Thin and Exhausted Girl is Cracking

BlindGossip – This actress, who is the star of a very successful television show, has become completely obsessive about her weight. Not only does this talented star work very hard throughout the day (which is a workout in itself), she also exercises whenever she is not on set. In fact, she has been exercising so much and eating so little (less than 1000 calories per day), that she recently collapsed on the set. We believe that this single fact rather nullifies her claim that her new healthy lifestyle gives her lots of energy.

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70 comments to Thin and Exhausted Girl is Cracking

  • DownUnderChick

    Lea Michele for sure

  • Bouillon

    Miranda Cosgrove. She was in a blind item not too long ago. Can’t believe she actually collapsed.
    She makes $180,000 per episode on iCarly. I think i read somewhere that the show had more viewers than Hannah Montana.

    • I guess

      Up it’s sad. I bet some of the same people here saying Lea was cute last season were probably saying she was chubby then. Sucky situation.

  • Ah-nonymous

    Would Miranda Cosgrove be considered to be an actress? I am not familiar with ICarly.

    Anyway, she’s been tiny lately.

    • Ellison

      That show is soo awful, I was forced to watch it at an acquaintance’s house because she has a young child, but I wouldn’t let my child watch such nonsense.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    Annalynne McCord or Blake Lively?

  • Orion

    Maggie Q? Somehow the show sounds like some action series and Maggie Q looks really unhealthy thin on Nikita.

  • Ruby Red Lips

    My first thought was Blake lively, but now thinking has to be Lea Michele too as she is so skinny and raving about her ‘vegan’ diet

  • ilovedlisted

    All of ’em?

  • Lea Michele. Don’t watch Glee but have seen before and after pictures. She looks like she’s definitely at the starvation point.

  • tdslf

    Teri, i am on the dumbest show tdslf has never seen, Hatcher

  • tdslf

    Jennifer, i need some food, quick, Carpenter

    • stinkweed

      Yeah, she just looks gross! Whether this blind is about her or not, she needs cookie.

      I’m sure her husband’s cancer scare was stressful, but she’s totally emaciated.

    • Sean

      But she has always been quite thin. Too damn thin in fact. I wonder if there is a craft services table on that set?

    • AngelinaTwilightTomCruise is the answer

      Have worked out at the gym next to her..hours running on the treadmill like she’s running from the Boogeyman named Carbs..

  • South Jersey girl

    My first post though I’ve reading for a while: Without a doubt, it’s Lea Michele. She’s gotten so think that it’s aged her – she looks too old now to be playing a teenager – compared to last year when she was adorable, now she looks drawn and tired. She needs to eat something.

  • Emby

    Def Lea Michele. At the end of the Glee last week, when she was standing on stage, so looked scarily tiny. She really looked a lot better last season.

  • Chatchita

    I am going with Lea also. There was a report About someone on the set of glee fainting during a rehearsal a few weeks ago. Poor thing. She’s so pretty.

  • ihearttrevor

    Totally Lea. Man now I feel guilty about going on and on to my friends about how amazing she looks. Oops.

  • Ahnonymous

    I think I’m the only person here who thinks Lea Michele is actually quite unattractive.

    Whatever….each to their own I guess.

  • Demon Seed

    Lea Michele needs a sandwich and a smack upside the head. I can’t even watch her now without thinking how emaciated she looks.

    • lolo

      Her show doesn’t require a ton of running around and exercising (any more than your standard sitcom at least) so I don’t think it’s her… Plus she’s not really a “girl”… BUT, she is scary skinny, all of a sudden! I definitely noticed that on Modern Family last week.

  • suedechik79

    i dont even know why lea michele wants to be thinner; losing weight does NOT suit her face. shes getting grotesque.

  • Kate

    Jennifer Morrison-she is way too skinny! (and she is still in the house credits)

  • Liberal Media Is Corrupt

    I saw Kelly Ripa

  • melba

    I really don’t understand all the haterade about super skinny actresses. They all do it? Why? Because they think they have to (and are probably right) in order to work in this industry. They’re women in an industry that only values you for your “hotness,” which is constantly being dissected at their expense. Lea Michele, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Bowen and Kelly Ripa are some of the hardest working, most talented people in the industry, and all they get is a “ewwww, so gross! You aren’t adhering to my standards for your attractiveness!” I tell you, if I was an actress, I would be an anorexic coke head for sure. I mean, I (and all the women I know) get upset if I even think someone may have implied I’m not so skinny (and you don’t have to be actually fat to feel fat). It’s threads like this that make being a woman exhausting.

    • AMS511

      um its a good thing your not an actress. you should work on your self control & self esteem!

      • melba

        It’s not about lack of “self control” or “self esteem,” it’s not even about me specifically. It has to do with the way we discuss women in general, and the pressure that puts on women. It begins with how we talk about actresses, we rip them to shreds (side note: Rip her to Shreds is an awesome Blondie song) based on their physical appearance. She’s too fat, too skinny, her nose is too big, her boobs are tiny, her boobs are comically large – basically, a woman’s value lies in her ability to meet certain standards for attractiveness. Studios don’t hire women who don’t meet that standard, and in the instances in which they do, all anyone talks about is how craaaazy it is that someone cuuuurvy is on TV, and it’s all anyone talks about, and she’s hyper sexualized and reduced to her form (ie Christina Hendricks – brilliant actress, but people who don’t watch Mad Men often think she’s just the “hot secretary”.) There are actresses who talk about it. Julianne Moore talks openly and eloquently about how she pretty much doesn’t eat, because if she does, she won’t get hired. But typically actresses give the whole, “omg, it’s just because, as expected, I’m soo much better than actual humans, so my body just does this.” Meanwhile, they’re over exercising and starving themselves on the side (how many blind items do we have about eating disordered actresses?) So perhaps the question isn’t, “Why are these stuuuupid wimmins running around all hysterical with no self esteem or self control?” and it should be, “Why do so many women in this world feel compelled to turn to extreme methods to fit some small mold of attractiveness?” followed by, “And who on earth is dictating this mold of attractiveness?” and then perhaps, “And how are these standards affecting me and the women in my life that I care about?”

      • Jenny Humphrey

        Thank you for saying all this, IA completely. We expect women to be thin and youthful, but naturally of course! Dnw any signs that she puts effort into maintaining that image because ugh, how shallow. It’s infuriating how women are shamed for conforming to standards that we didn’t invent, how any discussion of misogyny in the media immediately turns into a discussion of horizontal oppression, and women are blamed for enforcing the standards that hurt us all.

        (Love the Blondie song too btw!)

      • melba

        Word! The same reaction bugs me when we discuss the sexualization of young girls, like all the Disney girls with their nude photo scandals and pole dancing at the VMAs and whatnot. We’re all, “Now see here, girlies. We are going to fetishize and exploit you in a way that is completely inappropriate and confusing to you. Then we are going to shame you for it and call you a Lolita if you want to explore sexuality on your terms.” Also, the fact that the term “Lolita” is used to describe an under age girl that is out to corrupt the moral fiber of good men speaks VOLUMES about how we value girls and women in our culture. Lolita is a novel about the sexual abuse of a young girl from the perspective of her abuser. I mean, our society thinks like the rapist. That’s scary.

      • Diego

        I agree 100%, and I’m a guy!!

      • wubbzy

        you are so right. i mean, who HASN’T sat and watched a beauty pageant while saying, “What’s with her hair/legs/boobs/lips/eyes/etc….” We are our worst enemies. we see someone skinnier than us, and think, “ugh, she’s so gross”, then we see someone fatter than us and think, “ugh, she’s so gross”

        What’s the dealio?

      • melba

        I think part of it is that we reduce women to their physical parts. Men rule the world and women decorate it. If they don’t decorate it right, then they cease to have value. When it comes to women snarking women, I think it’s a result of the same thing. If we feel like our only value is in our appearance, then we will be constantly trying to jump up the pretty girl pecking order. You see a beauty queen all beautified, and you can think, “well, her lips are weird, so she’s not that much better than me. Or my boobs are nicer, so I have greater value.” On the flip side, you see a woman who is not conventionally attractive and she’s immediately thought to have less value. I mean, most of that is internalized, but that’s the subtext at least. I mean, let’s say that someone wanted to set a guy up on a blind date. He has to choose between two descriptions. The first description of her is, “Great personality. Hilarious. Successful in her career. Will be a supportive partner. Generous with friends and employees.” The second description is “Tall. Long legs. Big boobs. Beautiful face.” Who is he going to choose? Guess what, both options were Heidi Klum. Where do we place the majority of her value?

  • Sarah

    Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries lost a lot of weight recently. She looked really skinny at the Emmys..

  • dc gossip girl xoxo

    here’s an article from us weekly…seems to fit the blind to me!

  • chelsea88

    first time ever posting but long time lurker lol def. analynne mccord (bad speller sorry) she is on tv very cute and has been looking very skinny and gaunt lately. so sad for whoever this is theres more to life than being thin

  • lizzyfranklin

    Can we call this solved, based on the info about poor Demi lovato checking into rehab/