Stalling the Baby Announcement


BlindGossip – This celebrity is pregnant, but her SO wants to hold off on the announcement. Why? Because, while he really, really wants this baby (even more than she does), he is very concerned that she is obsessing about her weight. She is not eating enough, and she is on the scale several times a day fretting about her weight gain. If she can’t stick to a healthy eating plan, it will be difficult for her to sustain a healthy pregnancy. He doesn’t want them to make a public announcement only to have to retract it a few weeks later.


It’s Rachel Zoe! Source: Rachel Zoe

Stylist and reality show star Rachel Zoe has just Twittered that she and Rodger Berman are expecting a baby. Kudos to Just Sayin for the first correct guess!

We know that Rachel reads BG, so we want to offer our congratulations to the happy couple! Mazel tov, Rachel and Rodger!

UPDATE: They had a healthy baby boy. Congratulations, Rachel and Rodger! Here are all the details from the LATimes:

For Rachel Zoe, “bananas” will now likely refer to baby food instead outstanding fashion choices: The stylist and mini-mogul has a new baby boy.Reports had style maven Zoe in labor on Tuesday, with husband Rodger Berman by her side at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The baby’s name is Skylar Morrison Berman, according to People.

“Mom and Dad ‘LITERALLY’ could not be happier or more in love with their son!” the pair said in a statement on Thursday.

The little guy clocked in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and about 20 inches long. Helpful info for the legion big-name designers that might want to send him some gifts — we envision Lacoste baby polos, Varvatos/Converse kicks and a sterling Tiffany rattle.

Congrats to the new family!

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  1. bette says

    orlando bloom and kate bosworth? we’d all have to suspend our disbelief at his heterosexuality, but she’s had eating issues before, hasn’t she? and she’s his fiancee rather than girlfriend/wife(i think), which might explain the SO bit?

    • anonymous says

      this would be rather awkward, considering orlando is now MARRIED to miranda kerr…lol

      definitley rachel zoe. how can her body even carry a healthy baby?!

    • Kelley says

      You’re a bit behind the times, Bette! Orlando is actually married to model Miranda Kirr (who really is pregnant), and Kate Bosworth is dating Alexander Skarsgard.

      No worries, though! Happens to the best of us.


      Totally Rachel Zoe. I still can’t believe it though. If she can get preggers then anybody should be able to.

      • meme says

        That was my first thought when I heard all the Rachel Zoe talk yesterday. All those people trying desperately to have a baby and the raisin can do it?!?!?! Really???

      • anonymous says

        Absolutely agree with you and others who expressed disbelief that Raisin face could actually get pregnant. Hope all goes well.

  2. Lizzard says

    Rachel Zoe for the win?

    Her husband clearly wants a baby more than she’s ever expressed. And that woman is so stick thin I’m surprised she still gets her “lady time” let alone can get pregnant!

      • jenb says

        whoever it is they need to stay healthy for the baby and then after the child is born, just start working out. In hollywood stick and bones is the new thing, but i prefer the older hollywood when women had curves.

    • Queen Bee says

      Second this. Definitely Rachel Zoe, and I’m amazed she was able to conceive in the first place.

  3. ladymarmalade says

    Yeah, El Chupa Zoe.

    It is surprising, because I just assumed chupacabras were hatched, not birthed.

    • WTFF says

      I doubt it’s them aren’t the rumors (and many blinds) that they are a PR couple. This seems like Rachel Zoe. Also the way SO is written sounds like Rachel’s way of speaking “LIKE” “BANANAS.”

  4. newtsgal says

    All of the people listed above have already annouced they are preggers.
    So, I’m going with Angelina Jolie

      • Debbi says

        Yes, it’s being reported in the press but has NOT been confirmed or formally announced by Rachel or her husband yet.

      • Lola says

        Doesn’t matter how many media outlets report something… if the couple (or their rep) haven’t confirmed, then it’s still hearsay.

  5. cjm1472 says

    Its Giuliana and bill Rancic. They are both famous independently. He was the first winner of the Apprentice and she’s the cohost of E! news. They even have a reality show. Also, they announced a pregnancy last year way to early and had a miscarriage hence not wanting to announce it to early again. CONSIDER THIS ONE SOLVED. (First time poster btw)

  6. Jamie says

    I’m gonna go with Rachel Zoe as well.

    <3 her, but girl needs to put on about 15 pounds STAT. Especially if she's with child.

      • Beans345 says

        ummmm i dont think mariah is freaking out about putting on the weight.
        shes definitely pregnant, and has put on weight and looks fantastic. shes been out and about, not hiding, and is glowing.

    • Nutella Jones says

      Yeah, even though it say’s SO, they were my first thought too. Those that everyone else named are already very thin. Mariah has been struggling with her weight and pregnancy rumors have been flying around forever but they never confirm or deny it. Nick is always saying “When Mariah’s ready to announce…”

      • Beans345 says

        she cant obsess about her weight on camera, because she’d come off like a *. but there is no way that someone of her size does NOT obsess about her weight.

      • Lola says

        Oh please – don’t be naive! No celebs admit to obsessing about their weight, at least not until years later after they’ve recovered from the eating disorder. There’s a difference between naturally frail (Ellen Pompeo) and my-ribs-stick-out emaciated (RZ).

    • davew says

      Agreed, David and Victoria Beckham were my first guess. “Really really” reminds me of the lyrics to Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

  7. Rachel says

    This has to be Rachel Zoe. She is clearly unhealthy and I don’t think her body can sustain a child unless she starts eating like a normal person. I wish they would consider having a surrogate.

    • LooLoo says

      I knew someone that thin that did carry, though. She had to have hormone shots and suppositories constantly during the pregnancy because she was too thin to produce them herself. It is possible that RZ is doing this and can carry a baby by staying on the hormone regimen. It’d be simpler to have a few cheeseburgers, but hey.

  8. so jazzy says

    How about Jay-Z and Beyonce? He reallys wants a baby but she is still doing her career 1st thing now. She has to stay in shape for her gig and he is famous too. You can’t drop it low with a bun in the oven. lol

    • ladymarmalade says

      When you are pregnant, it’s not the dropping low that’s the problem. It’s the getting back up. 😉

    • stewmcg says

      I agree on the Beyonce/Jay-Z comment. Plus, US magazine has outed this. They claim she’s pregnant and kind of freaking out because she wanted to finish an album and get another tour in, while he’s super excited and ready.

  9. Sleuth says

    Giuliana and Bill Rancic.

    She was pissed as hell when her doctor made her gain 7-10lbs to help get pregnant. She also got grilled on the View for not wanting to gain weight. After gaining 7 and no pregnancy she was very vocal about being mad at the doctor. They finally got pregnant but lost the baby. They haven’t stopped trying…so this is probably them.

    • Lola says

      Did you actually watch that interview? She wasn’t “pissed as hell” that she had to gain weight. She said very openly that she was asked to gain weight in order to regulate ovulation, and she did. The only thing that pissed her off was that those judgemental, feminist View * jumped down her throat over the fact that it was a little unnatural for her. I don’t blame her!

  10. Bingo says

    I don’t know who it is, but honestly, if you are going to have a baby, you really need to put their needs before your own, for a very long time in fact, but certainly while they are in utero….and judging from what I read about most of Hollywood, that just isn’t the case. If you are so obsessed about not gaining a single pound, then don’t try to have a baby. It isn’t at all healthy for the unborn child.

    • somethingoriginal says

      Bingo by name, bingo by nature!

      If you can’t put on a little weight to ensure the health of your unborn baby what kind of mother are you going to be?

  11. Sally says

    I agree with you on this one, Sleuth. Giuliana and Bill both admitted on the View that SHE will have problem with the ‘weight gain’ issue when she does become pregnant. Also, Rachel Zoe is married too.
    Why looking for a single gal ppl when you see “SO”? Can’t an “SO” be your spouse as well as a bf/gf?

  12. wpolochick says

    Rachel Zoe or Giuliana for the win. I would be extremely surprised if either of them could sustain a pregnancy without freaking out over the weight gain. I feel bad for the SO but that’s what happens when you marry someone who visibly has an eating disorder and don’t get them help.

  13. Nartalart says

    Long shot but how about Portia DeRossi? She has had issues with eating disorders in the past and the blind says significant other rather than husband. I have no idea if she and Ellen have ever discussed children.

    • Nartalart says

      My comment is in moderation but I just realized it says “he.” Thank goodness it’s Friday :-)

    • Adrift says

      I like this guess! Ellen adores her neice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants kids of her own. If it is though, I hope Portia will do what’s best for the baby. I think they’d make good parents.

    • lee123 says

      It says “he” several times. The SO means an unmarried but in this case heterosexual couple. It could be anyone in Hollywood because which female celeb isn’t at least a bit underweight?

  14. moody migraine says

    I highly doubt it’s Mariah Carey. She may not have the healthiest diet, but I can’t see her NOT eating several times a day.

    Not Mariah Carey.

  15. ThinkerBelle says

    Why doesn’t RoDger just buy a baby somewhere? So much easier and less stressful than counting on his wife to deliver the goods.

  16. Calico says

    I watch RZ show and I can’t believe she would agree to pregnancy. She should of used a surrogate.

  17. Spikearoo says

    I have the feeling that if Rachel Zoe gave birth, it would be a handbag, not a child. Maybe it’s because of her leathery look.

  18. Luc Brooks says

    Guilana and Bill. She said that she didn’t want to gain weight because then she wouldn’t fit into the sample size.

  19. Roxxx says

    Totally Rachel Zoe. If you watched the Rachael Zoe Project at all last season you know that is all her husband talked about all season. She has also been quite known for her eating disorder for many years. Did anyone see her eat that entire show???

  20. zmnx says

    Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham. David has said in several interviews he would love a daughter, and he’s on a low now because of court cases, and his exclusion from the national side.

  21. Heymama says

    Angelina Jolie? Am I the only one who thinks that the twins were a fake pregnancy and she used a surrogate? There were rumours they tried hard to get pregnant after Shiloh.

    Everyone rags on Kelly Preston for using a pillow, but Kelly’s bump looks real oddly shaped and there is some weight gain. While Angelina’s bump was perfectly round (esp for twins), and she was skinny everywhere else. And she always give birth out of the country in some remote area where probably they can control their privacy somewhat. Then she bounces back and goes on to work on like a million different projects.

  22. Sandy says

    cndngrl…I agree, Mariah Carey. Mariah is easy to gain weight and I can see her obsessing over becoming 180 lbs, then trying to get it off later. Husband is crazy about her, therefore new baby would be more of a joy to him, than her.

    • MyCatLoveTV says

      A-bloody-men! However, if that were the measure, 75% (I’m being kind) of the couples in Hollywood would never reproduce.

  23. MyCatLoveTV says

    Rodger….remove all scales from your home stat. Remove the dang mirrors if you have to. Feed Rachel some Ensure or something….hold her down if you have to. I dunno. Force her to the hospital with an IV drip of nutrition if you must. If Rachel is pregnant, that innocent child has a right to have enough food to thrive.

  24. stenogirl says

    Both Rachel Zoe AND Giuliana Rancic need to eat a sandwich already!!
    Both are frightfully thin! Hasn’t anyone noticed how skeleton looking Giuliana has been lately?!?!
    Though, I really do believe that this Post is about Zoe and her way too metro husband.
    (BTW first time poster..long time follower :) ! )

    • amagod121 says

      Yes, I did notice in a recent photo – skeletal is exactly the term I would use for her face now. She’s no longer just fashionably thin – she’s skeletal. And it’s frightening looking, quite frankly. I wish she’d get some help, being that thin is problematic. Poor lady.

  25. Polaristbh says

    My guess, is Khloe Kardashian. I would imagine she obsesses about her weight, and its been said they are trying for a baby. I figure SO could mean husband as easily as boyfriend. First time poster, but that is my guess!

    • MIA Girl says

      I agree! With US now reporting she is pregnant, and that it was not planned, this blind is definitely Beyonce. I’ve heard that she really has to watch her weight constantly so becoming pregnant might be freaking her out.
      Enjoy it Beyonce, be healthy and let yourself gain the weight that your pregnancy needs… and then just work your butt off after you have the baby,

  26. Jalisa says

    Beyonce just announced she is pregnant. This blind has to be them. It is well known that Jay Z has wanted a child forever but B wanted to concentrate on her career. Her last movie was called obsessed.

  27. amagod121 says

    Might possibly be Giuliana and Bill, as the gossip sites today mentioned that they’d recently had a miscarriage. And the accompanying photo of her shows a face that is shrunken beyond belief. This is just sad beyond belief – being so obsessed by your weight that you refuse to gain a healthy amount, and also losing your baby as a result. Children are such a gift, it’s hard for me to fathom anyone valuing a skinny bum more than a beautiful child. But, then again, obsessive weight loss is an illness.

  28. anonymous says

    I was surprised to learn that even if you starve yourself so that you don’t get a period, that doesn’t mean you are not ovulating. So, professional Hollywood lunchchuckers and starving third world women can still get pregnant. I hope someone is going to keep an eye on this Rachel Zoe person, you just know she’ll be weighing every single bite, including vitamin pills, in her mind as to whether or not she should swallow that bite.

  29. Magenta says

    Rachel Zoe is the source on this one? She leaked this info herself? So she knows she has an eating disorder but is unwilling to fix that?

  30. butbutsee says

    did you see todays new picture of her, she keeps her hair combed down on the sides of her face so people wont see her chin, she is in danger starving the baby! for the love of god , we all have a bit of flesh under the chin, it is not natural to have a jawline with no flesh, but she obviously seems to think so, since she covers up her jaw she must feel like a whale while pregnant, talk about mental disorder, that baby will be born starving, because mommy can’t gain natural weight without freaking out, still she is very very skinny although she is pregnant, this is absolutely insane of her – to let the mental disorder of anorexia_bulimia_or whatever similar type problem she has still rule her, she should get our of her mind and forget about herself and just please EAT for the baby!

  31. danny says

    Isn’t she like 70 years old? or is that just what too much botox does to you? are there side effects for the baby from all the botox?

    so many questions!!!!!

  32. Gast84 says

    Just Sayin, I’m happy for you and Imma let you have your kudos, but Anonymous got it right first. He had the correct guess 31 minutes before you.

  33. sunnysilv says

    I thinks she looks WONDERFUL with the weight she gained. It makes her look refreshed, and healthy.

  34. suedechik79 says

    OOOH i hope its a girl. gotta love when people with unresolved mental and emotional issues procreate and hand those issues right down to their child.

  35. lizg says

    I am so happy this is confirmed, I never thought she would be able to get pregnant, but really so happy for Rachel and Rodger. She has never looked better, she should stay pregnant until she hits menopause. I think they are going to be great parents.

  36. loon says

    I hope she reads this and realises that she’s never looked better with a bit of weight on her. She’s still incredibly thin, but she doesn’t look as shriveled – her face looks so much better

  37. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Glad she had a boy instead of girl who might have had a weight problem and embarrassed her. I bet if we see photos of her 1 month from now, she’ll have every bit of baby weight off.