Their Breakup Is a Fakeup


[BlindGossip] Are they on or are they off?

This two-celebrity couple doesn’t have any more tricks left in their  bag, so they have pulled out the old “We’ve broken up” card in the hopes of generating buzz.

Unfortunately, their ploy has both bad timing and a too-familiar ring to it. So instead of landing them front and center of the national press, they find themselves squeezed out by other couples experiencing genuine heartbreak. So their two publicists are now talking about how to make their breakup newsworthy enough to land on the front page.

Yes, it’s all a publicity stunt. We do note, however, that the male half of this duo is balking at making himself look like the bad guy. While he’s not exactly a saint, he will not agree to be portrayed as the cad who broke his girlfriend’s heart by bedding multiple skanky women.


It’s Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush! Source:

This publicity stunt was all part of the never-ending Kardashian publicity machine. Their timing was bad, though, because it occurred at the same time that Sandra Bullock found out that Jessie James was cheating on her.

Kim went around crying about how upset she was that Reggie had cheated on her. RadarOnline ran the story:

Poor Kim! Reggie Bush Caught In Cheating Scandal With Waitress!

Kim Kardashian is reeling from the apparent end of her relationship with Reggie Bush and now she’s headed for more heartbreak because a new report claims Reggie cheated on her, has learned exclusively.

You know who believed her? You know who cared? Nobody! Reggie didn’t like being made to look like the bad guy, and Kim was left looking like the girl who had cried wolf one too many times. Everyone was focused on Sandra Bullock’s genuine heartbreak, and Kim didn’t get any of the attention or the sympathy she was looking for.

Reggie Bush did not like this stunt at all, and he distanced himself from Kim and the Kardashians after it happened. Kim continued to pursue him – and even hoped that marrying Kris Humphries would make Reggie jealous – but she was never able to convince him to come back into the family fold.

Reggie just announced his engagement to Lilit Avagyan, who is pregnant with he couple’s first child. This event was very upsetting to Kim, who is now realizing that Reggie is never, ever coming back to her.

Did you catch the “saint” clue? Reggie Bush used to play for the New Orleans Saints.

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