace store for profits… better business for them, more money for both of them, especially when the video sold.
    She profited from all those shots from her in rehab, called the press herself, and staged this incident to make it look like she took the necklace, but then didn’t really because this is a skewed attempt to make her look like the innocent “recovered” victim who just happens to be getting buttloads of press. The necklace store is going along with it for money and publicity.

    • aeduko

      I’m with you sweetcheeks. My first thought was that it has something to do with that Betty Ford incident (and what the heck happened to that police investigation?).

      • Caz1310

        totally agree – that investigaion did suddenly disappear. Strangely enough, concrete evidence of this would be shocking as it’s such a blatant act of misleading, covering up evidence. I don’t want to consider the possibility of her leading Ali into bad things as is posted above. Dina and Michael’s role in this is incomprehensible.

  • smscat

    If Lindsay had failed a drug test, she would have had to answer for that…had she committed a crime, she would have been investigated and likely arrested. So it seems like it has to be something not illegal or against probation. The thing that popped into mind was offering sexual favors or some other sort of bribe to the probation officer, but that is a completely wild guess and I don’t think it’s true – I’m just wondering what else could it be? I don’t think a probation report would contain allegations of past possible thefts would it? And that history is already known. I really wonder what’s up with this…it sounds kind of suspect but TMZ is usually right and sounds confident. I just don’t understand why if this is true why the judge would not have been harsher if it is so shocking and why Lindsay wouldn’t be more eager to accept the deal.

    • CatGrant

      Same reaction I had. If it was something illegal, I don’t think it would simply be in a report.

    • somethingoriginal

      agree, couldn’t be too illegal otherwise they’d be getting her for it anyway.

      as if she’d serve any decent amount of time regardless of the result

    • amagod121

      You are presuming that the law works for her like it would for us. But time and time again,we have seen otherwise. Who else could walk away from carjacking, kidnapping, a high speed chase, being on coke and possession of coke, all in one sitting? What did she get? Some probation time and some alcohol education classes.

      So I think she’d have to murder a room full of people before she’d get tossed in the clank for serious jail time.

  • DomingoDean

    I’m SOO curious about this I wonder what it could be.
    I read somewhere that it might by HIV but I don’t think that makes sense, plus I don’t think the jude would reprimand Lindsay for having HIV =| either way I hope this comes out

    • hotpinkmomma

      Everthing else but HIV is a crime and would be held against her. I think you’re onto something, Do-D, like when Paris Hilton was freaking out cause she wouldn’t be getting her anti-herpes meds in jail. It’s in the report and she’s afraid it’s coming out. I feel great sympathy for her and her family if this is the case.

    • hannele

      If LiLo had HIV her parasitic parents would be all over the news. They’d * that information out like they’ve done with every other aspect of their daughter’s life.

  • jeannie

    So, the probation report would obviously matter in the case regarding whether Lindsay has violated probation or not, that makes sense. But it seems unusual that it would also factor into her stolen necklace case, so that makes me believe the “shocking” secret has SOMETHING to do with the necklace. I like the idea above that the entire stolen necklace case is a sham, developed by Lindsay and the jewelry store together for publicity. But that’s not shocking enough… somehow I feel drugs and/or prostitution are involved… but again, that’s not shocking enough either. Would anyone be shocked by ANYTHING Lindsay does at this point?

  • funnygirl23

    -She’s selling drugs to her peers in Hollywood?
    -She’s selling/giving drugs to her sis& her friends?
    -death threats?
    -domestic violence?
    -any or all the above?

    Hope we find out soon!

  • yepimbored

    It was probably being paid for sex. Drugs, booze and violence isn’t “shocking” when it comes to Lindsay Lohan.

  • That she’s a good actress.

  • YT82

    That she’s in negotiations to have her sex change documented on Bravo.

    My guess is a bribe of some sort. She has a history of buying her way out of trouble, and she may have offered a bribe to the wrong person(s).

  • soapboxbetty

    Does anyone else remember the blind about the celeb who taking their much younger sister along when they met strangers for sex in public restrooms or something? I’m too lazy to go back and find it, but I believe it was either solved as LL or she was the most popular guess. I am guessing that it is something along those lines.

  • Iwonder

    Maybe there is nothing in it the report? Maybe the Lohans are fuelling this rumor with TMZ (as they’ve done in the past) to add suspense to the whole trial thing. Like her “refusal” not wanting to take the plea or insinuating that she doesn’t want to, when it would be the smartest thing to do.

    Remember, LL is having a ball at this time. She is in the news all the time and in the spotlight, making money from this. For some reason I feel that she knows at this point that her career is over and she is trying to make the most out of this thing for as long as it lasts.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Yes but how much money is actually coming her way? The only profit I can think of is the paps paying her for pictures. And because she’s almost solely photographed going to and from court and while in court, I’m not sure she gets paid at all.

      I agree that she LOVES the attention. She probably believes that “all publicity is good publicity” but because of her desperation she’ll always find a way to stay in the spotlight.

      Of course, as you stated, she’s riding high on this one and probably hopes it will last a long as it can.
      Maybe one of the reasons the book is never thrown her way from judges that have a rep for being strict is that she’s paying them off by giving them a LOT of money -and who knows, maybe even sex. If TMZ reports that she’s offered sex to the court appointed psychologist, why couldn’t she have done the same thing with the judges? Maybe she’s succeeded. Maybe this is why the info hasn’t been released. It would ruin a number of careers.

      Aaaaand finally, a variation on the last paragraph (and probably a little more plausible) the probation report may state that she’s attempted to bribe the judges with sex and/or money. This might just be bad enough to have the book thrown at her without another case being opened.
      Maybe Dina tried setting it up as well. I really don’t know.

      Okay…I think I’m done brainstorming on this one.

      • Iwonder

        She is photographed often, just walking around, getting her hair done; she tips them off and gets paid. They also leak information to websites like TMZ and RadarOnline, I don’t know if she gets paid for that, but it definitely keeps her in the news and worthy of being photographed by paps. I’m sure they have some sort of arrangement.

        Can’t imagine ANY judge who would be so stupid to accept a bribe or sex, she is way too much in the news in a bad way and when she goes down, they all go down with her.
        They did try to bribe the jewelry store, but they were too late. If there was a bribe it would have come from her mother,who then committed a criminal act, would they risk that? Maybe……

        Haven’t seen the TMZ article on her offering sex to the psychologist, was it recent??
        If that is what really happened, she would be qualified as having a disorder and will get treatment like the judge carefully suggested.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        When this blind was a few hours old someone claimed that TMZ said that it was documented that she [deleted]. The comment has disappeared from this page yet my response to it has not. “The blind said the info had never been made public” stands alone and now makes no sense.
        Maybe this is a shame on me for not doing a fact check because I looked on TMZ and found nothing to support the statement.

      • Fam – Not your fault. We deleted the other comment because it was libelous and completely unsupported by TMZ or any other source. Sorry that left your comment just hanging out there. Love, BG

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Awwww, BG, thank you for clarifying on both counts. :)

  • mindy

    she’s really a man…

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    The blind said the info has never been made public.

    • wykkyd

      I take that to mean her complicity in any of the suppositions mentioned here has never been made public, not the incident per se.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Hi Wykkyd. This was a response to a comment that was deleted by BG due to its libelous, inaccurate nature. Scrolling up a few posts explains this. :)

  • Lassie

    When one “offers sex” to someone in order to get something in return – I’m always confused by this type of thinking. Like, I’ll tell the producer I’m agreeable to a quickie in his office if he’ll tell them to make my part in the show bigger. A done deal!..Does this kind of thing actually work??? I would laugh and laugh if it was shown that no, it doesn’t work, but thanks for the swell ride anyway!

    • hotpinkmomma

      Did it work for you? I had a professor in college once threaten to give me a bad grade and I really think he was going to get a bj under the desk if he upped it a letter. I went “over his head” and talked the dean into letting me graduate anyway.

      • amagod121

        It really works. I had a friend in college who didn’t study for an ear-training exam AT ALL. I studied and studied. Meanwhile, she said she’d put on a tight blouse and pull in a good grade. On the day of the test, I made one mistake and got an A-. She made multiple mistakes and got a B+. I was beyond piiiiiiiiissed that she got a grade so close to mine for doing NOTHING other than wearing a tight blouse but there you have it.

      • Lassie

        No, “it didn’t work for ME”. I’m thinking about the rumours about the Hollywood casting couch. If a starlet put out and still didn’t get the job promised…well, what recourse would she have? She couldn’t very well sue the producer, could she?

    • Barry

      the reason that people like Richard Marx said in his song that “don’t mean nothing” is that people exchange the goods for a promise. the promise is most often broken because a producer might get it on with three different chicks for a single role. only one wins. the other two get nothing or minor or even bit parts. that is what they are talking about.
      such a sleazy (but “liberal”) town. they give money to the ACLU and NARAL to make up for treating women terribly.

  • hotpinkmomma

    type “I really think he thought he was going to get a bj….”

  • hannele

    Maybe the big secret is that she’s actually been sober this whole time and her boobs are real.

  • Gemini850

    I’m hearing she has HIV. And someone in the past is accusing her of having sex with people knowing she had it and didn’t tell them. In some states that is a crime.

    • Gemini850

      Also I believe her father last year said she had HIV. Than when people started to say he was crazy he took it back. Also for people who have been reading blind gossips for a while, there was a blind a couple of years ago about a starlet with HIV. The majority answer was Britney Spears, now I’m thinking its Lohan.

      • Iwonder

        I’ve read about that recently. Here is what happened:

        ” It’s sad, because Michael Lohan didn’t write those nasty things about his daughter, but his Twitter was not hacked, either.

        Someone (or someones) from the gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t photoshopped a fake screencap of Michael Lohan’s Twitter claiming that he wrote those nasty things. Because of the obviously morally bankrupt person(s) that fabricated this hoax, this is has been picked up by the mainstream media, reported as fact, and has further ruined an already strained relationship between a father and his daughter. This is most likely also grounds for a huge libel lawsuit against the people of Oh No They Didn’t and Livejournal, but we shall see. [link to false information deleted]

    • wykkyd

      I realize that in some states it’s a crime to “knowingly” spread HIV, but on the face of it, why would a judge want to up your jail time just b/c you have a catastrophic illness? Unless she’s in violation of a prior conviction of this particular offense, this just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • meggiep

    I think this is a false alarm. Her lawyer already said “Judge Schwartz made it abundantly clear Thursday, on the record, that the probation violation, if proven, would be based on the theft allegation and nothing more. If there was such ‘devastating’ information in the Probation Report, wouldn’t the allegations be based on that?” So basically if there IS something devastating in the probation report, it can’t be breaking the law bc otherwise they’d have already “thrown the book” at her. And since this info is purported to land her in the clink—doesn’t make sense.

  • Stinkweed

    If the report held information of an illegal act, wouldn’t she already have been charged with it or had it been considered a probation violation and been thrown back in jail for it?

    I figure this has to do with something directly with the necklace and this particular case.

    Remember the flowers she sent to the store after she was charged with the theft? Perhaps the attached note was an offer of a bribe (like her mom paid off the Betty Ford chick) or perhaps a trade of sexual favors to the owner for not pressing charges.

    I don’t really see either of those things all that shocking, though, considering the source – and both would be considered prosecutable crimes as they are connected to an on going case. Surely they would have released the info and tacked on the charges.

  • Angeryblonde

    It’s probably something like her selling all of the court and settlement deatils to the tabloids. Like everyone mentioned, no one would really be shocked by anything this crack pot does. And if it was so bad and illegal, she would be in jail for it by now.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      In jail for it by now? Angery, her crimes, violations, stealing and lying run so deep that facing the consequences of her actions is sheer humor in gossip circles. She’s ingenious, the way she weasels around the justice system time and again. It’s despicably awe inspiring. Sigh.

  • Lindsay & White Oprah’s bribery to keep her out of trouble

  • AllieG

    I guess prostitution, which I see a lot of people here have guessed but you would be shocked if it did actually come out as true. I remember seeing pics of lindsay in a bikini at Jeremy Piven’s birthday party back in 2006 and wondering why did she strip down to her bikini? Is she putting the goods on display for sale? Then there were all the crotch shots. Def prostitution.

  • wykkyd

    Hmmm…remember that HW theft ring that broke into the homes of Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson? I wonder if it came to light that she was actually an accomplice in those robberies? It would demonstrate a pattern of behavior that a judge would, indeed, take into consideration during sentencing.

  • mmorgan

    most likely:
    -that her mother and sister Ali are her drug dealers
    -that Dina bribed Betty Ford officials to let Lindsay out early
    -that Dina paid off the worker who Lindsay assaulted
    -that Lindsay and Dina owe various movie co.’s thousands of $$$$ for botched deals, including the Linda Lovelace biopic which she was replaced on
    -that Dina paid off the jewelry store owners where Lindsay stole the necklace
    -that Dina bribed the DA and Lindsay’s lawyer for a lighter jail sentence
    -that Michael and Dina both violated their restraining orders
    -that Michael violated his parole many, many times over and refused to go to a court-ordered rehab

    basically, they’re going to throw the book at Mama Lohan