She Thinks He’s an Idiot but Wants His Baby

bride pregnantBlindGossip – This movie actress has been very vocal to inner circle about her clock ticking. She wants to be a bride and have a baby with her current famous beau, ASAP – not necessarily in that order. One warning to the guy: Don’t be a fool. She doesn’t really love you. This is all a game to her. She is actually telling friends and family that she thinks you’re an idiot – but a moldable, rich, famous, good-looking idiot who brings her more attention than she can get as a solo act. She will date you at the peak of your fame, and will lose you as soon as your star fades. Then again, we don’t know why we are warning him about her, when he is almost as bad as her.

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83 comments to She Thinks He’s an Idiot but Wants His Baby

  • tuxedo

    Reese&Jake ?

    • Oh My

      I wonder if Reese would actually be worrying about her clock ticking when she already has two children, one of each gender in fact.

    • IamThinking

      No. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

      • Clearly

        though i think it’s kate and A-rod, gabrielle and dwayne is an excellent guess too! She is definitely an opportunist. I dated a guy (very briefly — for all of 5 months) who was a former NFL player. He told me that Gabrielle wanted evidence that you were liquid to the tune of 5 million before she would show interest. Could be her for sure.

  • gigi

    Kate Hudson and A-Rod

    • Candice

      I like your guess better!

      • Thandie

        Agree. She came first to mind.

      • MN

        The only reason that I am not convinced by this guess is because Kate Hudson already has a kid. When someone’s clock is ticking away and they worry so much about it, it’s usually because they haven’t spawned yet. Not that it can’t be, mind you, because some people get freaked out if they don’t have more than one by the time The Change comes around. Other than that, this is probably the best guess. I don’t even have a real guess given all the desperate and desperately stupid that this could apply to.

      • Oh My

        As noted above, I was thinking the same thing with the Reese and Jake guess.

      • FOR REEL

        Kate has talked about how she wants to have a second child and, as the mother on one with an interest in having another, your clock is still ticking.

    • mama

      Don’t be a fool = Fool’s Gold … Ohhh I think you nailed it!

    • Jalisa

      It could be them but Kate Hudson already has a son. But the blind is specific saying she wants to have a baby with her current beau.

    • TheDoctorsIn

      Its def. Kate and ARod… think about it, when Kate divorced her hubby she then went from guy to guy, first it was Lance (he had just divorced his wife, was in the press about doping) then she went on to that Wilson guy (he was just in wedding crashers/you me and dupree, etc)… she hopped around…
      ARod wasn’t much better, I mean first he’s caught with the blond stripper, then Madonna rumors, then that housewife was supposed to be sleeping with him…
      she is strictly a movie actress… he is famous and she gets so much coverage when she is at his games…

    • Clearly

      “this is all a GAME to her” ref: A Rod and his baseball games. It’s Kate Hudson. Ever since she started dating him she’s been in the press every day, and didn’t her ex just get someone pregnant? Strange thing though is that she’s 30. If she thinks her clock is ticking, she doesn’t really know how to read a clock…

      • meh

        Kate only 30! sheesh she looks 40 without the makeup and airbrushing, hard living I will do that to a girl.

      • LooLoo

        Fertility starts to decline at 27. The idea that 30 isn’t old enough to worry about a biological clock is one of the reasons that fertility problems are now so widespread.

    • Jojo

      The quote “This is all a game to her” could be a clue!

    • plum

      same idea or Maniston

    • MizFabulous

      Don’t forget about “she will LOSE you”. LOSE = “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. This is DEFINITELY Kate & A-Roid!

    • Dirk

      Pro baseball players are generally not that bright.

  • tuxedo

    Oh yes Kate Hudson/A-Rod is a great guess.

  • Candice

    I’ll guess Renee and Bradley Cooper

  • oinc!

    Biel & Timberlake.

  • Beans

    Aniston and Mayer. I can’t believe I’m the 1st one to mention their names. Also, “Hi” John.

  • pickle

    same john and jennifer

  • sulkydog

    Kim K has come out and said that her life plan has been to have a kid by the time she’s thirty. She’s 29 & counting.

    • Tracey

      Kim K is not a movie actress.

    • LuvJesse

      AND I think she acutally loves Reggie, therefore wouldn’t leave him when his star fades.

      • Barry

        you are either delusional or a member of the K family.
        if someone with greater name recognition wanted to take her farther than the nearest back alley or men’s room stall, she would drop whathisname in a second. she is a woman who thrives on being in the top 10 google searches on a daily basis.

  • anon

    I don’t think it is jen and john because they would have said tv and movieactress and also that the guy is a singer. I also don’t think that jen is a b movie actress.

  • Anniston & Mayer of course!

  • immature

    Aniston would probably get loads of attention even without Mayer, and after they’ve broken up a bunch of times, does she really think he’s moldable?

  • danny

    this is TOTALLY Aniston and Mayer

  • Aquaboogy

    Definitely Kate Hudson and A-Rod. All the clues point to it – “Don’t be a fool” = Fool’s Gold, one of Kate’s movies. “Wants to be a bride” = Bride Wars, another one of her movies. ASAP seems to refer to A-Rod’s nickname. And he’s about as dumb as they get, so this is one of the few times Kate Hudson’s analysis of anything has been correct.

    P.S. I know she has a kid already, but her motivation to have a baby according to this blind is to get attention and fame, so that doesn’t eliminate her at all.

  • *Rolling My Eyes*

    Russell Brand and Katie Perry FTW! Rolling eyes at celebs.

  • rubia

    i agree with kate and arod… “this is all a game to her” = baseball reference!

  • Sunnygrace

    I initially thought Kate is in this for the money — and it appears her mother and Kurt have no problem accepting A-Rod’s generosity — but I don’t know any bimbo willing to sit through cold, wet games, so I’m leaning towards believing it’ll last more than a year with him (and the other WAGs have been warned to be nice to her). She doesn’t strike me as mother type, even though she has the boy, and he sure as hey is never around for any kid, so maybe it’s someone else, like Reese.

  • obsesssed

    drew and justin

    • obsesssed

      ok. nevermind. after a 2nd read, i agree w/ the kate and arod guesses. justin wouldn’t really be considered rich and good looking. plus, it’s the world series, would make sense.

  • I think it is Renee and Bradley. She is about 40 and no kid and he is just using her for his beard. She probably has some idea of his reputation. He is gorgeous and they would have a darling little blue-eyed kid. Don’t you guys agree! She’s exclusively a movie actress, right?! And she strikes me as someone like Cheryl Crowe, she just wanted a baby!

    • goodguess

      except for the beard part. i actually think that he is much like his character in ‘wedding crashers’ (Zach or Sssssack) in real life. and recently she’s only been in the spotlight for dating him. she was kind of off the radar for a long time. since her divorce (in which she accused her ex of fraud – maybe because he didn’t want kids and misled her?). and bradley is kind of the IT-guy right now. which makes me shudder, because i can’t shake the feeling that he’s a total jerk.

  • hmm

    the picture… bride wars. definately kate and arod

  • Jalisa

    Is Cameron Diaz dating anybody??

    I remember how she said she wanted to have kids badly and wanted to get married but Justin didn’t want that. She is at least 35.

  • Renee and Bradley fits.

  • sozet

    doubt kate, her clock is not ticking, she has a son.
    either renne/brad or mayer/aniston, i’ll go with mayer and aniston because he is a tool.

  • pattherat

    Renee And Bradley no doubt thats why she Married kenny!!!

  • DavidB

    I read that Kate Hudson just gave an interview with ELLE magazine in which she said she had never been outsmarted by a man because they are “simple”.

  • Stallz

    Drew and Justin? Then again, someone on Perez was adamant she was bearding for him anyway.

  • pinto

    Def Kate and A-roid for this one, but word it differently and it could be any of the above

  • JC

    I agree that this is Kate and A-Rod. The part of the blind that says “she will date you at the peak of your fame, and will lose you as soon as your star fades” sounds a lot like A-Rod. He’s nearing the peak of his career, he’s 34, so he probably only has a few really good years left.

  • G.D.


  • marissa

    This is def Kate and A-rod. it’s too obvious and read betwwen the clues

    At first I thought it was Justin and Biel, but she is not a movie actress

  • Coley

    The clues really do add up to Kate/ARod. The he’s as bad as her can refer to his compulsive cheating. Peak of his career..cuz he’s in the World Series and this is his firt one. ALso doesn’t the pair seem odd anyway? I mean to go from a guy like her ex-hubby to a guy like ARod is a stretch. He’s super rich and can provide for the kid. She’d be set, not that she’s hurting for money but a little guarantee is always possible. And while 30 is not over the hill maybe she’d like her kids to be reasonably the same age ( as opposed to a teenager and a newborn) Also she has been in the spotlight a lot more cuz of her relationship with him. I think there are usually some way out there blind gossip guesses, but this one seems to fit too well.

  • Leah

    Kate and Arod

  • Ahandx2

    Kim and Reggie

  • V

    Just because someone is only 30 doesn’t mean their clock isn’t ticking. Some people find it gross to be an OLD mom. Honestly, look at all the old women in Hollywood having babies…some people don’t want to be 40 and pregnant. It looks desperate. Kate and ARod, for sure.

  • anone

    Its definitely aniston and mayer!

  • AllStar

    Fater reading all these guesses, I totally lost any ounce of respect I had for Kate Hudson. Like it’s so hard to get a REAL job or a REAL man to provide.

    fame. W*.

  • sozet

    aniston and mayer, he’s a tool