Singer Doesn’t Care About Her Cat

BuzzFotoThis B List singer who has been in the press lately, had her cat declawed recently and refused to pay the extra money for the pain medication. Her friends were mortified when she told them, to which she replied, “It’s just a cat.” 334

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80 comments to Singer Doesn’t Care About Her Cat

  • Ernestine

    I don’t know, but eff her, and please reveal this so I can avoid this heartless b* and her music.

    • treyc

      I am with you. This is flippin disgusting!!!!

    • GeordieLimey

      Agreed. It’s illegal here in the UK for a reason – it’s cruel. Stops them from stretching properly never mind anything else. I’d rather have my cats dig their claws in my knee and scratch the furniture to shreds (not that they do) than put them through declawing.

      • phoenix

        I’m with you, Geordie. one of the questions on a cat adoption questionnaire I saw was “What will you do if your cat start scratching up your furniture?” and I turned to my husband and said “pfft.. New toys, more playtime… new furniture…” I just cannot fathom why people would declaw their cats in the first place. I know I wouldn’t want anyone cutting off my fingers at the first knuckle. I’m of the belief that you can tell a LOT about people by how they treat their animals. This person should do the cat a favor and find her a loving home.

      • ThrowASpannerIntWorks

        It isn’t illegal in the UK!!! As long as there is a valid medical reason then it is perfectly legal to have your cat declawed. I had to have one of my cats (RIP), who was polydactyl, partially declawed (it took my vet months to convince me it would mean she would be in less pain than from the 2 severely deformed claws she had, and she was for the 15 yrs after she had it done).
        The difference is that in the UK you wouldn’t be given the option of whether the poor animal got pain relief or not, it’d be given it and you would be expected to pay. Whoever this is should be given the same treatment as the ‘cat in the bin’ lady and named’n’shamed!

  • JamesAA

    This shouldn’t be a blind item, I’d like to know who is the sadist who doesn’t care if her cat is in pain

    • moody migraine

      Please reveal. Money is tight, but I’ll HAPPILY send a few bucks to the singer just so the kitty gets pain meds.

      Part of me wishes BG hadn’t posted this…I volunteer at a rescued animal shelter, and this has put a damper on my day, esp. knowing I can’t do a darn thing about it.

      • moody migraine

        Y’know, this got me thinking…it’s not like you have to go to the pharmacy to get the RX – it’s available at the vet’s office. I’m surprised the vet clinic actually released the cat back to it’s rotten B-list singer/F-list pet owner when they knew pain meds wouldn’t be administered.

        Just a thought.

      • Pickle

        Sometimes celebrity gossip can be a real downer. It’s ruined my day multiple times. Including today. And yet I continue to read it…

  • Bubblypoo

    Declawing cats is cruel to begin with. I’d just like to find out who this is just to punch her in the face!

  • BethJ

    While I am all about a distinction between an animal and a human, getting one’s nails surgically removed has to be excrutiatingly painful, regardless. Pity we can’t return the favor to this animal’s owner somehow or pity the vet can’t report the owner for mistreating the feline!

  • cndngrl


    • hungrygirl

      I agree with this christina seems like a good guess, she looks like the type of b* to not worry her animal is in pain. probably needs all the money she has to buy paintball guns to do her makeup 😉

    • lilmuff

      Christina doesn’t have cats, just dogs (3 of em) shes done a few magazine spreads with her dogs in them and I remembver seeing the feature on her house in instyle mag and had a family photo of her and ex hubby, son and her dogs…no cats or other animals…she also donated $16,000 and bought 40 patrol car microchip scanners for identifying lost pets to help return to their owners and distributed free micro chips to area shelters (this I just had to look up to make sure I was accurate) so I don’t think this sounds like her, also she is NOT B-list haha……my guess is kesha maybe? Don’t think its Pink either she is a known animal lover/peta supporter and vegetarian, I like the Katy Perry guess the only thing is she could be considered A list at the moment but only to a certain crowd……I mean my mom knows who a singer like Christina Aguilera is but wouldn’t know who Katy Perry or Kesha was…either way this woman SUCKS! Could be Rhianna…? My guess is with kesha though…hope this gets solved so I can never support anything this person does…sickening

      • orly

        Hi Xtina! Damage control much?

      • lilmuff

        sharing information to try and help come to a conclusion makes me Christina? I said I didn’t think it was Pink either and listed why I didn’t think so, can I be her instead? She’s more my style, she’s veg and her husband is more attractive. I realize my reasoning was lengthier than most but this blind bothers me emotionally, just like many others here. Declawing is not just removing the claw, it is amputation on every finger, for us humans it would be like getting each finger cut off at the knuckle. I have never posted here until this blind. Is it normally so “catty” in here? excuse the pun :)

  • Elizabeth

    Bubblypoo is right. This is horrible!

  • Rachel

    This makes me very sad. Declawing cats is cruel and unnecessary. My kitteh has her claws, but since she has her cat tower and millions of toys, she doesn’t pick the furniture. AND my furry child is indoors. If this singer declawed her cat and also puts it outdoors it won’t be able to protect iteslf :-(


    • Rachel

      *itself. Blah.

    • Mouse

      Agree! Both my kittens have claws. This poor cat. What kind of B-list celebrity can’t afford cat medication? She’s probably got an $80,000 car and a $10,000 purse. When my cat was sick, a bottle of antibiotic cost $20 from a private vet.

  • journey

    I hope this isn’t true.

  • Mouse

    Whoever this is, someone should rip her fingernails out without pain medication. Even though declawing is actually worse than that.

  • Melina

    OMG some BI are just horrible; this person should be outed.

    • Melina

      I was also thinking about the veterinarian who performed the surgery (or whatever it is) .. why would anyone do such a thing if the animal wouldn’t be getting pain medication? Just horrible on both sides!!

  • meme

    Personally, I’m not a big cat fan. So you know what? I DON’T OWN A CAT!! Seriously, if you get a pet at least care about it a little bit. Some people are just unreal.

  • Rafael

    This couldn’t be Katy.. She loves her cat so much. I mean, she took a stage name after her cat.. Kitty Purry/Katy Perry..

  • Erin

    I’m kind of shocked that it’s legal for the vet to not give pain medication. They really do need more regulations for vets. If I were a vet and anyone refused the pain meds, I’d just administer them for free or refuse to perform the procedure. It’s not like the pain meds are expensive. And if you can afford declawing then, whyTF can’t you afford a few bucks more? People are such a$$holes.

  • CurlEgirl

    I don’t even LIKE cats and that’s just CRUEL!

  • CurlEgirl

    LeAnne she’s a cruel hag.

  • Last ditch trendy

    This person is an evil heartless witch … I could quite easily melt into a torrent of tears.

  • westcoaster

    I hope this uber b* name is revealed. Betty White loves animals I am sure she would have something to say!!

  • boredwithwork

    I don’t believe this item. No vet would perform the surgery knowing the animal would be in pain.

    • Pickle

      If there’s scumbag plastic surgeons that will perform surgery on underage kids without parent permission, I’m sure there are scumbag veterinerians that would peform this even knowing the animal would be in god-awful pain.

  • juliya

    Alicia Keys?

  • Melicious

    It says B list…so I just can’t see it being Katy Perry or Christina. I think they both probably classify as A list, at least right now.

    I’m thinking maybe Leanne or Pink (which it pains me to say, because I quite like Pink.) But both of these ladies have gotten a lot of press as of late.

    • Pickle

      P!nk is a HUGE animal fan. I can’t see her being this ignorant, cheap or cruel.

    • lee123

      I would be shocked and extremely disappointed if this was Pink. She is a campaigner for PETA. Besides is she only B list?

      The thing is there is no need to declaw a cat. Provide scratching posts. If that doesn’t work, blunt their nails with nail clippers. I found it wasn’t that difficult to clip off the tip of the nails of a naughty indoor cat. But getting a cat to swallow pills is another story. lol

  • Rosario

    Also, Im going Christina “XStinka” Aguilera.

    • treyc

      I agree, her or maybe Kesha. All those saying this can’t be Xtina because she is A list. Really? Is she considered A-list still? Her last two cds bombed and so will this movie. I think she is more B list now.

  • Magpie

    Years ago when I first got my cats (17 years ago to be exact) none of the local vets gave pain meds to the animals after surgery. It wasn’t even an option. I remember being horrified by that at the time. Even the local spay and neuter clinic still doesn’t give them pain meds, and I live in a major metropolitan area, not some podunk backwoods place.

    It sounds from this blind vice like this celebrity is just a b*, but she also might just be ignorant and have a horrid vet.

  • shabbysabby

    Ke$ha? Does she even own cats?

  • Cat Grant

    “Declawing is actually a very painful procedure in which each front toe of the cat is amputated at the first joint. Declawing a cat is equivalent in a person to amputating the entire tip of every finger at the first knuckle. Declaw surgery is so predictably painful that it is used to test the effectiveness of pain medications.”

    That is … the worst.

  • jordan

    Wow i cant believe no one said rihanna. She has been in the news in several different ways the past several days in order to promote her album. Like wearing a “F you” bracelet while taking a picture with little kids, telling us she turned down Playboy’s offer to pose nude,etc.

  • Gino Vag

    I’m thinking this one is Toni Braxton. Money is a bit of an issue right now for Ms. Braxton.

  • amagod121

    OMG, I don’t know who it is but what a terrible person! May she lose all of her fingernails suddenly and be refused pain medicine…grrrrr.

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    I am a cat and kitten fosterer. It is not cheap. For baby kittens, the formula is $20.00 a can, and the last litter had five baby BOYS who eat like little pigs. I pay for the vet visits, etc., and I don’t make anywhere near a B, C, D or E lister.

    Poor cat. I hope she remembers to feed it.

  • bottomfeeder

    i think cat de-clawing is illegal in Australia (where i live)and i believe it should be illegal everywhere.

    As the cat can no longer scratch out the stupid celebs eyes, i hope it takes a steaming turd on her pillow.

  • KellyinNY

    Jessica Simpleton. She’s been in the news because of her recent “engagement.”

  • Yummy

    Please tell us who this horrible person is . I would love to know so that I would not buy any of thier music . Declawing a cat is barberic and should be illegal . I hate people who do that ! It’s the equivalent of cutting off the joint of a humans finger . I hope the cat pees all over her house and chews her face off while she’s asleep .

  • VolCat

    I foster cats and kittens, and agree this is horrible. It’s nice to see all of my fellow posters feel outraged as well. You’d be surprised how many people would react just like Ms. B-list.

  • butbutsee

    they have eyes – they see
    they have mouths – they eat
    they have ears – they hear
    they have blood – they bleed
    they have pain – they hurt

    how sad that cat’s human is a b* who doesn’t care

    just s question – do doctors who snip snip little boys in some cultures, do they leave out the pain medication? but then again it is just a piece of flesh, it is not ten ‘finger’ cut off at the tip
    CRUEL! either way

    • Magpie

      My ex-MIL told me that when she had her three sons the hospital did not use pain meds when they circumcised them. She said they screamed and shook for hours afterwards and that when she expressed concern, the nurses told her that it wasn’t necessary.

  • creampie in the appletime

    Please reveal, this is just too sad and sickening :(

    Really awful, I agree with the comments above: really put a damper on my day

  • Laura Palmer's Hooha

    Y’all think it is sick and cruel that this owner didn’t pay for pain meds for this poor cat? WHAT ABOUT THE VET??? How could that vet knowingly put an animal through such pain without pain management? Vets get paid out the nose for what they do. This one couldn’t have felt a little charity of heart and spirit and just provided the cat with medication whether the owner requested it or not?

  • SnarkyPants

    [deleted due to fake email]

  • Valentina

    B list singer in the press these days?… Uhm… Jessica Simpson maybe? She sure is B list and in the press for her engagement… But she used to have dogs, and she loves her dogs very much, so I can’t think she would do this to a cat… “B list” by the way is very relative; doest that mean a singer who was great and now is no more (like Xtina, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston etc.) or just a B list like Ke$ha and similar?

  • Gretchen

    I don’t have a guess but I soooo hope you reveal this one. I wanna take a bucket of cat pee & pour it on them like PETA and a fur coat. This person does not deserve to have a pet. “It’s just a cat?” Disgusting!

  • Veronica1

    I personally hope the cat gets revenge by pissing in her bed or stuff. And the friend takes the cat away.

  • Jules

    Please reveal, please. Or another clue if you can’t reveal? All we know is it is a B list singer who owns a cat.