Shorty Didn’t Know About Stretch’s Matrix

BlindGossip – Don’t believe the publicist’s denials and the retractions. Even though Shorty and Stretch always  look so happy together, the marriage is totally over. Shorty is making noise about filing, but it’s a little late, if you ask us. Stretch has already exited the relationship. This is going to be a very public, very noisy, and very expensive divorce. Because while he’s not quite Tiger Woods, Stretch was unfaithful with several partners during the marriage, and made them a lot of promises he didn’t keep. One of these desperate lovers is already talking to an attorney about speaking out about their affair. We’ll start preparing the new matrix.

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122 comments to Shorty Didn’t Know About Stretch’s Matrix

  • AvasMammy

    Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

  • BrightStar

    Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. Duh.

  • Minky

    Eva Longoria (5’2″), Tony Parker (6’2″): net abuzz this morning about him filing for divorce in Texas, but TMelZ just had a story about a publicist denying it…

    Or is this too obvious?

  • cincinnatikate

    nail being hit on head… clears him of the homo rumors..

  • superjerk

    Nice how one of the hints is desperate women meaning desperate housewives own mrs. Eva longoria. Solved! Not to mention Tony Parker was only using her for his beard, him and fellow teamate richard jefferson has been dating for a couple of years now. He was the cause of mr. Jeffersons sudden engagement break up after his fiance caught him playing full court with Pictures also surfaced of the two guys in france at one of tony’s villas hugged up

    • meme01

      where are the pics? u dont have to link out but it would be nice to know lol

    • jenb

      and richard had some party where he had all the men their looking ummmmm like zesty.lolriachard jefferson left his girl hanging on the day of the wedding, not even guess knew what went down.

  • aIaK

    This is So Eva and Tony… when will men learn to keep it in their pants?

    • suedechik79

      somebody that famous and that rich…its almost impossible to expect him to remain faithful permanently. if thats the kind of guy i wanted to marry, id have some sort of open agreement about his other sexual partners.

      • aiak

        Why not? If rich ppl(and poor ppl) were to remain faithful, there wouldn’t be so many std’s in the world. If people want to sleep around, why even bother to get married. But in a way I kind of get it. Marriage for rich people is equivalent to dating amongst poor folks.

      • metalmickey

        I totally agree and I could also be in a relationship that has a ‘code of the road’ clause. ; ) A very old friend of mine has a very successful marriage because when he’s on the road, he can do what he likes safely and discreetly. His wife says what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her, but yea, it takes a special kind of gal to give that kind of freedom.

    • Mia444

      Well said, Spike. These women who boo-hoo over a famous athlete/singer/actor/whatever cheating on them don’t get a lot of sympathy from me because they probably wouldn’t have married the men to begin with were they not fabulously rich. Tony Parker has always pinged my gaydar anyway.

      • SearchedSolver

        And… why do these guys marry these girls? It’s not for their brains….
        I think both parties are at fault, don’t blame it all on the girlies.

      • amagod121

        Oh, certainly it MUST be their brains! I’m SHOCKED that you would suggest otherwise. :-O

      • Mia444

        Oh definitely. I’m not blaming it all on the women. These are mutually satisfying relationships based on beauty, wealth, fame… each party gets what he/she wants, at least until the Botox and prenups hold out.

  • Yuolala

    Tony and Eva

  • Heymama

    I think Eva Longoria rapping at the MTV European awards was the last straw for Tony…

  • ponze

    tony and eva for the win…she’s filing soon according to people,,20442762,00.html

  • Anon

    Eva and Tony, can’t be anyone else. All over news, despite weak denials.

  • Charlotte Winter

    BG, People posted Eva will file this week. Solved?

  • Ruby Red Lips

    Must be Eva & Tony

    Why do celeb’s even bother to get married anymore??

    • jenb

      Ruby it’s for convenience and image that is why the divorce rate is so high. sadly those relationships sometimes produce kids.

  • JaplesfromNaples

    I don’t know, I thought of Wil Smith & Jada Pinkett….She was in the Matrix and is also short, and he played in Fetch (stretch)…

    • mommy408

      I like your connection to the Matrix, but have there been any “denials and retractions” for them recently? I know denials of rumors about their sexuality have been consistent over the years, but retractions? That word makes me think of the court staff statements re Eva and Tony.

  • Karm

    Def Tony and Eva. But i bet she cheated too. Arent their ted c blinds on them?? I think there were blinds on how they enjoyed swinging.
    point is open marraiges never work. Ever.

    • anonymous

      Ours has been working for 20 years now… For some people, there’s a difference between sexual infidelity and unfaithfulness. ( And yes, it’s a “on the road” clause)

      By the way, I’m also thinking about EL et TP.

      • Dont Know For Sure

        Just out of curiousity why did you two decide to get married if both (or one of you) wasn’t ready to settle down with one person? I always wonder why not just live together. Is it a financial reason or tax purposes. I’m single so I don’t know much about marriage laws, LOL.

      • Jalisa

        exactly. I never understood the point of an open marriage. If you want to see other people don’t get married.

      • jenb

        agreed i would never have an open marriage with all these std’s why risk your life.

      • saucykitty

        Marriage doesn’t necessarily mean sexual fidelity to everyone, is why. To some people it is based more on an emotional bond. Just because you promise to love someone for the rest of your life doesn’t mean you have to have sex with them and them only.

      • Queen Bee

        Agree with anonymous. There is also a difference between sexual fidelity and faithfulness. How faithful is a person to their partner, really, when they’re constantly thinking about someone else and never their own partner? There are many ways to betray a partner, and nobody is exempt from it. Infidelity/betrayal can occur in open and committed relationships alike, and it can happen to anybody. Every relationship takes work if the parties want it to last.

    • jenb

      I hope thierry henry isn’t gay because he is friends with

  • mymy's mama

    eva and tony

  • Bingo

    Eva and Tony…wasn’t there anothe blind item a few weeks back about an athlete who has another woman on the side? Shocking, I know! Definitely Eva and Tony!

  • ams511

    yes! agreed…i think they’re the answer to that sports blind from a while back about the athlete with the latina mistress.

  • Julie

    Concerning TP and EL, read yesterday something about papers being filed somewhere then people saying it was a mistake or something. “Stretch” and Tiger clues point to a sports guy. Is this the couple from the “for sake of the money” blind. Says it could get expensive.

  • Bigmama

    just for giggles but what about Demi and Ashton? There have been ALOT of denials about problems in thier relationship after he already had one “girlfriend” pop up.

  • Mystic

    Eva and Tony.

  • PhoebeS

    Tony and Eva! Wonder if Mario’s marriage will now break up as well.

  • USofAsh

    Eva practically begged Tony to marry her…smh..chil’ if he don’t want you let him be!

  • anonymous

    Eva Longoria Parker. Just drop the Parker from name.

  • Jalisa

    She has alreadly filed according to People. Can we marked this one as SOLVED!!

  • jessalyn

    Why should she have known better? I don’t care who you are or what you do if you walk down that isle and promise to remain faithful in front of God and your friends and family, your spouse has an absolute right to expect you bloody well mean it. Nowhere in those vows does it say ‘except if you’re a pro-athlete or entertainer.’ If this is is true she has every right to be as upset as some woman who married a quiet librarian. It’s bad enough some people think they are above their vows but I think it’s ridiculous the public is starting to make excuses for them.

    • jenb

      Theyare swingers so eva hasno complaint as well. THESE CELEB lie all the time to make the othe party look bad.

      • amagod121

        It’s only rumored that they are swingers. I tend to wonder, given that EL is supposed to be very upset about the cheating.

      • jenb

        not rumours eva is never going to shut up she is trying to play the victim in all of this.

    • maybe

      Thank you, Jassalyn! Its been bugging me how much people are saying “what did she expect marrying an pro athlete?” I’d never tell a friend whose sig other got cheated on “what did you expect marrying a banker?”

      • Minky

        TOTALLY. Whether you are in an open relationship or a more traditional one, an athlete or a blacksmith, gay or straight, tall or short, blonde or brunette, left-handed or right-handed – the only “type” to avoid is a jerk. They can be hard to spot sometimes, even for the best of us. Congratulations to all of you who have never made a mistake, although you’ve sure missed out on learning some interesting lessons…

      • Amber

        Well said-I agree completely!

  • CurlEgirl

    This isn’t very BLIND! LOL!! I also want to change my guess from last weeks blind from KENDRA and HANK to EVA and TONY…thank you!

  • peace

    Too easy…… Eva Longoria (Shorty) and Tony Parker (Stretch).

  • anonymous

    TMZ is reporting that Eva filed papers this morning –

  • Cat Grant

    Eh, she can do better.

  • heyitsme

    First time poster! (although I’ve been lurking forever)…

    Eva and Tony!

  • ILoveDlisted

    She didnt seem very interested in him anyway, she will have the new boyfriend first i bet

  • Amanda

    PhoebeS I was totally thinking the same thing about Mario…I sadly have to admit to watching his show ‘saved by the baby’, and he is Soooo not in love with that woman..its sad to watch.

  • phoenix

    The only thing that made me think twice about the Eva Longoria guess was the Matrix clue. But she was at “…The Matrix Men Upfronts Styling Station for the Fresh Air Fund held on May 16th 2006 as part of the EW and Maxim Men Upfront Party…” I Googled it. It’s a thin connection but given the other details… Yeah, she’s got my vote.

  • phoenix

    I’m in moderation! First time! Woo Hoo!

  • RobB

    [deleted due to link without explanation]

  • Drod

    [deleted due to link without explanation]

  • wellwhaddayaknow

    defo EL and TP…I’m guessing people are marriage happy in the US because our society frowns upon having a sexual relationship outside of the context of a contract. Puritanical throw-back? maybe

    • Dont Know For Sure

      You’re kidding, right? I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m surprised when a famous person gets married first and then has children and if you look at the stats for “regular” people the same thing applies as far as marriage before children or living together. We won’t even go into how many people are virgins before marriage (10% if that much). Your statement may have been true before the 1980’s though.

  • Joggins

    Interesting details that she apparently told Mario Lopez for Extra…cheating with a teammates wife?

  • msp96302

    I think that Countney Mazza (Mario’s GF and baby mamma) had better watch her back. Now that Eva is free, twice divorced and childless – guess who she’ll be coming after next?

  • davew

    I’m a bit late to the party with this story, but Eva Longoria has just confirmed it officially on twitter:

  • TruTru2

    hmph, Tony never really wanted to get married anyway–by the time, she called the paps and told them they were–like her bestie Kim K–except Reggie did not fall for it.

    I worked with someone that was one of her roommates BEFORE she hit it big–not nice in the least bit…demanding and down right demeaning!

    if you’re NOT attractive in her eyes, you will NOT get acknowledged..she’ll run you over.

  • Sean

    At least he was cheating with women. I think a lot of people thought he was gay.

  • anonymous

    i think she wanted to file first in Cali b/c in Texas I think you have to be married 10 years to get spousal support. He just signed a 50 million dollar contract. good for her. get it.

  • pitstop

    Please BG, confirm it, confirm it. It’s Eva and Tony. Hey, wasn’t there even gossip about a woman on their wedding day?