Signing Autographs and Keying Cars

BuzzFoto – At a club just last week, these network reality costars were partying together and having a good time….. at first. They were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and all seemed to be going okay. As the night wore on and the two had more to drink, they started to lose patience with one another. They spent the night trying to compete for attention and as they went to leave, one woman’s named was called out by a group of people for a photo. The other got so jealous she slapped her rival and then keyed her car. The two are currently not speaking. 465

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22 comments to Signing Autographs and Keying Cars

  • cincinnatikate

    Jwow Plastic being jealous at Snooki NoPlastic.

  • cincinnatikate

    no no no, says network.. abc, cbs, nbc, fox

  • Ralphie

    Has to be two Bachelor(ette) skanks…

    I’ve never seen minute of the stupid show in my life, so I have no idea who might be rivals…I’ll go with Lorenzo Lamas’s daughter as one of the involved or DeAnna Pappas since she is so conceited. If Melissa Rycroft wasn’t preggers she would be another prime suspect.

    • cincinnatikate

      not a bad guess here,,, who were the two Bachelorettes that came out to confront whats-his-face on the premeire show this week.. DeAnna and the other one.

  • Sean

    Keying of cars should be a capital offense.

  • davew

    “Network reality” is basically American Idol or Dancing with the Stars right? JLo and someone? Or maybe a couple of former contestants?

  • Britt

    jersey shore

  • SHump

    Does UPN or whatever still count as a network?
    It could be a couple of Top Models or something. Tyra’s girls get into some crazy stuff.

  • anonymous

    Who ARE these people?? Are they what passes for ‘celebrities’ today? I never heard of them. And I can’t imagine Jennifer Lopez keying someone’s car, lol.

  • peace

    If this is true there should be a law passed making this type of parent legally accountable!!!!!

  • avam

    I really really really think this sounds like the housewives – the first season cali one is now playing on nbc during the day – so maybe network in that way?? Yet, I don’t feel it’s the first season cast – NY or Atlanta seem better fitting . . . . or they are starting a new CA season and need some drAma?!!?

    • Bree

      Nice guess, and I’d probably say the same, except that show’s not a network show. Think NBC, ABC, CBS—along those lines.

      That being said, I think these are some Bachelor skanks. People recognizable enough to be asked for autographs, but forgettable enough to get away with this kind of stuff and not have it splashed all over a magazine cover.

  • Kristin

    Gosselin kids. lol.

  • ImThinking

    The Kardashians sisters

  • goldfish swirling

    Celebrity Apprentice is currently filming. Star Jones?