She is Too Young to be a Mommy

BlindGossip – You probably won’t watch this show if you are over the age of thirty, but you would know the name of the girl involved. She is just so sweet and innocent looking, it’s hard to believe that she is pregnant. Or, rather, was pregnant. The father of the baby – who is a person of responsibility in the actress’ world – had to beg and plead with her to give up the thought of becoming a mother at such a young age. Oh, and if his wife had known about this, she probably would have agreed.

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110 comments to She is Too Young to be a Mommy

  • Michael Douglas as the Father, Betty White as the aborted Mother.

    what a shame.

  • Maybe

    No ideas of yet, doesn’t sound like it’s a big name tween from the little description, maybe one of the girls from Jonas or something.

    • Maybe

      Misread the post before, seems like a non Disney/Nick show from the under 30 description, so I’m leaning towards, Pretty little Liars, Vampire Diaries type shows, so Lucy Hale or Nina Drobev maybe.

      • MsGQ01

        If we paraphrase, it’s something the under 30s would watch so to me it does sound like someone from a Disney/Nickelodeon show. My first thought was Miranda Cosgrove but I cannot think of a “person of responsibility” in iCarly.

      • Maybe

        Yeah I see your point, I just look at the Disney/Nick shows as a “probably wouldn’t watch if over 14″ type show, and the Pretty Little Liars, 90210 type shows as teens and early 20’s. Either way does not sound like a big name actress to me.

      • MsGQ01

        Fair enough. 😀

      • Ralphie

        To me, person of responsibility means an adult entrusted with some kind of authority or business rights to the actress. A manager or an agent maybe?

        Over 30 seems to be a clue indeed that it’s not the big name Disney or Nick shows. Their appeal seems to be tweeners and I think it would say over-18 crowd. But at the same time, there are only a few young actresses whose names are recognizable enough and most are on Disney shows.

        Most of the girls on 90210 hardly look innocent and sweet but I’ll go with Jessica Stroup (supposedly recently broken up with by her former costar) or Jessica Lowndes.

      • Maybe

        Those are 2 names that I also thought of, I know the names but not much about them, they do seem to fit.

      • Lizzard

        I read the under 30 part to be that it would not be part of the Disney/ Nick fame. Over 30s probably know more about Disney/ Nick shows than people in their 20s or 30s since they might have children…

      • luvprue1

        Most of the girls from Vampire diaries are in their late teens,or early 20’s. I do not think one person on the show can be describe as looking sweet and innocent . I think they are referring to a show with a much younger cast.

  • xxx MEOW xxx

    under 30… meaning it isnt a disney show but still a hip show.
    we can go: Gossip Girl* my pick, one tree hill, pretty little pairs, vampire daries, 90210 or melrose
    if its on a cable show, they usually specify that

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    Someone from 90210?

  • Hoyden

    Blake Lively and Ben Affleck. He was also producer of their recent movie together (person of responsibility), he’s married (Jen Garner) and there’s been rumors of an affair for quite a time, also her name is known by most people even if they don’t know why and no one over 30 watches Gossip Girl. She’s not that young because she’s twenty three but she does play a highschooler and just wanted to get this guess out there.

  • julie

    How about Selena Gomez? Out of all the young Disney/Nick kids she seems like she would be really responsible and level headed and one of the last people you would expect to get pregnant by an older married man.

  • akanni

    sounds like an underage girl

  • Patsy Stone

    Are “innocent-looking” and “beg and plead” clues?

    Over the age of 30, I thought more of Gossip Girl or something in that style. I ASSUME that people over the age of 17-18 wouldn’t watch Disney stuff anymore. Or at least I wouldn’t.

  • luvprue1

    What about one of the teen from “Huge”? wasn’t there a blind item that one of the girl from the show was believe to have been pregnant?

  • Bambi

    Wasn’t there a blind item a month or two ago about a teen star living with her manager and his wife?

  • JustMe

    I am over 30 and the only name I recognize above ^ is Selena Gomez.

  • Boo Boo

    Selena was the name that jumped into my head….sweet and innocent looking, for sure.
    Haven’t picked out any clues yet, though!!!

  • Nina

    Raven from that’s so Raven. Or one of the girls from HSM.

  • Wembley

    Selena and her stepfather? You know, the dude who had her make a public announcement of her purity ring. Until she was ready for him.

    • LilDebbull

      I like this guess a lot. He is only 31, attractive, and look at this picture, they are holding hands- ooooh! Seriously, I think it is a good guess- why would the wife be so concerned about the young girl’s pregnancy? Because she’s the mom of the young girl!

      • VinylDestination

        The funny thing is I thought Selena G when I read the sweet and innocent part. But I heard that he is actually well protected in the whole Hollywood crowd. Then I thought it was Blake L simply because… Selena?? That innocent girl.. nooo!. But LilDebbull, you brought it to the table. He’s hot and the mother would have to agree if she knew about this. Sounds like SG. Innocent in Hollywood…

      • Maybe

        I gotta say this is just ridiculous and kind of mean.

    • jjpv

      Lmao, no, he seems like Selena as his daughter, not that way.

    • Delia

      This is pretty sick and mean to say about this little girl and her step-FATHER when you have absolutely NO evidence. Ugh. And what proof do you have that it was HE who made her make a statement about the purity ring?

      *shakes head*

      The nerve of some people!

      • Malou

        Saying that though, he IS quite hot. :p

      • Malou

        Seriously though, yes, it’s really gross, but it is quite a good guess. It makes more sense than Ben Affleck + Blake Lively, no matter how screwed up it is.

        And wasn’t Selena one of the top guesses for the young actress who had sex in public at a party?

      • anonymous

        Emma Roberts and Demi were the popular guesses for that blind.

        There was another BI about a tweener star having an affair with her manager. The popular guess was Demi. Selena and Demi are allegedly no longer friends because Demi’s gone a bit wild.

  • It doesn’t mention criminal charges so maybe it’s someone over the legal age of consent in California? But still young and innocent looking? No idea. I’m way over 30 and recognize only Raven and Selena.

  • Daria

    I don’t think it has to be a teen, it could also be someone in her early 20s. As for the show, I don’t know any 20-somethings who watch iCarly and other Disney shows. I think it’s Glee. And maybe the “sweet and innocent-looking” girl is Dianna Agron.

  • AnMaSt

    I think the thing we should be focusing on is the guy’s wife. It sounds like she had a child at an early age “…if his wife had known about this, she probably would have agreed.”

    That’s a really odd statement if not.

  • MPaige

    I feel like this is someone from Secret Life of an American Teenager… I just have no idea who.

    • MandaKeeks

      I have the same feeling, maybe because the photo is similar to one of the photos they used in the show in the first or second season when the main star, Shailene Woodley was pregnant on the show.

      Of the seemingly sweet and innocent, I haven’t a clue! But the photo is very reminicent of SLAT.

      • MPaige

        The girl who plays Grace was in the Lifetime movie “she’s too young” but she isn’t under 18 so I am not sure…

  • Wembley

    If it’s Miranda Cosgrove, is the person of responsibility the same one who knocked up Jamie Lynn?

    • Camembert

      Lol, that’s exactly what I was thinking too.

      • Brainy Smurf

        Dan Schneider was the fat white boy from “Head of the Class”. He and Brian Robbins (the tough ethnic on the show) started producing and directing for Disney after that show went off the air. Dan is known to be “handsy” and got married within the last year. He was also a candidate for the father of Jamie Lynn’s baby. Alas, his shows are $uccessful, so he has gotten away with this crap for nearly twenty years.

      • anonymous

        You’ve got to be kidding. He gives me the ew reaction & I’m 34. I can’t imagine someone as young as Cosgrove going with it. ACK

  • Don't Know For Sure

    It seems that this young woman is under 18 or at least under 21 because to most people someone over 21 having a child wouldn’t be that much of an issue in that case the bigger problem would be the cheating on the wife.

  • cassandra

    one of the girls from pretty little liars and rob lowe?

  • Jalisa

    “but you would know the name of the girl involved.” I don’t think its that Miranda girl, because I’m 19 and I didn’t even know her name. This seems to be someone famous or infamous. The only name I recognize is Selena, and the blind says she is sweet and innocent looking.That describes Selena.

  • suedechik79

    sounds like the blind similar to the one people think is demi lovato – the young celeb in that blind was living/banging her manager/agent/someone that takes care of her or something like that.

  • gotfolked

    could it be the girl from Life Unexpected. The one who plays Lux?

  • Barry

    one of the girls from the ABC family series like Greek or that gymnastics thing. the Prez of ABC was fired for doing with chicks who wanted roles on his network. I am guessing that one or more of these girls or their moms got overly friendly with him or something like that.

  • Elly

    the line about ‘person of responsibility in the actress’ world’ made me think that perhaps it is someone who got pregnant by their ‘on screen’ dad or teacher?

  • Britt

    Could it be somebody from Glee?

  • UghIthinkknowthis

    The girl is Miranda Cosgrove and the “Person of Responsibility” is Dan Schneider, executive producer for iCarly. He also raped “impregnated” Jamie Lynn Spears. It’s really disgusting what’s allowed to take place in the industry and everyone who turns a blind eye when the perpetrator is successful.

    • Maybe

      Thanks for info, I did some checking and this gossip item seems to have been going around for well over 6 months now, and the guesses seemed to point to what you said and a large sum of money paid to the young star.

    • Candi

      Hard to believe–have you seen Dan Schneider? not saying it couldn’t happen, but uggghhhhh!!!

    • Laura

      Have you seen Jamie Lynn’s baby daddy and looked at the kid. The girl is Casey identically.
      Also the dates do not match up, she was living in Louisiana permenantly. DIAF with stupid lies!

  • Faith L

    Dan Schneider and Miranda Cosgrove ?

    • Sean

      Very good guess. And not the first young star he knocked up.

    • Camembert

      I googled him. That man is gross! If it’s him who did this to the starlet in question (and/or Jamie Lynn), he’s clearly using his executive status to take advantage of these girls, not that they’re necessarily unwilling victims. I get that one has to do some unpleasant things to get ahead in Hollywood, but that guy is just… grody to the max.

  • danasstarr

    Had to look thru the archives…. I think these are related:
    117. BUZZFOTO 06/09
    It looks like polygamy isn’t just for HBO and religious fundamentalists anymore… This young singer is sleeping and living with her married manager and his wife. Both women know about the relationship and both are still devoted to him. The singer doesn’t have a good relationship with her own family and her manager has been with her for a while so we suppose it makes sense she would look to him for comfort. However, he takes advantage of the women in his life and makes them feel like they should be lucky to deserve him. It seems to be working since this has been going on for months now. Not Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato; Ke$ha

    • Kapu

      This is an interesting post. There’s no telling what goes on nowadays. But I found this link that may relate to the above old blind:

      It just states that Miranda was out shopping with Dan Schneider’s wife. Weird. But is Dan really Miranda’s manager? I checked her site and it doesn’t seem so. I also don’t know if she’s close to her family or not. So this may be nothing, but in H-Wood, nothing is what it seems!

      • Maybe

        One thing I find interesting about the Miranda/Schneider thing is how in the hell is she getting $125,000 an episode when all other kid stars are in 10,000-25,000 range. A payoff?

  • Sleuth

    Yes Dan Schneider is creepy, but I don’t think he’s married so it can’t be him.

  • anonymous

    Miranda Cosgrove wouldn’t go out with that thing.

  • Sean

    No one said Miley and Daddy yet? We must be getting old.

  • Nooner

    RICKY from Better Off Dead??? Wow! Now I’m showing my age.

    • Steel

      Don’t worry, Nooner, he’s still Ricky to me too. Or Dennis Blunden, his other known credit. Yeah, he’s gross.

      I saw Victorious, with Victoria Justice, and thought that show was way too old for my nieces. Maybe it’s her and Schneider?

  • TruTru2

    Julia Roberts Niece???

  • Lisbeth

    If this is linked to the old BI, then it can’t be Miranda. Schneider is not her Manager…and I honestly don’t see her making bad decisions, she seems pretty bright and close with her family. I hope I’m not wrong! oy.

    • Maybe

      Yeah if linked to the old blind, which it sounds very similar, it rules out Demi, Selena, Kesha also. But people always go for the big names when it usually ends up being some D-lister.

    • Lady

      The blind says the person is a “person of responsibility” so not necessarily her manager.

  • Boo Boo

    Person of responsibility in the actress’s world….
    Icarly creator – Dan Schneider :(

  • webdemon

    raven symoné

  • hmmm

    wasn’t there something about demi and her bodyguard(s)? Would certainly fit the “person in a position of responsibility” part

    • Sleuth

      You may be onto something. There was a blind about a tweener sleeping with her bodygaurds.

      “This very popular female tweener who tries to portray herself as wholesome spent last night in a hotel room having sex with two of her bodyguards.”

  • meme01

    miranda cosgrove the person of responsiblity would be her TV brother hmmmmm

  • SnarkyPants

    If this really is Miranda Cosgrove and the producer, that’s disgusting. Actually, whoever this is about is disgusting. :(

  • Bettina

    I’m 45 and love Gossip Girl!!! Love their fashion!

  • wellwhaddayaknow

    Michelle Trachtenberg, yeah, yeah older fashionistas love it love it, some have never seen it. Still, Michelle Trachtenberg

  • tmaba

    Did anyone guess victoria justice. She looks very innocent. I happen to like her but who knows it could be her. And doesn’t dan Schneider direct her new show victorious?

  • jon

    Sarah Hyland – Modern Family