Tuna Fish and a Bucket

BlindGossip – Everybody loves this actress with the famous name. That’s why we’re sorry to report that she has a really big problem. Although she has been through rehab, she thinks she is mature enough now to drink in moderation. Wrong. According to some folks on the set of her new film, she has been getting falling-down drunk every night for the past few weeks. One especially bizarre episode last week started out with her drinking and begging the bartender repeatedly for a tuna sandwich to share with her “baby”. Every few minutes, she would lean over the bar, slurring her words. “Do you know my baby, baby, baby? Do you have some tuna fish for my baby, baby?” Turns out that her “baby” is her dog. She got so drunk that she wound up on the floor of the hotel bar, a bucket between her knees as she vomited. Gross.

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90 comments to Tuna Fish and a Bucket

  • bumbletucky

    drew barrymore?

  • Giedre

    Drew Barrymore, filming that Bollywood movie called The Lifestyle.

  • Linds

    Drew was my first thought too and she rescued a puppy in August aftet her older dog died so she could be referring to the pup as “baby.”

  • Love Aloha Style

    This is very sad. I think it’s Drew, too. I have seen articles where she says she is drug free but still drinks a little. I knew something was going wrong in her life when, in every single commercial for CG Makeup she appears in, her face seems progressively less like the original, and it’s making her look older, IMO. For her to think she has to pull and fill and lift when she is naturally lovely….sad sad sad.

    • CatetheGreat

      I believe it is Drew and I doubt if she has had plastic surgery. She has a full, beautiful face – a rarity in Hollywood.

      • the gun

        Her mother forced her to have plastic surgery as a child. Hence the famous crooked smile.

      • WHAAAAAT

        I have never heard this before! How does a doctor agree to something like that?!?

      • Barry

        it’s called money. it has an unfortunate effect on stage moms and doctors who covet beach houses.

      • WHAAAAAT

        Let me try this again, and see if I can get a response that is not drenched in unwanted sarcasm…

        Has anyone else ever heard this rumor – that Drew Barrymore’s mother forced her into premature plastic surgery as a child?

      • galactica

        Here is your sarcasm free response:
        I cannot find anything that states she had plastic surgery as a child but I did find that there were rumors that she *might* have had a breast reduction surgery when she was 16. Nothing has been confirmed.

      • Zackster

        Nope, never heard that.

      • WHAAAAT

        Thank you for your helpful answers :)

  • Yuolala

    I hope its not Drew Barrymore :( I read her biography..and wow!
    clubbing at 9,rehab at 13..suicide attempt at age 14,…another rehab

    • Saint Nick

      Dating Justin Long at 35…

      I’d be getting wasted too if I was in her shoes.

      • New in the UK

        LMAO – so mean!

      • vinyldestination

        @St Nick – Oh man, it’s 3am and I am cracking up now!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!

        Poor Drew, hope she gets it together before she really looses grip.

      • Justin Long is HOT!!!!!

      • You must be neither woman nor gay, because Justin is super cute.

      • ladymarmalade

        I know right. He’s adorable (even though I think I might be a foot and a half taller then him).

      • La Llorona

        Yeah I’m going to have to agree with Saint Nick, I’d drink myself silly too if I dated Justin Schlong.

      • bottomfeeder

        i like.. no, LOVE men and i think Justin Long is terribly unattractive. & im not THAT fussy. he is a feminine weed with a cheesy grin. blech!

      • Sammi

        Not everyone’s attracted to “cute” guys. I’m surely not. Cute is for babies, puppies, kittens and any other babyish, fuzzy thing.

      • ahorsenamedbill

        @Saint Nick: here’s my thought on her relationship with Justin Long:
        he’s a trusted friend
        he’s (probably) in love with her, but it is not mutual
        he’s her go to guy that keeps her “sane” in that unsane biz
        he might be the only person that truly has her back and knows all her skeletons
        he might be her only real/genuine friend
        she may feel safe with him and doesn’t give a sh*t about the speculation of a relationship…after all, they do sell movies
        it might actually be a real relationship
        remember: she actually married that Tom Green dude – so, she may see beyond the Hwood “perfect” hookup and really involve herself with people that she truly loves and or trusts

        That said: I think this is Drew

  • Truth Saya

    That sandwich looks delish! Oh, and I vote Drew.

  • Laura

    Kelly Osbourne. Is she an actress?

  • Wildkatz

    To give a different guess, Tara Reid

  • curious

    kirsten dunst

  • ferrd69

    personally, i’m going to let betty white off the hook on this one. everybody loves her? yes. rehab? who knows? dog? not sure. falling down drunk? perhaps – she’s an old party hound, that gal. but vomiting into a bucket? no way. she’d delicately upchuck into her handbag, fasten the clasp and carry on drinking. you just don’t see class like that any more.

  • StepHo

    If its not Drew its Kirsten Dunst

  • Jeannie

    I thought of Drew Barrymore as well. “Famous name” refers to her last name, a famous Hollywood name for several generations. “Mature enough to drink now” refers to her going to rehab at such a young age, when it was obviously inappropriate for her to be drinking. Now that she’s an adult, she might not think it’s such a problem for her.

  • insider1970

    Totally Drew Barrymore. That was easy. Poor Drew, I like her so much..

  • Beyonic

    I love Drew… awlll :-( this makes me sad

  • JustMe

    I can’t imagine it being anyone other than Drew.

  • pluggedingirl

    Drew was also in that movie “Everyone Says I Love You.” It’s sad. I thought she had beaten her demons. :(

  • peace

    I am on the “Drew Barrymore” bandwagon because of an interview I saw her give where she clearly admitted to drinking in moderation after rehab because she felt she now had control of her life.

    • Aerli

      Ah, yes-I believe I had read that Drew drank in “moderation” at some point, and my recovering self said-“sure, sure you do, sweetheart…” But that’s me and how I feel about it, you know? I am an alcoholic and there is no growing out of it. I’ve certainly run that game on myself before, because I am pretty young and I sure as heck was a young alcoholic. Suffice it to say, it caught back up with me time and time again. Glad I stopped telling myself I was gonna grow out of it, therapy out of it, whatever blah blah blah. Now if that works for someone else, fantastic for ’em. But I’m inclined to go with…”not bloody likely”.

      • Barry

        Good luck with your sobriety. G-d bless you.

      • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

        Why is God spelled “G-d”?

      • txgal

        in some religions, esp Judaism, it’s a tradition to not spell out “God”. according to WP: “God’s name is treated with care in Jewish tradition. Some Reform Jews observe the custom of spelling God as ‘G-d’.”

      • Robin

        Jewish people don’t spell out the word when it’s not used in prayer out of respect. So we use a hyphen instead.

      • anonymous

        No it’s not something done in Judaism. For jews “God” is not His name, it’s not even a translation of the hebrew. Jews say “Hashem” (meaning “the name”) and Ad-o-na* when in prayer. However, that also is not “His” name.
        It is christians that hyphenate the word God.

      • Good share, Aerli. Thanks. Love, BG

      • Aeduko

        I’ve walked in your shoes Aerli. I’m sober too and I hated having the label and not being ever able to say you’ve kicked it.

        I don’t want it to be Drew but everything sure sounds like her. And she’s been photographed smoking weed with Cameron Diaz so she hasn’t exactly been drug free either. Although I wouldn’t out her for weed. Booze? Not so smart, Drew.

      • Aerli

        Thanks for the kindess, folks.

      • amagod121

        You deserve it for your efforts. Very cool.

      • MissFabulous

        Congrats on your sobriety, Aerli. Thank you for sharing your story. Stay strong!

  • Shirylgirl67

    Liz Taylor!

  • moody migraine

    BARRYMORE – famous last name.

  • elgatdelraval

    If it is Drew, then, I say…so what. We all like to party. Here in the UK at least, getting fall-down drunk and vomiting into a bucket is a Friday night. Sometimes you go through phases where you party every night, it doesn’t mean you have a problem (I’ve begged bartenders for much worse than tuna, trust this.) The only way she has a problem is if she can’t STOP drinking…but I would like to think, hopefully, that people who have had serious substance abuse issues in the past but then resolved those issues in rehab, could continue to drink like normal people after some years have passed. Obviously if this IS an alcoholism problem, then, yeah, poor Drew. Hopefully she’ll get over it.

    • Saint Nick

      The number of deaths from binge drinking among youths in Britain is alarming. Hardly an example for youngsters of the world to follow.

      Me, of all people… I love drinking. But some people just don’t know when to stop. Or some do, but they can’t stop. That is not nice.

      • Aeduko

        No it isn’t. I’m sober and I like being around people who are drinking socially and getting happy. I can’t stand being around a drinking alcoholic. too many memories, prolly.

      • peace

        Being around people who drink socially is a delicate walk for anyone so….., God Bless and Walk With Great Care!!!!!!!!

      • Aerli

        This makes me laugh out loud to even say this…but if you ain’t an alcoholic and you deliberately set out to get trashed and foolish, that seems a little more screwed up to me then the alcoholic who goes out planning to have just a couple drinks, has them, and cannot stop. I mean, there’s the difference too. An alcoholic doesn’t have much choice in matters. But choosing that level of retardation, and the lethality of such a choice? Hell, I just liked the feeling after a couple of scotches. If I could’ve been a social drinker who never got smashed but could get my little bit of mellow on, I would’ve been. More I think I understand/know, the less I really do.

      • elgatdelraval

        Ok…going to get flamed for this, but…”an alcoholic doesn’t have much choice in matters”…I’ve never been an alcoholic (although I do like to get drunk, because I, like many others, enjoy achieving a certain level of retardation from time to time – because it’s fun)…but I am addicted to smoking. However, having said that, if I choose to give up smoking – I mean really really choose it – all I have to do is stop smoking. It might be an unpleasant experience that results in months of depression and frustration, but it’s a choice available to me. Like I said, I’ve never been an alcoholic, but I’ve experienced alcoholism in my very immediate family, and not once did I buy the “I have no choice” line. Sorry if this view isn’t widely accepted, but there is a choice, even if it is a very difficult one to make.

      • MyCatLovesTV

        It’s OK. Nobody expects you to understand. I’ve never had a drinking problem. My vice was food. I had a therapist tell me eating disorders are a form of OCD. I can’t tell you how many people would tell me “just eat something” — if only it were so simple. Like being an alcoholic, being bulimic is life long recovery. Our brains work differently. When food or booze or whatever is an obsession rather than just having a good time, it is no longer a matter of choice.

      • BethJ

        No “flaming” here, but, from a medical/physiological perspective, the chemicals in nicotine affect the brain differently and in different areas than alcohol does. Thankfully, not an alcoholic either, but recently became friends with a hard-core alcoholic, so read up on it a lot. Comparing MRIs of non-alcoholics and alcoholics (and then active vs. sober) is very enlightening. Well, it was for me. 😀

      • Aerli

        Eh, no flaming. I just think you misunderstood my meaning in regards to the word choice. Having the first drink/drug/whatever is ALWAYS a choice. What comes after that, not so much. Obviously someone has the ability to choose sobriety, to choose accountability for their own actions. I did. My accountability involves not having a drink, because I can make no promise about what comes after that. Be glad you don’t understand. Who the heck would wish someone else intimate knowledge of the struggle with addiction in any form?

      • amagod121

        This has been an enlightening thread as well, what with the point about non-alcoholic vs. alcoholic MRIs (fascinating!) as well as your perspective as a person with a drinking problem. I do feel for you – I’m not one and can’t imagine not being able to STOP when I want to. Maybe that’s the difference between the non and the alcoholic – we both have the ability to say no to starting to have a drink but you guys can’t do the stopping part. What a drag! I’m that way with food and I hate it.

      • AngelinaTwilightTomCruise is the answer

        Sorry but as a smoker, once a smoker always a smoker. It’s not an easy habit to kick, if it was you would have already because why else would you want to harm yourself. Smoking is probably the only harmful thing that we can do at anytime of day, as many times as we want, in public (unless you’re pregnant) without it seeming unusual (vs drinking). We can never just have one and if we do kick the habit, there is always that one slip up (usually goes hand in hand with drinking) I get what your saying though about alcohol and the whole not have a choice but you should understand that urge to do something that you know you shouldn’t be doing because you do the same thing everytime you inhale..

      • jennifer

        The major differences in nicotine and alcohol withdrawal:

        chemical imbalances that can result in death

        It’s a very serious matter for alcoholics to stop using. Some can even die. Alcohol (along with xanax) is the most dangerous drug to withdraw from. Heroin withdrawals, while very painful, come nowhere close to the danger alcoholics face when they decide to quit.

      • Lily

        Genius. If it were so easy to stop it wouldn’t be a problem!!!

        My mother was an alcoholic when I was born, only stopped drinking when she had health problems – I was 25.

  • Opie

    Ya Drew has said many times she can NOW drink in moderation and I was happy to hear her say that. This happens to me too at times if you have wine and you have not eaten, your fine one min then barfing into a garbage can the next and she is feeding her sandwich to her dog instead of eating it. But nightly falling down drunk is not a good sign.

  • wholuvzya

    josie grossy from Never Been Kissed…Drew Barrymore

  • AKM75

    Tuna fish is kind of telling for Drew Barrymore. She used to be a vegetarian but now eats fish (no meat though), so she wouldn’t be asking for a Reuben, for example. That’s the latest I’d heard about her diet, anyway.

  • sinamin

    Before I read all the comments, my guess was Drew, so this was finally an easy blind! I think the majority wins.

  • bottomfeeder

    Drew, if i wasn’t holding your hair, i’d be sharing the bucket with you. never change.

  • CoCo

    I called this problem months ago. Imagine what “drinking in moderation” must mean to a woman who has generations of alcoholism in her family and who regularly drank to excess before puberty! She must have a very high tolerance level. Besides, most of us have figured out, after 25 years of drinking, how much we can drink without becoming nausious (how do you spell this?) or embarrassing.

  • smef

    Kirsten Dunst – there are a few articles out about her falling off the wagon again!

  • Hmmm

    An Australian magazine has a story this week about how Drew’s drinking is out of control. So I vote Drew too.

  • redfromabox

    Nobody loves Snaggletooth.

  • Frannie

    Josie Grossie!

  • Mrsmac

    Yup, Drew. Everybody Loves Whales is filming in Anchorage, AK and everybody knows everything about everybody at anytime. Just ask ANYONE in Anchorage. Cute dog btw.