You Can’t Curl Up With a Good Ring

BlindGossip – This actress’ boyfriend has been hinting to her that he got her a very special Christmas gift… and that it’s even better than the one she wanted. She has been excitedly telling friends that she is sure it’s an engagement ring with an even bigger diamond than she requested. Who wants to be the one to break the news to her that her not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend actually bought her a Nook instead of a Kindle? Hope it’s aerodynamic, because she is totally going to throw that thing at him.

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81 comments to You Can’t Curl Up With a Good Ring

  • Britt

    Reese Witherspoon?

  • Rosario

    Lol. Her life sucks…

  • blissfulight

    This should be titled “You can’t curl up with a good NOOK”. Anyway, after he ducks, and the Nook shatters, I’m guessing he won’t be getting any nookie from her for awhile.

  • insider1970

    Halle Berry. Olivier Martinez strikes me as the “not-ready-for-marriage” type of guy.

    It could be anybody actually…

    • insider1970

      Plus, aren’t BG photos in the blinds some king of clues? I noticed the “House Beautiful” on the photo, which maybe is a clue for Halle Berry (same initials). Just sayin’..

      • Laurie

        Oooo!!! Good point! I love BG blinds because I study the heck out of the photos, especially since you know they actually have clues in them! They add to the thrill of trying to solve the puzzle. Completely agree w/the HB initials!

      • amagod121

        Agree on this guess and the clue, because Halle has THE WORST taste in men and picks jerks every single time.

      • Clearly

        Halle Berry has said a thousand times that she is never getting married again.

    • msp96302

      Halle has stated publicly several times that she will NEVER marry again. Given that state of mind, I’d say the chances are slim that she is pining for a ring from Oliver Martinez.

      • amagod121

        Said it several years ago, no? She’s still fairly young and might think she’s found “The One,” (which I imagine she will disabuse herself of the notion, after receiving a NOOK, if, indeed, this is her.

    • jenb

      no halle aint getting married every again she said that.

  • jolieoranistonftw

    Minka Kelly, bf being Derek Jeter.

  • insider1970

    Plus, aren’t BG photos in the blinds some kind of clues? I noticed the “House Beautiful” on the photo, which maybe is a clue for Halle Berry (same initials). Just sayin’..

    Also, “curl up” isn’t usually connected with cats? Halle Berry was “Catwoman” in film (although I want to forget it LOL)

  • Rafael

    What an idiot for assuming something like that! Then going out and telling everyone!! ROFL. I would love to see her face when she opens it.

    • ODDandOFFputting

      i agree! i would love to see the face…being presumptuous like that, she deserves the dissappointment.

      • Black Behemoth

        There’s absilutely nothing special about an e-reader, so I don’t see the “presumptuous” part.

      • ODDandOFFputting

        i meant being presumptuous about getting an engagement ring.
        women frequenty jump too soon to the conclusion: “he’s going to propose!eeeeee!”

    • amagod121

      No more of an idiot than her boyfriend bragging about the great gift he’s giving her if he knows she wants a ring.

  • Not ready for marriage made me think of not ready for prime time. I don’t know SNL anymore. Flying must have something to do with it, but no idea.

  • Bingo

    I second the Jeter/Kelly guess………

  • 4six2

    On a side note~ Is a Nook really considered a better choice than a Kindle? A Kindle with 3G WiFi?

  • A visitor

    Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. Clues: “Can’t Curl Up With a Good Ring” = Dwayne’s championship ring. Aerodynamic/throwing = Boyfriend is a basketball player. Not ready for marriage = He just got out of a nasty divorce, so it’s possible he doesn’t want to walk down the aisle yet.

  • msp96302


  • boobytrap

    jessica biel!

  • Bigmama

    Jennifer Morrison dating Amary Garrido. She is on House (House Beautiful) they have been dating awhile I think.

  • Scorpio13

    Brittany Spears, but I doubt she can read :).

  • Gitano

    I can’t help but think that “aerodynamic” is a clue. So I’m thinking of movies that involve airplanes. But I’m coming up with nada. Help?

  • Malou

    This could be anyone. It’s not like we have a lot to go on except for the fact that it’s an actress.

  • Wembley

    An actress who READS.

  • mary

    Jennifer Love Hewitt? Isn’t she always marriage-obsessed?

  • JANE

    OBVIOUSLY — It’s Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger

  • guessing not knowing

    In terms of Kindle versus Nook, I got my wife a Nook because they have a color reader and Kindle is still black and white.

  • Jason

    Kindle >>> Nook.

  • c729

    Hasn’t Halle Berry repeatedly said she will never marry again? What’s up with all of the guesses about her?

    I’m voting for Jessica Biel. She probably wanted some random REI thing and Justin got her something even better. What a lucky gal.


    Nope. I’m thinking Justin and Jessica B. I just don’t see that happening, EVER!

  • Karen20

    Lol! He should buy Ipad! Its the best :)

  • tmaba

    im thinking jessica biel too. Just because all those women keep trying to tie him down and he isn’t ready.

    • tmaba

      also, of all the kindle photos this one with the very VINTAGE designed house is chosen. Jessica biel is known for her vintage looking clothing and jewelry. so yeah i’m sticking with justin and jessica. Guess we will know for sure when justin shows up to a new years bash with a welt the size of a nook on his head.

      • tmaba

        i just found the hint ” has been hinting to her that he got her a very special christmas gift…” it kinda sounds like a reference to **** in a box. Also they put multiple hyphenates in “not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend” so maybe that is hinting that he does many things in the industry. Justin sings, acts, produces, has a clothing line and a record label.

      • Veronica Sawyer

        tmaba, your clues are on point. However I thought the “not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend” is hinting at the SNL motto “not-ready-for-prime-time-players”!
        I’m in! Jessica and Justin FTW!!

  • Sazz

    Kindles/Nooks aren’t that expensive, particularly in comparison to what actors make. Why couldn’t she buy her own? Makes me wonder if the actress isn’t a particularly highly-paid star or one that works frequently.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    I’m going to guess Cammie because I remember her referencing her girlfriends like there’s a pack of them and they’re non Hwoodies. That would connect the “telling all her friends” and this getting out,
    but (IMO) this sounds like a crappy gift for someone who’s got tons of money – maybe it’s one of the reasons ARod is considered a dbag – he’s a cheap creep

    and whoever it is…some friend she’s got not helping her out by telling her to ratchet back the enthusiasum
    Also, she seems like the type that would kick a** for the embarrassment of it all

  • amagod121

    BG, major LOL at the last line of your posting! Well, I hope she doesn’t do that, kind of a sad miscommunication between them.

  • marine

    my bf got me a nook color for my bday AND took me to dinner and disneyland…lol I’m way lucky compared to said actress 😉

    but, seriously, I love my nook-the colors are so beautiful and it is back-lit which I hear the kindle isnt? Either way, there shouldnt be a competition… e-readers are just :) awesome

  • Londongirl

    Ooh not sure if this is a bit of a stretch but the ‘express yourself’ line on the magazine cover made me think of Madonna – one of A-Rod’s exes. And I totally agree with the A-rodynamic guess. Cammie and A-Rod!

  • grandma

    An actress that likes to tout her intelligence and is often seen toting a book? I’m thinking Kate Bosworth.