This Actress is Driving Him Crazy

ferrari redBlindGossip – We hope this young actress is handling her love life better than she is handling her car. She purchased a beautiful new automobile a couple of years ago, loaded with all the best amenities money can buy. While she had the car washed regularly, she neglected to do any mechanical maintenance. A couple of weeks ago, the engine seized up, and the car had to be towed to the mechanic. The mechanic informed her that the car had absolutely no oil in it. None. The entire engine needed to be replaced. It turns out that she didn’t know that she needed to change the oil every 3000 miles. She thought it was every 30,000 miles.

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29 comments to This Actress is Driving Him Crazy

  • anon

    is guessing lindsay too easy?

  • Nicole

    My guess is Vanessa Hudgens. Lindsay can’t afford cars, she only rents/borrows them. Vanessa got an Audi a couple years ago. Although, “actress” is being a little kind when it comes to Vanessa.

    Maybe Megan Fox? I know she’s an easy guess, but the love life thing kinda hints at her. Also the “crazy” in the title could be a hint as that’s how she’s been portraying herself lately.

  • P.lo

    My first thought was Vanessa Hudgens too.

  • GuyIncognito

    Rachel Bilson

  • Michael

    Paris Hilton and her Bentley.

  • Nina

    Paris? Even though I loathe to say she is an actress. She bought that Pink Bentley 2ish years ago and she had that commercial for Carls washing a car.

    • journa

      oh I like this guess but i would like it more if it said ‘starlet’. however maybe it says actress because she was just in Supernatural.

    • obsesssed

      good guess. plus, there was a video of the paps having to push her car into a gas station once because she didn’t notice that she was low on gas. i wouldn’t expect her to notice an oil light either.

    • journa

      But the other thing is, doens’t PAris have people who do this for her? She must own more then one car and she isn’t always in LA so surely one of her people would take her car to a garage. I think this is someone who doesn’t have a massive entourage.

  • maisoui

    I think red is hint. She either has red hair or its a red car?

    • elf

      I also think red is a clue. Which starlet has been seen washing a red car in a movie or commercial? Jessica Simpson? Sophie Monk? Paris Hilton? More?

      • Drusilla

        Or as someone mentioned above, Megan Fox, who ‘auditioned’ for Transformers by washing Michael Bay’s car.

  • Lizzard

    If the oil needs to be changed every 3000 miles, I’m going to go on a limb and say it may not be a foreign car. I’ve had a BMW and that car only needed an oil change every 15,000 miles. So in the actresses defense, maybe she thought along those same lines.

    • Catiebug

      The point of a 3000-mile oil change is not because the car needs to have its oil replaced that often. It’s because “regular checkups” are the best way identify other small problems that will lead to bigger ones down the road, and an oil change is about as basic of a procedure as you can get. Maybe BMW doesn’t think their cars needs to be checked out all the often, but only an idiot would think that any car can go 30,000 miles before needing an oil change. And considering an oil change is only $25 – $30 (hell, I’m pretty damn girly and I do them myself sometimes), it’s pretty dumb to not have it done at least once in 2 years.

    • Clearly

      Lizzard, I own a BMW sports car too and you only have to change oil every 15k. There are also many german cars that have synthetic oil that recycles and do not ever need changing (more expensive models).

  • maisoui

    Lizzard, you are right. American cars say 3,000 in the owners manuals and most mechanics say 5,000-7,000 if you check the oil regularly and it’s a newer car. Foreign cars sometimes have longer mileaage for servicing (and it’s a lot more expensive right?)

  • LemonDrop

    The name of the BI changed, it said mechanic in the wee hours of the morning, in any case I gots no guess

  • G. Willacres

    I know I know I’m going to change my name to awaiting moderation

    • LemonDrop

      dont you hate that lol when you have a really good feeling about a guess and you’re all amped and ready to submit and then DUN DUN DUNNNNN

      you’re awaiting moderation….-_-

      such a buzz kill lol

      • G. Willacres

        can you see it? it still is awaiting…
        I’m accused BG of being awfully stingy with the clues lately

      • G. Willacres

        doh! moderation again. I think I’m tripping triggers. maybe using the initials of Bogie Greenbeans sets off an alarm somewhere???
        Maybe I can tip-toe around the mods? I would like to buy a vowel. I would like to use a lifeline. I would like some bloody clues. please all mighty Bowling Green, I see not a hint but young…

  • G. Willacres

    AHA! note to self : Blog works but if you leave the lo out of blog it fails to work. So now I’ve just become the annoying neighbor who rings the bell until you answer. Sorry. This piece of gossip wasn’t that juice to begin with.
    I think I’ll focus on quessing the hot piece HE (or she?) spent last weekend with.
    O.k. folks: who’s playing? What do we know about the puppetmaster? Any clues to that?

  • V

    Kim Kardashian. But honestly, these Blind Items are boring. I want sex, drugs and cheating.