Public Boyfriend and Private Boyfriend

BlindGossip – This film actress has a Public Boyfriend and a Private Boyfriend. Public Boyfriend was set up by their publicists. The two are obligated to participate in multiple photo ops together every month. Even though Public Boyfriend is more famous than our actress, she’s talking smack behind his back about how boring and pathetic she finds his work, how much she’s helping his career and reputation, and how she can’t wait for their contract to end.

Whenever she’s not with Public Boyfriend, she flies straight into the arms of Private Boyfriend. She’s not very subtle about it either. She is regularly seen out drinking and partying and playing beer pong with Private Boyfriend until the wee hours of the morning. She claims they are just working buddies, but we don’t think working buddies regularly spend the night together in the same hotel room.

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111 comments to Public Boyfriend and Private Boyfriend

  • kjs75

    Hmm.. I say Ashley Greene with Joe Jonas as Public BF and maybe Kellan Lutz for Private BF…?

  • dannygs

    jakey tile and taylor swift as the fake couple

  • Alex

    I like this guess too, Ashley Green seems that delusional

  • Yuolala

    IDK..Ashely was with Joe and his family in Texas for Christmas

    and there’s sightings and pics of them together (without the paps)
    taken by random people who spotted them…

    What about Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen?

  • Liam

    I also think Joe & Ashley. That relationship seems really fake and set up to me, their photos all look like fake smiles. Also their relationship is all about photographs, plus Joe hasn’t had anything out lately since his disney show got cancelled and Ashley has, which kind of fits with that “I’m just helping his career” thing.

  • queenoffierceness

    I guess taylor swift and jake gyllenhaal

    • Valentina

      It says the girl is an actress, Taylor is a singer.

    • Karl

      Taylor is also more successful than Jake. Much more. Hollywood keeps
      Trying to make Jake this huge star but he is not nearly as bankable/popular as she is. His box office numbers pale in comparison to her red hot music career.

  • Londongirl

    I agree with the Ashley green/kellan lutz guess.
    1) there was another blind called ‘the blue boy’ which was meant to be about Joe Jonas being depressed with his fake relationship with AG who doesnt even like him. In the pic the girl is in blue.
    2) in twilight the cullens all wear shades of blue. bella starts wearing blue to fit in with them
    3)[deleted link without explanation]
    4) ‘flies straight into the arms of’ reminds me of how the cullens can fly
    5) Greene and Lutz are also costarring in A Warriors Heart together

  • TinNZ

    Check out this link – someone twittering Ashley & Kellan out playing beer pong. I’d say its them!

  • Londongirl

    Ooh and then the girl in the picture is choosing between two hearts – a warriors heart!!!! I’ve convinced myself anyway :)

  • Zitch

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
    her private boyfriend being Michael Angarano

    • mrsjaymack

      Isn’t she a lesbian?

    • anonymous

      kristen and Michael Angarano have never been papped together since April 2009 when they were still dating. And this… ” She’s not very subtle about it either. She is regularly seen out drinking and partying and playing beer pong with Private Boyfriend until the wee hours of the morning. She claims they are just working buddies ” is about Ashley, kristen is not working with Michael Angarano. Ashley is working with kellan and they are always partying together. they’re not subtle about it either..

      girl : Ashley Greene
      private boyfriend : kellan
      public byfriend : joe

    • queenoffierceness

      that’s true ..I think kristen and rob are just a pr-couple ..but kristen stewart is never seen with michael angarano partying!

    • lcl22

      aren’t they equally famous.

    • Populista

      Don’t they normally try to avoid the paps? There were months where there were no pictures of them at all.

    • Layale

      I like this answer.

    • Britt

      I would agree… but I don’t think Rob has a publicist.

  • insider1970

    Actress: Jessica Biel

    Public boyfriend: Justin Timberlake

    Private boyfriend: I don’t know.

    At least we know she plays beer pong!! (see last sentence of the interview)

  • Elfie

    Even one guy’s hair is like blondish and the other one is darker

  • TheTEAnet

    A is for Ashley Green and Joe Jonas. So sad that people have to have fake relationships to keep the public interested.

  • Chris

    ashley spent Christmas with his family and then took Joe to WI to spend time with her best friend. can’t be them.

    • Ralphie

      Yeah cause contracted relationships can’t involve family visits. If it’s trying to seem like a real relationship of course they’re going to keep up appearances.

      To dismiss the Joe/Ashley guess for such a reason is foolish.

      • MisslyL

        What’s a matter Ralphie, didn’t get a red rider for Christmas?!? ;(

      • Ralphie

        LOL…I’ve got two. And a leg lamp.

        Plus if you’re gonna dismiss someone else’s good guess for such a silly reason, you’d better post a decent guess of your own.

  • Jalisa

    Isn’t Joe Jonas suppose to be blue boy, Look at the picture, it has blue hearts.
    Not sure if that means anything.

  • Jalisa

    Also the Private Boyfriend is someone she WORKS with. It says they just say they are “working buddies”.

  • flowerpowergirl

    the clue that she finds her public boyfriend boring-did anyone see joe jonas on top chef? it was my first time hearing joe speak. i couldn’t believe how dull he was for someone who elicits so much excitement from his fans!

  • LizzieD

    First time posting — avid reader.

    I agree with everyone else…def Kellan/Ashley/Joe…makes too much sense.

  • kallie

    lolol how is Ashley helping his career and vice versa? The jonas craze is pretty much over and while she maye have the hardest working publicist EVER nobody really cares about ashley greene unless she’s playing alice.

    • ithink

      I’d like to differ because Ashley Greene has a lot of movies coming out next year and twilight > jonas brothers by a long shot, they barely exist anymore

      • kallie

        aside from breaking awful, all her other movies either have more famous stars in them (Miley) or they’re sure to flop just based on their premise (The Apparition)

      • Nutella Jones

        I agree. The Jonas bros barely register on the radar anymore but no one knows who Ashley Greene is outside of the Twilight series, and non-Twilight fans like myself really don’t give a crap about her in general. Her “hard-working” publicist could’ve done a better job and hooked her up with an A-list star.

        Maybe “Grin” will need a new “Chip” after the divorce goes through.

  • Danielle

    This has to be about Ashley, Kellan and Joe.

    I found this tweet: @chenier13 so kellan lutz and ashley greene were at Jls last night shooting some beer pong… #whocares

  • ithink

    Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and a secret bf

    • Sean

      Exactly who I thought. Totally a PR thing.

    • Ralphie

      It might very well be but both Bieber and Selena are doing fine career wise and one can’t really be said to be helping the other.

      I’m actually really starting to feel sorry for all these young celebs and their manufactured relationships.

  • anne

    ashley greene, joe jonas (public) jackson rathbone (private)

  • lilylala

    Is every blind Ashley and Joe? How about Renee and Brad? They are papped about once a month and she is known to like a drink. Just not sure about beer pong though.

  • Buttercup

    The blind doesn’t say anything about the private bf being famous. I don’t think Ashley and Kellan are a couple, there’s the whole Annalynne problem. If Kellan and Ashley are together, it’s a recent development, since he and Annalynne have only been broken up for a short time.

    • queenoffierceness

      Oh yes he does.. the blind says that the actress claims her private boyfriend and she are just working buddies!=> That means he must be an actor!!

  • Beau

    Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

    • Brenda

      First two who popped into my mind. I’ve never seen any pictures of them together where they actually look like a real couple.

  • Yuolala

    Ooooh! I like this guess!

  • Dont Know For Sure

    So Kellan Lutz is actually straight? If so it proves looks are deceiving.

  • kelly

    Hey Beau,,,
    AS & KB are the first couple thought of..but who would be Kate’s private bf? R Kavanaugh?

    • Beau

      No idea who private bf could be, but because he’s considered “private” it leads me to believe that he wouldn’t be someone that the public would immediately know without some research and definitely not in the spotlight but has a connection to the Hollywood scene i.e. producer,agent, assistant director, or anything else in the background. Ryan Kavanaugh is a good guess though!

  • CoCoLaTouche

    Joe Jonas seemed to light up around Angelo on Top Chef.

  • biba

    Again!!! Pretty obvious Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas. The private could be Kellan or Jackson. Who it is really doesn’t matter. The fact is Jashley is a fake/PR couple, and people should open their eyes wide before refuse to believe in it.
    Poor Joe!!!! and also Poor girl!!!!


    yep it’s ash, kellan and joe and no the jonas brothers still exist and the craze is not over i have a feeling ash will dump joe for kellan and joe will be angry sad and heartbroken

  • Maggie

    This is totally easy, Ashley Greene (as the actress) Joe Jonas (Public Boyfriend) and Jackson Rathbone (Private Boyfriend). that boy is crazy about her and they are working on Eclipse together,.so put two and two together,..;)

  • Elaine

    [deleted due to fake email]

  • mytwocents

    I agree withthe Ashley Green/Joe Jonas guesses but how is she helping his career? I’d say he’s a bigger star, no?

    • Gayle

      The blind clearly says that Public bf is more famous than her but //she// thinks she’s more famous and his career’s pathetic. A few fans at a recent Jonas Brothers concert in California said Ashley and her adult friends were making fun of their on stage antics and their pre-teen fanbase.

  • Lara

    First time here!!!

    To dd12…

    He is devastated because of Demi and Ashley’s not, wake up! He’s just a * for Ashley, I think he still likes of Demi.

  • jjpv

    Gaystin Beaver and Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift and Jake Gylenhall
    Both Swift and Selena seem to enjoy their beard FAUXMANCE job

  • LalaLand

    This is for sure ashley greene and joe jonas. The last post about blue boy was about them and in this picture theres a blue heart.

  • Haley

    First time visiting and posting on here and the arguments are very thought out
    I agree with the Joe and Ashley thing but then again I don’t. I’m a Jonas fan and have been for a long while. From the minute pictures of them were posted online the hate started. It did give them PR but it also helped them to lose even more followers. The fans have lashed out and hate Ashley and hate Joe even more for “the way he acts with her” and for “leaving Demi for that *” they get PR but this being a pairing would have been a bad decision. Although I do see how others could pair Ashley with kellan too. First time posting so my arguments aren’t very strong but this is what i gather from seeing many fans backlashing

  • hihihi

    I was going to say this was Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (boyfriend more famous, joined at the hip) but I think they broke up before this blind was posted. =|

    I think the Joe Jonas/Ashley Greene one is a good guess.

  • ILoveYouNick

    i’m defiently going w/ the whole Jashley thing
    if you look at the pics of Joe he seems sooooo sad now
    not like how he was when he was dating Demi or Taylor or even Cammilla

  • biba

    Maybe I’m wrong but I guess I’ve seen a picture like that Bg posted on top with ashley posing in it. But not sure..yet.

  • biba

    Well….the words/expressions “flies straight into” and “the wee hours of the morning” probably are references to vampires manners. So I guess they’re talking to someone who plays a vampire.