Bachelor Thinks a Headshot is a Gift

PopBitch – Which ever-typecast aging bachelor actor sent his God-daughter a birthday present consisting of a signed photograph of himself?

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42 comments to Bachelor Thinks a Headshot is a Gift

  • Nart

    Matt LeBlanc is the first to pop into my mind because of those pictures of him the other day looking pretty old. Is he a bachelor?

  • Plush

    Is Shatner married? This sounds like something he would do, along with a signed c.d. of him reading “Poker Face”. Second guess is Alec Baldwin with his puffy, doughy face.

  • Jade

    The way the pictures are lined up makes me think its someone who was/is on hollywood squares or barry williams from the brady bunch

  • Jade

    Its Erik Estrada!!! He was on hollywood squares a bunch

  • Jade

    Scratch that Erik is married

  • Jade

    Its someone from hollywood squares but not Erik,

    • Nart

      The picture has nothing to do with the BI because it is not a BG item so probably not Hollywood Squares related – they are just headshots.

  • Nick

    Michael Cera. 😉

  • Without you I'm just Me

    Hugh Grant certainly fits the typecast aging bachelor description, but he’s only godfather to Liz Hurley’s son Damien. Not him.

    • Yan

      that we know of.. he could be the godfather to someone else’s kid.

      • Without you I'm just Me

        True, my bad. He does seem to have more, but I couldn’t find any details. Except that he has a secretary who remembers their birthday and sends out the presents, so I guess technically we should blame her for this lovely gift.

      • Pixie2

        If he has a secretary sending out gifts, she’s probably picking them out too. Doubt it’s him in that case

      • Lozza

        From 5 years ago:

        ‘British actor HUGH GRANT never forgets any of his godchildren’s birthdays – thanks to his assistant.

        The BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY star admits he doesn’t take his church-related duties very seriously, and limits contact with his godchildren to sending them a present a year.

        He says, “I have a very good assistant who has them all on her computer, so an alarm comes on when it’s someone’s birthday.

        “She chooses the present and I pay for it – that’s where my godfatherly duties end.” ‘

        Maybe she was on holiday!!

  • Blair Waldorf


  • missgoss

    Vin Diesel

  • db

    That guy from CSI-Miami David Caruso

  • maaaaaaaybe

    I would have also gone with Matt LeBlanc, but if someone is “typecast” that must also mean they’re “cast”, and Joey hasn’t done anything in a loooooong time :)

  • I Love DListed

    I would guess someone who plays in ganster movies type cast….the God-daughter is split should be Goddaughter

  • maria g

    As usual I have no clue, but what a lousy gift to give… You’d think he’d at least spend a couple bucks on a gift card… for shame!!!

  • daisychainsaw

    bachelor could be a hint to some kind of awesome career choice. maybe dude is married but was in some bachelory movie? i’ll start with the obvious, chris o donnell?

  • Giraffic

    Samuel Jackson!!!

  • spyglass

    I’m going with Hugh Grant as being the ever typecast bachelor as he’s obviously got several godchildren judging from this snippet from a Parade interview ‘I have so many nephews and nieces and cousins and godchildren’. Some famous godparents are not necessarily close to all their godchildren as sometimes they have so many, I think I read somewhere Prince Charles has over 30 – why can’t they just say no! But the signed picture is too cheap!

  • Piper

    Alec Baldwin. Although I dont know who his goddaughter would be. Maybe a Brit – like Hugh Grant. But Baldwin is much more my guess.

  • Tinker

    Hugh Grant. Perhaps it’s just me, but whenever I see him being interviewed he comes across as the type who would SO do this.

  • Brunette Ambition

    Hugh Grant.

    The photo reminds me a bit of the front of the DVD for “Love Actually” in which Mr. Grant starred.

    The blind also reminds me of a scene during “About a Boy” when Will (Mr. Grant’s character) says, “I couldn’t possibly think of a worse godfather for Imogene. You know me. I’ll drop her at her christening. I’ll forget her birthdays until her 18th, when I’ll take her out and get her drunk and possibly, let’s face it, you know, try and shag her. I mean, seriously, it’s a very, very bad choice.” I know it is rather dissimilar from what the blind is saying; yet, it is the first thing that came to mind.

  • luci

    You can rule out the working actors. They all have secretaries, which eliminates Grant, Caruso, any Baldwin, Shatner, Clooney, etc. Most of those mentioned don’t do their own shopping, let alone their own mailing.

  • loal

    Hugh Grant was my first thought. Had to be a Brit, because Popbitch is UK based.

  • Howie

    Could ‘Headshot’ in the title refer to Hugh Grant and his little misadventure with Divine Brown years ago on his first visit to Hollywood?

  • Kim

    Ted McGinley or Jack Wagner

  • Don't Know For Sure

    Jack Nicholson (he is pretty up in years so I’m not sure if he is “aging”) but he’s never been married and this seems like something he would do :)