Movie Stars and Bathroom Stalls

BuzzFotoAt a recent awards show, these two co-stars in a nominated film were absent from their chairs because they were doing lines of c*ke in a nearby bathroom stall.

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  1. button says

    Justin Timberlake and someone from the social network at the SAG awards It was his birthday the next day, he was celebrating!

      • suedechik79 says

        michael cera is the poor mans giovanni ribisi, so eisenberg is also the poor mans giovanna ribisi twice removed. or is it once?

      • hotpinkmomma says

        He always acts so socially awkward. Love Michael Cera, especially the time that chick from Modern Family came on to him, or whatever she did. He reaction was very funny.

  2. SizzlinJen says

    I will also go with Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg. Jesse appeared to be very jittery on Saturday Night Live. I could have sworn he was coked out while hosting…

  3. JacKe says

    Wait… is that why Garfield and Eisenberg didn’t join The Social Network team when they won best movie? When they got up Garfield kept giggling and Eisenberg… well, seemed like he normally does – really awkward. But just a little bit more.

  4. nothing but the truth says

    the brits no how to have more fun. lets go straight to the top how about COLIN FIRTH AND GEOFFREY RUSH of the king’s speech. mr rush maybe older but that never stop anybody.