Two Guys One Cup

men kissingBlindGossip – This top Hollywood film actor has never come out of the closet, but there have been lots of rumors in the past that he is gay. While he has plenty of offers from gay men – and straight women – he actually prefers a third option: straight men who are also famous. He enjoys getting them to “switch teams”, even if only for a one-time tryst.

His powers of persuasion must be pretty strong, because he’s talked more than one famous and straight man into sampling the goods. He always makes it as dirty as possible (including the sampling of each other’s body waste), because he feel certain that there is no way that they will ever tell anyone.

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123 comments to Two Guys One Cup

  • Inquiring Mind


    Tom? Will? George? Keanu? So many men, so little time! Ha!


  • Dreamyvelvet

    George Clooney..muy sucio !!

  • stan

    THIS SOUNDS LIKE john travolta

  • 88

    yuck, yuck, yuck! I can’t guess! Lol

  • Megley

    I agree with Stan–sounds more like Revolta than Clooney.

    • V

      Please be nice to Travolta…my God with all he’s going through…don’t call him names! Please BG, take off negative stuff about Travolta. It breaks my heart. And it’s totally Clooney. Anyone in or around Hollywood knows…just ask Ted C.

      • Megley

        I’m sorry if I offended you. That I find him revolting has NOTHING to do with his personal tragedies.

      • G. Willacres

        just ask Ted C? o.k. but who’s going to translate what he says into legibility?
        talk about crap in a cup

    • MyBlueWorld

      Don’t you talk about my Johnny like that!

  • tracy9s

    Hugh Jackman! Isn’t it obvious?

  • GuyIncognito

    James Franco

  • kikifoxx

    OMG…no guess just grossed out. Sampling body waste. Ewwww

  • lizano

    Kevin Spacey!!

  • AJ

    I want to say two things:
    1st: EEeeeeeeewwwww!
    2nd: I’m saying John Tra FTW, esp since he has been in the news of late re: that horrid blackmail trial…

  • G. Willacres

    clean clean clean we pick clean! eww the title should have stopped me, but since it didn’t….
    BG are there clues in there?

    re-read it. eww eww eww! take out the body waste & I look for clues again.

  • Sean

    Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Hugh Jackman are too…obvious. Although I really could see it being Cruise, with his power in Hollywood

  • elf

    Good guess list, except where is Will Smith?

    • mook

      obvious guesses: Travolta, Cruise, Smith, or Jackman (they’re notorious closet cases; gay rumors have been following them throughout most of their careers)

      my guess: Clooney

    • Daniel

      he’s still in the closet

  • candyass

    totally tom cruise!

  • ladyguitarstar

    thats so disgusting!! i have no idea who it is

  • Donna

    Can I change my vote from dirty to clean, this is really gross.

  • BooBoo

    any examples of BG hints for these guesses????

    • BooBoo

      Clooney came to mind first but the clues don’t seem to fit for him.
      The clues that I think fit are for Tommyboy….’powers of persuasion” as the guru in “Magnolia”….and a “top” Hollywood film actor…(not A-list?)…”Top Gun”….can’t see this blind item for Tom though!

  • LemonDrop


  • WTF

    Hey BG – has he been a blind item before?

  • plum

    every rumored “gay” actors of Hollywood!!! hugh,tom,will,vin,keanu,bradley,john,georges,….

    • They’re ALL eating each others poop and drinking pee? When is someone gonna write about all the fisting parties?LOL.

      I like the Vin guess. I’ll bet he shaves his pubes off too!

      • Giant

        Are you speaking from experience in San Hose’? All but a small fraction of the gay world are just as grossed out with poop, pee, and fists as the rest of the world.

        Right off I thought Clooney but this really reeks of McConaughey.

      • bobbi

        I think he was referring to H’wood, not gays in general

  • Boo!

    Hot enough to make a straight guy try it…hmm…I wish it was Franco, but I’m thinkin’ John Mayer (I don’t personally find him that hot, btw)!

  • Phatwisha

    Kevin Spacey?


      I’ll go with this one too but I would have never figured him for scat play ugh!

    • Beans

      Yes, this is *definitely* about Kevin Spacey. Dude has zero problem doing the dirtiest of dirty things with anyone from the prettiest to the dirtiest of peeps.

    • meh

      If it is Kevin, didn’t he just make a movie with Clooney and Ewan Mcgregor, were they the famous guys?

  • zmnx

    I too thought Kevin Spacey.

  • maisoui

    Ok, I went through some clues and have an odd thought stream. Top and some others were leading to Tom Cruise, but…

    No way = no way out (costner)
    cup = tin cup (costner)
    two guys and one cup = hanks for bosom buddies or travolta was in two of a kind
    Rumor = rumor has it (costner)
    Top = ? top gun is cruise
    In the past = ? 13 days for idea
    Third = ? (actually, I secretly hope it’s Mel Gibson)but Travolta was in taking of pelham 1,2,3
    Switching Teams = Bull Durham, For the Love of the Game, Field of Dreams, upside of anger, …the guy is in a lot of baseball films (but so is Hanks, right?) but it could be Tom Cruise or George Clooney’s football player films
    Offers + ?
    One-time ? moment by moment travolta
    Powers = ?
    Persuasion = ?
    Talked = ? (sure looked like looks who’s talking)
    Always = (again hope it’s Mel)
    Sampling = ?
    Certain ?

  • Megan

    What about Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

  • BooBoo

    “sampling the goods” -Narc
    “dirty as possible” – Mission Impossible
    Am I just grasping at straws???

  • daisychainsaw

    arent there rumours of clooney being into scat play? and wasn’t clooney recently propositioned by a “gay” man at a press conference? its clooney.

    • Megley

      Clooney was propositioned at a presser by a gay man, but it turned out that it was a prank set up by Pitt.

      • lightbulb

        No set up by Pitt, the stunt was from an Italian Comedian, he did a whole chasing Clooney over the summer show, Brad just started the new round of rumours.

  • Britney

    Didn’t Franco direct a student film with some basketball players craping into a boys mouth?

    Maybe he’s hinting at something.

  • Plush

    Only one pretty enough to make a gay man straight is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Those pillow shaped lips could flip anyone.

  • lway

    Idk, but I was reading tabs today and Gerard Butler comes to mind.

  • jen

    jude law is bi wasnt there ablind item about him and ryan philippe hooking up for sex.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Wow, BG, when you said dirty, you meant DIRTY!

    I’ll jump on the Clooney bandwagon, I guess, but only if I get to wear a Class III Biohazard Suit.

  • kitkat

    I’m just going to go on ahead and tell myself that the “body waste” they’re referring to is sweat….

  • Anybody thought of any of the “Oceans” franchise guys? I want to guess Brad Pitt but that is way out there.

  • landon

    It’s Matthew McConaghey…guys like him because he appears to be the guys guy…loves sports, working out and acts like a typical male. He isn’t threatening and could land any man or woman he wants.

  • wubbzy

    Johnny Depp. Admit it, you would do anything for him. Well, I would anyway. He does have that “dirty” look about him.

    • G. Willacres

      it saddens me to to learn there are some things I wouldn’t do for Depp. That still leaves alot of things I would do! But scat cat *shudder* that is a whole ‘nother level

  • rn

    Sounds to me like it has to be someone who’s masculine. Probably someone tall, dark and handsome!
    Someone who would really impress a straight guy. Impress him enough to try it and not feel like he lost his masculinity.

  • jade

    It’s, Jeremy Piven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    no offense to travolta and cruise, but come on. i find it hard to believe they have single, straight ladies all over them. the blind says both the gay guys and the straight ladies love this dude. i don’t know a single straight lady who would be all about travolta or cruise. it’s got to be someone like clooney, who still garners tons of attention from the ladies.

    • Megley

      You have a point, however, money and fame make people do very strange things.

    • Dirk

      Women love Cruise, don’t they?

      • miss dixie

        women of a certain age do, who were fans before he became a weirdo

      • ahorsenamedbill

        even before he became a weirdo, his popularity started to decline with the “women of a certain age” set back in 96′ – 97′, when it was revealed in GQ Magazine that his suit size is 38short. No offense, if you are that size, but that is a very tiny man, like small boy size . . .

  • Jojo

    The scat rumor has been following Clooney for years. There were tales of him requesting this from NY call girls … AND the gay thing has been following him too btw.

  • billah

    It’s Hugh Jackman

  • LC

    What does…sampling each others waste mean? Does that mean tasting it? EWWWWWWWWW…I hope not. That’s gross. Also, obviously someone did tell, because it’s in a blind vice.

    Cruise or Clooney are my top 2 guesses…gross.

  • I could see Keanu letting someone piss on him.

  • stevie gee

    Richard Greer must be queer

  • Just Guessing

    No Hollywood film actor is charismatic enough to fit this blind!!!! Shame, shame, on those who give this person so much control and attention!!!!!!!!

  • Candy

    Clooney def , there was a story a while back that he’s promised Josh Hartnett a role in a movie if he did and then reneged after he’d done the dirty deed.

  • luvmoovies

    Tom Cruise came to my mind…. many reports have suggested he’s gay…hmm… could you imagine Tom Cruise and Will Smith getting it on…lol…

    • Cali

      I love the thought of them sneaking around and getting it on, but with Will having a family I don’t thnk the rumors about him are true. But it is hot imagining them in a 69 and Will riding him while they are oiled up!

  • Oh Please

    I’m trying to guess if this refers to scat play or rimming….

  • Tease

    This is soooo Clooney, I really feel that he has had Matt Damon and Pitt..when I saw a photo of him and Matt alone on a boat-Matt looked like “oh, they are snapping pics”
    they were looking awlfully cozy..Matt loooked frightened when he saw the paps. it was just those two, alone. (they were not filming anything)

    ladies, just don’t want to even think of Clooney being gay, but its true.
    He is still an attractive man-he just is not attracted to women.

    Can Travolta even still pull guys w/o ordering them from a service, ( mean the lace front wig, and the waist nipping garments etc…is a turn off.

    I do feel sorry for his last plight and loss. he’s been through alot.

    can anyone stand Cruise other than Will..what male stars like him??? no one..weird, erratic and controlling, not exactly a turn on.

    • Barry

      Clooney likes young stars and gives them shots in bigger movies (Marky Mark; Damon; the guy who played Robin in Batman with him;). i saw an interview where he was extolling one of these guys and the other guy was squirming.
      plus, he must get lots of come ons from all points.

    • ElleV

      I totally agree this is so Clooney! I am a woman and hate to think he would do this, he is so attractive but he probably doesn’t consider himself gay but bi. In the back of my mind I always picked up on this, just watching his body language. It would make sense he would persuade male actors by offering them plum roles to “try” this and then do things they would never speak of because it could potentially ruin their career as well.

  • Kym

    Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • NYSailorScout

    ‘he actually prefers a third option: straight men who are also famous. He enjoys getting them to “switch teams”, even if only for a one-time tryst.’

    These famous men are not “straight” if they are hooking up with other men! A comedian on BET Comicview said it best: “There seems to be some confusion about what is considered gay. Let me clear this up for you. If a man- and another man- get together and do something to each other that makes them get off….they’re gay. And boys, prison counts!”

    • joe

      I totally disagree with this statement. How can two girls make out or “experiment” with one another and people believe them when they say they were just curious? How come guys can’t do the same? Just having sex with someone doesn’t make you gay or straight. You have to think about emotional commitment as well.

    • Divide by Zero

      I totally disagree as well. Does that mean that a gay man who has anything to do with a woman, even just once, is straight? No, of course not. It’s a totally ridiculous statement.

      • NYSailorScout

        Ridiculous? Really? Try to find a woman that will be in a serious relationship with a man if she knows that he has been with other men in the past. Good luck! You can’t have it both ways. No messing around with other dudes AND you get to be straight as well.

        And frankly, why is there a problem with being gay? That is what you are implying if you are rushing to call yourself straight even though you’ve been with a guy (and I am talking about gay men, not lesbians.) The point isn’t the sex. The point is who are you attracted to. (Straight) Boys don’t kiss boys!

  • Beatnik

    Long-time reader, first-time poster :)

    Quite a few years ago, I was talking to a friend in the business right after he’d spent an evening gambling w/Tom Cruise and some other Hollywood heavyweights. I asked if TC really was gay, and my friend said dismissively, “They all sleep with each other”, referring to A-list celebrities. I could see this BI being about Cruise.

  • CindyB

    I really *don’t* think it’s Clooney. There have been several interviews (and additional pranks) by Brad Pitt where he jokes about George being gay… one recent one he something to the effect that he (Pitt) wouldn’t get married until George and his partner were able to be legally married.

    I don’t think such a close friend would so casually joke about his closeted friend if he was truly closeted! Does that make sense?

    • ElleV

      You never know, he may do it knowing that most people would think it was a joke. Anyway, he could screw around with guys doesn’t mean he is looking for a long term relationships. It is just a sexual tryst nothing more.

  • RubyWhit

    I’m leaning towards TommyBoy… Think about the time he spends/spent with Travolta, Will Smith and David Beckham all “straight” and super famous.

    it’s the “the sampling of each other’s body waste” part I can’t get pasted. I just can’t picture Tom wanting to get that filthy, but hey… you never can tell.

  • It would have to be someone with power. I don’t think sex appeal alone would tempt a young looker into the dirty lunch. I would imagine people with sex appeal would be a dime a dozen in that world. Power would be a tempting draw. JMO Cruise has some power.

  • Nancy

    mike myers

    “powers of persuasion”- austin powers/the love guru
    “third option”- shrek the third
    “top hollywood actor”- view from the top

  • Angry Blonde

    Its obviously Will Smith. He is the top grossing movie actor and he had a song titled “Switch”.

  • meh

    Remember the interview that George Clooney did, where he sat down with the reporter and watched the video of Two Girls and a Cup on the internet. Could be a clue.

  • h00bydice

    …could explain why he’s spearheaded that fratboy franchise: Ocean’s XX. He gets to put together his pick of the litter.

  • joe

    I thought it was Hugh Jackman but I think George Clooney is a better guess.

    He was in “Bodies of Evidence” and “Murphy Brown.” Clear enough…hahaha.

    OOH ALSO, “goods” can refer to “Good Night, and Good Luck.” “Powers” can be talking about when he was Batman in “Batman & Robin.”

    • Greg

      DUDE, Batman doesn’t HAVE any powers. Besides being super handsome, suave, rich & resourceful. Scatman, on the other hand…

  • stan

    ITS John Travolta. He loves sex in gym showers

  • Jim

    I would say Clooney. And I would also say that Brad Pitt is more than his “best friend”. It makes sense. Pitt is very famous and I have never heard anyone even hint at Brad Pitt having even a passing gay thought.

  • wordwino

    two guys one cup? charlie sheen? ducky? gotta be a clue, no?

  • MĂźller-LĂźdenscheid

    Will Smith or George Clooney. Must be.

  • h00bydice

    Tom Selleck

  • Dino

    I think the body waste thing is just pee, I have heard this story a while back, but for the life of me I can not remember who it is. The story went on to say if he drank my urine he will no say a word to anyone.