Why She Didn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

BlindGossip – We know a lot about the phony relationships in Hollywood. But even we are occasionally surprised to discover how far the deception goes. This acting couple broke up a few years ago, but there was something odd about the reports that came out after the couple split.

The actress – who had usually been quite reluctant to discuss her private life – told people both that she was surprised by the split, and that she had sadly miscarried before the couple broke up.

We knew that the “surprised” part of that was untrue, as they had a contract that was expiring. But we just found out that the miscarriage comment was also untrue. It was part of the legal settlement, and was designed to make the public believe that the actor was both heterosexual and potent, neither of which is true.

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104 comments to Why She Didn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

  • Camembert

    Tom and Nicole.

  • The One and Only

    Tom Cruise… But, if he’s impotent then what about Suri???

    • super sleuth

      Well, many suspect that Chris Klein (Katie’s fiancé before marrying Tom) is her father.

      • Jade

        And people also suspect Joshua Jackson since he was like the last person Katie saw before her hookup with Tom. Josh mentioned it in a radio interview a few years back that he was surprised to learn that she was dating him and that he hadn’t seen Katie ever since–which is kinda strange because although they were no longer together, they were still really close. She even referred to him as “one of her best friends”.

      • Jilliterate

        I’m a pretty big believer in the Joshua Jackson-daddy theory. After I looked at pictures of Mighty Ducks-era Josh Jackson with new eyes, I was like, “Holy Suri Cruise, Batman!”

      • Antaeus

        When I first saw the pics of Suri, I thought, “She looks like her mother, but she also looks vaguely Asian”. Anyone else have that reaction?

        I didn’t know who Chris Klein was and had to google the dude. Guess what? His mother is Indonesian. Ding ding ding!

      • luvprue1

        one magazine put a picture of Chris Klein as a baby side by side with Suri.

      • centexboiz

        So is Zack from Saved by the Bell.

    • Camembert

      There’s been a ton of speculation regarding Suri’s real parents and exactly when Katie was supposedly carrying her. Most speculation I’ve seen suggest Suri was fathered by either Chris Klein (Katie’s then-fairly recent ex) or Tom’s cousin William Mapother (sp). Other speculation is that Katie gave birth sooner than what was reported and was wearing a false belly for the last few weeks before the reported birth, evidence being Katie being ridiculously active for a woman who appeared 10,000 weeks pregnant and how old Suri looked in the People Magazine reveal. Point being: Suri is a mystery.

      • Elfie

        Was there any speculation if Katie is not the mother? Because they look very alike.

      • Camembert

        At the time I don’t recall speculation that Katie wasn’t the biological mother.

      • jenb

        The speculation was mostly about the dad.

      • ThinkerBelle

        William Mapother??? Barf! He totally creeps me out.

        I’ve always thought Suri looks like Chris Klein. And Katie was totally wearing a false belly which almost showed in some pic towards the end of her “pregnancy.” And I’m very upset some tabloid hasn’t put side by side pics of CK, SC & TC to show that SC looks so much like CK. It’s the worst kept secret in show biz.

        Did CK get a bunch of money to shut up? He went to rehab but I haven’t seen him around much since then. He had to have gotten a lot of money to pay for rehab and to keep him going. Right?

        But BlindGossip, you are living on the edge! The only thing missing is the couple’s two adopted children, his controversial “religion” and her career skyrocketing just as they divorce. Love ya BG!

      • La Llorona

        I second the BG love. This is some great stuff! Juicy goldmine…

      • jenb

        i concur.lol

      • jenb

        There was a blind about a celebrity who still has a pic of her ex on her cell phone and that she was waiting for him until he leaves rehab. Most people guesssed kate and chris for that.

      • Doogy Howzer

        I’ve always thought Suri looked like Mapother (creep that he is….), even before this possibility was raised.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        Most of what Camembert is saying was confirmed to me by a friend in the industry who was privy to the information. I cannot say more than that. I wonder if the truth will ever come out in public.

      • Joggins

        Holy…! Yeah there is definitely a resemblance between Mapother and Suri…that’s kinda creepy!

    • Elfie

      There is a theory.. That Suri is actually Chris Klein daughter.. He is Katie’s ex.. 😛

      • adamsjk

        It was a toss-up between Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett (whom Katie briefly dated shortly before signing her contract with Homunculus Cruise). Without question she gave birth too early for the father to have been Cruise or Mapother [gags]) and had to wear that preposterously-shaped prosthetic pregnant belly for a couple of months after giving birth.

      • Jilliterate

        “Homunculus Cruise” — LOL!

    • jenb

      suri is suppose to be chris klein’s kid, nichole hooked up with ewan and i guess she was pegnant with his kid when she had a miscarriage.I doubt suri is tom’s kid.

    • buttercup

      I totally think it’s his cousin William. Look at Suri and then look at William. It’s creepy.

    • bubbajane

      Impotent isn’t the same as not potent. Potency refers to sperm being viable. His being not potent means he’s sterile or has a low sperm count.

  • Catman

    Artificial insemination?

  • Lassie

    Tom and Nicole.

    And who says he’s Suri’s bio dad? And wasn’t the KateBot rumoured to be wearing a pillow of varying sizes for 9 months?

  • veronicav

    She was apparently dating josh Hartnett prior to meeting Tom; rumor has it Josh Hartnett is actually the father

  • Grandma

    This definitely sounds like Tom and Nicole. As for what about Suri, all the rumors back then were that Chris Klein was the father of the baby.

  • Yuolala

    Tom and Nicole

    and today Charlie Sheen claimed that him being crazy was just an act…

  • Elfie

    The woman in the photo even have that reddish hair. Yep. Tom and Nicky.

  • tequilafish

    It’s Tom and Nicole.

    And this link matches up with everything in this post:

  • JamesAA

    I agree with the Tom and Nicole guest but weren’t there rumours about Nicole being pregnant with Ewan McGregor’s child, though she later “miscarriaged”, and that’s why she divorced Tom? People didn’t believe that Tom had fathered a child.

    • Camembert

      I recall the Ewan rumor, which I think was sparked when Tom said that Nicole “knew what she did.” I always thought that was a total bitch-ass thing for Tom to have said because at that point there were few “official” details of why they split.

      The contemporary narrative was that Tom dumped Nicole while she was filming Moulin Rouge and she subsequently miscarried due to the shock. Or something.

      I don’t know why I’m being such a fount of information on this subject. I remember it was surprising to everyone at the time and I think that began the shift in public opinion of Tom. Worked out very well for Nicole in the end.

      • JamesAA

        Yes, that was it which is why i don’t understand the “part of the legal settlement”. It backfired on Tom

      • Camembert

        “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

      • HollyG

        According to People, the actual quote was “Nic knows exactly why we’re getting a divorce.” Well yeah, because the contract had expired.

        While the entire thing made him seem like a tool, it worked if the primary goal was to keep people from questioning his orientation or ability to get it up.

      • jenb

        Everything is now backfiring on Tom including jokes about him and scientology.lol

      • somethingoriginal

        well i remember the miscarriage being the proof point that they were together over 10 years which meant a different divorce payout. that then meant some other theories didn’t add up but this clarifies it all again.

    • jenb

      That was well known, notice all of the women tom cruise has been with they never got pregnant. But as soon as the contract is over they all got pregnant just ask mimi rogers.lol

      • Caz1310

        And now Penelope Cruz. The day he jumped the couch was really the beginning of the end for Tom.

  • Smoke

    1st time poster. Suri totally looks like Chris Klein. I remember Tom and Nicole renewed their vows rite before they split, and I felt sorry for her. I was deceived, lol!

  • Josh


    First line of the article, about Nicole having a miscarriage right around the time she broke up with Tom.

  • lailabean6

    I agree- it’s definitely Tom and Nicole. Her publicist confirmed that she had a miscarriage after they spilt.

    Here’s an article from people.com stating that she was shocked, as well as pregnant at the time of the split

  • crazycatlady

    I always wondered about the ‘miscarriage’, because I knew it couldn’t have been Tommy Girl’s. Thanks for clearing things up for me, BG!

  • ILoveDlisted

    Isn’t Katies contract up soon?
    Someone needs to do some sneaky DNA tests!

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Whomever succeeds will either become very wealthy or never be heard from again.

  • Julie T

    I remember Nicole saying that she would even dig up the baby’s remains to have a DNA test to prove it was his. It was SO creepy!!! She seemed to be saying it like he was going to argue that it was really his child. Well now it makes sense…

    That whole group of them Tom, Katie, Nicole etc. seem to really have several screws loose….

    • mrsjaymack

      Dig up the baby’s remains? Really? How far along in her “pregnancy” was she that she had remains to bury?

  • kellyj

    Who else COULD it be but Nicole?

  • smscat

    I just feel like Suri really resembles Tom. Maybe it’s just because I think Tom and Katie somewhat resemble each other, but while I certainly understand being suspicious of Tom and the pregnancy/marriage, she looks just like him! It seems a stretch that he’s not the dad.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Whenever I see a pic of Suri all I see is a replica of Katie. Maybe as she ages I’ll see her in a different light.

    • fozzie

      I also think Suri looks like Tom. That is why I believe they used his cousin William Mapother’s sperm to produce the baby with Katie’s egg. That way there would be a resemblance to Tom and a “closer” DNA than with a stranger. In return, Tom helps William’s career. Not the best deal on William’s part…

    • treyc

      I just feel like Suri really resembles Tom.
      She looks exactly like Tom. I see very little Katie. I think a lot of people
      don’t remember Tom from the 80’s. She, imo, is his mini me. She doesn’t look like Chris, Josh or Joshua at all. Maybe William but this is a stretch and what did he get out of it? He isn’t a huge star. It is not like he became a Kevin Dillon or something. (Btw, yes I know Kevin and Matt are brothers but they are the only siblings, family, as of late, that Kevin is almost as famous, if not almost, surpassed his brother.) Heck you think Will’s sperm would at the very least, get him Donnie Wahlberg status. lol.

  • webgirl1

    Does anyone know how long Katie’s contract is? Did he have a contract with Mimi?

    • fozzie

      Ted Casablanca said right at the beginning of the Tom/Katie couch-jumping extravaganza: “yes, there is a contract, its for 5-years, 5-million” (paraphrasing from memory). But in April Suri will be 5 so Tom & Katie must have got together right around now 5 years ago. Shouldn’t they be setting the scene for the split (dissolution of the contract)?

      • kdlkdl

        wow only $5 million?! I would think she could make nearly that in five years worth of acting…what was the draw for her???

    • Seanx40

      Well, doesn’t California law say that after 10 yrs, pre-nups are invalid? And that community property laws are in effect then. So clearly it will be over before then. Another 3 or 4 years of pretend.

    • Jilliterate

      I heard the contract was supposed to be ending this April or May. But I also heard two children were a stipulation of the contract, which clearly hasn’t happened, so I dunno if that’ll just be crossed off the list or what.

  • Opiesgal

    Rumor was that Mimi quit Tom because he could not give her chirrens. Then he and Nicole adopted, then Nicole gets pregnant AFTER they divorce. And yeah Suri looks like Katie but I think it’s most likely from his brothers seed.

  • No Kidding

    I definitely think Suri looks like Katie not so sure about Tom. It’s highly unlikely that Klein is Suri’s biological father since his eyes are a deep brown and Suri’s are a bright blue.

    Katie has green eyes, while Tom’s are a much lighter hazel-grey-green depending on the lighting. Suri’s are definitely blue.

    Josh Hartnett also has brown eyes.

    William Mapother OTOH definitely has blue eyes and there is resemblance between him and Suri.

  • LooLoo

    This sounds a lot like Tom and Nicole, but it’s off a bit. Her miscarriage happened after they broke up. She was already living alone and he refused to visit once the miscarriage happened. I also don’t think she ever said that it was a surprise. Oprah asked her if he had been surprised and she refused to answer saying that she wasn’t going to put any info into the media because her kids would one day see it. I’d guess this is a different couple, but I don’t know who.

    • Smoke

      I do remember that Nicole said she was shocked by Tom wanting a divorce. Can’t remember where I heard that

    • Camembert

      We really can’t trust what any party says about anything regarding their divorce. But we can sure as heck speculate!

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    There is also a rumor that Suri is L. Ron Hubbard’s child (if he really froze his sperm in the 80s).

  • dee123

    Kidman’s life got a million times better after she left that psycho.

    • jenb

      All the women Tom has been with acts more like a robot, but once they leave him they seem more relax.

  • apple martini

    This is so obviously Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, it hardly warrants even being a blind. As to who Suri’s biological father is, that’s a conundrum for another day …

    • apple martini

      Although, looking at the blind, it insinuates that the guy in question isn’t “potent.” Should we take that to mean that he’s … sterile?

  • Lucy928

    “Why She Didn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut” definitely seems like a reference to Tom and Nicole’s “Eyes Wide Shut”…

    • NiceVixen

      And “But even we are occasionally surprised to discover how far the deception goes.” reference to “Far & Away”

  • claireyface


    Do you remember a recent blind… the main guess was Tom Cruise (who else really) who is currently fighting to keep a big secret out of the tabloids right now? A career-ruining secret that will mean his film career is over, a secret so big no family will ever go see his films?

    Blind Gossip just got learned of this bit of information… so… could this blind be part of it or leading up to the big secret? I think this blind is definitely about Tom and Nicole.

    I have never believed he is Suri’s father. She’s the double of Chris Klein. Tom Cruise actually had lying about a miscarriage written into someone’s contract? That’s horrible. But I think it’s just the start of what lies ahead. Are you excited? I’m excited…

  • Dana5570

    Tom and Nicole. All clues point to them.
    I am in the camp that Suri is NOT Tom’s. I saw a pic of Chris Klein as a baby next to Suri and it looked JUST like her. And I can not find that pic of him anywhere on the Web at all, which is weird too!

  • Mamie

    there is also the pic.
    nicole was a red head then…

  • PenandPaper

    In all fairness , who would not have a potency problem being married to Cruella St. Shackles

  • amagod121

    It burns me up that she did this. Imagine claiming to have had something so tragic happen to you when it’s just a big, fake ruse? If this is Nicole, it puts her on Tom’s level, in my book.

    And what a fool Tom was if he thought that this stunt would make him look better. No, claiming that she’d just had a miscarriage around the time that they split and his refusing to see her after the event made him look like a heartless cad, and helped to destroy his career and image. I guess in his book, that beats being seen as an impotent gay. Both parties are equally repugnant for pulling this stunt, in my opinion. Really a ROTTEN thing to lie about.

    He’d just released an interview right before Nicole and he split up, extolling the virtues of their marriage and how deeply he loved her, blah blah. I was so touched by what he said and then about a week later they split. They should have stayed together, they suited one another in their lack of morals.

  • mc0107

    of course nicole did – he’s GAY! he would have been there for the birth, but not the conception.

  • AllieG

    This blind says they broke up a few years ago, which makes me think 3-4 years, Tom and Nicole broke up about 10 years ago. I don’t think this is them. I’m going with Renee Zellweger just because…

  • starina

    This is barely even blind – definitely Tom & Nicole.

  • irishmarty

    I thought the baby’s was Ewan MacGregor’s and that’s why they split. Supposedly they could both each do what they wanted, but when she got pregnant with Ewan’s baby Tom wanted out. Then she lost the baby. Hmm.