The Secret Service has Her Real Number

secret service 1BlindGossip – Party crashers aren’t the only ones creating stress at the White House. A certain celebrity was scheduled to attend a function at the White House, but ran into a snafu when a standard security check was performed on her. It turns out that the age on her driver’s license didn’t match up to the background check. She gave them a big song and a dance about how the mix up occurred, but eventually had to admit her real age in order to gain admission for future events. We don’t know which made her actor husband more upset: the fact that she was singled out for a mild interrogation, or that fact that his wife has lied to him all along about her age. While she is unquestionably beautiful, she is quite a few years older than he thought she was.

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103 comments to The Secret Service has Her Real Number

    • db

      My thoughts exactly.

    • bono

      Yep. big song and a dance = her in Chicago.

      “We don’t know which made her actor husband more upset: the fact that she was singled out for a mild interrogation, or that fact that his wife has lied to him all along about her age.”

      HA HA what a dumbass.

    • Clearly

      I found this on another site…

      Why is she lying so wildly about her age? From “Time-Hex Before we get to the those effervescent Eyes, I’m afraid we may have another Catherine Zeta-Jones sitch on our age-spotted hands. Remember that security check at the White House last year that revealed Michael’s missus-to-be just happened to subtract a decade from her real age?” I’ve heard the rumors for years, but this proves it. “Security check at the White House?” That settles it for me. The woman is actually close to 50.

    • scripts

      Why would Michael Douglas care how old his child bride is?

    • I heard MD was not only angry because his wife lied to him but because he got such flack for marrying someone “25 years younger” instead of 15. I sat next to her in a restaurant and there is NO WAY she is younger than me. She should be happy that she is an amazing 50 year old woman. I rather people say I look great for my age instead of thinking I look old for my age.

  • Cackle

    First thing that came to my mind too! I wish she’d just ‘fess up! She’s beautiful, but, really, just come clean.

  • jules

    CZJ – “song and dance” from Chicago.

  • ahorsenamedbill


  • Cadiebelle

    Beyonce also lies about her age

  • Cadiebelle

    Ooops – Beyonce’s hubby isn’t an actor – never mind.

  • Loz

    Catherine Zeta Jones

  • sheila

    CZJ all the way. There have always been rumors that she has shaved off quite a few years in age. Plus, they strike me as ‘white house types’.

  • Oh My

    My first thought was Catherine Zeta Jones, as well.

  • Paige

    I just saw that she celebrated her “40th” birthday and I am 42 and there is no way that chick is younger than me. I myself have no problem with my age but Im not married to a wealthy old coot who wants a piece of young arm candy.

  • Paige

    Oops!! I forgot to say Catherine Zeta Jones

  • Kinky

    definitely and that photo looks like him and Douglass played the president in a movie and secret service in that movie with eva longoria…..all the clues point to him!!

  • Comet

    Has to be CZJ. Blinds of her fake age had been around since the A-list days.

    • meh

      Long before that even, she has lied about her age for years she was supposed to be 14 when she had a major part in a stage show in the UK, and there was a report from an airline clerk, many years ago while she was filming the TV series ‘The Darling Buds of May’ in the UK, he saw her true age on her passport she has taken exactly 10years off her age.

  • bonnie

    CZJ, totally… still looks great at whatever age she truly is..


      Uh you could look great too if you had all that $ for plastic surgery. Quite a few years older = like 10 years older! I guess it’s easier for people from other countries to lie about their age because they won’t have some high school classmate to rat them out.

      • Lozza

        A few years back on a British radio show, I remember someone ringing up and saying they went to school with CZJ and she was 2 years older at the time but now is ‘younger’ than the caller!


        Only 2 years!? She looks WAY older. I’m thinking pushing 50.

      • definitely

        I think the caller was saying that CZJ was 2 years older than them back in school. Not that CZJ is only 2 years older than she claims.

  • Ash

    CZJ She has NEVER looked her actual age…beautiful but def not that young. Liar. SMH

  • Word Up

    The age rumors have been around for years about CZJ so you gotta figure Michael Douglas looked into that — even if they were true he wouldn’t be surprised by the circumstances described in the Blind.

    So I’m thinking it’s someone different. Could this be about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson?

    • Melita

      I totally agree with your logic! That’s why I’m hesitant to say CZJ. Michael Douglas seems a bit controlling, so with all of these rumors swirling around for years, you would think he would check it out or, at least, not be that surprised if it came out. Plus, I don’t think she looks that old, people. I know 36/37 year olds who look way older than she does.

  • Brooke

    How I wish this was Angelina LOL Shes my age but has always looked a few years older than me. If its CZJ, how is it possible for her to hide her age? Do they not have interation with family or anything? My family could never keep that a secret for so long!

    • ED

      I agree, she does seem fake but it would be hard for her to keep that a secret for so long. And she started her career as a child in stage productions. If she really exagrates her age that much it would be too easy for someone to connect the dots and find the truth.

    • haley

      I’ve heard she’s lying about her age as well, but not by that much. She’s in fact actually pushing forty in real life. Not much younger than Aniston.

  • Brooke

    whoops *interaction*

  • A

    definitely CZJ, and what i don’t get is, why lie about your age when you’re married to father time?

  • DavidB

    What is CZJ’s real age?

    • coolbaby

      I have heard on the vine that both CZJ and Sharon Stone are 5 years older than their published birthdays.

  • Claire

    I heard this story years ago about CZJ, like, Traffic-era years ago.

    • I remember this blind from years ago. I also had a coworker who was pregnant around the same time as CZJ (I believe her first kid), and they had the same OB. The OB specialized in over-40 pregnant women.

      • Claire

        Aren’t CZJ’s parents said to be younger than MD? And she’s a middle child. Is her whole family going along with this lie about her age? I hope she’s paying them for that.

    • catxpa

      I agree. Blind lists her as a celebrity and him as actor husband. If it were CZJ wouldnt she be listed as an actress instead of a celebrity? Fergie seems to fit and I think Josh Duhamel played head of security on Las Vegas, didnt he? so the pic would fit.

    • SylvMoney

      Yep she’s the one.

    • Jen

      Nah, I remember Fergie from Kids Incorporated back in the late 80’s and she was like 12 years old then. She’s telling the truth about her age – it’s the drugs that have aged her.

    • SomeGirl

      She looked old even back then to be “12.” Fergie fits, she has been to the White House for events with the Black Eyed Peas.

  • goodguess

    CZJ or Fergie

  • Giraffic

    Jennifer Hudson!!! And yes her husband can be considered an actor. He was on I love New York and isn’t he a wrestler? (Of the Hulk Hogan verity?)

  • Nick

    Typical American government incompetence. Surely British secret service would have known to be discreet about a lady’s age.

    • Catiebug

      Incompetent, yes they can be. But no one likes being lied to…

    • Patriot

      whats with the america bashing?

      • Shona

        Oh Amrica bashing is fine since people from America love to bash people from other countries too, like Germans and the blind about stage moms..

    • ahorsenamedbill

      I take umbrage with your entire comment. I don’t equate interrogating someone at the door of THE WHITE HOUSE with typical American government incompetence just because the agent probably knew who (CZJ) was. I surmise she was acting entitled, bitchy and beyond reproach . . . further, your suggestion that a “lady’s age” requires discretion is somewhat of a Victorian idea in this country, as “we’ve come a long way baby”, just sayin’

      • High Horse

        Oh get off your high horse.

        And seriously, america has ‘come a long way. I DONT THINK SO!

        A long way backward

      • ahorsenamedbill

        High Horse
        read your first sentence to yourself
        I was referring to women having “come a long way” and btw, it’s a reference that you obviously don’t remember or can’t pull(both reasons being your age, you are either too young to know what that means, or um, yeah, too old to remember)
        but thanks for the taste of doom you left behind

      • Nick

        I grew up looking up to America as the most admirable country in the world. Not anymore. Ever since the first stint of Bush Jr. there seems to a massive wave of stupidity plaguing America. I take that from the incredible news I’ve been reading in the past 10 years. I can’t recognize that country anymore.

        I also admit the TSA has a strong influence on my vision. Their procedures and their stupidity are just baffling, and government officials do some very foolish things.

        Case in point: everything matches in the ladies’ records except her age. Any person with useful brains will know that women have lied about their age for decades, maybe centuries. Especially celebrities! What numbskull doesn’t know that? An intelligent official would notice the difference, look gently at the madam, smile and let her through. Maybe issue a discreet notice to their superiors, who would likely smile and shrug it off, too. But that’s the problem, good sense and intelligent thinking seems to be discouraged in many situations in America, especially security. Security has been consistently put in the hands of remarkable stupid people, it’s becoming a standard or tradition. It’s scary!

        Hey, I could bash my country here too, there’s plenty of flaws in it. But my country has no relation whatsoever to the blind, then no. Perhaps in a future, more relevant blind. Basically, I love all the people because they’re usually awesome and hate all governments because they’re usually dreadful.

        Sorry about any trouble, BG. I don’t want to be uncivil, just replying to a fellow BG addict who is talking to me specifically.

  • raychelle

    i’m on the fergie bandwagon. as long as czj and md have been together, he probably knows her true age. on the other hand, fergie and josh are basically newlyweds and make no mistake they didn’t spend that much time in courtship so i think it’s her. FERGIE for the win

    • raychelle

      she was also in the movie Nine which would cover the song and dance clue. i also remember that she recently performed for a politician for his bday.

    • Claire

      Fergie was on Kids Incorporated as a child, so was Mario Lopez, they’re about the same age, the clips are all over Youtube.

      • DavidB

        IMDB lists Fergie as born in 1975 and Mario as born in 1973. So they are around the same age bu, if Fergie is lying it is only by a year or two. I read this blind as an actress who was taking a great many more years off her age.

    • I saw a pic of Fergie recently and she had the neck of a 50 year old woman which Perez kindly pointed out with his white pen. Thirty-year-olds don’t have crepey necks like that. (Not creepy either – crepe as in crepe paper) but I don’t think she has that turkey hangey thing. I can’t remember the name.

  • Yan

    umm.. aren’t guests lists to White House functions public information? I’m not American so I’m not 100% but if that were the case, one could just look up recent WH events and see who was on the guest list. I haven’t seen MD and CZJ out and about in EONS… but Fergie and Josh are out there.

  • SylvMoney

    That is funny considering CZJ is married to the Cript Keeper.

  • Big Bill

    Just wondering how the celebrity “grandmothered” herself in and managed to avoid handing over a birth certificate when she got her original license. Must have been in the pre-dawn era back before they had fancy things like “computers” and “background checks”.

  • Lola

    hehehe – what’samattah Mikey, don’t like being married to a cougar or the fact that she’s going to look like you sooner than you think?

  • Scoop

    I don’t think the star in question could have an American driver’s license. To my knowledge, there is no state which will issue a driver’s license without proof of the birthdate. (Such a policy would cause great controversy over underage drinking.)

    • SadieHawkins

      It’s easy to get a falsified papers in NY and LA.
      You have to be real sensitive about your age to do that.

  • lucy gossiplover

    Beyonce Knowles!!!!! She is a lot older than she says she is.

  • leave your gossip at the tone

    First timer, so HI!
    SNAFU is a military acronym w/ its origins from WWII… who’s in war movies? Inglorious was WWII (would maybe explain Angie’s in-vitro twins when she’s supposedly only in her thirties)… just a thought, but USE THE CLUES team!

    • catxpa

      But considering that Angie is daughter of Jon Voight, her age, and her life, is well documented. Seems would have to be someone from non-famous parents who could easily hide their age. Everyone pretty well knows everything about AJ growing up.

    • Giraffic

      I like this guess because I know she had a face lift and why if she’s so young?

      • haley

        Drugs? Everybody knows she’s Fake a la Ferocity… But I’ve also heard she’s lying about her age, but not as dramatic as supposedly CZJ.

  • Marina

    It says “… unquestionably beautiful …” – I doubt this is applicable to Fergie or Rita Wilson. Jay-Z is not an actor so it leaves us with CZJ.

    • Alixandra

      And it couldn’t be Beyonce because she is NOT beautiful. She looks like a turd in a lace-front wig (I hate her guts). I say CZJ, who IS beautiful, even if she is older than she claims.

  • ree

    when were either czj fergie whomever at the white house tho?

  • Piper

    Jen Garner. That picture looks WAY too much like Affleck to be a coincidence.

    • Piper

      plus, Affleck is a HUGE Obama supporter.

      And Jen has sung/danced in many episodes of Alias and several movies – 13 going on 30, etc.

  • NYC

    I remember this blind item from a few years ago also. The original BI said the wife had lied and said she was 10 years younger then she really was.

    I agree with the above, it has to be CZJ. Not that it should matter to her old coot of a husband.

  • Leigh

    Singled Out = Jenny McCarthy

  • Coco Lunette

    Well who else does “song and dance” besides CZJ and/or Fergie?

  • VRevis

    Beyonce has been rumored to be older than she says she is. She’s a dancer and singer. “Singled out”: “Single Ladies”, “beautiful”: “Beautiful Nightmare”


    Oh, crap. ACTOR husband. Don’t think Jay-Z qualifies, though he does have an imdb page. Well, strangely, this rumor went around about Beyonce, too…

  • Charlene

    But….but….Nancy Reagan shaved two years off her age and the SS never found out, not even when she was First Lady of the United States. (Go look at an almanac published in the 80s: her birthdate is given as 1923, but she was actually born in 1921.) Why would they be so on-the-ball about CZJ?

  • Nick

    You know what, I resent it when people throw insults at Michael Douglas based on his age. The guy is a great actor and he isn’t really that old. He’s 65. Stallone is 63, Schwarzenegger is 62, De Niro is 66, Dustin Hoffman is 72 and Robert Redford is 73. Gene Hackman is almost 80. I don’t see any of these actors get any abuse in relation to their age. I think people just won’t get over the fact that Douglas married a woman who is a lot younger than he is. But who can blame him? She’s stunning! And she wasn’t forced, she chose to be with him.

    Come on, people. That’s hate. Hate is pathetic. Gossip doesn’t have to be based on hate. I could still be hating Michael for ruining my chances of marrying Catherine, and I don’t anymore. I let it go eventually. You can let it go too. They chose each other, it’s fair game.

    Now his father is old. And a legend. If genetics have any say in it, Michael is going to stick around for a long time.

  • CoCoDeluxe

    CZJ all the way! This rumor has been out for ages, surprised it made it to a BI.

    SEVERAL entertainers (Bey, Akon, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo etc) have rumors suggesting they shaved a few years off their age to make them seem younger (and more accomplished).

    Winning an Oscar @ 40 isn’t quite impressive as say winning an Oscar @ 30.

  • Anaisnun

    The CZJ number I’ve heard is 11 years, seems steep, but it could be gotten away with I suppose.
    The first age flubber I heard about was Kirstie Alley, when she started on Cheers she claimed to be 32 but was actually about 36. I heard that one back in the late 80’s, she looks it, too.
    Speaking of 80’s, in 1984 I was 14 or 15 and Kids Inc wasn’t cool to watch, but my little sister watched & I vividly remember Stacy -she looked about 12….I am 40, Fergie has to be over 35 at the very least.

    • Karra

      She claims to be 34, so believing that she’s about 35 makes sense. Good guess. I’m not entirely sure how this is an argument for her being the blind, though.

      She looks super old now, but I think it’s just all the meth, plastic surgery, and her abnormally-teeny-tiny forehead.

      • Anaisnun

        It’s not an argument for Fergie being the subject of the blind.
        I was speculating about what an earlier poster referenced.
        I’m thinking this is CZJ as I said in the first sentence.

  • Pixie2

    I haven’t read the comments yet….I’m saying CZ Jones and I know you all said it too!

  • Courtney

    I don’t think it’s CZJ.

    You can find a playbill online from 1985 saying CZJ is a teenager. Which would mean that she would have to have been lying about her age for over 20 years.

    Plus there’s the fact that she’s said before that her parents are the same age as her husband. If she’s lying about her age by 10 years, like most of you have been saying, then her parents had her when they where 15, not 25, or they’ve been lying as well. Either way, it seems unlikely that she’d be able to shave 10 years off her age without anyone finding out.

  • Vannie

    This is not Fergie. She performed at the White House for Easter and would have had a background check back then. Also, she has lived in CA her whole life and was on TV with Mario Lopez and others who are all around her age. I think it’s CZJ, she is from another country, so it would make sense that it’s possible her driver’s license might not match her background.

  • mad-one

    I read that CZJ’s dad was born in 1946. If she was ten years younger, then he would have been 13 when she was born.
    My 2 cents

  • CrossingTheLine

    What about Jane Seymour? Party Crashers could allude to her role in Wedding Crashers.

  • ella

    It can’t possible be CZJ. Her birth date is a matter of public record in the UK and has been since the year she was born. It is impossible to fake.

  • Michael

    Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • Mrl

    Catherine Zeta-Jones.
    It is not even a blind item anymore. Saw about it here in TV (Germany).