For the Sake of the Money

BlindGossip – After many years together, this celebrity couple – where one is more famous than the other – is breaking up. You probably can’t tell just by looking at them as they are still seen together. They make a concerted effort to say nice, supportive things about each other, and  physically touch each other in public for photographs (Even though, according to one of them, “Being anywhere near him/her makes my flesh crawl.”) Why the public show of togetherness? Well, it’s not for the sake of the children. It’s for the sake of the money. There is no pre-nuptial in place, and one is pushing the other hard for control of specific shared assets. Why would the other party agree? So that their soon-to-be-ex will stay quiet about some of the scandalous things that have gone on during the time they have been together.

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      • insider1970 says

        Unless of course “for the sake of the children” is used only as an expression, not that they actually have children..I find it very vague blind.

      • amagod121 says

        SHE has children so a public scandal could affect them. And the wording is “for the sake of the children,” not, “for the sake of their children.”

    • stan says

      John Travolts is married to Kelly Preston. Kelly Preston dated Charlie Sheen who “Shot her”

    • Nutella Jones says

      I have to disagree with this guess but only because I’m not so sure that one is more famous than the other.

    • luvprue1 says

      I think it could be Demi & Ashton too. Their PR is out in full force to stop any rumors that their marriage is not on solid ground.

    • jenb says

      whoever it is the person can still talk or write tell all book. And its sad when assets are mor important than the kids.

    • Barry says

      bingo. he always talked about being stepdad and they tried to have a baby. no prenup. all that togetherness on twitter and kabbalah and in Israel.

      • Aeduko says

        I don’t think it’s the Beckhams, only because it says one is more famous than the other and you can argue that they both are very famous in their own right.

      • sneezy says

        It’s the other way around – he lets anything with hands touch him – like Kate Moss at a Vogue party a couple of years ago!

      • Hobbes says

        David is WAY more famous and popular than her now. Also, when they got together he was nowhere near as popular or rich, so probably wouldn’t have asked for a pre-nup. And in photos, she is always draped all over him, while he looks kind of awkward. She would be a nobody without him, so will be hanging on for “brand Beckham”.

    • Cuddlebutt says

      Yep. And that shot of them on D-listed popped into my head as soon as I read this. The one of them on the set of her new movie. it looked like a stalker photo.

    • FzFz says

      If it’s them, I think Angelina is the one being pushed for more assets. She has worked hard to cultivate a philanthropic, matronly image of herself, but there have always been rumors that she’s addicted to heroin. And even if the heroin stuff isn’t true, I still think Brad probably has some pretty scandalous stories.

      As for the pre-nup, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t know better with all of their failed relationships. Maybe because they never married it just never came up. You’d think the subject would be broached when buying mansions and villas worth $50 million though.

      • FzFz says

        Also, there was that story some time ago claiming they were ironing out the final details of their separation agreement. But I really think if they separated and the rumors about Angie were true, Brad would be fighting for custody not assets.

      • Ruby says

        I don’t think the item refers to Brad and Angie. The mention of a pre-nup rules out an unmarried couple, and they’re (as noted) equally famous.

        And Brad has MUCH more money than Angie, yet she is the one with all the scandalous rumors around her. The item seems to indicate that the partner with more money is also the one with the things to hide.

      • Its Miley says

        I don’t think it’s them either as I don’t recall him and Anniston having a pre nup and try didn’t duke it out over every penny. Also, if anyone had dirt to sell, it’d be him and so far he hasn’t said much about the relation with Jennifer. He seems to be classy in that respect.

      • ShhDontTell says

        Brad definitely has some scandalous stories. I was at an event in New York where Chris Rock happened to be, and he said some pretty crazy stuff. He was drunk and loud but quite serious about the claims he was making. I think there is even a youtube link where he said something about Brad’s sexual escapades in an interview while doing promo for “Good Hair” with Nia Long.

      • ShhDontTell says

        And as much as I WISH in my heart of all hearts that Brangelina would be no more, the odds are against me.

    • JrsyGrrrl says

      First time poster :) Last I checked, Brangie aren’t married. I like the Travolta/Preston guess.

    • luvprue1 says

      But Brad and Angie are not married,and there has been report of a break up for sometime. Plus, they are equally famous.

      • the gun says

        Its true that they aren’t married but what about common law marriage in the state of Louisiana? I dont know but i think its them. And i would argue that she’s the more famous of the two given her years of odd behavior over the years before they were together. Her new matronly image and goodwill ambassador status makes her the more famous of the two. People who know nothing of tv or hollywood in 3rd world countries know who she is…

    • Hannele says

      I like this guess…but Jennifer Garner seems so nice that I’d be sad to find out anything bad about them.

      • Junius94 says

        Jennifer Garner has a sweetheart image, but sources and previous blinds have said that she’s actually quite the ice queen. She’s extremely ambitious and controlling.

      • bobbi says

        Yeah she is always ‘randomly’ at the park or grocery store or frozen yogurt stand with her kid(s) and the paps ‘just happen’ to be there and catch her in the act of being a perfect mom.

        That’s called insurance. She’s making sure she looks like the good, caring parent so she gets custody in any divorce that might happen. Not a fan of her really.

    • MellyMo says

      I’m going with this guess as well. Saw a couple of pics of them in a magazine yesterday and they just don’t seem right. Happy around the kids and he says in an article that she’s a “wonderful person” or some BS like that.

    • danasstar says

      I agree. Looking at pics of the two of them he looks completely vacant. It must be hard for her to be married to him. He seems to be moody and self-absorbed (but aren’t most actors?). He’s the one with (philandering?)secrets.

    • Ruby Red Lips says

      Agree with you totally – & there have been all sorts of rumours about them having separate lives and Ben drinking and hooking up with random women

    • jjlove says

      Yeah, I think so. The title is a little odd (seems like a clue) and Kelly Preson was in “For Love of the Game”. Plus, the rumors about them have been worse than ever lately!!

    • Hollywoodzen says

      This is a really good guess! Clues that fit: She is more famous than he is, they are married, I don’t remember hearing anything about a prenup (but not sure), they have kids, and they have all those shows together so the asset thing could involve that. The scandalous secrets could involve her having an eating disorder or drugs? (she is/was looking super skinny…that’s not natural)

      • Beth says

        You are correct about that, Tea comes from generational wealth and her movies have actually made more money than David’s so I think they are about equal in that respect. I don’t think this is about them.

      • LavaMama says

        I would venture that Duchovny has more personal wealth than Leoni. He sued Fox for more royalties when Fox sold the residuals of the X-Files to its subsidiary, the FX channel, instead of putting the show up to the highest bidder. Hence, the royalties he, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, etc., would get would be way lower. And he won that and received something around $20mil from Fox itself. He got a lot of money….of which Leoni would get half if there was no prenup.

      • Katrina says

        Neither Leoni or Duchovny seem all that impressed with money or the Hollywood lifestyle. They seem to like be to working actors but are hardly ever on the party circuit. They wear the same clothese all the time and aren’t into the typical Hollywood bling. They may have a crappy marriage but it seems to me this blind diesn’t fit them at all. I’ve heard that Leoni has turned down offers to work over the last two years.

      • jenb says

        i don’t think it’s them either but hey, we can’t ignore them. But i think this is a bigger star that has been married a really long time.

      • jenb says

        lady mama tie tea’s wealth in with what her family would give her. I have no doubt she probably was a trust fund baby.

      • Katrina says

        People can dislike Tea or not but to be truthful she almost always gets good reviews for her projects and as for getting turned down for projects not so. She has HBO interested in a series she’s developing and has just joined the cast of a Ben Stiller movie that has a great cast. Dislike her all you want but be honest.

      • jenb says

        I dont have anything against her, but tea didn’t really have to work. She was already born into wealth, but i must say, based on seeing her on some talk shows, and celebrity outing she definately loves the spotlight and the attention.

      • insider1970 says

        Yes, and if BG didn’t keep on moderating my posts I would be first to suggest it LOL you stole my thunder! OK, sure it’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, here is an earlier article when the cheating scandal and the first (?) crisis of their marriage happened which explains it all

        It also mentions in the last paragraph that they didn’t signed prenup and SJP is afraid of losing her fortune!

      • another libby says

        I think you solved this one. Good job.

        I wonder if the twin girls were a consolation prize for SJP. They’re divorcing anyway, she wants at least another child, and negotiates another sample based upon the fact that he won’t have to live with them most of the time AND because the divorce will give him enough $$$ to never work again.

        I hate to refer to children that way.
        My guess is they will divorce when the twins are at least a two years old, maybe next June.

    • Lindsay Bluth says

      That was my first thought too but I don’t think either is more famous than the other. And neither one of them is doing much now (apart from bad Sex & the City sequals).

      • ams511 says

        really? I think SJP is WAAAY more famous than him…and she has producer credits on sex in the city, so he could want some of that $$$?

      • Lindsay Bluth says

        War Games, Ferris Buehler, Brighton Beach Memoirs (on Bway) — I’m 44 so maybe I’m skewed by the 80’s :-)

        But if the general opinion is that she is more famous than I’m more than with that guess!

      • Demon Seed says

        This is exactly what I was thinking..”Well, he’s just as famous…” and then I thought…no, I’m just old enough to remember when he was! Yeah for mid-40’s baby!

    • Robin says

      My guess too! All the clues fit. She’s more famous than he is. They’ve got kids. They’ve been separated for a while. There was a cheating scandal. The secrets they’re hiding? He’s gay.

      • lisa says

        I know they live separately within the same apartment building, but my sources tell me they’re still married.

      • Tu22 says

        If Duchovny and Leoni were divorced there would be papers available to the public. They could not hide anything like that.

      • Maryanne says

        I always find it interesting that people cite unnamed sources that can give you extremely personal details about a celeb’s private life but these very same sources can never provide any career scoop ahead of official announcements. You would think that if they know initimate details they would know the career stuff. Maybe because you can make anything up about someone’s private life but can be proved wrong about the public stuff? Points to ponder…

      • jaquie says

        If they are legally divorced than why would they hide it for so long? I asked this before and was told that they were going to make an announcement at the end of September. Well, here it is the end of October and still nothing. So I asked again and was told that something must have happened to delay the announcement. It kind of makes it hard to believe that anyone really knows anything.

      • jaquie says

        Again, this makes no sense. If this blind item is them then they are not divorced yet. The blind talks about how there is no prenup and the papers are not signed. You say they are divorced and the papers are sealed. So which one is it?

      • Emma says

        Break up doesn’t necessarily mean they are not divorced. It might mean they are going to make it official.

      • jenb says

        I think it’s duchovny sadly, but everyone knows in hollywood u always sign a prenup no matter what.

  1. powe says

    ellen and portia. no pre nup. no kids but both are crazy about the dogs. that is the shared assett.

      • powe says

        Your right. I felt bad right after I wote that. I actually think they are adorable together and seem genuine and in love.

    • Julie says

      Is a dog an asset? Isn’t the blind titled For the Sake of the Money? Isn’t this a monetary thing and not an animal or kid thing?

      • jenb says

        Yea but the kids and animal can be included as well. But this person wants more money than what the other party wants to give them.

  2. Gomezparkinson says

    Here’s a boring one, how about Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelo? “Celebrity Couple” always makes me think of those where personality obliterates any performance abilities.

  3. Paulina says

    “control of specific shared assets”~ that makes me think it has something to do with the likes of a sports team, or tv network, or a publishing firm… or hotels! hmmmm…

    • Sleuth says

      I’m not 100% sold on this guess yet…but I can see them not having a prenup since they got married long before he became famous.

      • Nowaynohow says

        She was famous, more famous than Hugh – in Australia. They met when they did a tv movie together. I don’t think it’s them, he seems pretty devoted.

    • Twisted says

      Yeah, they are planning a divorce which is why they went through all the trouble of a surrogacy pregnancy. Do you have any idea what couples go through before they take that step? Probably several miscarriages, in vitro processes, fertility counseling, etc. Doesn’t sound like a couple that hates each other to me.

      • jessalyn says

        Agreed. As someone who considered surrogacy at one point you don’t go through all of that unless you are pretty darn devoted.

  4. LoveBug says

    Courtney & David!!!

    Just the other day they had pic of David putting his arm around Courtney @ their daughter Coco’s equestrian meet [hence the line about pda.] It’s been said that they don’t have a pre-nup either. AND Courtney has “allegedly” been sleeping around w/ other guys during their marriage [according to the Lainey Gossip blinds.]


  5. VinylDestination says

    I thought most celebrity couples have pre-nups. I’m guessing that it would be easy to narrow down, but I’m not good in the pre-nup department.

    • ams511 says

      i doubt its them. he knows its cheaper to keep her, even if he wanted out…they have tons of money tied up in their foundation.

    • rairai says

      no way it’s them. They are a super prominent couple in my hometown and are always seen together in non-PR places. According to everyone who knows them, they actually have a great marriage and home life.

  6. hopeznyc says

    it says “not for the sake of the children” which can imply they do not have children-i think it was a sarcastic statement saying “it is not as if they have kids”…-

  7. CindyB says

    “Being anywhere near him/her makes my flesh crawl.”

    Wasn’t there a BI about this a long while ago? Weren’t the guesses then about SJP and Matthew Broderick?

    • bree476 says

      Yes there was. I believe it was around the Oscars. They looked so unhappy and unnatural together. SJP and Broderick is my guess.

  8. Jules says

    First time poster!

    Just looked up a list of celebrity couples with no prenup and the only two still together are Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi and Larry King/Shawn Southwick.

  9. Dave says

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Interestingly, the Ripa/Consuelos guess may be right or wrong, but certainly fits the facts. There have been rumors posted here and elsewhere about some odd things going on in that marraige. They were married young, and before they were really famous, hence the lack of a pre-nup. And, they have joint production of some TV shows. And she is clearly more famous than he is.

    • Hollywoodzen says

      I thought the Tori/Dean guess was good, but Kelly/Mark definitely fits! Plus, I’ve heard rumors around NYC and online that they get into some pretty kinky stuff like swinging, threesomes, orgies. Just rumors, since I can’t confirm, but that could be the scandalous things the post refers to.

  10. twisted says

    It’s not SJP & MB. They live in NY, which is a community property state in divorce. MB would be entitled to half of her assets. He could walk at any time and make a fortune. They are not together for money reasons.

      • Twisted says

        my bad on community property. However equitable distribution can be just as much since in this case, SJP did not have money at the time of their marriage. She has acquired her wealth during the marriage, which makes a big difference.

      • twisted says

        It’s not about keeping him. Its about him wanting to stay or not. My point is that if he didn’t want to be in the marriage, he would have left by now. He wouldn’t have to wait for her to make a decision. I don’t know why people have such a hard time believing that this couple wants to be together. Maybe their marriage is not plastered all over rags because they don’t want it to be, much unlike other celebrity couples who use media to promote themselves.

  11. Nooner says

    I’m going out on a limb and saying Oprah and Steadman. Celebrity couple, 21 years together, they have the dogs that are considered their “children”, she has rumored to be gay for years and he may have some good dirt on her.

    • Paulina says

      Good guess…I thought of them too, but can’t remember the last time I saw them together in public or heard “kind words” being spoken about each other.

    • Sammi says

      I don’t think they’re married, though…and seriously, what man is insane enough to leave Oprah? I’m not a man, but I’d certainly be her * for that moolah.

  12. nycguy says

    I would guess Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

    The pig in the picture reminds me of Charlotte’s Web.

    And if there is no prenup, Julia is screwed.

  13. Lauren K says

    EASY…..KATIE AND TOM!!!! That girl needs to get away from him!!!! I have a controlling father and the looks on her face when I see her scream “Help me!!!!” Getting away from someone powerful is WAY harder than it may seem. Btw, HELLO BG!!!!

  14. Don't Know For Sure says

    I kinda agree with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson guess because they have been together for a very long time, at least 20 something years. Unless of course they mean Hollywood “many years together” which is anything over 2 years then it could be anyone.

  15. ohnotheydidnt says

    What about Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick? Been together a while, he is more famous than she is, despite the TV show.

  16. eyeroll says

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson own a production company called Shared Assets. He’s more famous than her and they have a bunch of kids. He has kind of a squeaky clean image, so I imagine he’d be really upset if anything came out to tarnish that image.

  17. BethJ says

    I’m still thinking it’s Brad and Angie, solely by the phrasing of the blind. It doesn’t say “married” anywhere, and pre-nups are not just for marriages. Together, Brad and Angie are worth A LOT more than they are apart. Both are legal parents of all of the children, so that’s no reason really to stay or continue to appear together. I hope it isn’t Brad and Angie, but this really does seem like them. :-\

  18. Bingo says

    I think it is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner….there is a post today in some tabloid that they are on the verge of splitting…..just a thought….

  19. jolieoranistonftw says

    Tom Hanks had been married before Rita Wilson and was pretty famous already, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t have a pre-nip. That said, I like this guess. He has a squeaky clean image to protect (despite rumors on the BI sites), they were recently just seen together with what seemed forced smiles, and the name of their production company – which someone mentioned above – makes the clue jump out.

    I also like the Warren/Annette guess, the Travolta/Preston guess (will they just get it over with already?!?), and the SJP/Broderick guesses. (She grew up poor and probably doesn’t want to lose the money she’s worked for.) I hate to see it, but feel there are too many rumors to ignore – Affleck/Garner, though I don’t think this clue fits them. They haven’t been together for “many” years. I think the longer marrigages fit better.

  20. slam dunk says

    @Bingo No it’s not them .It says they show PDA they don’t .Any way saw Jen Garner on a tv show she happy like bug
    I think it’s JLO and Skeletor.She afraid to leave him because of the money .She doesn’t make what she used to and Skeletor has a lot to hide from his past.

  21. Guesswhat says

    I think BG has inside knowledge of the Travolta/Preston marriage based on other BG blinds. They fit the (vague) description.

    • suedechik79 says

      but neither party (nor their religion) want their skeletons out of the closet. i dont think they fit this at all.

  22. Fifty Foot Woman says

    Amy Brenneman and Brad Silberling? She was in the movie “Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her,” and they have two kids.

  23. Moot says

    Jon Hamm and J Westfeld. In the picture, the man’s holding a pig, with his hair slicked like Don Draper.

  24. msp96302 says

    Million year lurker, First time poster: Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

    celebrity couple – probably not actors.

  25. Sleuth says

    Ahgrhhhh!!!! I’m late to the party! Lot’s of good arguments for this blind. I think I’ll go with SJP and Matthew Broderick. I think the twins was one last ditch attempt to save the marriage and he wanted them not her.

  26. east coaster says

    Great suggestions here! I’ll throw another long-time couple into the mix: Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffiths. Although I don’t know if one counts as “more famous” than the other.? I for one just can’t get over how she destroyed her pretty face. I wonder how Antonio has been able to stand it!

  27. Claven says

    What about Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos? Celebrity couple, together a long time, lots of kids, she’s more famous….

  28. MzMaryMac says

    I would love to know how Tom Hanks got such a “squeaky clean” image! He cheated on his first wife (who subsequently passed away a few years after) with Rita Wilson. He divorced his wife so that he could marry Rita. Not the best way to start a marriage, if you ask me. How did that get swept under the rug?

  29. Spikearoo says

    Am I the only one who thinks JLo-Marc would end in a hail of bullets rather than court papers? I seem to remember him being into guns, having a concealed carry license and perhaps a possessive temper. Someone wasn’t kidding when they said that he has her on lock. That’s what I always thought.

    All that said, the only gender stated is male. Makes me wonder.

  30. Guessing not knowing says

    I think this is solved now that Courtney and David have publicly accouned their split.

  31. Funbag says

    Christina Aguilera and Bratman — the things that Bratman knows being her lesbian encounters.

  32. Julie says

    What makes everyone think this couple is married? The word marriage is not even mentioned. “After many years together” or “during the time they have been together” is used instead, but you see, they can still have shared assets. They probably have kids and are keeping civil towards each other outwardly for the kid’s sake, just not staying together for the kids sake. I think the word “concerted” is a huge clue. Someone in the music industry.

  33. Julie says

    If this was Cox and Arquette, or Aguilera and Bratman, why would this blind come out AFTER they made their separations public? This site is a helluva lot better than Ted Casaboring over at E-online.

  34. Questions says

    So if this is about Duchovny,what are the scandalous things he’s worried about? I think we’ve heard about his issues before. Or is Leoni the one with more to hide?

  35. jenb says

    duchovny and tea clues

    not for the sake of the children, they are trying to spend as much time with the kids.

    makes his/her skin crawl, tea and david don’t really like touching each other. But when it is time for close up tea makes the most of it.

    • Questions says

      I agree. Whenever you see them together they seem quite uneasy (especially DD). They even appeared to arguing in some paparazzi pics taken at the beach a couple of months ago.

  36. jenb says

    Duchovny save yourself some money by coming out to the public, your wife tea is going to try and milk u for every last penny, just to screw u over. Hollywood is a forgiving place,n plus your wife will expose u even when she gets all that

    • Beth says

      Why is Duchovny the answer to every Blind here? He can’t be all of them. Why is Tea the bad guy? He looks like he could be a real creep and maybe she would be well rid of HIM. I thought jenb really didn’t follow his career that much and yet you seem to know all about him.