His Wife is Talking Divorce Behind His Back

woman whisperingUPDATED!

BlindGossip – This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts. We’ve heard it’s because her husband’s former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account  have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door.  Dude, you’d better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn’t dawned on you yet – she sure isn’t dumb.


You all know by now that icharlie sheen mug shott’s Charlie Sheen. Source: Every media outlet in the country. Here’s a link to the RadarOnline article. And here is a link to a TMZ item on the 911 call and the police report.

We have to admit that we didn’t expect to reveal this one so soon. We knew that Charlie was drinking again and that Brooke had been an unhappy camper for awhile. We also knew that the couple had been living apart for months, and that Brooke was angling for a divorce. However, we were kind of hoping that Charlie would clean up his act. Guess not.

Congrats to Plush who was first with the correct answer, and to SJ, who caught a lot of the clues that were given!

Oh, and will someone please tell Charlie to stop parting his hair in the middle?

UPDATE: Yikes. It looks like BG knew that Brooke was planning the divorce before even Charlie Sheen himself knew! Here is a link to a RadarOnline item that confirms that Brooke  was miserable in the marriage, that she met with a divorce attorney a couple of weeks before the Christmas incident, and that it was her declaration that she wanted a divorce that set Charlie off.

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100 comments to His Wife is Talking Divorce Behind His Back

  • Klick Konner

    Mark Wahlberg

  • pfunk

    ben and jen??

  • NOH8

    Charlie or David. Charlie or David. Hmmm. Charlie or David. einie meanie miney mo.

  • Candice

    I’m thinking Ben and Jen or Charlie Sheen and his wife…but I’m gonna say def Ben and Jen

  • Plush

    Charlie Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox in Spin Cty. Definitely can’t spin his way out of this one. Charlie is the highest paid actor on t.v. at the moment, definitely him.

  • Plush

    Definitely Charlie Sheen. He replaced Michael J. Fox in Spin City, so can’t spin his way out of this. He is also the highest paid actor on television.

  • SheShe

    How about David Ducovney & Tea Leoni

    • Mary

      That’s the first thing that came to mind.

      • jen

        isnt teas father a lawyer? she is more likely go to him i believe. and there body language seems as if their marriage have been over for years. well i guess when u try to do the image thing like tiger, that is the result.

    • Celeste

      I’m with you SheShe and Mary but I also can’t help but wonder if it could Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Before he met her he had a sex “addiction” problem.

  • Philly Girl

    I think “cleaners” and “spinning” are two important clues. Have no idea though.

  • SJ

    “dawned on you yet” = Red Dawn = Charlie Sheen

    “stock portfolio and bank accounts” = Wall Street & Wall Street II = Charlie Sheen

    “spinning you out” = Spin City = Charlie Sheen

    • inmyownopinion

      Well done! I agree it’s Charlie sheen.

    • daria

      Totally agree! Also: “kind of sex that requires a fat bank account” = hookers, and CS was a client of Heidi Fleiss and I’m sure he’s still getting escorts.

      • KimiD

        I first thought Ben and Jen too but after reading what some of you have put together as clues – I agree it’s Charlie. Good job guys.

    • Aquaboogy

      Not to beat a dead hooker (I mean horse!) but it also says the wife has her foot “halfway out the door” – a reference to his terrible show Two and a Half Men. I agree – it’s gotta be Charlie.

      • WhatSheSaid

        Also, this may be far fetched, but I think the reference to his wife being “pretty” but not “dumb” might have something to do with Denise Richards dumb blonde movie “Blonde & Blonder”.

    • Amber

      Well done! I agree with this guess.

    • stinkweed

      Great job! Definitely looks like Sheen!

    • Celeste

      WOW! Sj you’re good!!! You just convinced me it isn’t David Ducovney or Michael Douglas. I new those clues were important but couldn’t make the connection. Awesome!

  • RunAwayPup

    Is this Sean Penn or has he already been kicked to the curb? It’s so hard to keep track!

  • zomg

    My first thought was RDJ, but I really hope it’s not!!! So, I’ll go with Charlie Sheen instead. :)

    • anon

      My first thought as well. Also hope it’s not him. He’s had worse experiences with alcohol than any star that I can remember.
      He seemed so happy in recent pictures. And he has big hits with his movies, lately.
      And didn’t Clint Eastwood convert him to the Republican Party?

      • AllStar

        lol, “he seemed so happy….convert to the Republican party..” loved it! i hate bringing politics in to this, but conservatives ROCK!

  • Pfeffer

    Looks like a comic book photo above. I’d lean towards a major star in a comic book movie.

  • Kinky

    i agree charlie sheen….so sad he really needs help…

  • Word Up

    Married ‘Bad Boy’ Comic Book Movie Guys:

    Nic Cage
    Tobey Maguire
    Christian Bale
    Hugh Jackman

    I like the RDJ guess…

  • A Fellow Mick

    This is obviously Charlie Sheen.

  • SoNotMe

    The spinning thing is the best clue in there to go with Charlie Sheen. Plus, the “she’s not dumb” line is so obviously pointing to Denise…

  • Tracey

    Oh, I hope it’s not Charlie Sheen but it looks like all signs point to him.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    I’m thinking Sheen, too. And the line about your PR reps having a tough time spinning you out of this one…Think about it, when Charlie and Denise divorced, it was easy to point the finger at Denise and spin her as a crazy ho. The public took Charlie’s side. If he gets divorced again so soon and with young children, it will be difficult to pin it all on the wife this time because it’s becoming a pattern with him.

    I just feel sorry for all the kids involved.

  • Foodporncess

    My first thought was actually Collin Farrel…but I’m not sure he’s actually married.

  • Serenity

    Charlie Sheen!

  • k

    Robert Downey Jr.

  • veronica

    david duchovny and tea, plus those comic book girls resemble her! i win!

  • Pfeffer

    I’m guessing a comic book movie star by looking at the photo. RDJ comes to mind but I am totally hoping I am sooooo wrong.

  • Pfeffer

    I’m guessing a comic book movie star by looking at the photo.

  • Charlie S. ;-)

    Yes, it’s all true…

  • LemonDrop

    and here i thought it was josh brolin and spouse.

  • mook

    Tom and Katie, done.

  • Sweetchuck

    No question Charlie Sheen. There have already been a few items published about how careful his wife not to have any attractive nannies around and how she frequently monitors his activities b/c she’s worried he’ll go back to his old ways.

  • Paula

    I am going with Ben Affleck. He starred in Daredevil and has gotten a good reputation back thanks to marrying Jennifer Garner. He had a drinking and gambling problem that surfaced after he and JLo broke up.

    I don’t think it is Charlie Sheen due to the words “while he is working” because to me that points towards a film actor rather than an actor with a regular series, not to mention that CS has always been and will forever be a “bad boy”. No doubts there.

    • lightbulb

      The ‘while he is working’ reference might mean now, while he has a hit show, its the biggest paying gig he as had in his life or is ever likely to get, TV shows don’t last for ever it will eventually end and when it does his life style could be a major drain on the finances. I think she might be going for the money while he has it.

  • anon

    Didn’t Charlie Sheen “reform”, quit his evil ways (yeah, right), march grimly down the aisle into wedded bliss, and take on his great role as Da-da? To show the whole world how to turn over a new leaf? Yeah, right – well, if this wife splits, there are a hundred more eager contenders lined up to take her place.

  • obsesssed

    robert downey jr.

  • angelpops

    Charlie Sheen was in a movie called Men at Work. That might explain that weird “while he is working” sentence. I hope so, because I can’t stand Charlie Sheen. RDJ is the bomb, and I’d love it if his “reformed ways” were for real.

  • Michele

    I first thought of Robert Downey Jr… but I REALLY hope it’s not him!

  • lrm

    Um,RDJ is not a former ‘bad boy’ to my knowledge. he is a former addict,but he’s not known for hookers and bad boyness,is he?
    I dont even think he’s known for his past relationships….
    PLUS,guys,think about the partners-Jen of Ben fame has her own career and funds; RDJ’s wife is wealthy-a producer from a prominent hollywood family.
    Anyway,RDJ just never seemed like a badboy to me all of these years-more like a sad boy. neglected,lonely and addicted.
    Sheen,on the other hand-yea,total bad boy with ‘reformed’ ways-hah. In image only.
    Tea and David-again,David was not a’ badboy’ nor a reformed one.
    Sex addict=people found him perverted and creepy,and his character on X files even had his porn love incorporated into the character/script. So,no,there’s no surprise there. The only surprise with him is that their marriage was a sham-kids and all-did not seem arranged,but has come out that it is.
    Sheen for sure,of the guesses ventured thus far.

  • Müller-Lüdenscheid

    Charlie Sheen for the win.

  • tina

    Speak for yourself IRM. I think David Duchovny is a hottie!

  • n

    i thought of RDJ first too (nooooooooooo!!!!i LOVE him). But, i don’t really belive it’s him, i don’t recall him being a ‘bad boy’, nor have i heard rumors of his infidelity.

    This is so Charlie Sheen, it just fits!

  • This sounds like Charlie Sheen , he is the poster boy of bad boys in Hollywood . He alleges he has “cleaned up” his old ways (drugs and prostitues).

  • pinnz

    Robert Downey Junior for sure. His wife is not dumb as she’s a very successful producer. HIs past drug habbits have landed him in jail HOW many times?? Plus, he looked a hot mess at his Sherlock Holmes premier

  • kitkat

    was gunna say Tobey maguire cuz of the “spinning” (a web) clue and the comic book
    picture which reminds me of spiderman. also the red head In the photo could be thought to resemble Mary Jane, his love interest in the movies. but sigh, I suppose he’s not a former bad boy unless someone knows something I don’t….soo Charlie sheen! men never change

  • Michelle

    I’m going with Charlie Sheen. He also starred in “Red Dawn”; hence the reference, “in case it hasn’t dawned on you yet.”

  • Marilyn

    I don’t think they are talking about David Duchovny. He did not cheat on his wife.

  • Maezeppa

    Long shot: Robert Downey Jr.

  • starina

    I was thinking Ben and Jen but it doesn’t say anything about the wife being an actress. Charlie Sheen definitely seems like the logical choice here; I think he is a class-A loser.

  • pickle

    Charlie Sheen will neva get his act together..take him for what u can….and whoeva else is a nasty piece of work

  • iknowwho

    Definitely Charlie Sheen. The give-a-way hint is the word “dawned.” Sheen was in RED DAWN.

  • AA

    Sheen was arrested for domestic violence today so I would bet anything it is him. It didn’t list a victim as of yet but I think we can all guess.

  • NYC

    Charlie was arrested for domestic battery against his wife today. Perez already has his mug shot on his site. It seems like Charlie is a sociopath. The problem is he is the special kind of sociopath that is charming, smart, handsome and an actor who can fake emotions since he is absent of any real feelings. It is a shame how women fall for these monsters over and over again.

  • Santa's Little Helper

    Merry Christmas the the slammer CHARLIE SHEEN!!

  • AA

    Charlie was arrested at 8AM and Brooke was drunk. What kind of mother of babies is drunk at 8AM? Especially on Christmas?!! I’m not taking Charlie’s side but clearly she is not the model parent either. I’m curious why she wasnt arrested as well since he claimed she started it.

    • NYC

      AA where did you read she was drunk? sorry but I think that is the PR machine working to get Charlie out of this. This is how a sociopath works. They get the victim to be blamed and they get away with what they did.

  • westender

    If it is Charlie Sheen, he is about to lose everything. If the victim of domestic assault is his wife ,she will certainly use this in any potential divorce. Also I don’t see CBS standing behind Charlie Sheen after this latest incident. He is the highest paid actor on television so this would be a perfect time to cancel his show and save money.

  • SJ

    It’s been reported that Sheen’s blood alcohol was .04 but his wife’s was .2 — or something like that. So, maybe he wasn’t the aggressor and this blind explains why SHE was instead.

  • AA

    Radar online is already saying there will be a divorce so I guess this is officially solved.

  • When Denise Richards left him after being six months pregnant I knew it had to be his fault as when you are pregnant you just want everything to be in place and it takes a lot to leave especially if your husband is so successful. I think its a shame how his PR team is twisting his wife’s arm in recanting using money as a tool and how they are trying to spin this to be her fault and he was just defending himself. This man should NEVER marry again, he has bad addiction problems and it’s a shame there are five children that have to be dragged through this scandal and his issues. When you look at his mugshot he really looks like a pervert. I always thought he was good at his job but as a human being he really needs to get help.

  • A Practical Gal

    Interesting. In days gone by, there were many many ‘big’ stars who also had serious problems, with huge ‘don’t you know I’m a STAR’ egos and were also far gone substance abusers (Eddie Fisher, Mickey Rooney, Tony Curtis,Peter Sellers, Peter Lawford). THEY had no problem attracting and marrying one young star-struck (and/or gold digging) chick after another. Charlie Sheen may or may not hold onto his latest young wife. If he does get divorced, no big deal. He’ll be remarried again. Because they never learn, they never change. Oh, and as long as he’s making money for TV producers, his acting career will toddle along uninterrupted. Because everyone knows what he’s like, his behavior is nothing new, and it will all blow over and life will go on.

  • OMG

    Why can’t he see that he has a problem and get his act together? He is not a spring chicken, his Brat Pack days are waaaaaay in the past.

  • Nathalie

    I was looking for this blind earlier today, hah.

  • joey.catz

    Is it Ben Afflack?

  • C is for Charlie Sheen….once a cheater and spouse abuser..always!!!

  • amagod121

    He should change his name to Charlie Mean.