Watch Out for This Guy’s Hobbies

man cameraBlindGossip – It’s great to have hobbies. This guy loves to sing and he loves to take photos. All of those girls whom he has bedded over the past few years should pay attention to the second part of that statement. If you wondered why he asked you to come home with him for the night, watch out! He’s just waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can take some photos of you in your birthday suit. Before you start popping Xanax, though, you should know that he doesn’t really have any intention of ever making those photos public. However, the possibility alone is one of the reasons why none of these women badmouth him after dating him.

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40 comments to Watch Out for This Guy’s Hobbies

  • stinkweed

    Jeremy Piven who’s sings as a hobby. He’s actually been banned from karaoke bars.

    • journa

      Good Lord, you can be banned from a karaoke bar? But they let really horrible, drunk people who can’t hold a tune hog the stage!

  • Thandie

    Yeah, seems like John “the *” Mayer. What a piece of *.

  • stinkweed

    Sorry for the double post. I’m having a horrible time getting the site to load. Every time I post, the site seems to freeze up.

    • Hey StinkW – Yes, we know there’s been a problem with slow site performance over the past couple days. We’re going through our system very methodically to pinpoint the issue. Clearing your cache every once in a while may help. Love, BG

  • GuyIncognito

    Adam Levine

  • Candice

    Hello there, Mr. Mayer

  • Nick

    Women are afraid of him because of the pics? They can sue the heck out of him if he discloses the pics.

    • AA

      Thats what I was thinking but they would have to sue after the pictures got out and maybe they are just trying to prevent any of them from seeing the light of day in the first place. Once a lawsuit is in place, people would have seen them already. Maybe they are extra kinky and these woman will kiss his feet to make dern sure they never leak. It is kind of funny how everyone thinks Mayer is a douche yet no one he has dated has said anything negative.

  • miss dixie

    that loser mayer

  • Cat

    I bet Derek Jeter would love to see photos of Minka Kelly and Mayer – Mayer is really a pig…

  • FartyLatte

    Mr. Player needs a new hobby.

  • RocketQueen

    “If you wondered” = Your body is a Wonderland.
    Gawd Mayer, you *.

  • Dbaby


  • K

    John’s buddy… Rob “Bobby Light” Dyrdek. Lol.

  • scraplover

    Newbie here, but totally Mayer. I’ve always wondered why after all the women he’s bedded, none talk smack yet he does! Now we know!

  • Camembert

    How do these girls know about the photos if the pics were taken while asleep? Why would the jerk ever tell the girls that he took photos of them naked while they were asleep?! None of these things make sense. If he tells them to gaurantee their silence (why would he need/want them to keep quiet? what is he hiding?), that still makes little sense because sleeping people often look goofy, so it would be fairly evident that the nude girl in the photo is asleep and, therefore, UNAWARE of this photo being taken. If there’s one iota of truth behind this item, it’s covering something much worse.

    All that said, I agree that it’s likely John Mayer.

    • Erin

      Camembert, if you want to know what John Mayer has to hide, search Google for “Super Dooper Cooper” and read the blind vices about him. Ted Casablanca at the Awful Truth has made several not-so-subtle comments about John Mayer, tying him to the Super Dooper Cooper blind vice. I always wondered how John Mayer managed to keep a lid on this stuff. Makes more sense now…

  • Arumlilytea

    I agree with Camembert, there must be something even ickier going on here if this is true. I find it amazing that not one of these girls has taken the nudity = career boost thing, and run with it. Imagine the interview and talk show oportunities!

  • Anonymous

    I guess Ryan Gosling. It talks about hobbies, and singing is a hobby of his as is photography.

  • Kitty

    Michael Buble. Seriously.

  • stinkweed

    Oh, my! I guess I am really, really missing out on some gossip (Super Dooper Cooper!) by only reading Blind Gossip and D-listed. If this is Mayer, I can only guess what else might be in those pictures that the girls want to make sure never surfaces!


  • Müller-Lüdenscheid

    I guess for Lenny Kravitz, since he is always taking a lot of pics from the audience at the end of his concerts and publish them then on his website. He is obsessed with doing that. No concert goes without it. So, I could see him doing this with every girl he beds. He really seems to have a thing of photographically “logging” his life.

  • Lisa

    Also, John Mayer is known for using Xanax : “Before you start popping Xanax, though….”

    • Barf

      Yuck! That article is so disgusting. John Mayer is such a * slime ball. He is so cheezy and fake. He would be the type to take pictures of naked, passed out women, he would probably think he is being all deep and profound or something. He is SO lame.

  • des

    That article is too funny. Guy is sooo full of himself. “Can I please take pictures of your ass?” lol

  • Johnny

    This isn’t even blind anymore. The clues make it a given. Mayer’s an obsessive photog and a singer.