Actress Riles Up Crowd at Concert

BlindGossip – This actress has a big ego to go along with her big career. She’s upgraded from TV star to movie star, and is enjoying the extra attention she’s been receiving as a result. She recently attended the concert of an award-winning country star, and was given a spot near the stage. When fans recognized her, they went wild, and some actually surged toward the stage to get closer to the actress. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the actress refused to move, insisting that these were her fans, too, and that she should receive her share of the attention. The country singer was not amused, and has asked their security team to block any future attempts by the actress to pull a similar stunt.
Country Star:

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    • insider1970 says

      Or Katherine Heigl. She was recently at the CMA awards , her husband is a musician and she is obviously a fan of country music.

      No idea about the country singer though.

      • insider1970 says

        Also, I am thinking that maybe the word “surged” (which reminds me of “surgeon”) and the phrase “no one was injured” are clues pointing to “Greys Anatomy” (a medical drama she used to star in)? Or maybe I am looking too much into it.

      • Insulator says

        I agree that these are clues pointing to Hag-el. Also, the big ego comment in the first sentence just screams her name.

    • TheOrgolong says

      I personally wouldn’t recognize Blake Liveley if she was wearing a T shirt with her name printed in big block letters on it and carrying a huge neon sign with an arrrow pointed down on her that read “Hey People I’m Blake Lively. But thats me. Oh and a question: Who is this dude named Blake Liveley? Its a dude right?

  1. HuckleberryFriend says

    I say Carrie Underwood for the country star – that girl loves her own attention and doesn’t like sharing. Sounds like the type of snarky request she’d make. As for the TV/movie star – could be any of them.

  2. cassandra says

    Random but I was thinking Leighton Meester and Tim Mcgraw or Faith Hill? shes going to be in that movie Country Strong with Tim Mcgraw….otherwise maybe Miley, but I would think they would have described her as a singer also.

    • jolieoranistonftw says

      I thought of her, too, but then figured, they’d make a PR bit out of it for marketing Country Strong, which they’re in.

  3. Funbag says

    Star: Heigl, for the obvious “surge and “injured” mentioned earlier by insider1970…
    Singer: Underwood, “team” of security to “block”, football terms in reference to former beau Tony Romo.

  4. ChristineNYC says

    I don’t see why anyone would surge toward Katherine Heidi. If anything, she should have caused a stampede in the *opposite* direction!

    • anonymous says

      mmm, I was thinking that a surge would be an indication of a younger audience at a concert of a younger artist…

  5. Buttercup says

    I’m not on the Heigl train. This makes me think the actress’s upgrade to movies is more recent. And yeah, I’m not seeing Heigl causing any stampede.

    So maybe Blake? Leighton?

  6. Ashford says

    Also, the narrative switches to “their” security detail, which indicates a group rather than a single singer.

    • insider1970 says

      Or maybe “they” is used because BG does not want to reveal the sex of the singer! BG wants to make it difficult for us! But we are too good he he

    • Cherise says

      I don’t believe ANYONE’s cute enough to be a nasty b—-. I’m not going to forgive or excuse a girl for being mean just because she’s hot -_- Just sayin’.

  7. Black Behemoth says

    Sound like another *blind* to let y’all bash a female celeb feeling all smug and righteous. First off, the actress was *given* the spot, so why would someone to the sitch as a “stunt”? And another one, the crowd supposedly “surged” towards her, so I’d say any attempt to move away would be dicey at best and dangerous at worst.