How Diva Stays So Slim

NewYorkPost – Which television diva who brags nonstop about her svelte body is secretly addicted to laxatives?

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48 comments to How Diva Stays So Slim

  • jaabee

    Kelly Ripa?

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Ripa works out like a dog though. Her muscle definition is crazy. If she were abusing laxatives she’d only succeed in making her muscles more well defined looking.
      I think this blind is talking about someone who is just thin.

      • suedechik79

        i dont understand the difference that youre trying to draw. shes got definition but you could tell if she were using laxatives because shed have defined muscles?

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Forgive me if I wasn’t clear. :)

        I think Kelly Ripa is so thin because she works out. Her body is insanely tone. If she added laxative use on top of her regimen I think it would only prove to assist in flushing out the water in her system and would (I think) make her muscles more well defined looking.
        Maybe that helps?

      • suedechik79

        yeah, i just didnt think there was any way possible to make her muscles look more defined than they already are

    • nanc

      Kelly ripa never brags about her body on the show! Do you watch it? She jokingly makes fun of herself & her boyish figure!

  • CatGrant

    Lea Michele?

    • jeannie

      That’s who I thought of. Definitely a diva, and she lost a lot of weight, and for awhile she was constantly talking about how she was eating right and the routines for the show are pretty intense, etc. Laxatives might explain why she’s lost so much weight while the rest of the cast looks the same.

    • Aceticle

      That’s my guess too! I wonder if she leaks a little when she hits a high note.

    • davew

      She was my first thought too!

  • 4six2

    Lisa Rinna. (Though the Ripa guess is nice)

  • yepimbored

    Sofia Vergara

  • Jennifer

    Giuliana Rancic

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I would hope this isn’t her. Isn’t she desperately trying to have a baby and perhaps trying to gain a little weight so she can sustain a pregnancy?

    • jaabee

      That’s a good one too! I saw a recent photo of her and she looked skeletal…

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        She certainly is skeletal but I’ve never heard about her bragging about how skinny she is. If anything, she’s quoted many times as saying that she wishes people would get off her back about how her lack of body fat is keeping her from getting pregnant. She seemed really desperate to have a baby and I think she would try to put on weight if she could to get pregnant. I definitely think something is wrong with her but I would hope she’s not intentionally taking laxatives to stay skinny while trying to get preggo at the same time.

      • Layale

        If she did, that could explain all the miscarriages. But I do hope it’s not her, and since she isn’t bragging non-stop (imo) about her “svelte body” I don’t think it is her.

  • SayItAintSo

    Betheny Frankel

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      This is the best guess so far. I’m on board

    • SayItAintSo

      Thanks Miss Chernobyl 2011 :)


      I’ll go with this one too. Calling yourself and your products “Skinny Girl” sounds like svelte and bragging to me!

    • Layale

      I am on board with this guess.

    • SayItAintSo

      I agree wtf and layale, I have heard her on tv saying she is “naturally thin”

      • Layale

        Now that you said that, isn’t that the name of her one of her books? She even did that PETA ad. I mean, I know lots of celebs do that, but if I recall, she even bragged a bit on that about how she didn’t feel uncomfortable naked or such. I think I am recalling something along those lines. If so, this definitely fits the non-stop braggins clue.

    • button

      Yea. I’ve heard her recently saying how she realizes she’s too thin and is trying to gain weight. Sure…

  • suedechik79

    i remember the same blind from a year or so ago. bethenny was the most popular guess (or the most logical from the clues). not that only one television diva could be addicted to laxatives or anything…

  • Scorpio13

    Teri Hatcher

  • Rowena

    Bethenny Frankel.

  • doodlemom

    Bethenny Frankel. She’s been touring the country and tweeting about hitting up all the local hot spots, all the while looking thinner than ever. Either her dining out is her only meal of the day or she is OD’ing on laxatives.

  • SimoneDarling

    Richard Simmons

  • clairbear

    Wendy Williams!
    1st time commenting. Love the sight!

  • hotpinkmomma

    Laxatives are so bad for you. My bff died from a hernia created from all her crazy poopy schedule, trying to force it. She got gangreene (?). We were in our 20’s so she was too embarassed to go to the ER and get help. Once you get ganggreene (?) in your intestines apparently you can’t be saved. So don’t do this. There are a million stupid ways to lose weight, don’t try this one. Just saying…now back to the show.

  • Rosario Scarsci

    Bethany Frankel or Wendy Williams.

  • clementineiv

    Kathy Griffin fits this. Just sayin!

    • MyNameIsJonas

      First person I thought of too!

    • jujubee

      I agree. She’s actually the one to bring it up all the time (“bangin’ bikini bod” anyone?). I wondered about Lea Michele, too, but I don’t think she brings it up all the time, though I know people have wondered about her weight loss. So, I think it’s Kathy Griffin.

  • Townsend

    I agree! She has gone to extremes to improve her appearance.