Gross Details Behind the Mexican Standoff

BlindGossip – It was big news when this couple broke up, and now you’re going to hear some of the grossest behind-the-scenes details.

There are photos. And a video. In them, the couple is engaged in various sex acts and using lots of filthy language. Since they were married at time, no big deal, right? Well, the man is wearing leather, a brown cap with a racist symbol, and a gun. He also has a little mustache as the result of a scatalogical act in which the couple engages on the video.

When they broke up, he went to rehab, but curiously left after only a short period of time. Why? So that he could secure the tape. She was also extremely worried about the tape, as its publication would have certainly caused her pristine reputation to come crashing down. Her handlers rushed to the home, couldn’t find the tape, but were able to secure some revealing photos.

So, in case you are wondering why she was so quiet after the breakup, it is because she is still vulnerable to being as condemned as he is. He still has the tape, she still has the photos, and the two will be eternally locked in a Mexican-style standoff.

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205 comments to Gross Details Behind the Mexican Standoff

  • Barry

    this is Sandra Bullock and whathisnazisname.

    • jenb

      I guess a few people beat me to it yea, i sense they both could be racist as well.Adopting a black child would disregard those rumors of sandra being racist.

      • jenb

        sandra break up went quietly because jesse has the tape, and if she smears, well not smear we all know he’s racist. If sandra try anything he can destroy her so called perfect image with the tape.Black mail……..sandra better hope that jesse porn star gf doesn’t see that tape because you best beieve she will send it out all over the

    • pinkytotheworld

      fake sandra and fugly jesse

  • Britt

    Sandra and Jesse.

    • luvprue1

      Yes, It must be Sandra and Jesse. There was pictures of one of Jesse ‘s mistresses dress up like Hitler. So if it’s discover that Sandra was into the same thing, it would be very bad for her. Wow, if those pictures are ever release she could lose her child.

  • Yeas

    Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Very disappointmented in you Sandra. Never thought you would feed into such racist, prejudice behavior. He wishes he was Hitler. What an aszhole.

    • Yeas

      Oh and a sidenote: why adopt a Black child if you or your wanna Nazi husband is a racist? To save face I’m starting to really loathe these fake Hollywood celebs.

      • Layale

        I couldn’t agree more. I really liked Sandra before this. I am strongly feel if someone did enough digging, they could find out who she “bought” this baby from. Sorry, but that is truly what I think happened. The timing of that adoption was way too convenient.

      • Yeas

        I couldn’t agree more

      • MichelleFrom Amsterdam

        True words! I am so sad now. This is totally them and I love S and her baby.
        Now I only love her baby. Poor little guy.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        Word, that baby is SO cute! I hope that no matter what, the parents gave up the baby willingly and that she does love the baby and treats him well.

      • luvprue1

        I hope she didn’t just adopt the baby for publicly/good PR. After all she did just win an aware for the “Blind Side”, in which a women adopt a black child.

      • SnugBug

        If this is true, then she would’ve had to plan WAYYYYY in advance because she didn’t know about the cheating when she won the Oscar. She gushed about Jesse during her speech. According to published reports, she had booked rooms at hotels for dress fittings and make up try outs (when in the past she did this at home) Later it was revealed that the reason why she did this was because she had the baby at home and didn’t want anyone to find out.

        Soooo, I don’t know how she could’ve adopted a Black Baby in anticpation that her husband would be outed as a cheater and a racist AFTER she won the Oscar.

        Having said all that, the clues does point to Jesse and Sandra. But I just don’t see her adopting a baby as a PR stunt to throw the public off a racist trail.

      • jenb

        A man that marries a porn star and loves hitler and cheats, i find it hard to believe that sandra didn’t know about it.

      • jenb

        Don’t be surprise if she did.

      • somethingoriginal

        not to mention the fact that you’d be a pretty tolerant racist to adopt a black baby.

      • jenb

        To disregard the fact that she too could be racist.

      • suedechik79

        i dont know one person thats not a racist in some way

      • jenb

        @suedechik79, your missing the point sandra is american sweetheart just like julia roberts, and they are considered perfect. If word gets out sandra has any racist flaws in her, her careeer could be damage with no chance of being repaired.

      • jenb

        @ Yeas that is what hollywood is, they sell you one image for the public/fans to buy but behind the scenes the are nothing like the product they sell. You shouldn’t really trust these celebs or become a fan, because majority of them are hypocrites.They don’t care about their fans as long as you bring them fame and wealth they will smile for you and sign autography’s when they can’t stand regular folks.

      • Yeas

        Exactly. thanks for the knowledge 😀

      • jenb

        @YEAS did you ever see sacha barac cohen movie bruno? where he adopt the black baby and call him oj. That is what most celeb do, they adopt a child to help their image and to create publicity. That is what sandra bullock did, if those photos or sextape ever surface. Her pr team can say look she has adopted a black baby how could she be racist? which is similar to when someone says i have a black/hispanic friends how could i be racist? The reality of it is you can still be racist, despite all of that.As if we will buy that nonsense.

      • Yeas

        Nope never seen it and idc what people say about her being in a fantasy, a man dresses as Hitler while having sex with you? What are her and Kat Von D smoking lol she used that poor baby and she did the blind side right before it. Using Black people cover up your true colors. As a Black woman I am appalled.

    • UncleEntity

      I’m not sure why you assume because he was racist that she is as well. According to the blind they were engaged in a sex act. It was a fantasy. Just because they did a little dress up and dirty talk in the bedroom doesn’t mean that the same behavior carries over into everyday life. Lighten up!

    • Beans345

      ok, i might get some hate-replies for this… but does anyone agree with me that what happens in the bedroom between consenting adults should not be judged? as a minority, i do not tolerate racist/bigoted people, but there are plenty of people who are racist behind closed doors, and you would never know it based on how they present themselves to others in public. i might not think its right, but they are not hurting anyone by doing whatever it is they do in the privacy of their own homes. i guess i just feel like whatever sexual preference someone has, as long as the other participant is consenting, then whats the problem?
      do i like that this situation involves racism? no. but are they hurting anyone? only themselves.
      the couple in this blind deserves whatever backlash they get if this is made public not for their strange sexual practices, but for their stupidity in documenting it.

    • aeduko

      Whoa. And remember there were rumors of a sex tape with him wearing Nazi gear at the time. And the one time she did comment was to say there isn’t a sex tape.

      I always wondered what was behind her perfect image. Now I wish I didn’t know.

  • Layale

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

  • amyamyamy

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James….too too easy and I NEVER get these lol.

  • ladymarmalade

    Jesse and Sandra

  • helena handbasket

    Sandra and Jesse

  • Marina

    Cox and Arquette?

  • texbrook

    Courtney Cox and David Arquette. So obvious!

  • Candice

    Def Sandra and Jessie

  • SheilaK

    Oh hell no, this screams jesse and sandra!

  • shesnotagirl

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • yepimbored

    Courtney and David

  • smd1004p

    what is really gross is that his maternal grandfather was a a survivor from the nazi’s…his mother is jewish- if this blind is intimating he had a swastika on his hat he -is really an idiot

  • Rosario Scarsci

    Wow…that’s some sick stuff.

  • dolceracer

    Bullock and Jesse James, but that is a far fetched guess considering the marriage was arranged

  • Josh

    Cox and Arquette fit the clues; however, I’m suspicious, as I remember hearing about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James having a similar tape, and that turned out to not be true

  • DGBigD7

    Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

  • nikkipicky

    I’m guessing Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, based on his love for hats with racist symbols…plus he was only in rehab for like two weeks.

  • skimpypants

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

  • Bambi

    Aren’t this Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • bluemarine

    it could be jesse james and sandra bullock. he went to rehab immediately after they broke up & left shortly after. she was really quiet about it. there were also those photos of him leaked in nazi gear. as far as i’ve read, david stayed in rehab for a month, and he checked in on NYE, a few months after the breakup.

  • gennylight73

    I really think this is Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

  • dypny

    GASP……………… Sandra Bullock and Jesse James???????????

  • Halo26

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • karlyboy4

    I think it could be Sandra and that chopper dude (whos name escapes me). There are pics of him in Nazi attire already out.

  • Rocks

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

  • keke

    First time poster!

    I’m going with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Courtney Cox’s rep isn’t pristine since the rumors started about her affair with Brian Van Holt.

  • dairy

    Jesse James and Sandra Bullock – even more obvious!

  • Erin

    Jesse & Sandra. She has the pristine All-American rep. He went to sex rehab for all of ten seconds. Nazi stache’ reference.

    “Since they were married at time, no big deal, right?” seems to infer already divorced which to my knowledge Cox & Arquette are not yet.

  • super sleuth

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • Jade

    Courtney and David FTW

  • d33d33

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James FTW

  • fiftycenthead

    No, no, no, ya’ll: Sandra and Jesse.

  • fiftycenthead

    Why are my comments always “awaiting moderation”???

  • Lassie

    Couldn’t happen to a nice couple!

  • sheshe123

    This is Sandra & Jesse. The mustasch is a like Hitler’s.

  • buffy823

    My first thought was Jesse James and Sandra Bullock – but I can’t quite piece together the “Mexican-style standoff” and the title? Jesse had those awful Nazi pics of him come out right after their split and everyone was horrified (rightfully so). If pics came out of her like that then she would be ruined. She is America’s sweetheart… “pristine image”. She also laid very low afterwards, which we ended up finding out was due to her adopting the baby at the same time. I just think it has to be them, but I don’t understand the Mexican piece?

    • super sleuth

      You might want to look up “Dirty Sanchez” to get the Mexican reference here.

    • mannix

      They lived in Austin, TX. Have you ever been to Texas? I live in Texas there is a 40% Hispanic population in Texas.

    • KikiA

      I wondered when someone was going to get the ‘scatological’ reference; it seemed much more of an issue than the other stuff everyone is going on with. I do think what consenting adults do in the bedroom is between them (though… yuck). And people… has he actually said he is into white supremacy? Do we know that for sure? I might be naive, but I don’t necessarily equate dressing up as Hitler and white supremacy as the same thing (unless it is a pretty constant theme). And no, I am not a racist, just sayin

  • ImThinking

    Sandra Bullock and that loser Jessie James since Courtney is already guessed ; )

  • Nancy Droo

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • auntmimi

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

  • auntmimi

    Sandra Bullock has a squeaky clean reputation, and I remember the scandal awhile back where Jesse James was dressed/posing as a Nazi.

  • ceeceesmooth

    I don’t agree it’s Cox-Arquette FTW…I think this points to the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock divorce. These rumors swirled around them at the time of the big, newsmaking, split, and certainly fits his back story, including his brief rehab stint.

  • melina

    What about Eva Longoria? The “mexican style-standoff” might be a clue

    • lovethissite

      I like this guess. Everyone is going with the JJ and SB which is exactly what the writer wanted to happen. The blinds are very rarely revealed as the obvious choice, it would take the fun out of the blinds. BTW, there are a lot of racist symbols, the swastika is no the only one!

      • jenb

        Plus everyone knows eva family is racist? she didn’t even let them know tony was black, even though he’s biracial.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        The reason no one is guessing Tony and Eva is because the clues don’t match. Tony never went to rehab and Miss Eva certainly does not have a pristine reputation. BG is not trying to throw us off the scent of a story that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. The clues in blinds are written so that they can tell us what is going on without naming names so that they don’t get sued by the celebrities.

    • FzFz

      Tony Parker never went to rehab for anything, at least not to my knowledge

  • girl62

    How about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James? He left rehab after only 1 week and is fascinated by nazi themes.

  • digitallyspeaking

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

    “racist symbol”: swastika
    “little mustache”: hitler stache

    “crashing down”: “Crash”, the movie in which she gets all racist about a “mexican” locksmith; not to mention her longtime friendship with George Lopez.
    “rehab”: “28 Days”
    “gun”: “Gun Shy”

    Of course I’m just guessing.

    • KissMyGrits

      Great guess for the Mexican tie-in.

      Why are people so surprised this may be Sandra though? These Hollywood types are masters at spin. I always suspected she was not so sweet and wholesome….after all, she did marry Jesse James!

      • aeduko

        Me too, KMG. Along with no one being that perfect, she’s also a serious control freak about her image, and I always wondered why she went to such lengths . . . like hiding a baby for two months? I never did get that.

    • shannonhumphreys

      All your clues fit. The only other thing I would add is that Kat Von D is half mexican, so that would be another way the mexican stand-off clue fits in this mess. The whole thing is disgusting, but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Sandra as being racist because of it. Marriage is a weird thing, and sometimes you do stuff just because your partner is into it… not necessarily because you find it a huge turn on or anything.

  • caren with a k

    Oh, Sandy

  • ZigZagZoey

    I hate to suggest it, but the first thing that came to my mind was Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. I really hope not.

  • girl62

    jesse james & sandra bullock

  • ILoveDlisted

    Vanilla Gorilla and Sandra Bullock. He went to sex rehab for a second

  • Jemm

    Maybe Sandra and jesse?

  • UptightCitizensBrigade

    NOOOOOO Sandy, NO!!

  • fattymcghee

    sandra bullock/jesse james

  • Populista

    Yes, this is obvs Sandy & Vanilla Gorilla. I second the “Oh, Sandy”.

  • Mardy Bum

    Is Charlie Sheen part Mexican?

  • wykkyd

    Getting sick to my stomach for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is I believe this might be Sandra Bullock and Jesse What’s-His-Name.

    There was another blind a while back about a couple in the throes of a bad break-up, however, she was still rendez-vousing with him to give him money – ostensibly b/c he was nearly broke. I don’t know, I’m thinking on some level of blackmail now that must be a very lucrative, since Jesse packed up business, house & family and relocated to TX to be nearer to his cash cow.

    Hope I’m waaay wrong…

    • Mumumumu

      When you think it couldn’t get any worse. No wonder she adopted that black child so quickly, and posing for the papps lumping that baby around like a loaf of bread.

      • TheMissus

        The adoption was in process long before The Blind Side even began filming. People always try to say she did that to copy that family but that’s ridiculous. I 100% do not believe for a second that she doesn’t love that baby with all her heart. These blinds are purposefully written so that they obviously seem like someone when it could be another. I still adore Sandra and think she’s an amazing mother.

  • chica

    :O This has to be Sandra Bullock! Shocking!

  • Feral

    First time poster. Enjoy the site. This is very sad. I would have thought she had more sense. Wonder if this was filmed at the SB house? She has much more to lose from this than he does at this point. Recall her people moving her belongings out of the SB house very quickly.

  • Seanx

    This exact story came out last year during The Sandra/Jessee split up. They both denied it. So, if it is true…well, then her career is over if it ever comes out.

  • MyNameIsJonas

    I also think it’s Sandra and Jesse — and the Mexican reference might point to kat Von D (who I’m pretty sure is Mexican)

  • Whatzmyname

    Sandra Bullock is not as innocent as she pretends to be……

  • Philly Girl

    Totally Sandra & Jesse

  • Scorpio13

    Tiger and Elin for something different. Though I really think it is SB & JJ.

  • kikilarue

    scatalogical act = dirty sanchez= pretty nasty *little moustache*. So, Im assuming thats part of the reference to a mexican standoff. Im guessing Sandy and jesse, as much as it breaks my heart to think that of her.

    First time post, long time lurker

  • Clare

    Wow, damn, Sandra :/

  • rantersparadise

    Buying, I mean adopting that black kid was one of the biggest and worst PR stunts I have seen in my life.

    The people who bought it says more about them, then her who you should be asking, if you love HER so much, why did she stay with this guy for like 10 years??

    Hmm, was she just cleaning the oven or making cookies? Come on guys….

    • Dont Know For Sure

      I thought the same thing. No way could she be with him and not have known or seen some of the things he collected. I’ve always like Sandra’s personality and thought she was so bubbly. I know there are some people who are naturally chipper but they say sometimes people are hiding something if they smile or laugh all the time, but of course not everyone is like that.

    • jenb

      a pr stunt gone wrong, and trust me alot of other celebs are letting their pr team give them bad advice.

  • ccincanada

    yep, i say sandy and jesse. so sad. i like her so much :(

  • treyc

    Oh pleaassseeee! Does this being Sandra and Jesse really surprise you people?? All those actresses who are labeled “America’s Sweetheart” are either the bitchiest or the most f’d up of them all. After all, she did get with him knowing he was married to a Porn Star. What stable woman
    gets with a man like this to begin with?

    • Dont Know For Sure

      After all, she did get with him knowing he was married to a Porn Star. What stable woman
      gets with a man like this to begin with?


      • ou812

        I agree w/ dkfs. She KNEW what he was b/cause she liked it and wanted to let her freak flag fly! But eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jenb

      @trey c exactly.

    • seasonswatcher

      eh, not all of them are screwed up besides the media labels them it like Aniston after the breakup but.. yeah didn’t SB get with him when he had the ex pregnant? I think she knew of his past and was fine with it but of course threw him overboard when the public knew.

  • lifestinks

    Sounds like Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Awful to think Sandra did this though.

  • SizzlinJen

    For sure Sandra and Jesse! I am disgusted to hear this! I hope this blind is not true, unfortunately I believe BG.

  • katiemarie

    Oh no…I really really hope this isn’t Sandra. I refuse to believe it.

  • Bigmama

    I don’t think it was Sandra…

    I seem to recall that Charlie Sheen didn’t stay in rehab long and neither did David Arquette

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Brooke Mueller does NOT have a pristine reputation! lol
      Courtney and David could be the answer for this BI but Courtney doesn’t really have a pristine rep either. Not a bad one but anyone reading tabloids or BI would’ve heard rumors about her sleeping with her co-stars.
      Sandy on the other hand, has a pristine rep, came out squeaky clean on this divorce and is seen as the doting single mother of a beautiful black baby boy that she “rescued” from life in the inner city of New Orleans. Now if that isn’t a pristine rep, I dunno what is?

      • FzFz

        Agreed, she’s also the only one that people seem to be really emotionally invested in, people don’t really love Courteney like they do Sandra.

      • lee123

        What I don’t get is, if it’s Sandy and Jesse, how the photos nullify the tape? Jesse is a known for his nazi clothing and was married to a porn star. How will this hurt his reputation?

        As for the scatalogical acts. Gross. Wht would someone as famous as Sandy and with her nice girl image to protect allow themselves to be taped doing that?

      • jenb

        Not his reputation it will destroy sandra’s image.

  • jjpickles

    Sandra and Jesse- here’s a link from April, 2010.

  • escape2

    As everyone obviously already knows, Sandra and Jesse. But why the surprise, would she honestly have been with him, unless she wasn’t exactly the same?!

  • mrdlister

    This is Sandra and Jesse. I heard rumors of this sex tape (the gun, the kind of s*x, the poo, the outfit) shortly after the breakup, but I think everyone decided it must have been just a rumor. Perhaps not.

  • shelaur22

    He had feces on his face??????

  • mrsjaymack

    Oh, Sandy…you fooled us all. :-(

  • tdslf

    This could be Tiger Woo and the silent wife. Sandy and Ig seem too obvious.

    • FzFz

      lol at Tiger Woods being a racist

      • lovethissite

        There are lots of people who are bi-racial and identify more with one race and consider themselves that race (ex: Halle Berry considers herself and her daughter to be AA) and they could be racist toward any of the races that they are not or do not consider themselves.

      • FzFz

        I was mostly laughing because I think it’d be kind of funny if right as the storm calmed after his publicity nightmare, it came out that he also considers himself a nazi

      • Whatzmyname

        Halle is only half AA,so that makes her daughter just a quarter AA which is basically Caucasian already.

      • Elfie

        Maybe he is racist to latinos? asians? europeans?

    • jenb

      Tiger can’t be racist? he is more than

      • AllieG

        It’s ignorant to think that a person can’t be racist to their own race. Not that Tiger Woods has ONE race, he has several. And Tiger Woods is not half AA, where did I get this notion? Wiki of course:

        “Earl, a retired lieutenant colonel and Vietnam War veteran, was of mixed African American, Chinese, and Native American ancestry. Kultida (née Punsawad), originally from Thailand, is of mixed Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry.”

        I’m not good with math but Earl is part Chinese and so is Kutilda so doesn’t that make Tiger mostly Chinese?!

        I don’t know if Tiger is racist or not but judging from the pictures of ALL the women he cheated on Elin with i’m going to go with he likes only white women.

  • lindsey7161

    I immediately thought of Tiger and Elin.

    • Stinkweed

      Is it sick that I’d be interested to see Tiger Woods dressed as Hitler?

      I seriously doubt that this is them. Somehow I don’t think either of them are racist.

  • Leah

    Most definitely Sandra and Jesse without a doubt. Wow… That really disappoints me.

  • stolidog

    Sandy and Jesse.
    Interestingly, the BG says he was wearing the icky mustache. Typically, the one wearing the mustache is the one who got, um, penetrated.

  • babyrn

    First time poster!

    While this does seem to scream Sandra and Jesse, I am putting
    my money on Courtney and David! The Mexican reference is what I am
    going on. Courtney bought a place in Mexico right after the split with
    Jen. Also Courtney seems to be waffling on divorce while Sandra made a
    clean break. Personally, I think Sandra seems more sincere than Courtney-
    in my humble opinion anyway! :)

  • theomoody

    i love this site. long time lurker, first time poster. i do believe this is sandra and jesse. when the scandal about jesse’s cheating first broke, one of those shows like entertainment tonight interviewed some blonde porn star who was a friend of jesse’s and she suggested that the media was not telling the whole story and that sandra was not so sweet and innocent. i always felt the same way. this site is so great because i have always been fascinated with the radical difference between the carefully crafted public image vs. the private reality of public figures.

    • FzFz

      Welcome! I remember the same insinuations about Sandra when the story broke, but it seemed like most publications were reluctant to print that stuff

    • jonesing

      After watching her do publicity for “Blind Side” I found something very contrived under the surface.

  • lauralee

    I’ll go w/ Bullock and James as well.. Mexican standoff being perhaps Kat Von D who is half Mexican..

  • NotoriousDiG

    Wow, just wow.

    Here is a link from April 2010, basically confirming that it is Sandra and Jesse (which I think everyone pretty much knew anyway):

    Did I already say wow? Because…wow.

  • mainstreet

    This is my first time posting so I hope I’m allowed to copy this link. I remember reading about this awhile back and was shocked.
    I apologize if thus is not allowed.

  • Iwonder

    Agreed on all the Sandra and Jesse guesses.

    I hope this one does come out so that this bubble will burst. To even think that someone would adopt an African-American baby so they can dodge the bullet on being a racist is just too horrible.
    Jesse claims that he couldn’t be a racist because he spent time on a kibbutz, so yeah right…
    I guess Sandra caught that bug as well as other things that I don’t want to get into. I don’t see this as innocent sexual behaviour that is ok just because they were married. Both of them are scrued up if you ask me. She married him and knew what he was and must be the same, therefore nothing of her up to this point is truthfull. People mag *!!!!

    Kudos to BG and all the posters out here for providing a platform for the truth behind all this pr * that goes on in Hollywood.

  • mikeyDayz

    Why is no one talking about the feces mustache? WTH is wrong with people??? No longer gonna feel bad for Sandra? Disgusted by her and Jesse.

  • Carolina

    Last year, Ian Halperin was reporting that Sandra and Jesse had a sex tape just like this.

    • Yuolala

      Yup! He’s great for the dark,dirty,underground gossip in Hollywood that even tabloids refused to post.

      Too bad not a lot of people believe him.

  • Stinkweed

    I’d love to know how this information got out. Is the woman (whoever she is) stupid enough to tell her friends “Quick! Get in the car! We have to go find that sex tape where we are dressed up like Nazis before someone sees it!”

    • jinx

      LOL! I was thinking that too. The handlers got the pictures – embarrassing!!!

      I think more than Jesse being a racist this has to do with seeking sexual gratification by doing something very taboo. People get to a point where they cannot get off unless they are doing something outrageous. Sounds like Jesse was at that point. In this link:

      Jesse called Sandra at that exact point in time by no coincidence – he needed it.

      All that being said even the nicest purest possible person has something going on behind the scenes – wouldn’t you just die of boredom otherwise???

      I still like Sandra and I’m not jumping off the bandwagon…yet.
      No way she adopted Louis after all this happened, it had been in the works for quite awhile, even the People Mag photos had Jesse in them before the scandal hit then they took him out.

  • DreamyVelvet

    Sooooo, Jesse loves him some Kat poop these days.

  • jaanblack

    Typical…show me someone who is not racist in this country, I’m losing faith

  • tracking

    Why is old Ian Halperin (for real??) gossip being repeated now? Does anyone really believe this?? It sounds like it was invented by someone with an axe to grind, e.g. JJ’s second ex-wife. SB is damned either way, because innuendo hangs on and it’s not like she can prove it *didn’t* happen. Ugh.

  • TxGal

    James is writing a book = how is this one not solved?

  • skimpypants

    Chris Brown and Rihanna.

  • AllieG

    All clues seem to point to Sandra and Jesse. However, I can’t see Sandra being racist. All this talk about Sandra adopting a baby to dispel race rumors makes no sense. Adoption takes a lot of time. Sandra isn’t MISS CLEO (call me now) she couldn’t have known all this hitler/cheating Jesse stuff would happen and plan the adoption of a black child in advance.