A Valentine’s Day Surprise

BlindGossip –This will be their first Valentine’s Day together, and boy, will he be surprised! He may be responsible for the flowers and dinner, but our actress just had her assistant purchase about $500 worth of gifts to bring some excitement to their private time together. Her purchases included a bizarre mix of items, including a latex catsuit for her and some adult-sized baby wear for him. WTF?! This entertaining couple is very clean-cut and All-American looking, not at all the type you would think would be into this kind of role play.

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59 comments to A Valentine’s Day Surprise

  • lovenut

    Justin and Selena! Ha!

  • MichelleFrom Amsterdam

    I thought the same thing! Grosses me out though.

  • insider1970

    First guess: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reyonolds (if they are truly a couple). Certainly clean-cut.

    Second guess: Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz. He is 10 years younger, he could be her “baby” LOL!

    I don’t know.

  • Ralphie

    I’m gonna go with Reese Witherspoon and her fiancé. She and Jake only broke up in Dec of 2009 so maybe she wasn’t officially with Jim Toth on V Day last year…

  • pepperk

    Neve Campbell and Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa.

  • boomboompow

    I hate to say it, but Beiber and Selena.
    – the use of “boy” (boy, will he be surprised”
    – BG identifies her as an actress but doesn’t clarify him (singer? Actor? Teen heartthrob? All of the above?)
    – clean cut (cut = hair do = Beiber!)
    – WTF … I know we all use the text-ese but isn’t it more common with teenagers? The use of it here made me think young ‘uns
    -I definitely wouldn’t think these two would be into role play. They’re already role playing that they’re adults. Be kids, jeez!

    • boobytrap

      i hate to say it, but the way you are reading into the words has me LOL. give me a break! clean cut? WTF?

      • 4six2

        -and the “All American” means not really and Biebs is from Canada
        -OOOH-OOOH, AND the way the first initial of both of their last names is the same as this site!!!
        JK~LOL! 😉

  • Miss Dixie

    amanda seyfried and ryan phillipe

    • stephieb

      I agree – they are the most clean cut, All-American looking new couple I can think of. :)

      • BrightStar

        Well, she DID appear on the cover of THREE Francine Pascal books, according to IMDB. You don’t get much more All-American than Sweet Valley High.

      • treyc

        Ryan is not all-American, clean cute. He cheated on his wife so that counts him out.
        Something tells me Bieber is still a virgin and so is Selena. I don’t think it is them either.

      • clementineiv

        all american and clean cut refer to his appearance, not his behavior. i like this guess, i think it’s them. blond hair, blue eyes, he was a teen heartthrob in his day…

  • DomingoDean

    wow people stop with the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez guesses ! they’re so unnecessary because it seems like it’s always the same people that are guessed for these blinds: Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, etc. its annoying .

  • mommie dearest

    Hey, BG, nice pix! I laughed & was disgusted at the same time!!! I guess Hilary Duff (married Aug ’10) & her hockey pucker.

  • fairy

    Ashley and Joe?

  • bananas

    Meg Ryan and Mellencamp?? If not them I like the Seyfried/Phillippe guess.

  • Brooke

    Jessica Simpson and her gold digger

  • jac

    Why does a comment go into moderation and how long does it say there? I commented for the first time on Monday and it went into moderation and never actually appeared on the board. It was a non-contentious comment with a guess similar to many others. Thanks.

  • Barry


  • 4six2

    Miley (once again, trying to prove how “mature” she is) and that Amy Winehouse leftover, Josh Bowman.

  • AlliCat

    First, BARF! That picture is horrifying!

    Second, Jessica Simpson and whats-his-face

  • MPaige

    I feel like it is Bill and Guilianna Rancic. They just seem too perfect. And they talk about babies all the time…

  • buttercup

    Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron?

  • heartbreaker

    Weird as it is, gotta be the Biebs. Baby picture=his song Baby.

  • Rafael

    This can’t be beiber and gomez.. he could wear a toddler size large daiper.

  • ImThinking

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page

  • sinamin

    Is it my computer, or does that guy have diaper rash – gross!!

  • wpolochick

    2 reasons why this is most likely NOT selena and the biebster: 1) it refers to the female as an actress, whereas Selena is a singer/actress. Typically blinds mention when the persons involved have multiple talents and 2)”Adult sized” baby costume. Bieber is hardly an adult. WHilst both clues “half fit” I don’t think they hit the mark 100% and I think guesses like Amanda Seyfriend/Ryan Phillippe make much more sense.

  • BrightStar

    I dunno, but if this is the Biebster, it will break my father’s heart. He has such a man-crush on Bieber. I think JBiebs is the son he wish he had.

  • luvprue1

    Freddie Prince Jr,and Sarah Michelle Geller. I read someone that he likes her to baby him.

  • jacqueline

    First time poster, love the site. Think this must be Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough. He is the E channel, they both do Entertainment shows, Dancing and Idol (clue in the All American), plus she is also doing movies now. Both are very clean cut and I’m pretty sure this is their first Valentines.

  • edisongel

    Am I wrong or did Julianne mention her car being full of flowers? entertaining fits..there’s really no reason why Ryan P would be entertaining, Beiber/Selena maybe but always seemed pr-stuntish etc and the other guesses fit the BL/so far off.