This Actress is Exactly The Right Height

nba2BlindGossip – This item will be short and sweet, just like this adorable TV actress. Although she’s petite, this girl apparently makes a big impression wherever she goes. There’s a famous NBA player – known for being a bad boy – who can’t stop talking about her since he met her. In his own words, “She’s exactly the right height to give me a b* j*.”

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  1. Catiebug says

    Wow, what a jerk. Short and sweet TV actress? Sarah Michelle Gellar is that only one that comes to mind right now. But that’s because I’m watching Robot Chicken. It definitely ain’t her.

    Kristen Bell or Emmanuelle Chriqui.

  2. duckie says

    kristen chenowith is 4’11, shortest actress i can think of. she was referred to as adorable on the red carpet for the emmys. But who is the NBA star

    • joe says

      I second this guess. “short and sweet” can be alluded to “sweet as pie,” which ties in Pushing Daisies because the main character baked pies! Also, the “big impression” could be in reference to her voice.

      Kristin Chenoweth is awesome. This NBA player…is not.

    • ImThinking says

      That’s the first name I thought. Since her husband is an NBA player I bet she hangs around a lot of the players a lot.

  3. LordBuckley says

    Eva Longoria is hardly adorable.

    It’s Hayden Panettiere… she’s 5’1 on a tall day, and it seems like she and Lamar Odom really hit it off, just about a year ago, before Dumbo Kardashian came on the scene.


    “Lakers forward Lamar Odom was seen exchanging phone numbers with actress/singer Hayden Panettiere, is reporting.

    The 6-foot-10 Odom, who is 28, was seen outside rapper Jay-Z’s concert at the Palladium swapping phone numbers with the petite Panettiere, who is 19.

    The story states that: “She seemed thrilled to see Lamar and flirted up a storm with him. He spent much of their chat almost bent double, so he could hear what she was saying.”

  4. G. Willacres says

    sounds like something Shaq would say and maybe jamie pressly. she’s not really a little girl.

  5. Just Guessing says

    Someone needs to tell this ‘famous NBA player’ that there is no correlation between a girl’s height and how she ‘performs.’

  6. stinkweed says

    Hayden is pretty, but I wouldn’t call her adorable or sweet. I’ll go with the Kristin guess.

  7. Laureen says

    Oh please??!! Someone is making this up. Most NBA stars don’t want midget’s! It could be Eva Longoria. That is the only one I know that married a NBA star that is petite. That usally is unlickely.

  8. Jalisa says

    It’s Selena Gomez she was on the Jimmy Kimmel(sp?) show last week with Shaq.

    And we all know who tall shaq is.

  9. homer says

    You guys need to lighten up with the indignation. I can’t think of a single guy I know who wouldn’t have said the same thing. That is how guys talk when the ladies aren’t around.