Their Relationship is a Fabrication


BlindGossip – This is one gorgeous young couple. She is the sweet, talented star of a popular television show. He is the petulant up-and-coming film lead. They are so close that rumor has it that they are beyond the dating stage and possibly engaged or even married. Um, no. Don’t believe a word of it. Their coupledom is a pure public relations fabrication. They will be together on the red carpet for his film opening/s, but she is scheduled to move on to the arm of a new male actor later this year.


It’s Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer! Source: BG and InTouchWeekly.

According to InTouch:

It appears that Glee beauty Dianna Agron and actor Alex Pettyfer have called it quits. According to an insider, the actress was recently overheard telling a friend, “We are over.”

The couple started dating a year ago and is currently sharing the silver screen in the new film I Am Number Four.

After Dianna was spotted wearing a diamond band on her left ring finger at a recent press event the young stars were instantly dodging engagement rumors. The insider reveals to In Touch the relationship is “definitely off… and so is the engagement.”

Last week at the LA premiere of I Am Number Four, Alex indicated that life with Dianna in the spotlight is “overwhelming.”

Their publicists were hoping for a Twilight kind of effect, where fans would swoon over the couple like the second coming of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and the film would do well as a result. Didn’t happen, so everyone agreed to move on.

Congratulations to everyone who got this right, starting with RedHeadWriter!

By the way, did you catch the clues fabrication/Quinn Fabray (Agron’s character on Glee), and petulant/Pettyfer? IAmTheCheese did! Well done, Cheesy!

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  1. funnygirl23 says

    Dianna Agron and her I Am Number Four costar (sorry,don’t know his name)? I think did read something about her being engaged.

  2. sarahs says

    Alex Pettyfer (starring in the new film about to be released I am Number Four)
    and Dianna Agron (Quinn on Glee)
    There was a rumour about the two of them being engaged about a week ago, and the two have said they are in a relationship.

  3. Aceticle says

    Is Amanda Seigfried (sorry if that’s not her last name) a TV actress or movie? If she’s TV, I vote for her and Ryan P.

  4. MamaCat says

    Diana Agron from Glee and that guy from the movie “I Am Number Four” she’s dating and rumored to be engaged to.

  5. Lassie says

    HOW? Do they DO it???
    Is it in their contracts that they have to be seen in fake relationships? Between that and the mandatory drugs and eating disorders, that’s a trifecta of sad for female celebs.

  6. cocoandhenry says

    Um, since there’s been so much buzz about that Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron “relationship,” I’m guessing it’s them… ‘Specially since he supposedly put a ring on it.

  7. iamthecheese says

    Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer absolutely.

    BG , can i post links? If not…just google these two and there’s wedding talk everywhere

    • Ralphie says

      BG has used this pic before…hmmm..

      Not sure what happened to my guess this time but I’m sure someone else will beat me to my guess before it gets unmoderated…

  8. HeatherP says

    Yeah, it’s Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer. Also, hi BG, this is my first post after lurking for years!

  9. Camembert says

    Apparently if you’re in moderation, either you used a very bad word or you guessed right.

  10. buttercup says

    Lainey Gossip mentioned how she switched her management team to his, and she worries it’s a sign he’s controlling her life. But an alternate theory could be that it just makes it easy on everyone to have all the lies coming from one place!

  11. EmeraldCity says

    Yup Dianna and Pettyfyer! I was just in Westwood today and they were setting up the premeire for I am number Four…ugh

  12. GyThanksGd says

    This one was so easy to guess: Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer.

    What is his reason for faking the relationship?

    I would so love it if Dianna is a lesbian!

    • GyThanksGd says

      He is a very attractive guy, so I would assume that he could easily get a real girlfriend if he wanted one, unless he has some weird personality quirk that interested girls would find too off-putting.

      So Dianna being a beard is possible, but what does she get from it?

  13. Lassie says

    Umm…I’m going to take a wild guess here…I think…it might be Agron and Pettyfer? Does anyone agree with me?

  14. FzFz says

    She is one of the few celebrities that I really cannot stand. I didn’t mind her before all this. But the way she’d try and play coy when asked about her “relationship,” like she was Angelina Jolie or something, annoyed me so much. No one would be interested if she discussed their relationship and clearly no one was interested when she didn’t discuss it. Or maybe it’s just me lol

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

      Count me in as one of the many who are not interested in her relationship with anyone but I couldn’t help but notice some of the online tabloids are reporting that Agron is upset and in hiding from Pettyfer because he is a psycho who is taking the break up really badly, etc etc. If I was Pettyfer and knew this was a fake relationship, I would be PISSED that Agron is dragging his rep through the mud!

      Between her, Naya Rivera and Lea Michele, I think all of the Glee chicks are certifiably INSANE!

  15. Peace247 says

    Someone claimed that she broke up with him over a photoshoot done a year ago and now she’s claiming he’s psycho.

  16. Rooiso says

    And three months later: she is supposedly dating Sebastian Stan of Gossip Girl.
    I can’t believe how true this Blind Item turns out..
    If this girl is in another PR romance I starting to believe that she is the one who likes the ladies in the Glee cast.